Nami Lemon Saga

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Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece.

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[2 Days After Nami Being Sold to Pirates]
[10 Days Since Nami's Capture]

Cole was born the middle child of three, on a unremarkable island in the Grand Line where, like most things in Cole's life, nothing significant ever happened.

This lack of excitement in his life, along with his lack of interest in his studies and other trades, is what led him to enlist the moment he turned 16.

He had only been at sea for a couple months since then, while the lowly Cabin Boy didn't always enjoy the grunt work he was forced to do, ultimately he was content with his new life at sea.

Well, he was, until the moment the infamous Cat Burglar Nami had been brought on board.

He had seen her being passed around among the crew and unfortunately, as the only virgin on board with no experience with women, he had fallen in lust at first sight for the beautiful thief.

From her bright hair, beautiful face, and her voluptuous body, she was his dream girl that he had spent more than one night pleasuring himself to thoughts of her.

Unfortunately for him, while he was more than willing to finally lose his v-card to the smoking hot redhead, the Chief Petty Officer had forbidden it. Something about how newbies needed to earn their keep before they could partake in "real marine benefits".

In this instance earning his keep meant delivering breakfast to the imprisoned pirates and check in on the Cat Burglar.

After pushing the breakfast cart through the doorway Cole immediately noticed that the brig was uncharacteristically quiet today. Getting closer to the cells to investigate the cabin boy was shocked to see the normally rowdy pirates all sleeping and entirely nude.

Before he could wake one of them and ask what had happened here he was startled by an ominous groan echoing against the walls.

Cole was frightened but against his better judgment he decided to be brave and try to find the source of the noise.

While pushing the food cart through the brig he noticed more and more sleeping bodies of pirates littering the floor of the cell. It only got more ominous as the strange groaning seemed to grow louder the further into the brig he went.

When he reached the end of the brig Cole was quickly able to realize what had been making the noise and the reason for the other pirates collapse; the only two conscious prisoners left in a fat mustached man, the pirate captain if he recalled, and the source of his recent wet dreams Cat Burglar Nami herself.

The man was sitting spread-eagle on the ground, resting his weight on his outstretched arms while the female Strawhat was on all fours. From his angle he couldn't see her face but giving her position, the loud sucking sounds echoing through the room, and the pirates moans it was obvious she was giving him a blowjob.

The Cabin boy watched as the large pirate moaned louder as Nami's head bobbed faster on his lap. The back of her head was an orange blur, his limbs shaking as he struggled to hold himself up through her oral assault.

This went on for another 10 seconds before the pirates will broke, with his mouth opening in a silent scream, as he came down the navigator's throat.

Cole's dick had never been so hard, he watched the mustached pirate collapse on the ground and join the rest of his crew in post-coital sleep.

He was so entranced by the skillful fellatio that he nearly jumped out of his skin when Nami finally released the pirate's dick from her mouth, turned, and set her eyes on him.


Nami had known she was being watched for awhile now but paid it no mind. Her attention being singularly focused on the pirate's dick in her mouth and finishing what she had started.

You see, Nami had no faith in these pirate's escape plan or willingness to be their cumdump any longer, so she devised her own plan of action.

Which is why for the last two days she had put her very all into fucking and sucking the entire crew into submission, so that she could have some privacy to try to pick the lock and escape.

The unexpected Marine appearance had brought a new wrinkle to her plans, but once she saw Cole with her own eyes her worries went away.

Standing at an average height for his age, with black locks and freckles that made him look even younger than he actually was, Cole was far from an intimidating figure.

He wasn't the pigheaded Petty Officer coming back to pound her into oblivion and breed her at all cost. He was a teen, more of a boy than a man, that judging by his blushing face had a crush on her.

That meant he was vulnerable and in the master thief's eyes made him the key to her freedom.

Standing up Nami maintained eye contact with the blushing boy, as she strutted her way towards the bars of the cell. Making sure to seductively lick her lips and collect any residual spunk she was unable to swallow from the sleeping captain.

"Br...Breakfast?" Cole croaked out awkwardly, his words coming out far lamer than he'd hoped. The entire time he tried and failed to look away from Nami's sweaty, cum-covered naked body.

Shaking her head at the younger boy's nervousness, Nami leaned her body against the cell, pushing her breasts between the bars.

"You're sweet but I'm hungry for something else besides food." She purred suggestively as she reached her hand through the bars and grabbed the growing tent in the horny cabin boys shorts.


The next few minutes seemed to be happening in hyper-speed for Cole. One minute he was being groped by a naked redhead pirate with the body of a goddess and the next they were making out in the Petty Officer's abandoned office.

Whether or not you wanted to blame it on his lack of experience, his timid nature, rabid teenage hormones, or all three, Cole was unable to resist Nami's advances and within a minute had released her from her cell.

Once out she all but lead him by the cock out of the room. Her insistence on wanting them to not having a crowd watching them while she rocked his world. He had suggested taking her to his bunk but that had been shot down once she reminded him how they were bound to be others men there.

"I'll service you wherever you want but I just thought you'd want my full attention." Nami teased in an overly innocent voice, while pressing against him with her impressive breasts.

He didn't stand a chance.

Nami then suggested the Petty Officer's office as the perfect place for their little randevu, with her explaining how she knew from experience his schedule and how he wouldn't be back there for several more hours.

Which lead to the present, with Cole coming up for air after Nami's tongue had been wrestling his into submission and the infamous redhead started kneeling and undoing his belt buckle.

Pulling down his pants and the waistband of his underwear Cole's six inches of manhood was exposed and swallowed whole by the navigator's skilled mouth.

As her tongue spiraled around his shaft, and her talented lips sucked down on his cockhead, Cole's brain really began to fry in his skull.

He wasn't able to handle this treatment for long before the virgin was pushed over the edge, weakly running his fingers through her hair before he exploded in her mouth.

Cole was still in a post-orgasm haze when the busty redhead swallowed his load, removed the rest of his clothes, and lead him to the couch in the center of the office where she sat him down and straddled his lap.

Remembering seeing these types of situations numerous times in the dozens of dirty magazines he'd read, Cole was disappointed when instead of dropping herself on his prick and taking his virginity she ripped a strip from his uniform and used it to cover his eyes.

Unfortunately for the hormonal 16 year old any rational complaints the teen may have had about letting the notorious pirate blindfold him were silenced when her fingers wrapped around his dick, pumping his flaccid member hard again while assuring him the lack of sight would only increase his pleasure.

The blind teen started to get goosebumps as he felt the older woman start peppering his neck and chest with kisses while erotically grinding herself on his lap.

He groaned as Nami took it up a level when she sandwiched his member between her full butt cheeks, nearly making him cum again due to the newfound friction; completely overtaking Cole's senses with her new 'hotdogging' technique.

Knowing she had the cabin boy right where she wanted him, Nami stopped her grinding, drawing a whine of disappointment from the male, before leaning into the boy's ear.

"You have such a great body." She whispered between kisses.

"Especially down there." She said, clinching her cheeks around his dick and drawing another moan.

"I'm actually scared to take you. Hell you're so big down there you might just split me in half." Nami lied convincingly.

"Am I really that huge?" Cole asked eagerly.

"Absolutely. No man on this ship measures up to you." Nami insisted, playing on the male's fragile ego.

"You think so?" Asked Cole, eating up the redhead's false praise.

Seeing her plan working Nami removed herself from the teen's lap before walking behind the couch and squeezed Cole's head between her impressive breast. Her hand moving down to stroke his now erect member while she seductively whispered in his ear.

"A man like you with a handsome face and a huge cock there's no reason you couldn't be an admiral one day. Just imagine how many more woman would be begging to jump on this bitch-breaker you have." Nami complimented the virgin whose head swelled at the sexy older woman's praise.

Cole's head began filling with thoughts of himself leading his own crew as a respected admiral. Defeating infamous pirates during the day and at night having his bed filled with a harem of captured female pirates.

Unfortunately for the horny teen, he was so wrapped up in his perverted fantasies that he failed to notice Nami's fingers were no longer wrapped around his member or the fact the nude redhead was lurking behind him with her signature staff in hand.



When the young Marine's unconscious body was found and the crew realized Nami had escaped all hell broke loose.

Men scrambled throughout the ship, checking every nook and cranny for their personal cumdump and berating each other for letting such a fine piece of ass get away.

Meanwhile the female Strawhat was watching the panicked marines from a safe distance on a stolen lifeboat while wearing a long cloak.

Realizing she was now in range Nami lifted her arm and pointed the end of her Clima Tact towards the sky and firing at large white orb.

"Weather Egg."

"It's time to hatch Lightning-chan."

The white egg then began to crack and release a large black storm cloud that eclipsed the entire marine ship.

"Thunder Breed Tempo."

A single crack of thunder was all the warning the marines on board were given before the they were hit by a large bolt of lightning consumed them all.

With the ruined ship burning in the distance Nami finally removed her cloak and she stood up in dinghy. Her curvy body still as naked as the day she was born.

Her normal feelings of embarrassment at being completely nude outside were forgotten as she stared at the rapidly sinking ship in victory. She held her head high as she puffed out her already impressive chest and flashed a killer smile to the wreckage of her captors' ship. The ocean swallowing all evidence of the crew's existence.

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