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Disclaimer: I don’t own One Piece nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece.

[Nami's vision is based on the doujinshi Nami no Koukai Nisshi 6 by ACID HEAD.]

It took Nami half a day to make it to the Sabaody Archipelago. Docking her boat at the harbor of one of the lawless zones of the island the Strawhat waited until sundown before disembarking her dingy.

Using her more advanced Clima Tact Nami was able to turn herself invisible, borrow some spare cash from some passing men, snatching an outfit from a distracted street vendor, and paid for a room at one of the seedier secluded motels without her identity or nudity being discovered.

Rushing to her room the navigator locked the door, flung off her cloak, and with went to take her shower; her face bright red in embarassment at her own inadvertent streaking.

With the sweat, grime, and other various liquids finally scrubbed from her body Nami turned off the water, dried herself off, and stepped out of the shower.

Wiping the collected condensation from the glass Nami used the available full body mirror to properly look herself over.

After leaving the home of the weather wizards Nami had largely the same slim figure she had two years ago with the only addition being a slightly larger pair of breasts.

Maybe it was the change from studying everyday under the weather wizards to spending hours of physical excursion the sex-filled lifestyle the marines put her through but Nami's once skinny frame had filled out during her time in captivity. Not only had her hips and legs gained a new juicy layer of fat and muscle but her once flat stomach now sported the faint outline of a developing six pack. However all these changes paled in comparison to the most obvious shift regarding her chest. It perplexed her how she hadn't noticed it before but her once large DDs had ballooned even more so into massive E cups that sat unbelievably high and proud on her chest with very little of the sag orbs of their size normally came with. (1)

Too exhausted and stressed to overreact to her new body Nami decided to sleep, recover as much energy as possible, and wake up tomorrow focused on reuniting with her crew.

(Next Day)

Packing up her things Nami left the shady motel dressed in a new outfit; consisting of another pair of tight blue jeans with a bra with a star design that fortunately was able to hold her new assets in place.

Wanting to fill her empty stomach she went to the closest food stand where she ordered a bowl of ramen.

While there was nothing wrong with the fatty noodles, per se, and the warm meal did good for her empty stomach it still felt like it was missing something.

She couldn't put her finger on what until she thought back on what her last meals consisted of; the majority of which was flavorless gruel served alongside what felt like gallons of male cum.

Leaving cash for the meal on the counter Nami walked out of the stand in deep thought.

If her assets and her sense of taste had been changed under her time under the marines then what else had they done to her?

Now that she thought about it even taking into account her physical growth even the clothes she now wore felt different.

Having spent so much time in the nude even the simple friction her, admittedly skimpy, clothes provided made her skin feel extra sensitive and caused her nipples to slightly stiffen under her bikini.

The realization of all these changes to her body alongside her own dark memories of her capture only made Nami more uneasy about reuniting with everyone.

Before these negative thoughts could consume her Nami's mood brightened up when she turned a corner and saw the saloon doors of a bar. If nothing else alcohol could momentarily help her forget her worries.

(Several Rounds Later)

Nami was on her 8th drink when she heard the chatter of the bar get louder when the Fake Strawhats arrived. Even in her slightly inebriated state it only took a glance to see through their flimsy disguises.

She was tempted to say something but even given her rotten mood she saw no point. Let these losers keep pretending to be her nakama, best case scenario they could provide a decent distraction for when they set sail.

She was just finishing off her beer when she heard the loud cat-calls coming from the table of imposters. Ignoring the perverted lowlifes the navigator's mood only got worse when she heard footsteps and saw the fat Luffy imposter lean against the bar counter leering at her.

Nami purposely tuned out the man's words; knowing from experience what he was trying to say. Cocky self-centered men like him always thought they could manipulate attractive woman like her. Either through money or when that failed through violence and intimidation. She was seconds away from interrupting the fake and telling him she wasn't interested when her vision went white (2).

[Nami's Vision]

Normally Nami would have had no trouble ignoring the knockoff Luffy's clumsy attempt at seduction but currently the redhead was feeling anything but normal. Her traumatic experiences on the marine ship, combined with her slight drunkenness, alongside her bodies unique changes were a recipe for disaster for the busty map maker.

Things became a blur for her as the copycat of her captain lead her at gunpoint into the backroom of the bar, shamelessly molesting her tits and ass along the way.

Having no patience for foreplay LUFFY turned her around and bent her over; even in her weakened state Nami had enough sense to brace herself for what she knew was coming.

Sadly despite her best efforts, it was impossible to hold back her groans and moans as she felt the imposter of her captain thrust his hard dick straight into her unprotected slit!

"NGH! SHIT! My pussy!" Even more embarrassing, her rebellious body was actually making her assault feel kind of good.

"God, it's still so tight and hot, your definitely a keeper!" LUFFY grunted while tightening his grip on her forearms as he pulled the redhead towards his thrusts and continued pumping harder and faster.

"Mmmmm!" Nami moaned though clinched teeth as he leaned over her and groped her tits again, this time focusing on her nipples.

The sounds of Nami's ass slapping against his thighs echoing throughout the dark room and seemed to only spur on the imposter to take her more aggressively.

"OH GOD!" Nami half squealed, half hissed as he came, his hot cum pumping into her core. She bit her lip as as she was hit by an orgasm of her own that made her legs shake.

"I might have to keep you as my woman. A great pirate like me can't have enough good cumdumps on board." Insulted LUFFY as he let go of her, pulling out of his new toy and taking a second to appreciate his work.

With no strength to hold herself upright Nami fell to the ground in a sweaty heap of twitching limbs; her once tight cunt now gaping and overflowing with her rapist's seed.

Nami's mind was still cloudy and moment from blacking out until a harsh slap on her ass jolted her back into consciousness.

"Don't go falling asleep now whore WE aren't done with you yet."

Opening her eyes she turned her head expecting to see the fat imitation of her captain only for her eyes to widen at the naked and aroused bodies of the rest of his crew.

Nami could only let out a weak scream as they surrounded her on all sides, intent on breaking in their new bitch.

[End of Vision]

While the orange haired pirate was experiencing her own unique brand of hell internally, to the outside world the female pirate seemed to only be staring off into space. Taking her cold shoulder as an insult the fake pirate captain reached for the arm of the sexy redhead intent on bringing her to the back of the bar for a rough fucking.

It was only the sound of another male's voice that finally brought the dazed navigator back to reality and stopped her x-rated fantasy from becoming a reality.

"Green Star: Devil!"

Filing away thoughts of her explicit vision for later things went fairly smoothly for the redheaded navigator.

From her rescue and immediate reunion with Usopp to them meeting up with Chopper the Coward Trio was able to return to the Thousand Sunny without a hitch. (Same as Canon)

Their only setback being the appearance of a few naval warships that, thanks to some timely interference from the female Warlord Boa Hancock, was stopped in their tracks.

While grateful for the help from the pirate empress in their escape she couldn't help but question her intentions towards her naive captain. Her keen eyes had noticed the way Hancock had suggestively licked her lips while sending a wink in his direction. (3)

Filing her thoughts away for later Nami focused on Luffy's words as he ordered Zoro and Brook to unfurl the sails.

Nami felt water buildup in the corner of her eyes as she felt the Sunny Go begin to descend. Only now had it hit her how she had finally made it back to her nakama. The reality that now her days would be filled living free on the ocean surrounded by people she viewed as family instead of on her back being pounded by marines for hours on end.

However despite the elation she felt from this reunion Nami couldn't stop replaying the images from her vision at the bar.

'Were those images just a figment of my imagination or an omen of her future?'

Regardless of which the thought of those filthy men having their way with her body made a shiver go down her spine and no matter how much she would deny it made her panties moisten.

Chapter 4 End

(1) Anime/Manga body design into "Naruhodo" Nami design

(2) Early Future Sight

(3) Foreshadowing

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