Nami Lemon Saga

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Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece.

[The New World Aboard the Thousand Sunny]

[Thousand Sunny Bath]

The infamous Cat Burglar found herself relaxing in the tub, the warm bath soothing her body, as she reflected on the recent events that transpired after her crew's long awaited reunion.

Following their descent the adventure to Fish-Man Island for them was anything but normal; with them finding themselves again in the middle of a coup d'etat.

One would assume that the combination of stress from these experiences combined with her trauma is what had her in this state.

Ironically the opposite was true.

Despite their near death experience on their descent to Fish-Man Island, their conflict with Hody Jones & the New Fish-Man Pirates, or even the approaching threat of a Yonko waiting to take destroy them the tangerine loving woman still felt elated.

The random exploits of danger and excitement that once left her a frightened mess now filled her with a warmth. (Though she made sure to react the same for sake of appearances)

This is what she had been missing for 2 years; the familiar bond of her crew. The shared closeness and assurance that no matter what kind of challenge they faced on their journey they could overcome it together. This state of familiarity to what her life had been before her crew's untimely separation had done wonders in calming her, admittedly, troubled mind and helped her effortless become her old self again.

Unfortunately this state of joy for her wouldn't last. The thrill of reuniting with her nakama combined with the new stimuli of their adventure in Fish-Man island could only help her psyche suppress the effects of her captivity for so long before the damn broke.

About a week after their arrival into the New World her memories of her time as a marine-issue cumdump flooded back, invading her once sleepless dreams. However the most concerning reaction proved to be in her body's enhanced libido and the unique hunger that was starting to grow inside her.

Things started off innocently enough. Her face would flush at the sight of her male friend's uncovered chests but that meant nothing.


She was just a healthy 20yr old woman admiring the male form. Idiots they may be but she couldn't deny how more toned and muscular her male crew-mates had gotten over their 2 year hiatus. This difference was even more significant in comparison to the overweight and unhealthy bodies of her marine captors.

As the days rolled on she found her glances lasting longer; her eyes taking in their forms and, to her growing shame, wondering what they would look like naked. The busty navigator spent her nights, awake, berating herself for having such thoughts.

'What was happening to her? She was no pervert, was she?'

Her "condition" only seemed to get worse due to the close quarters environment of the Sunny Go. She noticed how any form of male contact seemed to give her goosebumps and unlock certain urges within her. Even long after her escape the conditioning from her time with the marines had still left its mark.

The sexual acts that had become second nature to her while in captivity were so ingrained in her she made it a habit to resist them.

She found herself reaching to undo the zippers or flies of pants whenever a male's crotch found itself too close. Her body robotically preparing to give another mandatory blowjob. Even while passing them in the hallway she had to resist the urge to brace herself; subconsciously preparing herself for the rough fucking she assumed would follow.

Between her new urges and the seemingly unending heat building between her legs over the past few days Nami was ready to surrender. Maybe celibacy was just impossible for her.

Would it really be so awful if she relented and indulged herself just once?

It wouldn't be hard given her available options. The redhead could easily call upon Sanji to relieve her lust. God knows the lovestruck cook would be more than willing to fulfill any demands his beloved Nami-swan placed on him.

Before her perverted mind could think further on the mechanics of how she'd bring the leggy blonde to her bed the rational part of her brain regained control.

'What am I thinking!? I'm not going to sleep with Sanji-kun.'

Had her libido really taken such a tole on her that she'd be willing to put her relationship with her nakama at risk for some meaningless sex?

'No! I refuse to be controlled by her sexual urges!' Nami roared internally. Giving her reflection in the water a hard glare before she pumped her fist in determination.

She was an independent woman dammit and while her body may be weak her will was strong.

[2 Days Later]

'I was wrong. I am pitifully weak.'

She had been trying her best to stifle her libido and think of sex as little as possible but it seemed fate had other plans.

They were on course to finally escape the unpredictable weather patterns of the Maubeugemour/Ill-Tempered Sea when the strange body of water decided to throw one last obstacle in their way, a heat wave.

This unexpected warm front combined with the cloudless sky baked the exposed deck of the Sunny Go in an uncomfortable heat.

However this development did little to dampen her captain's mood. The stretchy pirate proposing they make the most of the situation and celebrate their successful arrival into the New World with a big party.

Nami knew from experience, Luffy's excited tone telling her there was no point in arguing against the idea, his mind was already made up.

This was how the money-loving female found herself sunbathing on a lawn-chair of the deck of the Sunny Go, her face the picture of nonchalance, while internally cursing her captain's name.

'Stupid rubber-headed moron teasing me like this.' Nami thought bitterly, using her large sunhat and dark-tented sunglasses to obscure her wandering eyes.

Everywhere she looked she got another eyeful of the attractive, shirtless bodies of her male crew-mates.

From Zoro's bulging biceps straining against his oversized pair of dumbbells to Ussop & Luffy's tight abs, drenched in water from their childish ballon fight. Even Sanji's, normally covered, fit body was on on display and building up an alluring amount of sweat as he worked the grill.

She could feel the buildup of warmth in her cheeks as she struggled to take everything in. This entire experience was so new to her.

Before she could objectively view certain men as attractive but that was about it. She was no blushing virgin before her time under the marines. Her first time being with the son of a wealthy East Blue merchant she had stolen from at the time.

While not unpleasant after losing her virginity Nami didn't understand the appeal and felt no desire to do it again. Now though she could understand how the many men she seduced over her life felt; trying to keep a level head while desperately fighting against temptation.

No longer willing to subject herself to such self-torture the busty navigator got up and headed inside. She hoped a nice cold shower and some rest would do her some good and take her mind off things until the heat and her lusty thoughts subsided.

"Oi! Nami where are you going the party just started and Sanji made meat!" Luffy exclaimed proudly while stuffing his face with a handful of kabobs.

"I'm just going to sit down in my room for awhile, I'm not feeling to well today." Nami lied while fanning her face, hoping her fake illness would be enough to divert attention away from herself.

Moving up the stairs of the 2nd floor of the fore Nami was only a few steps away from the door to her room before she was wrapped up in the elongated arm of her captain, his neck also stretching until his face was uncomfortably close to her own.

"Are you sure there's nothing I can get you to make you feel better?" Luffy suggested; completely oblivious to the effects his closeness and seemingly innocent choice of words had on the curvy navigator.

Luffy's firm hold and warm breath on her ear sent a bolt of pleasure directly to her cunt, nearly making the thief cum on the spot.

Trying her best to ignore the growing pool of honey she could feel trickling down her legs and the hardening of her nipples Nami composed herself.

"No. I'm fine I just need a quick rest that's all." she lied; silently praying her dim-witted captain wouldn't notice her arousal.




"Okay." Luffy responded casually, unwrapping his arm from the redhead and letting her pass.

With her hair overshadowing her eyes and her cheeks glowing almost neon red the flustered navigator methodically entered the room, shut the door behind her, and collapsed in a heap.

Feeling lightheaded and near-delirious from the excess blood rushing to her head and between her legs Nami's overstimulated brain could only form one thought.

'Cum! I need to cum NOW!"

Nami made sure her door was locked before going to her bed and laying on her back. Putting one hand down her bikini bottoms, her blush increased dramatically as she felt how wet she was.

Wet was actually an understatement. Looking down Nami noticed that her rainbow bottoms were now darker and practically see through because she was that SOPPING wet.

Finally giving into temptation, undoing the knots keeping them together Nami threw her bikini bottoms away before she reached down and started moaning as she began to play with her pussy. She rubbed a finger back and forth, going from the bottom and back to the top, circling her swelling clit.

Sitting up, Nami bit her lip as she slowly slipped a finger inside herself. Her eyes rolled back slightly as she quickly added a second finger, fingering herself as the thought of her crew hearing her turned her on more.

Pushing up her top Nami exposed her hardening nipples to the open air. As her right hand went back to fingering, Nami's left hand grabbed and massaged her left tit.

"Ahhh!" Nami moaned out, falling back down onto her back with her hips still in the air. Her fingers began to dig faster as she pinched her nipple, not caring how loud she moaned anymore. She didn't care if she was caught, this felt too good to stop now.

Pinching her left nipple hard, the added pain was enough to take the navigator over the edge.

Nami tensed as her pussy clenched around her fingers as she violently climaxed.

"C-Cumming!" she whimpered as her hips shook, her eyes rolling into the back of her head and her mouth opened in a silent scream.

Her fingers didn't stop moving as she squirted, her cum splashing against her mattress, leaving a damp mess.

For a full minute, Nami basked in her long overdue orgasm before she collapsed on the bed.

Her face was flush as she panted, feeling relieved and exhausted. Bring up her hand, Nami moaned again as she licked her fingers, tasting herself as she thought that was the most satisfied she'd been in weeks.

Sitting up to collect her discarded clothes Nami's serene mood was shattered when she found herself staring at her own reflection in a familiar set of bright blue eyes that appeared on the surface of her closed bedroom door.

Nami sat on the edge of her mattress, fully clothed, holding her knees to her chest with her faced buried in her forearms; a palpable cloud of sadness floating over her head.

The other female Strawhat sat on the opposite end, both woman haven said nothing for the past 5 minutes.

Robin decided it was only right to take pity on the younger beauty and ease her embarrassment by breaking the awkward silence.

"You know this isn't anything to be ashamed about." Robin said.

"I don't wanna talk about it." Nami grumbled, burying her face even more, silently wishing the uncomfortable silence would get bad enough for her to leave.

"You know I've been watching you." Robin responded quickly. Her simple statement carried an accusing tone that immediately had the redhead thief on edge.

"I didn't pay it any mind at first." Robin continued, crossing her legs and taking a more relaxed posture. Seemingly oblivious to the mental stress her words were having on the younger woman's psyche.

"At first I just chalked it up to you getting used to everyone after spending so much time with those Weather Wizards you told us so much about. But soon I noticed how uncomfortable you seemed to get around men. Your body language would shift and your eyes would follow them."

The sudden stillness in her friend's form alongside the subtle raising of her eyebrows being more than enough for the archeologist to confirm her assumptions.

"Listen I know better than anyone when someone is hiding something. Trust me you'll feel better telling me now so that we can deal with it together." She suggested warmly.

Nami remained still for awhile before she finally poked her head out from hiding. Biting her lower lip with a deep frown on her face the busty navigator finally cracked.

No longer able to hold back her secrets Nami relented and told Robin everything. From her capture by the marines, to her being sold to the captured pirates, her body transformation, and even her growing perverted psyche. The top heavy pirate left out no details and bared her soul to the her blue-eyed archeologist.

Robin listened to Nami's story intently, her stoic demeanor giving nothing away.

When the redhead finished her tale Robin took a steading breath before looking tenderly at her younger crew-mate.

"Nami look I understand. You were taken advantage of, put in an impossible situation, and had no choice but to do whatever it took to survive. Just because a terrible thing was done to you and it made your body feel good doesn't mean it was right or makes you a bad person." Robin encouraged as she reached her hand out to comfort the navigator.

Unfortunately her action proved all for naught when Nami harshly smacked her hand away.

"How would you know!?" Nami yelled harshly with tears falling down her face; a strong look of deviance in her eyes.

'I know Robin's intentions were good and she was only trying to make me feel better but I just couldn't stand to hear her lies anymore.'

'What kind of fool did she take me for? Expecting me to believe that it was anyway normal for a woman to be abused & toyed with by amoral disgusting men only to escape her abusers just to later on crave more of that behavior.'

'Ha! Don't make her laugh!' 

'She was nothing but a broken whore pretending to be a free woman and nothing was going to change that!'

All these thoughts were swirling so wildly in the navigator's head she was seconds away from yelling at her friend to leave before Robin did the unexpected and silenced her with a kiss.

Nami's eyes widened as she felt soft feminine lips on top of her own. The logical part of her brain knew this was wrong and she should pull away but her body, positively starved for affection, wouldn't listen.

Taking the navigator's inaction as an invitation the stacked archeologist decided to go further. Leaning in closer to deepen their kiss the older beauty aggressively explored the younger woman's mouth, wrestled her tongue into submission, and forced a sultry moan from her throat.

This session of passionate tongue-filled kissing continued for over a minute before Robin pulled away from Nami's now swollen lips. Gently putting her hand on the younger woman's cheek she used her thumb to wipe away her tears before answering in a sad tone.

"Because it happened to me too."

Chapter 5 End 

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