Illuminating the Darkness

BY : LucyMay
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“Demons?” Hy asked, in a small, terrified voice, backing towards the entrance. “Look, y'all this is freaking me right the heck out. I've got to get out of here before we run into one of those things.”

“You already have,” Finch said, glancing up irritably to where Michael was keeping Hy from fleeing by holding onto his sleeve. “More than one, in fact.” Hisoka felt Tsuzuki stiffen from where he stood close beside him, and looked at him curiously.

“You mean -- those little kids?” Hy asked with astonishment.

“Yes, I'm afraid so,” Finch said. Hy laughed.

“But they weren't scary! They were varmits, to be sure, but they were kind of cute,” Hy said, shaking his head. “Sure weren't nothing like the ones the nuns used to go on about. You can't see those.”

“There are greater varieties in demonic spirits than you can comprehend,” Finch said. “The study of them was Isha's specialty, as you'll recall from the case files. In her apartment there were many rooms as well, and I found her texts on the summoning of spirits to be quite worn. She also had a very sophisticated medical lab built there, behind a hidden door such as this one. I lost my first partner there.”

“Medical lab? Is there some sort of connection between her two eccentric hobbies?” Watari asked.

“I don't know. I was hoping that when you got here and translated the files that I would be enlightened on the subject,” Finch said. “It does seem a strange marriage between science and faith, no?”

“Yes, very strange,” Hisoka said quietly, never taking his eyes from Tsuzuki, who looked as though he had turned to stone.

They filed out of the room, giving the apartment a second round of scrutiny in case they had missed anything. Hy and Michael came out of the bedroom after a while, Hy waving a small sheet of paper over his head.

“I found something, guys! It must have fallen off of that box and got blown under the dresser before those kids took off with it,” Hy said excitedly, lowering the paper and looking at it. “It says, 'My love, if you will grace me with your presence at the --'. Aw, heck, I can't read that! Michael?”

“It says to meet them at the Musee Fragonard,” Michael said softly. “It is not signed.”

“Oh, I think we know who that is from,” Watari said with a scowl.

“There is more than one museum by the name of Fragonard,” Finch said. “But I think I have a pretty good idea which is the kind a man like Muraki would have in mind. It is not well known, but I know where it is. We will have to go there tomorrow however, as it would be closed by this hour.”

“Did he even mention a particular date or time?” Hisoka asked.

“He -- he says that he will be watching and waiting, that is all,” Michael said, staring at the floor, his shoulder length hair obscuring his face as he spoke.

“Then he probably already knows that we're here,” Tsuzuki said.


There was only one room left available at the predictably cheap hotel where Tatsumi had booked Hy and Michael, which Hisoka paid for as soon as Hy picked up his key. Hy gave the card to Michael, who gratefully made his escape toward their room as the other four stopped outside of the vacant one Hisoka had acquired.

“Well, it looks as though I'm stuck between intruding on one pair of lovers or the other,” Watari said, stretching. Hy blushed deeply.

“Um -- we don't, I mean, we've never --” Hy stammered, glancing after his partner.

“You don't say! Well, if you need some advice, you can always ask these guys. They have loads of experience,” Watari announced cheerfully, as Hisoka opened the door to the room and went inside, throwing the scientist a dirty look as he went. Tsuzuki opened his mouth with a gaping, lost expression, before hurriedly following his partner into the room without a word.

“As much as I appreciate your candor, love, I do think it may be best if I stick with Tsuzuki and Hisoka tonight,” Watari said breezily, standing in the doorway. “After all, I wouldn't want to inhibit the two of you.” Watari winked suggestively at Hy before striding into the room and closing the door behind him.

“So, you're with us, then?” Tsuzuki said, trying to mask his disappointment with a concerned glance at Hisoka, who appeared to be taking the invasion with surprising calm.

“Can you honestly imagine how Hy's little boyfriend would respond to having me sleep in the room?” Watari asked with a laugh. “I don't think I've ever seen such a bashful little creature in all of my existence.”

“Since when are you so considerate of the privacy of others?” Hisoka asked suspiciously.

“Yeah, Hisoka's bashful, too!” Tsusuki said. “At least, when there are other people around,” he added thoughtfully, eyes rolled upward innocently, as he absently munched on the mint he'd found on his pillow and reached for the one on Hisoka's.

“Baka!” Hisoka exclaimed irritably, turning down the covers. Watari watched with amusement as the teen slipped off his shoes and climbed into bed fully clothed.

“Oh, please, Hisoka. Like I didn't already know what a little minx you are behind closed doors,” Watari said, throwing his labcoat over a chair and walking to the second bed. ”Tsuzuki, you'll have to give Hy some pointers on how to tame a wild thing.” Hisoka visibly struggled to hold back a retort, and sighed.

“I'm actually glad that you'll be here,” Hisoka said.

Both men looked at him in astonishment, as he pulled the sheets around himself, appearing small where he'd curled up on the edge of the bed.

“You what?” Watari asked with a squeal. “Don't tell me my kinkiest fantasies are about to come true!” Tsuzuki and Hisoka gave the scientist looks of shock and disgust, respectively.

“No!” Hisoka yelled, burrowing even further beneath the covers with a whimper. ”I take it back! Get the hell out of here! Hentai!”

“I'm just kidding, little one. Calm down before you hurt yourself,” Watari said with a laugh, hopping on one foot as he pulled off his shoe.

Tsuzuki, who had already undressed to his boxers, slid into bed beside Hisoka and pulled him into his arms protectively in an attempt to sooth him.

“So does Tatsumi know that you entertain kinky thoughts about us?” Tsuzuki asked teasingly.

“Oh, he finds my kinky thoughts very entertaining,” Watari said evasively, slipping into a short robe and sitting on the bed.

Tsuzuki absently watched Watari brush his long hair out of the corner of his eye, and affectionately ran his hands over the narrow shoulders of the boy nestled against him, as the three fell into silence. He'd nearly calmed his lover to the point of sleep, before his voice caused wide green eyes to look up at him.

“So, Hisoka, what did you mean then? About being glad that Watari was here?” Tsuzuki asked.

“I just thought -- with all that's been happening lately, that it might be safer,” Hisoka said softly.

Hisoka caught a grim look of understanding cross Tsuzuki's face, before he disentangled himself and turned his haunted eyes away to turn off the bedside lamp.

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