An Alternate Hollow Fragment

BY : AdamSmith1941
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Disclaimer: I do not own Sword Art Online or any of the characters from Sword Art Online or SAO: Re Hollow Fragment. I do not make any money off of this story.

The fist chapter to have explicit sexual content starting in the third paragraph. I hope you enjoy!


Asuna was beautiful. From her long hair, and pale skin to her glassy, submissive eyes, it was all Sugou could have ever wanted. The only thing that could have made this moment better, was if it had been Asuna’s actual body that lay on the bed in front of him. She was still clothed in her armor, but she had been untied and then left on the bed as a test to see how complaint she was. “It might have worked too well” Sugou thought, since both girls were completely motionless on the bed. He stood there, considering both women.  They were both in excellent shape, their virtual bodies a reflection of what they looked like in the real world. He could attest to Asuna’s appearance, since only days before he had stood beside her hospital bed, eagerly looking forward to the day sometime soon where he would see her in her wedding dress. He had come into this game with his most trusted, and deviant, staff and several pieces of gear that they had designed for just this situation. All of this, was to test out a theory they had been researching in another game. They had come here, to SAO, since unlike ALO this game had thousands of players who could not wake up, and therefore ruin his experiment.  All of them would be under his control, completely helpless to prevent him from doing whatever he wanted. From the beginning, he had planned on finding Asuna, and making her one of the experiments first test subjects. It had just been fate that he had found her so soon, and he felt satisfaction at having made so much progress in such a short amount of time. “I will have to make adjustments to Spiegel’s mask, we need them compliant, but still able to follow commands.”

 Thinking of the brat made Sugou cringe inwardly, “He may be intelligent, and had provided the base design for that contraption of his, but I was the one who made it possible to bring into this world. He should thank me, instead, he bosses me around like he is superior, that brat.” He recalled Spiegel, aka Death Blade, coming to him barely a day before they had linked into the SAO. He had brought the designs for the mask with him, as well as the code to make work as it did. He said he had been working on it for years, but before he had gotten to test it, his subject had been sucked into SAO. Sugou had been sympathetic, since his own subject was stuck in that very same world. Then, after Sugou had taken the design and code, to use for himself, the brat had brought up another sheaf of documents. He had been stunned to see that the kid had dug up the beginnings of what he had been doing in ALO, and his proof would be sent to the largest newspapers, as well as the local and governmental law enforcements agencies. His condition, was that he be allowed to come with Sugou, and given his own administrator credentials. There had been no choice. So Sugou had taken the designs, and had hooked up the code so that the mask would be able to use the psychological suite of the Cardinal system, and they had dived in.  However, he had not planned on getting stuck in this game himself, but there was no use in complaining, there was work to be done here, and hopefully he could complete it before the his subjects could clear the game.

He gestured at two of his men, and then at Phillia, “Start with her, and do anything and everything to her.” They eagerly complied, and approached the motionless treasure hunter. The first man pulled her cloak off of her, and pulled her upright. With a specially coded knife, he ripped open the girl’s top, producing a realistic looking tear where the blade had passed through. She did not move or fight back, as the armor was torn away revealing her perky breasts. He groped them, sucking and biting at each nipple, trying to get a reaction from the half naked girl. However she continued to be unresponsive, and while the first man ravaged Phillia’s breasts, the second began tearing off her belt and shorts. With an authentic ripping noise, her panties came were cut in two, revealing the delta of realistic looking hair. Kayaba had been meticulous in his programming, and as a necessary component to having a full-fledged world that included real death, sex had been added as a sort of counter-balance. After all, this world was naturally balanced and fair. As such, when Phillia’s legs were spread, her pussy was exposed for all to see. Both men now had the virtual equivalent of erections, and their avatars had been designed with just this purpose in mind. The man who had been groping Phililia’s tits, now pulled down his pants, and opened Phillia’s unresisting mouth. He slid his member deep into her, enjoying the feeling of a mouth around his cock. The second man, his pants already on the ground, grabbed both of Phillia’s legs, and moved his own erection till it touched the entrance of her womanhood. He slowly pressed into the girl, thrusting inch by inch until his large member was buried balls deep inside of Phillia. He started thrusting faster and faster inside of the helpless girl, and Sugou watched with satisfaction and pleasure as his two henchmen spitroasted their captive, and then was surprised to hear a noise come from Phillia. Until this moment she had been completely mute, but as he had hoped the primal instincts, specifically those that dealt with sex and pleasure, had increased. She was still unconscious, her eyes still glassy, but her moans told him enough. Grinning, he turned his attention towards Asuna, who still laid motionless on the other part of the bed.

“This one is mine, go enjoy the other whore.” He said dismissevly to two of the remaining men, “And you, go find Spiegel and bring him here, I want him to see exactly what we have accomplished.” He said this to the last man, who sprinted off to carry out his task.  He pulled out his own knife, and rubbing his own erection through his pants, he ripped the front of Asuna’s armor, revelaing her excellent breasts, he played with them, marveling at how soft and well molded they were despite them being in a virtual world. “I cant wait to have you for real my little slave, and while you might not think of yourself as a slave now, by the time I am done, you will be obeying my every command.” He thought this with releish, as he started to twist and grope her breasts with increasing cruelty. He twisted so hard, that she groaned in pain, and he cackled, his member fully erect under his clothes. He pulled her by her hair, twsting her body so that her head hung over the side. Letting Asuna’s long blonde hair fall to the ground, he undid his own pants, and opened Asuna’s mouth. He licked his lips in anticipation at the site of her welcoming, moist mouth, before sliding his cock inside. He almost climaxed right then and there, as his fantasy finally become reality. He pounded into Asuna with no care for her wellbeing, and if this had been her real body he knew she would be close to unconsciousness by this point. He couldn’t help but imagine her squirming and struggling against him, her real mouth wrapped helplessly around his real cock, as he cut off her oxygen. He slammed his cock home again and again into Asuna’s limp body, his own imagination filling in the gaps, his hands pulling and twisting at her nipples, and with a moan he bottomed out his cock all the way down her throat. He felt himself ejaculate, his virtual seed sliding down Asuna’s throat, and he pulled out in time to let some go over her face. and he couldn’t help but wonder if he had jazzed in his pants in the real world as well, he hoped he had.

He was not done however, far from it. The avatars had been designed with large cocks and had been loaded with stamina points, and he intended to make the best of it. He slid his knife down the rest of her armor, exposing her stomach and panties. He ripped those off as well, and he stared at the her delta of hair. Well, what should have been a delta of hair. Instead, she was clean shaven, and that just about made him cum all over again. He spread her beautiful, long legs, and with one hand felt the smooth pussy of his beloved slave. He lifted his cock, which had returned to its full length within seconds of seeing Asuna’s virgin hole. He delighted in the knowledge that he would be the first to take her, and pressed his cock further into her pussy. His imagination took hold, and he imagined her wrists chained behind her back,  her mouth open in a silent scream, as he pressed himself into her, taking her real virginity. He slid into her, and something in the back of his mind told him something was not quite right, but he ignored it, too caught up in acting out his fantasies with Asuna. He heard her gasp, her body reacting just like Phillia’s as she was penetrated. He thrust savagely into his unresisting prisoner, and was gratified to hear her moan once again. He let his eyes drift over her cum covered body, imaging all of the things he would do with this one, and her real one, and to his surprise he ejaculated deep inside of her. He noticed the door open, and Spiegel, aka Death Blade, walked into the room. Sugou grunted in annoyance, but decided he would actually enjoy Asuna more when she was conscious. He pulled up his pants, and walked over to the new arrival. Spiegel was staring at the orgy around Phillia, the treasure hunter was now impaled by three cocks, one in each orifice, with the last man jerking off over her face. She almost seemed to be enjoying it, which meant it would be easier to break her.

“If you want Spiegel, you can have a go at her as well” Sugou gestured at Phillia, not at all willing to let him take Asuna.

Spiegel seemed tempted, but he shook his head, “I want to get back to my own….experiment.” He said the last word with a cruel smile, and Sugou shrugged. He looked at the man who had retrieved Death Blade, and figuring he deserved some sort of reward for unquestioning obedience despite the orgy, he gestured at the limp form of Asuna.

“Go ahead and use that one’s mouth if you wish, it is quite good.” Grinning, the man stepped towards Asuna, and with his own member now fully erect, slid it into Asuna’s well postined, open mouth. The man grabbed her hands, pulling her mouth against his cock, getting the entire thing down her in one swift motion. He looked back over at Phillia, who was now completely covered in virtual cum as each man took several turns with the complaint blonde.

“Sir? What is this?” The man screwing Asuna’s mouth had stopped, and was now holding the girl’s hand up. Sugou had been too preoccupied looking at the rest of her body too take any notice of his slave’s hands, but when he did he noticed the modest ring on one finger. Somewhat perplexed, he brought up his own system menu, and for the first time used it to hack Asuna’s account. He sat there, stunned as he realized what his brain had been trying to tell him. Asuna, his betrothed, his slave, his property, was married.

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