An Alternate Hollow Fragment

BY : AdamSmith1941
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She couldn’t remember anything. She didn’t even know her own name, let alone know why someone would abduct her and chain her up in a dark dungeon. The only thing she did know was that whoever had imprisoned her was bent on making her suffer. She had been dangling from the ceiling ever since she had woken up, and she had been gagged the entire time. She had thought it couldn’t get any worse, the pain in her arms was almost unbearable, until the two other girls had been brought in. She had watched them get dragged in, and then chained to the wall. She had been ticked off, wondering why SHE was the only one being subjected to this torture by neglect. Then she had seen what happened to them, their will, their spirit, seeming to leave them as though the mask had sucked it out of them. At that point, she had been very glad she was not one of them. Then, the whipping started. He had tried to do the same trick on her, but for some reason it didn’t work. She had felt a sharp pain in her head, as though her something had hit her brain, but that had been all. She had felt a momentary feeling of relief, before she had seen the whip. She had screamed through her gag as the virtual rope wrapped itself around her body, her clothing disintegrating under the assault. He had left then, for some reason, and had again left her there, alone, in the dark, hanging from the ceiling by her wrists, but now combined with pains that were from all over her body, and did not seem to be going away.

The door clanged open behind her again, the lights flickered on, and she KNEW that he was back. She pulled at her restraints, desperate to break free from the unyielding shackles. But it was useless. He held her head now, and again she was forced to look into his glowing red eyes. She felt the pain again, but again nothing more happened. He let her go, disgust apparent in his movements. She felt the tears pouring down her face, fearing what he had in store for her body. It was much worse than a rope this time. He dragged over a large contraption out of the dark shadows, its 4 legs holding up the center like a table, but instead of a smooth surface the wooden object had a metal edge running down its center, although the rest of it was wood. She hung there, helpless as he pushed it in front of her. Death Blade  came around from behind the device to unchain her feet, but Sinon was in too much pain to do anything about it as he attached her legs to rings in the floor, spreading them. With her legs pulled apart, he stopped for a moment and felt her tight body. He slid his hands over the side of her armour, feeling her exposed skin, before going to her inner thigh. She moaned, her tears flowing again, and she tried in vain to close her legs. Death Blade lightly brushed the fabric protecting Sinon’s sex, and she flinched. She jerked her body, away from his touch as best she could, but only managed to make the chains rattle a little. He laughed, and press a little harder, feeling her entrance through the material. He walked around behind her chained body, and she felt his crotch push up into her ass, and felt something grow hard against her.

I don’t even know who I am, or even WHERE I am, and I am going to get fucked by a person II don’t eve-Her thought was interrupted as she she felt a wave of pain course through her body, and she let out a muffled scream  as  he reached around her and started pinching her clit, hard, through her shorts. All she could do was thrash in her chains as she tried to break the unrelenting grip, but that only caused her more pain. After what felt like hours, he let go, and she was left gasping, waiting for the pain to diminish. Understanding crept through her, as she began to understand that this wasnt going to get any better. “He enjoys my pain, he loves it, almost as if this is personal for him, but I don’t even know myself let alone whoever he is.” Her tears at the hopelessness of the situation seemed to encourage her tormentor, and he twisted again, eliciting more screaming from the blue-haired girl. This time he pulled her head back by her hair, and made her look into his glowing red eyes again as he tortured her clit with his metal clad hands. She didn’t even try to pull her head away, she was in agony, her body trembling as it fought against the chains. Before long, he let go, and again Sinon sobbed through her gag. “Now that you are all warmed up, its time for the next round.” She looked at him, he eyes wide with fear as he pushed the horse underneath her until she was over the center of it. The center had a dildo in the shape of a small spike, but that was not for her pussy. With the horse and Sinon in position, he started to whip the vulnerable girl again. This time, he aimed for the pants and shorts, and with each lash of the whip the chains holding her dropped her another centimeter. She was slowly, inexorably, being pulled down onto the horse, and she could do nothing to stop it.

Death Blade

He was enjoying himself tremendously. He had been disappointed that Sinon didn’t react the same way as the other two had to the mask, but he found he was having more fun this way, watching Sinon, his Asada, struggle and suffer. To him this was just practice. When they got out of this prison, he would find go to Asada, and use everything he learned during this time against her real body, and see just how similar it was. For now though, he would have to content himself with this exotic blue-haired avatar of Asada’s. Not that he minded that either. Just knowing Asada was in that perky body was enough for him as he whipped her again and again, the pain of the whip as it dragged across her body, and the fear of the horse, made her struggles all the more delicious. He whipped her, the 12th time now, and her green pants vanished into millions of lights, leaving only her short black shorts. She was only a few inches above the horse now, and the program he had running would make it so she wouldn’t fall the rest of the way until he ordered it to. He relished watching as the rope burned its way over her exposed thighs, watching her face contort with pain as she screamed a wordless scream. Until, finally, the black shorts also burst into pieces, leaving the crotch part of her armor exposed, as well as all of her inner thighs and ass. He walked towards her whimpering and trembling body, the chains pulling at her from both directions. He felt the smooth skin, hoping her real body would be like this, and with a knife of his own, he dragged the blade across her exposed skin, down from her side, to her leg, to the inside of her cotch. Her whimpering told him all that he needed to know, he was in complete control of this girl, and he would use that power to cause her as much pain as he wanted her to. With one, quick slice, the crotch of her last piece of clothing was cut away, reveling her bare sex. He laughed, and it came out exactly as he wanted it to, in a metallic, evil cackle. Death Blade moved his gloved hands to touch her, and she shuddered as the cold metal of his gloves brushed her already abused clit. He forced his fingers into her, taking her by surprise, and she groaned as he thrust his fingers in and out of her vulnerable pussy. He finger fucked her, roughly, enjoying the look of pain that contorted her face again as he brutally shoved inside of her. “I cant wait until I shove my cock inside of this cunt’.” He thought, but he restrained himself, wanting to weaken her, to break her spirit entirely, before he took her. He took out his gloved hand, and with a hiss of steam emanating from his mask, he ordered the program to drop Sinon onto the metal edge of the horse.


Her scream resounded throughout the room, even with the gag in her mouth. He laughed as she now tried to pull herself up using chains around her wrists. However cahins around her ankles instead tightened and pulled the ones on her ankles, pulling her exposed pussy harder against the metal edge. With each pull of her wrists, she was dragged down a little more. “I cant bear this, it hurts soooo much.” Her mind was only able to think of the pain now, and she instinctively realized that fighting was only causing the pain to get worse. She stopped struggling for a second, and the pain decreased as the chains above her pulled up slightly. “He wants me to break, to stop fighting him, to serve him as his slave!” She gasped through her gag as she pulled slightly at her wrist, and the opposite chains responded in kind. “I wont break that easy, asshole.” She looked up at him, the pain in her eyes not disguising the look of determination in her eyes. “ I will make it through this! I can beat hi-“ Her thought was interrupted as the chains pulled her down again, and Death Blade altered the dildo slightly, so that it finally drove into her ass. It was the worst pain she had felt so far, as it forced its way into her body, the chains pulling her all the way onto it despite her not fighting them. Her pussy was forced ever more onto the metal edge, and all the thoughts were driven from her mind. With a pop, and a final sharp scream from Sinon, the dildo went all the way into her ass. She was crying in pain, the never-ending pain in from her clit and from her ass keeping her in agony. She could barely see through her tears, but she saw Death Blade wave his hand in the air, and a symbol appeared. The number 4. The next thing she saw, was him press a button, and suddenly the pain increased, to the point that she was about to pass out. Nothing had changed in her situation, but now the number 3 was displayed. That was the last thing she remembered, as he again brought out his whip.

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