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Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece

[This story is based on the Nami SAGA 2 doujinshi by Naruho-dou.]

"HEY STOP IT! DONT YOU TOUCH ME!" Yelled Nami from inside he marine prison cell. She was as naked as the day she was born and was sitting in the corner of the cell while she used her hands to cover up her nipples and vagina from the Pirates hungry glares.

"DON'T YOU PIGS COME ANY CLOSER! IF ANY OF YOU LAY ONE FINGER ON ME THEN YOUR ALL DEAD, YOU HEAR!?" Nami exclaimed, hoping that her increased volume would be enough to mask her nervousness with being surrounded by so many horny and equally naked men.

"So we're safe as long as it's not our fingers?" Snickered one of the naked prisoners as he waved his cock in front of Nami's face.

Then another equally bold pirate groped Nami's giant tits while shamelessly rubbing his hard cock between her asscheeks.

"You might not remember us but we could never forget about you and your tits. You and your crew did a number on us in the past but now it's our turn for payback. Despite all your big talk you don't seem to be eager to fight back." Said the pirate as he pinched Nami's now erect nipples; forcing an unwanted squeal out of the navigators lips.

"There is no point; I know I'm outnumbered. Listen I won't resist you guys and I'll let you use my body as long as you promise not to use violence." Pleaded Nami as she bowed her head in defeat and let the pirate behind her continue to molest her.

"So this means we can do what we want with you! You must not have thought this through girly we're gonna fuck you unconscious! You were so rude to us earlier how about you spread your pussy lips and say hi to everyone!" Requested another one of the horny fouled mouth pirate.

Knowing she had no other choice Nami moved to sit on her fat ass, spread her legs wide, and reluctantly used her fingers to spread her lips; flashing the men her pink insides.

"Hello everyone I'm Cat Burglar Nami... will this do?" She stammered.

'This is the worst. These barbarians are no better than the marines.' The navigator thought bitterly.

"Hah! I can't believe she did this. Does this girl have any pride?" Said the dirty pirates and horny pirates mocking the redhead's arousing display.

What followed was a swarm of bodies as the horny men assaulted her while commenting on her naked body.

This behavior went on for minutes until one member of the mob stood up and forced Nami down on her knees.

"For starters how about you give all of us a blowjob." Ordered the man arrogantly as he grabbed Nami's hair by the roots with one hand and his shaft with the other.

"I wanna stick my cock in you later so warm me up first." He ordered as he shoved his dick in the redhead's mouth, roughly pushing the head of his member against the inside of Nami's cheek.

Knowing she had no choice but to obey Nami's body went on auto-polite as she skillfully inhaled the pirate's invading member. Hollowing out her cheeks, using her lips to create a tight seal around his girth and tickling his shaft with her tongue Nami used her entire mouth to bring him to orgasm.

A deep groan came from the grunt's lips as he was overwhelmed by the new sensations the redhead was giving to his member.

"Your so good at giving head. Those marines must have taught you well." He complemented with a perverted smile on his face; giving Nami a demeaning pat on the head as a reward.

Nami kept her rapid pace and in no time got the member to pop and fill her mouth with his sperm.

Resorting back to her training Nami made sure to keep an airtight seal around his member and swallow his load as best she could.

"You actually managed to swallow all of it that's impressive." The pirate said, still a little lightheaded from the toe-curling orgasm the busty navigator had given him.

Before Nami could even successfully wipe off the runoff cum on the corners of her lips the gang started assaulting Nami's exposed slit.

"It's time for the main event of the night! You didn't think we'd be done with you after one blowie, right?" Asked one of the pirates; a bigger man with a shaved head and grey mustache. Nami could immediately tell this one was the de facto leader of the horny crew.

"Of course not you idiots I'm not that naive!" She snipped aggressively as she rolled her eyes at them.

"So feisty! That's Cat Burglar Nami for ya. Since your so enthusiastic I'll let you decide which dick you'll take first. Tell us which one you like best?" The apparent leader asked while pointing to the row of naked men's exposed members.

"However it'd be rude to not include myself, right Miss Nami?" He added while flashing his own dick in the navigator's face; a whopping 9 inch bitchbreaker that stood out against his underlings average dicks.

'So I get to choose? This makes no sense. Giving me a choice when I'm gonna have to have sex with them all eventually anyway. God these guys are dumb!' Nami ranted in her head.

"I'm right here Miss Nami!" Yelled one pirate.

"Pick me I'll make you feel real good." Catcalled another.

"You better hurry if you don't pick one soon then we'll all come at once." One man warned.

"Fine you go first." She answered while pointing to the mustached ringleader.

"Yea see that guys Nami picked my dick to go first!" He gloated while flexing his arms in excitement.

(Sigh) 'You got played moron. You may have the biggest package here but that's why I'll take you on while I'm still fresh.' Thought Nami as the pirate captain pushed her on her back and began pressing his cockhead against the lips of her vagina.

"As requested my dick is gonna make you squeal." He promised before he slowly eased the head in; taking in Nami's shocked expressions for all they were worth.

'Now that he is so close I misjudged how big his thing is. It feels like a clenched fist is being pushed into me. He's definitely than that commander upstairs.' 

Her theory was proven even more right when the captain grabbed her forearms and used his full weight to thrust down into her.

"FUCK!" she screamed. The sudden penetration was already enough to make the overstimulated navigator cum. Her orgasm took her by surprise as the criminal's large cock filled her up and kissed the entrance to her cervix.

The well-endowed man forcefully inserted his cock into her, making her take it all the way to the base. His nonstop thrusting making her head go numb.

"You're being to hard on her captain! Take it down a notch!" Warned one of the men.

"Not this again. He broke the last girl we had before we could even get our dicks wet." Another man complained.

Sadly for them their complaints were ignored by their leader who was only focused on making the most of his time with the busty Strawhat.

He kept Nami pinned to the ground in a forceful mating press as he grunted and groaned into her hair while his lower half wildly forced his dick as deep into the redhead's love tunnel as it could go.

'This isn't good. This guy's freak dick is hitting my stomach.' She panicked; knowing that the longer this session went on the less energy she'd have to deal with the other men after him.

Doing her best to ignore the pleasure her traitorous body was filling her with from her rape Nami focused on her vaginal walls and getting them to tighten as much as possible to get this dirty pirate off.

Her efforts shortly bore fruit as the captain's thrust only got faster as he began to pant in both exhaustion and pleasure.

"Your pussy is so fucking tight. The way its wrapping around my dick is too much."



"like i might..." He stuttered out between words before his orgasm overtook him.

He was unable to control himself as he came prematurely and creampieing Nami's pussy.

'This is unbelievable! I came so soon... she made me cum so soon.' He thought in disbelief.

'He pussy just squeezed the jizz right out of me. It almost felt like she was giving me a handjob inside her. This bitch is UNREAL!'

"I've never fucked a better cunt than this." He panted, his member slowly softening and his mind in a daze. The only thought in his post-coital brain was how this woman's Kegel muscles had gotten so developed.

After taking a calming breath Nami glared into the bulging eyes of the man above her.

"Your still inside of me? You came already so get off me, you two-pump chump." She insulted with an indifferent face that betrayed her inner thoughts.

'This is worse than I thought. Its a good thing they're gonna switch before another round with this guy's monster dick would have me seeing stars.'

Nami's insult had the entire cell breaking out in laughter as the imprisoned men cracked up at their leader's expense.

"HaHaHaHa! Did you here what she just called our Captain?"

"A quick-shot! How embarrassing."

"I now it's been awhile for all of us but he barely lasted 2 minutes inside her."

The man in questioned didn't respond verbally to his crew's heckling of him but you only had to see his clenched fist and protruding forehead vein to tell he heard every word.

Nami watched, somewhat scared, as his body began to glow red in anger in response to her harsh words, oddly reminding Nami of Luffy's Second Gear. Not only did his anger cause his muscle to swell but Nami could feel his member grow back to full mass inside of her and pulse with new life before he pounced on her.

What followed was a furious display of fucking that none of the men in the crowd had seen before.

"You made fun of me huh? I'll fuck you so hard you won't feel your legs!" He growled as he stood tall, grabbed Nami's thighs, and used his full strength to slam her onto his cock with jarring force.

His frantic pace and constant moving of her body had Nami's body in a constant state of vertigo with her mouth hanging open in a silent scream.

His men begged their captain to tone it down and to share their busty captive with them but the headstrong leader merely barked them away, stated how this was a matter of pride, and this was a personal duel between him and this disrespectful whore.

He bent Nami into multiple positions and pounded the sassy redhead into the ground. Every orgasm he forced out of her doing nothing but spurring him on to defile the captured woman even more.


'I've been trying my best not to climax but this piece of shit is making me feel good.' Nami thought as another scream of pleasure was ripped out of her throat as he made her achieve another orgasm.

He had been fucking her now for over an hour now and still hadn't pulled out. He had cum no less than 5 times!

The potent captain was currently ramming into her doggystyle, with her huge tits rocking back and forth and her fat ass clapped against his groin. This produced a loud clapping sound that echoed through the walls of the cell.


After hours of hate-filled sex the now tired pirate captain finally pulled his softening member from the redhead's battered hole.

"I gave you everything I had. With this amount your bound to get pregnant with my kid." The captain grunted while admiring his work.

Nami laid on the ground panting like a dog. Her face cherry red with strands of hair sticking to it while her eyes were glassy and unfocused. The rest of her body wasn't much better; being positively drenched from head to toe with sweat, cum, and other bodily fluids

In between Nami's now shaking legs was a flood of sperm that not only covered her slit but pooled between her legs and formed a small puddle underneath her.

"You look tired, too bad for you nows no time to rest. You still have 46 more dicks to deal with." He laughed before stepping back and finally letting his crew take their turn.

"Finally its my turn. Don't think I'm gonna go easy on you." A random pirate said while standing over Nami's fallen body with his dick pulsing in excitement.

"Please just let me rest for a bit. I came so hard a moment ago... I can't feel my legs." She stammered out with a red face.

"Don't worry we know exactly what you need."

"We'll help you out." Said two random pirates who together picked Nami's sprawled body off of the floor and held her spread-eagle.

"It's okay if you can't move all we need from you is to keep that pussy tight." One man said in what he thought was an encouraging voice as he rubbed his cockhead against the redhead's pussylips. If anything her struggling to get free seemed to only increase their lust as the men crowded around to have a go at the Strawhat pirate.

Only one thought went through Nami's head as the captured men surrounded her.

'These men are pure trash. In their eyes I'm no more than a living sex doll.'

(Nami's POV)

From that point as the gangbang continued the men came up with a rule. I'd serve three of them at once and they would swap after three orgasms.

They kept cumming inside of me. Trying to knock me up must of become a main priority to them.

The process seemed to go on forever until i couldn't even keep track of how much time had passed.

'No matter how many pricks I suck there is always another one in line. How many dicks have i already put in my mouth?' I asked myself, thinking that maybe all the insults the men threw at me for being a whore weren't so far off.

Before the redhead could further dwell in her dark thoughts she was brought back to reality when her nipples were roughly pinched by the random grunt who she happened to be ridding.

(End POV)

Nami's breasts ballooned around the criminal's tight grip as he started power-fucking her onto his lap.

"This snatch of yours is amazing. I feel like I could keep going all night!" He exclaimed before he felt the navigator clamp down on his member again.

"Oh it seems Miss Nami is about to cum again. This should be a good view we can all appreciate."

'This is too embarrassing.' She thought as she felt another powerful orgasm overtake her.

"I'm going to... Don't Look At Me!" Nami shamefully yelled at the top of her lungs as she violently came around the dick pounding into her and covering the floor of the cell in her release.

Unfortunately Nami had no time to enjoy her orgasm before the grunt under her pulled out and more men approached to have their turn at her.


[Several Hours Later]

Nami was again on her hands and knees on the cold prison floor. This time she was being spitroasted by two new men. Nami's eyes were glassy at this point and she had long since stopped struggling. The shame from being fucked by such lowly pirates had twisted and become sinful pleasure that Nami accepted. She hoped she could use it to endure this humiliation.

To Nami it almost seemed there was a competition between them to see who could knock her up, with each new partner wanting to drop at least one load in her unprotected snatch.

'Is this how male instinct works? Trying desperately to replace the other male's semen with their own.' 

"Dammit you dirty redhead whore your pussy is gonna make me cum!" Bellowed the marine behind her as he doubled the pace of his thrusts into Nami's now sperm loaded snatch before giving her another creampie.


(Nami's POV)







I accepted their every request. No matter how humiliating the acts were I filled very prisoners sexual fantasy and acted as their prison toilet for every drop of their cum.

Everyone of the 47 men came inside of me at least 3 times. It took them over 10 hours but I was finally set free.

Unfortunately the next morning the pirate scum gathered around me and I had to endure another day of nonstop sex.


[Following Day Aboard Marine Ship]

Once again Nami found herself in the cowgirl position and sitting on the prison pirate Captain's dick. Her formerly flawless body was now marked with dried cum and her shapely ass was covered in red handprints from the criminals repeated slaps.

The beautiful navigator was forced to suck yet another dick clean as one of the captain's subordinates stood over her.

"Amazing. She had so little rest yet she's still sucking my dick so hard!" Exclaimed the underling as he repeatedly forced Nami's head down and jammed his cock down her throat.

"I've gotta say it would be such a waste to give Miss Nami back to the marines. Just look at her." The grunt continued while staring at Nami's wide eyes as she gobbled his dick.

"You've got a point. We could keep her here with us until her belly starts to grow with our child." Agreed the captain who slapped Nami on her ass in order to get her to fuck her hips onto his dick faster. The increased movement causing the cum already in her womb to slosh around and her to cry out in pleasure.

"Now that I think about it she is a pretty skilled navigator and it would be a waste to let these marines keep these big jugs locked up. We should definitely include her in our escape plan and bring Miss Nami along as our sex slave."

Instead of disputing the Captain's words Nami flashed the pirates a slutty smirk as she continued to lick and rub the cock she had been sucking while ridding the pirate Captain's dick at full speed.

"Yea your plan makes me happy. If I'm going to get pregnant I'd rather be knocked up by your huge cocks over those pea-sized marines."

'Just you wait you scum. I'm gonna be out of this place real soon so enjoy my body while you can.' Nami thought mischievously while plans for her escape were being completed in her head.

Chapter 2 End

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This is where my story will veer off from the Nami Saga comic (Nami Saga 3) and next chapter will be more story focused with less smut.

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