Stripping the mask

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Kyoya spent the weekend thinking on what he had witnessed. There was something new and dark about Tamaki the Ootori had not seen coming. Even more confusing was the fact that this development stirred something in Kyoya. Despite his wish to deny it the Ootori found Tamaki’s Master persona attractive. On what level Kyoya didn’t know.

He was also curious about the responses of the slave. It was like giving up all control had purged the businessman of his guilt and given him a freedom he could not experience in his day to day life. Kyoya wondered what it would be like to be completely vulnerable like that. The very idea terrified the Ootori but on the other hand letting that tight control go for just a few hours could be a refreshing change. 

The following week Kyoya decided to see what Tamaki would do if he hinted at what he had seen. It wasn’t like him to play these kinds of games. It was more Hikaru’s fortey. However, part of Kyoya liked to take risks and another part of him surprisingly enough wanted to see if he could experience some of the darker Tamaki’s wrath for himself. See what it would take to bring it out. 

“Any more appointments this week?” He asked casually as he looked through the calendar of his black book when he and Tamaki were alone after club ended.

Tamaki looked nervously at Kyoya and put down his book.

”N-No... Why do you ask?” 

“It just seems like a punishing schedule... Two appointments in one week as well as all the usual activities...” Kyoya made sure to put an emphasis on the word punishing.

“Non it’s no trouble... I’m just sorry I let you down” Tamaki knitted his eyebrows.

”Yes well... I’m not your slave. I can’t keep picking up the pieces for you...” Kyoya looked curiously from his calendar to Tamaki.

”I know you aren’t mon ami... I’m so sorry... I promise to do better... Please don’t be mad...” tears appeared in Tamaki’s unusually coloured eyes.

”Well it’s not like I’m about to tie you up and whip you until you comply, but some help would be nice” Kyoya said with a slight smirk.

Tamaki immediately went pale.

”What do you mean by that?”

”Nothing at all” Kyoya closed his book and left the room, he could tell Tamaki was in panic mode by the stammering as he made his exit.

Tamaki was looking at him like a frightened rabbit the remainder of the week. Kyoya could almost see the cogs turning in the blondes head as he tried to figure out whether Kyoya knew what he had been doing.

Finally on the Friday evening Kyoya received an unexpected visit from Tamaki.

“Kyoya Ootori you followed me to my appointment didn’t you!” an angry Tamaki hissed as soon as Kyoya’s bedroom door was closed.

“Whatever are you talking about?” Kyoya feigned ignorance, enjoying the game. No wonder the twins did this all the time.

”You’ve been dropping hints all week. Be truthful Kyoya. It’s important!”

“Very well” Kyoya closed his laptop, “I did. I was concerned for your welfare and followed when you went inside that suspicious building...I saw everything.” 

“Merde! Kyoya it’s not what you think! You can’t tell anyone! If he knew that you knew... There’s a contract... It’s... You can’t tell! Promise you won’t! You knowing already...”

”I am not the kind of person to tell. You know me better than that you moron” Kyoya sighed “I think it’s exactly what I think. BDSM yes?”

Tamaki was so surprised he stopped panicking.

”You know about BDSM?”

“Not a lot but it’s obvious that’s what it was... Though I was surprised there was no sex involved...”

“Well... It umm... Isn’t always about sex...” Tamaki admitted.

“I must say it certainly showed a whole new side of you...” Kyoya crossed his arms “How on earth does a person like you end up doing such things?”


“It helps me...” Tamaki said reluctantly, a lot calmer but looking ashamed, “I... I have little control in my life... A lot of emotions I... I won’t let myself express...Through BDSM I can regain some control. Be aggressive. Truly dictate someone’s fate. Inflict pain instead of having pain inflicted on me. At the same time I’m helping another person. Giving another person a chance to surrender everything and be free.”


“How does being called slave and being whipped set someone free? I don’t understand.”


“That man... He never takes off his mask. He has to shut his emotions away and be perfect day in day out. He is responsible for hundreds of workers. He ends jobs. Kills dreams. All with a straight face and unwavering smile for the tabloids. That gets tiring. Sometimes a person needs to take off their mask. To not have control for once. To give full control to someone else. To completely let go. To have their guilt sated by being punished even if they were just doing their job.” Tamaki explained.


“What is the benefit of that? It seems downright terrifying to me”


“It is... What you saw was me being extremely nice... Way nicer than I can be...”


Kyoya raised an eyebrow at this.


“You... You’re probably disgusted.” Tamaki sighed, “That’s fine... Just... I must ask you to never tell... It may seem abusive and harsh but BDSM is always done with consent and I always strive to keep it safe. I’ve been doing it for two years now and I never do anything without knowing exactly what I am doing. I always look after my subs. Aftercare is absolutely paramount. I would never harm anyone. You know that. Trust is important in this lifestyle and if you tell... The trust between my sub and I will be broken... It’s potentially a huge disaster waiting to happen if you tell a soul”


“Did I not say I don’t tell?” Kyoya interrupted Tamaki’s panicked rant.


“I have your word?”


“You have my word... So... That man LIKES being out of control... Being vulnerable...”


“Oui... It was scary for him at first... Now it’s a relief” Tamaki nodded 


“I don’t get it entirely... But I would like to understand...”


Tamaki blinked in surprise.

“You? I don’t know Kyoya... The only way for you to truly understand is to do it... I don’t know if you are the kind who does well in that kind of situation. It could be traumatic instead of helpful...”


“In which case I would make it stop... Yes?”


“Yes you could stop it but I wouldn’t be able to take back what has already been done... I certainly would do anything to assist in making it all okay again but... Let’s just say it may be opening up a can of worms you’d rather keep locked away where it is.” Tamaki warned “And... Well... It might also affect our friendship and i don’t want that...”


“Well I wouldn’t trust anyone else...” Kyoya admitted truthfully “And I am NOT going to repeat that sentence again.”


Tamaki looked at Kyoya thoughtfully.

“Explain to me why you want so badly to understand?”


“Because as much as I am comfortable with my own mask... I can’t let go. I don’t relax. My mind is always working on something. Analysing something. The pressure is constant...If what you do with that man helps him then... Perhaps it will be beneficial for me.”


“Kyoya... If we do this... You have to understand you won’t be able to keep anything locked away... I will bring it out of you... Are you sure you want that?”


“Won’t know until I try it...”


“There are rules... Safe words... Red is stop. yellow is back off a bit or pause. Green is good. I will always listen to those words. 


We do not disclose anything about this to anyone unless we both agree on it. Even then what we disclose will be discussed in detail and we both have to agree on it.


Aftercare is essential and you have to tell me if you have a sub drop. This is the low that happens sometimes hours, days or weeks after BDSM play...” Tamaki went on explaining in detail about Sub drop, Dom drop and the various plays of BDSM. It took some time and Kyoya was impressed with how through he was being. He asked Kyoya about what limits he may want to set and any potential triggers. He worked with Kyoya in finding out exactly what the Ootori was looking for. 


“Very well...” Tamaki murmured finally “you consent to all this... yes?”


“I do” Kyoya nodded “At least for now”


“Kyoya... Don’t let this ruin the club... Or our friendship...” Tamaki looked concerned.


“You have my word...”


“Well... I guess... Test one is able to begin when you’re ready”


“Why not now?”


“I am not about to start something this potentially dangerous without the proper equipment. If you wish you can meet me at my place in half an hour. If you do we start as soon as I open the door. I won’t listen to the word no. I won’t listen to cries or begging unless I feel like it. Only the safe words will stop it. Okay?”


Kyoya’s heart thudded in his chest. He was already terrified. Did he really want to do this? 


“See you in half an hour” 


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