Stripping the mask

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Kyoya made his way to the Suoh mansion. He had never felt so nervously excited before. He even found himself hesitant to knock on that door before. Was this truly what he wanted? He was terrified of what Tamaki might have planned and he wasn’t used to not knowing things.

”So... You did come...” Tamaki murmured after he opened the door, “The staff are gone for the day so... You will have to do” stepping aside he allowed Kyoya in. Kyoya kept a brave face. He wasn’t about to show how unsure he was about all this.

”Now then... I am absolutely famished. Go down stairs to the kitchen and fetch me a snack... Tea too... Bring it up to my room.” Tamaki wouldn’t even look at Kyoya as he started going upstairs. Kyoya was taken aback.

”Excuse me?” 

“Snack. Tea. Now. Don’t you have ears?” Tamaki  didn’t bother turning around.

”I don’t think...”

”You don’t think anything. That’s right.” Tamaki snapped, making Kyoya fall silent. No one ever spoke to Kyoya like that. He stood frozen in disbelief as Tamaki turned and approached him again.

”Your place is not to think you place is to do EXACTLY what I say. Now go and get me a snack and tea NOW!”  Tamaki was suddenly incredibly scary. Then a hand came down and slapped Kyoya on the behind like a naughty child, putting the Ootori into a state of shock. Only his father had ever hit him and he had shown that man no one hits Kyoya Ootori.

”Do I have to repeat myself again? Are you a simpleton?” Tamaki glared right back at the defiant Ootori. Kyoya reluctantly left to do as requested. No it hadn’t been requested. It had been ordered. Kyoya hadn’t been ordered around by anyone ever in his life! Not even his father ordered him like this. It was infuriating!

Going to the kitchen he found the tea and snacks already waiting on a tray to be brought up. Taking it up to the bedroom he roughly put it down on Tamaki’s desk.

”Terrible... Such a poorly trained servant” Tamaki shook his head “Try that again. A servant knocks. A servant does not show such disrespect for his masters things and a servant does not glare.”

Kyoya growled and picked up the tray. Tamaki immediately stood up and indicated for Kyoya to put down the tray.

”I see we are going to have to teach you a lesson. Your only reason for existing is to please me. You do not growl. You have no pride. You have no ego. You are a lowly servant and nothing more. Strip down to your underwear. You’re going to learn to know your place!”

Kyoya was astounded to find he felt ashamed. Since when had he ever had to be chastised by Tamaki Suoh when it came to proper behaviour? Not wanting to anger Tamaki further he slowly stripped. This was humiliating enough for Kyoya, who was very private by nature. 

“Now...I think you need to be reminded exactly who you belong to” Tamaki pulled out some rope “hold out your hands, wrists together.”

Kyoya swallowed hard. Part of him was terrified. He was going to be tied up and unable to use his hands. 

“Remember safewords” Tamaki said “If you say red, it stops”

Kyoya nodded and put out his hands. How bad could it be? Tamaki expertly used intricate knots to tie Kyoya’s wrists together.

“If you feel numbness or tingling in any form you are to tell me” The blonde murmured as he checked the tightness and positioning of the rope “Got it?”

“Ok” Kyoya responded, despite being harsh Tamaki was clearly looking after him.

”Respond with yes master Tamaki...” Tamaki corrected “As you can see... Right now I own you. I’ve got you captive. You’re mine” 

As if to prove a point the blonde tugged on the rope.

”Now get on the bed and lie down face up.” Tamaki ordered and Kyoya found himself reluctantly obeying. Tamaki immediately tied the remaining rope to the four poster bed.

”It should be only a tiny bit uncomfortable. Not painful” Tamaki informed the Ootori “Is there any pain?”

”No...” Kyoya shook his head.

A hand immediately slapped the meaty part of Kyoya’s thigh, hard enough to make him flinch.

”No what?” Tamaki’s voice was dangerously soft as he looked down at Kyoya.

”No... Master Tamaki” Kyoya was still in shock. He felt disgusted as soon as the words left his mouth. He was an Ootori! No Ootori called anyone Master. Tamaki saw the struggle and moved away to get more rope.

“Does it bother you to say that? Too bad! A servant is what you are and as such you will damn well act like one”

“I will not!” Kyoya protested and fought against his bonds. Tamaki just chuckled cruelly and began tying up Kyoya’s ankles, using his weight to stop Kyoya kicking out or moving around. Then he tied the other end to the bed.

“Struggle all you want servant. You’re trapped and you’re mine. Completely helpless.” The blonde said, his eyes showing a darkness Kyoya had never seen before “If you behave I may choose to let you go. I may even give you some tea...”

Kyoya felt an intense anger boil up within him. He was so furious that he glared at his captor and spouted promises of retribution. Tamaki just laughed at him.

“You really think you’re in a position to threaten me servant? You can’t even get off that bed. No one is here to rescue you. No one will hear you. You’re completely powerless... Now be quiet and let me enjoy my tea”

With that the blonde sat down and slowly began to sip his tea. That was when something within Kyoya shifted. Tears of rage fell down his cheeks as he realised he was indeed helpless. He couldn’t even scratch the itch on his nose or fix his glasses.

”Let me up...” his breath began to quicken “let me up...”

“No... You aren’t asking nicely and I haven’t finished my tea” Tamaki said coldly, ignoring the tears.

“LET ME UP! My nose itches! No more!”

“You know how to stop it. Until then you will be silent and behave!” Tamaki snapped. This silenced the Ootori. That’s right he could stop it. The question was did he want to?

Tamaki finished his tea and then poured another.

“Now that is much better. You’ve earned a reward” the blonde approached the bed with tea in hand. After making sure it wasn’t too hot he offered it to Kyoya by placing it near his lips. Kyoya carefully sipped but then whimpered a little. His nose still itched.

”Is your nose still itchy... Here... Master will help” Tamaki gently scratched the itch “Better?”

Kyoya nodded, finding himself wanting to please he didn’t speak.

Tamaki seemed to notice the change and nodded his approval. 

“Please... I want to get up... I can’t move” Kyoya whimpered.

“Of course you can’t...I captured you... You were a defiant servant...This is your punishment”

“Please... Please...” Kyoya began to sob weakly.

“Say ‘please Master” Tamaki corrected him.

“Please Master I’ll be good... Please... I’ll be good” Kyoya sobbed. He couldn’t believe it. He had never felt this helpless and broken before.

“Very well... If I let you go you are not to run. You are not to fight.”

Kyoya nodded meekly despite himself and astounded himself by not lashing out at Tamaki when the ropes were untied. Instead he found himself turning into a blubbering mess. 

“Shhhh... Shhhh... It’s over now... You were very good...” gentle arms wrapped around the Ootori and Kyoya couldn’t help curling into the embrace, “You’re okay... I’ve got you...” Tamaki’s voice was tender now. Kyoya’s wrists and ankles were inspected and rubbed. There would be no marks by the next day.

The gentleness after such coldness made Kyoya whimper between sobs and nuzzle the blonde.

“There...There now...See? The mask is gone...” Tamaki smiled gently, making Kyoya look at him. It suddenly dawned on Kyoya that Tamaki was right. He had gone through several emotions and had shown every one without restraint. Tamaki gently wiped the tears away as Kyoya looked at him in awe.

“I think that’s enough for today.” Tamaki helped Kyoya drink some more comforting tea “but that hasn’t even scratched the surface.”

“There’s more?”

“Oui... Would you like more?”

“I’ll... I’ll think about it...”

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