Stripping the mask

BY : Angebex
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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Ouran High School Host Club not do I own the original premise. This is purely fan fiction and I am not getting paid for this story.

Kyoya nervously approached Tamaki’s door a week later. Tamaki had apparently dismissed the  servants for the day and after a difficult day for them both at club he had asked Kyoya if he was up for another experiment. Kyoya had thought about it and agreed. He didn’t know what he needed but he just needed SOMETHING that day. 

Knocking on the door he was frozen in place when Tamaki opened it. Dressed in black leather pants and a sleeveless black top Tamaki slowly looked Kyoya over.

”Come in” He moved aside and let Kyoya in. 

“That’s... An unusual outfit for you...” Kyoya noted as he entered.

”unusual for you to see” Tamaki corrected “Today I’m going to hurt you... I hope you’re ready...You had better remember the safe words” 

“Hurt... Like when you slapped me?”

”More... Come on...” Tamaki led Kyoya upstairs. In his room a flogger sat waiting along with the rope.

”no whip?” Kyoya raised an eyebrow.

”Baby steps Kyoya... You don’t know how much this flogger can hurt” Tamaki chuckled darkly.

Kyoya looked warily at the flogger. That was going to be used on him. Part of him was hesitant and the other was eager to see what both their reactions would be.

“Take off your shirt” Tamaki ordered, becoming the darker Tamaki more and more, “Then stand at the foot of the bed. Put a hand on each post”

Kyoya very slowly removed his shirt. He was already noticing how quickly he was breathing. Nothing else produced this kind of reaction in him. He could run from the pain to come right now. Say the safe word and bolt. He was determined not to though. 

Putting his hands on the post as asked with his back to Tamaki he waited. Then he heard Tamaki approach. He braced himself but then hands were gently tying those beautiful and intricate knots, now Kyoya would not be able to run. Both his wrists were securely fastened to the bed posts. Kyoya felt that panic begin to set in again. He wouldn’t be able to fight or get away.

”Remember... All you need do is say the safe words... See those scissors over there?” Tamaki pointed and Kyoya did spot the heavy duty scissors on a bedside table, “Say the word and if I have to I will use those to free you almost instantly. Okay?”

Kyoya nodded. He was safe. This was Tamaki. Tamaki wouldn’t let anything bad happen. He was the lovable kind hearted idiot that never could resist a distress signal after all.

”Is it comfortable? No tingling or pain or anything?” Tamaki asked, his voice expressionless.

Kyoya shook his head. It was slightly uncomfortable but not painful and as Tamaki throughly checked it was clear there was room for circulation despite the firmness of the tie.

Kyoya turned his head as Tamaki walked away. Seeing the blonde stand with the flogger made Kyoya second guess his former thoughts. The blondes legs were in a power stance, his back was straight, sadistic smirk appeared on his face and he appeared to look down at Kyoya even though they were similar in height.

”Y-You really are going to hurt me...” Real fear appeared in Kyoya’s heart.

”Oh yes... I am...” Tamaki responded, the smirk becoming a wicked grin. It wasn’t anything like Tamaki’s usual warm smile, “Oh but I forgot... One last thing” 

Tamaki moved back toward Kyoya and carefully took off Kyoya’s glasses.

”Tamaki...” Kyoya protested.

“Don’t want to hurt your glasses on accident do we” Tamaki chuckled darkly and put them on the table near the scissors. Then he returned to the stance from before. 

Kyoya turned his head again, looking at the out of focus bed in front of him. He was almost panting now and tried to steady his breath. He would not make it so easy for Tamaki to break him this time.

“Ready?” Tamaki asked.

“Just do it” Kyoya managed to keep his voice steady.

“Did you just order me?” Tamaki asked in that quiet tone that screamed danger. Kyoya immediately realised his mistake but didn’t get a chance to apologise. The flogger struck him in the perfect area to inflict pain but cause no harm. Away from the kidneys and sides. Ah but it hurt. It hurt enough for Kyoya to gasp loudly and tense.

“I was going to be nice but just for that we are going straight to the flogger.” Tamaki said coldly “and you are going to take it.”

“Ah!” Kyoya cried as he was struck in the exact same place again. The already stinging skin hurt even more than before, “Dammit Tamaki! Ouch!”

“Colour?” Tamaki asked calmly.

Kyoya thought for a few moments. He hurt but the pain was bearable. His whole body felt like it was waking up from a deep sleep. He didn’t want it to stop.

“Green...”  he answered. Tamaki seemed pleased with this.

“Oh mon dieu I have wanted to do this with you for a very long time” the flogger came down again and Kyoya couldn’t help crying out. The same place again. Tears were in his eyes but his whole body was suddenly buzzing. His nerves alive.

“You with your cold mask... Always logic... No heart...” Tamaki snapped and Kyoya heard him shift his feet to a different position.

“I have a heart...” Kyoya protested weakly without thinking.

“Oh yeah? Do you? Could’ve fooled me you bastard...” The flogger struck again in a different area, still safe but Kyoya hadn’t been expecting it. 

“AH! I... I...” Kyoya tried to keep himself together despite the tears running down his cheeks.

“You blackmail, manipulate, scheme... Base relationships on whether they benefit you... You heartless piece of garbage!” The flogger came down again even harder and Kyoya began to shake. The flogger wasn’t the only thing that hurt. The words were surprisingly hurtful too. Especially from Tamaki. Panting Kyoya lowered his head. Tamaki was right. He deserved this pain. No one knew he had feelings. He kept them hidden even from himself.

“I’m right aren’t I... The only thing you feel is this flogger!” Tamaki struck then shifted his stance once again. Kyoya began to feel strange. His head was reeling. He was sobbing without meaning to.

“You’re wrong... I’m s-sorry you don’t see it... I’m sorry no one does... But... But I... I feel...” 

“Oh? What do you feel Kyoya?” Tamaki asked, his voice showing no emotion.

“Anger... Sadness... Frustration...”

“Selfish emotions” Tamaki struck again in the original place and Kyoya sobbed louder “What else...”

“Pride... Proud of the club...” Kyoya’s voice was shaking now, “H-Happiness... When I see you all happy...When a plan works... When I best my father...”

“Getting better but still not good enough” More pain was inflicted and Kyoya cried out in emotional and physical anguish. It seemed endless. He knew he could stop it but he didn’t want to. He suddenly wanted it to be endless. To have the punishment he deserved for hurting people with coldness. Blow after blow came until something in him snapped.  Kyoya was reduced to sobbing the words “I’m sorry” over and over again as his knees gave out.

That was when the pain stopped and the ties were undone. Kyoya found himself in Tamaki’s arms, a weak blubbering mess.

“I feel... I feel...” He whimpered “I’m sorry... I do feel I do...”

“Of course you do” Tamaki’s voice murmured softly, much gentler “Of course you do...You feel everything...” a gentle hand stroked Kyoya’s hair and Kyoya clung to the comforting presence.

“I do... I’m not heartless... I’m not...” 

“Non... You aren’t heartless... You’re Kyoya... No mask now... Just Kyoya” Tamaki responded soothingly as he checked the marks on Kyoya’s wrists and back “you did so well...”

“It.. It hurt...” Kyoya found himself stating the obvious and curling into Tamaki like a child.

“Yes... Yes it hurt... I hurt you very much...” Tamaki acknowledged “but it’s all over now...”

Kyoya looked up at Tamaki and the blonde smiled down at him. 

“I did good?” Kyoya asked meekly.

“You did good” Tamaki confirmed with a tenderness that made Kyoya’s heart soar, “Now let’s make all the hurt better okay?” 

Kyoya nodded and Tamaki gently wiped the tears from his face before putting on his glasses. Then Kyoya felt a cool cloth on his back, soothing the sting of the blows. It made him sigh with relief. He felt raw and broken but now it was like he was being put back together without the darkness that was embedded so deeply in his heart. His body was tingling now but in a good way. For the first time in a long time he felt relaxed and at peace.

He had feelings. They were all laid bare and Tamaki could see it. He hadn’t realised he had been fearing his apparent lack of feeling but it seemed he had. Now it was certain he was still Kyoya. Not his mask.

“You with me mon ami?” Tamaki asked softly.

“Yeah...” Kyoya looked back at Tamaki again.

“You know I don’t think you’re heartless... It was just part of the play... Oui?” 

“Uh huh...” Kyoya nodded and smiled a true smile. 

“Good...” Tamaki smiled back and studied Kyoya’s face.

“I proved it... People can say what they like... I proved it... I feel... Like everyone else” Kyoya said before laughing shakily. Now that the pain was gone he felt giddy and light. 

“You certainly did and I am so proud of you” Tamaki grinned, pleased to see Kyoya was okay, “Remember all those mean things I said were just to take that pesky mask away... You’re my best friend and the person I trust most in the whole world... Never forget that...”

Then Tamaki did something Kyoya hadn’t expected. He kissed him on the forehead. Kyoya looked at him in surprise but Tamaki was already inspecting him some more.

“Let’s get you a nice cold drink of Gatorade and a blanket and some chocolate... How does that sound?” The blonde was offering. Kyoya nodded slowly. Why would he want those things when he had Tamaki’s arms? Still Tamaki carefully got Kyoya on the bed and, after reassuring him he would be back, returned with all the items. Kyoya found himself making a cocoon out of the blanket before Tamaki chuckled and pulled him back into his arms, blanket and all. 

“Now drink your Gatorade... That’s the way... Feel better now?”

“Much...” Kyoya nodded, suddenly thirsty. He took sips of his drink and Tamaki fed him some chocolate. For once Kyoya felt like he was truly safe to not wear his mask and, though it had been terrifying, he found with Tamaki around he liked it.

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