An Alternate Hollow Fragment

BY : AdamSmith1941
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Disclaimer: I do not own Sword Art Online or any of the characters from Sword Art Online or SAO: Re Hollow Fragment. I do not make any money off of this story.

This story is loosely based off of an alternate timeline where everyone is still trapped in Aincrad even after Heathcliff is defeated. While there is a game that is based on the same concept, I only use the area and a few characters from that game in this story. Other than that, most of the characters in this story have already been established in the anime.  The story is about how Asuna is captured and imprisoned by an old acquaintance from real-life, along with several other characters, in a place called the Hollow Area which has many items that were not released in the main game. While the area this story takes place in, as well as some of the characters, are from the game, I will mostly be using characters and referencing events that are established in the anime, including some easter eggs from arcs that are after they escape Aincrad. However, I also put this story here since there is no dedicated gaming section for SAO, and the game itself is essentially an extension of the anime. I would even go as far as to say the game is essentially fanfiction for the anime, since it is also non-canon, and therefore I feel justified in leaving it here in the anime section.

The story starts off with Asuna being forcibly teleported to the Hollow Area after they open the door to floor 76. During Kirito's battle, there was a glitch that casues multiple system failures, and allowed Kirito and Asuna to defeat Hethcliff in the boss room on floor 75 without either being killed. Among other things, the glitch alos prevents players from going back to the lower floors, and corrupts multiple items. The glitch also seems to have allowed the Cardinal system to run rampant for a few seconds across the internet(best way to describe it) and Sinon is dragged from another game into SAO. Kirito’s sister/cousin ,Suguha aka Leafa, decides to join Kirito in SAO, using her Leafa avatar from ALO(insert headspin here), and is fully aware of the consequences for losing in game.

For this story, Asuna will be the one who ends up in the Hollow Area with Phillia, however things do not go as well for them. I am also making the events of SAO take place 2 years later than in the actual show so that all the characters are at least 18 by the time this story starts. While there is some great bondage content in SAO that would be easier to write on, I wanted to challenge myself, hence this attempt. The first chapter will be mostly setup, with following chapters having the heavier stuff as well as more characters.  I hope you enjoy and please leave a review!


Asuna was very confused. She had gone up the stairs leading to the 76th floor with her friends, and she had opened the door to the floor with Kirito by her side. They had explored their new surronding, and for the next two days they had tried to figure out everytihng that had gone wrong, and how to move forward. Then, in a flash, she was suddenly in nothing, literally. For a split second she had entered the void, and she was nothing but code. Then, she was spat back into her reality, and crashed to the ground, hard. What was that, she thought as she picked herself up off the ground. Looking around, she saw she was in a forest of some sort, and her friends were no where to be seen. Panic gripped her heart for a second, before she remembered that everyone should still be alive. She pulled up her menu, and looked through her friends list, and while it said everyone was still alive, she was unable to contact anyone. Pulling up the map was also useless, it was completely blank and Asuna growled in frustration. She figured the only thing she could do was walk, and picking a random direction, she made her way through the forest. She had no idea how powerful the enemies in this area would be, so she was cautious. But as it turned out, she was not cautious enough. She was stepping into an intersection between several trails, when her feet were suddenly pinned together in a loop. She was dragged up, her legs restrained by something slimy, and the skirt of her armor started to fall down her body. Scared, but mostly pissed off, she drew her weapon and hit whatever held her foot with a strike that would have incapacitated almost any opponent, except apparently this one. Shock made her eyes go wide as she saw the whole monster now, a massive beast that her id skill couldn’t even give her the level of. So, she did the only thing she could.

 “Let me go you monster!” she yelled as she started hitting the beast with as much power as she could muster while upside down. It wasn’t enough, and she could feel the acid from the beasts skin degrading her armor, making holes in her white stockings and damaging her grieves. It lifted her up higher, clearly intending to eat her, and she thought she was done for. That is when, with a blur of motion faster than she could track at first, another girl appeared. She cut the tongue off the monster, and Asuna fell to the ground. Without a moment’s hesitation she was up and fighting alongside this new girl, no time for introductions. Between Asuna’s rapier and the other girl’s dagger, they were able to force the monster back just enough for them to run. As they dashed through the forest, Asuna followed closely hoping this stranger knew where she was going. Before long, the other girl stopped. They both were in another clearing, and the girl looked at Asuna. The girl was about Asuna’s height, with short dandelion colored hair. She was dressed in very revealing blue crop top that had some armor on it, with black short shorts, a small one side hip cloak, along with a short blue cape and sleeves. Her long legs were covered by black and grey grieves and a thigh pouch on one leg. “You can stop following me now.” The girl said with a obviously nervous and somewhat hostile tone. Perplexed, Asuna started to say that it wasn’t like that, before another voice called out.

 “Hey Phillia, long time no see you sexy slut, and I see you found yourself a friend.” Asuna turned around as several well armed male players entered the clearing, all of them with markers indicating they were criminal players. Both Asuna and the girl, Phillia apparently, grimaced and were forced back to back.  It was a brief fight, and by the time it was over 3 of the guys burst into nothingness as they died, and the rest retreated, screaming as they ran away from the two high-powered players. Their HP low, both girls tried to catch their breath, but their troubles were just beginning. A low “Pfffht” came from the bushes, and Asuna felt herself stagger. Confused, she looked at her health indicator, at first she didn’t notice anything wrong, but then saw the small indicator on the side. Paralysis, Asuna thought as she started to fall to the ground. She saw Phillia, who must have had incredible reflexes, dodge the dart just in time, and without a backwards glance she ran into the trees. Asuna fell down hard on her face, disappointed that she had been left behind so casually by someone who had just saved her. She was then pulled up by her long hair, and the last thing Asuna saw before she was blindfolded was a man in a dark, red coat.

The paralysis seemed to last forever. She was conscious the entire time, but she couldn’t feel anything. She couldn’t speak, see, move, or do anything which aggravated her to no end. When she finally regained the ability to move, she found that her arms were bound to a wall behind her, and her legs were immobilized as well. “Hello!” She yelled into the darkness, “Let me out now and I swear I will only beat you until you are ALMOST dead.” She heard someone chuckle, along with the rattling of chains and a muffled groan. The blindfold was removed from her eyes, and she saw the man in the red cape. She glared up at him with a look that had brought powerful players to their knees.

This guy just gave her a mocking smile as he looked her up and down while she was chained to the wall.  Asuna’s stockings were still in tatters from the monster she and Phillia had fought, exposing her legs, but for the most part her armor and clothes were still intact.  The man seemed to soak this in, and it caused Asuna to blush as she realized what this guy might be thinking. Looking around the room, she saw many instruments, some of which had obviously built for torment, like dildos and whips. She did not see her rapier anywhere, and she idly wondered how items like those had gotten that into the game. Then it dawned on her, wherever she was the rules of the game no longer seemed to apply. Between the sex toys, the chains holding her, heck even the forest outside, none of that should exist. But they did. Fear gripped her heart, and she felt it racing, knowing that the Code of Conduct which, for the most part, kept a player from being violated or harassed by other players, did not apply here.

As her eyes traveled wildly around the room, from item to item, she noticed that she was not alone with the man in the red coat. There was another girl in the prison, on the wall to Asuna’s right. Her short light blue hair framing a pretty face, her white and black one piece armor was covered by a green and white long sleeved jacket, and by short black shorts.  The sides of her legs were covered by green pants, and she wore a white scarf with a black stripe, but overall the amount of skin her armor revealed was significant, and included her thighs, hips, and a small but very noticeable cleavage. She was dangling from the ceiling by chains attached to her wrist, with her feet chained together about a foot above the floor. However, this girl was awake, and was the source of the groaning. Asuna watched for a second as the blue-haired girl struggled against the chains, groaning through the ballgag in what sounded like pain. The man in front of Asuna moved, and she saw the 3rd girl. It was Phillia, the girl who had saved her, and had then run away. She had clearly not gotten very far, and she seemed to be crying as she struggled against the restraints.

 “We found all three of you pretty things wandering  through the woods, you should have known better, especially women of your….caliber.” He said this as he took some of Asuna’s hair, and sniffed it. Revolting memories of a very unpleasant person flooded her mind, but this could not be him, even HE would not do something like this. But slowly, as he spoke and moved around the room leering at his captives, she realized, it could only be HIM. Dread filled her body, knowing for certain now that the game had changed. This man now had real power, the power of Heathcliff, the power of a king, an emperor even, and she was his first subject. The man was Sugou, her betrothed in the real world, and one of the most disgusting men she had ever met. She hadn’t recognized him because he was wearing a mask with a hood, but his movements and intonations were unmistakable.

“Fhghh!” she screamed, yelling his name through her gag. He took notice of her struggling and yelling, and bent down over her. He took off the mask, and to Asuna’s shock, the face behind it was not Sugou’s. Instead Sugou’s dark hair and eyes, this man had longer blond hair and purple eyes. Her confusion lasted only a moment, before he again took some of her long blonde hair in his hand and sniffed it again. The look was unmistakable. Even with the virtual eyes, he must have seen the recognition, or disgust, in them, and Sugou laughed.

 “So you do recognize me Asuna, even like this?” He gestured at his face, “Im surprised, given how much you supposedly hate me, for you to be able to guess even in the middle of this death game.”  He said the last two words with real frustration, and it occurred to her that he must have somehow gotten stuck in here, just like everyone else. Which meant that although he was powerful, he couldn’t leave the game at will. She grunted, giving him her best death glare, the one that would scare all sane players out of their virtual skins. However, whether it was due to Asuna being chained to a wall, or the fact the Sugou was not sane, he simply grinned at her, and grabbed her pretty face. He tried to jerk back, but he held her tight, kissing her gagged mouth, before licking the ballgag with his tongue, and going down to her neck. Disgust boiled through her as he licked her, then he savagely bit down on the side of her neck. The pain was intense, more so than it should have been, and she screamed through her gag. He laughed again, and gestured all around the room.

“That’s right Asuna, I even have control of the pain settings. Really, you should thank me since I have only turned the setting down to 4, and that bite could have hurt so much worse.” Understanding again washed over Asuna,  why her neck throbbed, and why the blue-haired girl was groaning in pain. “Without the pain absorber at its normal setting, whatever happens to us in here will be more painful then ever before.”  Asuna thought, imagining how it must feel to hang from your wrists by metal cuffs for hours on end. That alone made her shiver in fear, as she noticed that Sugou was staring at her again, and he said:

“Now then my little slaves, shall we play a game?”

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