An Alternate Hollow Fragment

BY : AdamSmith1941
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Those words sent a chill down her spine, the man’s tone making it seem that whatever game he had in mind, he would be the only one having fun. Phillia looked across the room at the other blonde girl from the forest, and saw the hate and anger in her eyes. Asuna was a very attractive girl with long blonde hair, that this guy kept sniffing, which really creeped her out. Her clothes were practical, yet made her look even more stunning, with an armored chest and grieves. However, she was clearly a player who focused on speed, given her lack of armor on the rest of her body. However, despite this person’s seeming obsession with Asuna, she knew that he had not been the one who had captured them. That man had pursued Phillia through the forest, in a chase that had ended with Phillia running straight over a small ledge, and into a shallow ditch. She had landed more or less well, and she thought she might get away, until she looked up and saw that she was now surrounded by red-cloaked men. A large man, wearing the red cloak of his men, but wore a terrifying mask on his face, gave the order to capture her. They hadn’t even bothered with a dart, and had used their superior numbers and their position above and around the ditch to take her HP down until she was forced to surrender, or die. They had tied her up, and had dragged her through the forest to a clearing, where the man, who’s name she had overheard was Alberich, had teleported her to this room without her ever consenting. Now Alberich stood before them, monologuing and Phillia could not help but wonder where the man with the strange, horrifying mask had gone.

“And now, let me introduce you to my….associate.” Alberich gestured, and the man with the mask entered the room. He did not take off the mask, as Alberich introduced him simply as “Death Blade.” The red eyes of the mask seemed to have a light all its own as the man surveyed the room, his gaze lingering on the pretty blue-haired girl who was hanging from the ceiling for a second longer than the others.  “That will be all Sugou, I will take it from here.” The masked man said, his voice metallic and passionless. Alberich had annoyed look, whether it was from being dismissed or from being called by what was apparently his real name, Phillia had no idea. Regardless, he swept out of the room, shutting the door behind him. Death Blade walked around the room for minute, examining each girl in silence, until he came to the blue-haired girl. He put his hand out touching her side, and felt up her body to her face. The girl was crying now, and struggled in vain to pull away from the touch of the man’s gloved hands. He chuckled, and to Phillia’s shock, a burst of steam erupted from the mask, right in the girls face. Both Asuna and Phillia flinched and whimpered, but the other girl got it much, much worse, and started kicking and screaming through her gag as the man took her by the throat. He reached up to the side of his mask, but then stopped. It seemed like he was thinking about something, abd then he let go of the girls throat, and to Phillia’s horror, he stepped in front of her. There was no touch on the side, no almost tender touch on the cheek. He grabbed her hair, pulling her head up so that she was forced to look into the red eyes of the mask. His other hand went up to the side of the mask again, and Phillia struggled against her restraints, not wanting to look, unable to look away. He flipped a switch on the side of his mask, and nothing happened.


Asuna watched, horrified as Death Blade did something on the side of his mask under his hood, expecting fire or something to come spitting out and envelop Phillia. Instead, the dandelion haired girl stared into the eyes of the mask for long seconds after the Death Blade’s hand had gone back to his side. The pause was long enough to make her think that the mask was not working, until Phillia screamed. It was the worst scream Asuna had ever heard in her life, one made of absolute terror. Phillia then went limp in her restraints, all signs of resistance gone, her eyes glassy and unfocused. The man patted her head, and began walking towards Asuna using precise steps, calculated to let what had happened sink in, and for her to realize  that she was next. The chains rattled as Asuna struggled against them, desperate to break free, and to get away from this monster of a man. She struggled and yelled for someone, anyone to come and help them. It was useless, Kirito could not hear her, nor annoy of her other friends, and she tried to prepare herself for the worst. He tugged her head up by her long blonde hair, and she closed her eyes. He simply used his other hand to open her eyelids, and she was forced to look into the eyes of a monster. In them she saw, in explicit detail, every one of her fears and terrors come true. Her mind flooded with images of what would happen to her, to her friends, and what he was going to do to her body.  It made her spirit crumble, and she felt her mind curl up on itself as she tried to protect her mind from the horrible images.

Death Blade

He laughed, with what sounded like actual mirth, as Asuna also went limp in her chains. He made a gesture, and two cultists came in and released Phillia and Asuna from their chains. They were both dragged off into another room, where they would be tested for com;liance while in their paralyzed state. Death Blade then faced the blue-haired girl, who he had been wanting to torment ever since they had captured her. He knew her, had come in after her when she had been sucked into this game from the one they had both been playing. She even looked the same, with her hair and armor exactly as they had been in GGO. However, while she had been pulled directly from GGO, he had had to follow a more circuitous route. Since his father was rich and well-connected, he had found out more about the man in charge of the SAO servers. After almost a day of making calls using his fathers name, and several hours of exhaustive research, he had gone to Sugou, ready to blackmail the man into letting him join the game. However he found that Suguo and several members of his staff were already preparing to go in anyways. He volunteered to join him, and after mentioning a hint of what he had found, Sugou had readily agreed to let him come. However, both of them had failed to understand just how powerful SAO and the Cardinal system really were, and despite Sugou’s admin credentials, they were all stuck in SAO. He didn’t mind however, since he had soon found Sinon. They had set up shop inside the Hollow Area, which Sugou had discovered while on the outside, and had also designed a glove that would allow anyone he touched to be forcibly transported to that location.

When preparations were complete, they had gone to floor 76, where he saw Sinon. She had been stumbling through the forest, and was making for a pathway with several people on it. Realizing he had to strike now, he equipped a mask he had designed before entering the game. He had surprised her, and had pulled her into the shadows, using a dart to paralyze her. That is when he had heard voices, and saw a group of players led by a black haired boy and Asuna. Sugou had been nearby, and upon seeing Asuna it had taken all of his staff to keep him from rushing her. They advised caution, and he agreed to pull back for now, but he was determined to set a trap later. They hadn’t expected Asuna to show up in the middle of the Hollow Area, however one of Sugou’s men had seen her tramping along the pathways, and had immediately teleported back to inform Sugou. They had left Sinon chained in the dungeon, and started setting up their ambush. When they got back to Asuna however, she had been under attack by multiple players. However, she and the other girl, Phillia, had fought them off with impressive skill. With his Sugou’s men behind him, he had used his experience with ranged weapons from GGO to fire the dart that paralyzed Asuna. He had then given chase to the other girl, knowing Suguo wanted several subjects for his experiment.

With both girls captured, he had returned to the dungeon, where he now gazed at a helpless and sexy Sinon, aka Asada. He had been tempted to use his mask on her first, but had decided to make her watch what it did to the others. It had worked better than he had imagined. It used the psychological profiles built by the system, with a flip of a switch, the eyes sent an endless stream of looping images that were specifically crafted to paralyze the victim’s upper brain functions with fear. He took Sinon by the throat again, not needing to pull her head up since she hanging at eye level. He looked into her fear-filled eyes, and waited for the inevitable scream. For long seconds he looked into Sinon’s eyes, and she seemed to flinch slightly as the steam boiled out of the mask, but she did not scream, or go limp. He continued staring into her eyes, and flipped the switch again, making sure the setting was correct. Then, when still nothing happened, he slapped the girl across the cheek, angry that his plan had failed. However, there were other ways for him to enjoy Sinon, and pulling out several items, he planned exactly what he would do to her.

He started with a simple whip, letting the rope wrap around Sinon’s body, degrading her armor and making her scream in pain. His first focus, was to destroy that stupid scarf. He lashed out again and again, burning red virtual lines across Sinon’s body as she writhed above the ground, until finally the scarf burst into millions of fragments. A call from outside the door stopped him from compeltly stripping the helpless girl, and he grunted in annoyance as one of Sugou’s men came in. “Sug…I mean Alberich wants to see you, to show you the results of what your mask accomplished.” He looked at Sinon, and setting the whip down, he left the girl to cry, still hanging from the ceiling, as she still felt the burn of the rope against her skin.

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