Illuminating the Darkness

BY : LucyMay
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A somewhat disheveled blonde scientist greeted them at the door with a look of surprise, tucking his unbound, wavy locks behind his ear.

“To what do I owe this delightful surprise?” Watari asked, stepping aside to let them enter his apartment.

“Um -- do you have company?” Hisoka asked, coloring slightly.

“Well, aren't we a nosy little thing?” Watari asked, his eyes twinkling. “Since when do you have so much interest in my sex life? I'll tell you what, we'll do this quid pro quo --”

“Watari, this is serious. Is there anyone else here?” Hisoka demanded impatiently.

“I fear your little midnight raid has turned me up as quite the innocent, alas,” Watari said with a shrug. “Mind filling me in now?”

“Where are Hy and Michael staying?” Tsuzuki asked.

“A little inn not far from here. I'll be more than happy to take you,” Watari said, as they followed him into a bedroom that was surprisingly sparse and traditional compared to the cluttered front room, where he pulled his hair back with a tie lying on the dressing table. “Am I to take it that you've reached some decision?”

“We're going to Paris,” Hisoka confirmed. “Will you look in on Cousa while we're gone?”

“Absolutely not,” Watari said, stepping behind a dressing screen in the corner of the room.

“Why not?” Hisoka asked with confusion.

“Because I'm coming with you, silly,” Watari replied, sticking his head around the screen with a wink.

“What? You can't do that! You can't just suddenly disappear from work. Won't that look pretty suspicious? Tatsumi will know what is up within minutes,” Hisoka said.

“Tatsumi already knows what is up, little one. I told him myself that you would probably come here,” Watari said flippantly.

“You did what? Watari, have you lost your mind?” Tsuzuki demanded.

Watari reappeared from behind the screen, fully changed, and reached for the lab coat hanging from a peg on the wall.

“You're really not giving our darling secretary enough credit, considering how much he cares for the two of you,” Watari said with a sniff. “And there are some of us who simply don't like to have dishonesty and secrets in our relationships.” Watari gave Tsuzuki a meaningful glance.

“You mean, Tatsumi --” Tsuzuki said blankly.

“It was his idea for me to bring you and the kids together in the first place,” Watari said. “And I must say I was rather proud of him for not being such a mother hen for once. I must be a good influence.”

“But he could get into terrible trouble for this,” Tsuzuki said.

“And you think that that would stop him from doing what is best for you? I'll admit that it wasn't easy for me to convince him that protecting you from the truth was hurting more than it was helping, but your own actions are what truly convinced him,” Watari said.

“My own actions?” Tsuzuki asked. Watari nodded, giving the dark haired shinigami a look of concern.

“Don't forget that Tatsumi is the master of shadows. He would certainly notice when one has fallen across the soul of one so close to him,” Watari said.


“What in the world are you guys doing here?” Hy asked, blinking sleepily as he opened the door. The small room was dimly lit by the light from the ajar bathroom door.

“Hy, we need to talk to the both of you,” Tsuzuki said. Hy nodded, with a look of confusion.

“Well, I'll see if I can rouse him. Boy sleeps heavier than than a doggone log,” Hy muttered, limping towards the bed, where Michael was curled beneath the covers.

Watari and Tsuzuki shared amused looks, and Hisoka stared at the floor, while Hy gently tried to coax his partner awake by shaking him by the shoulders and sighed with frustration as the other boy sleepily tried to drag him back into the bed with him.

“Michael, for the love of Pete, leggo,” Hy said, tugging his brown curls from the other's grip, and pushing him onto his back.

Michael's long lashed blue eyes at last began to flutter, as he groggily tried to focus them on his surroundings, growing suddenly and comically large when they took in the other men in the room. He sprang up and scooted against the headboard, clutching the covers to him with a look of alarm.

“We're really sorry to intrude on the two of you like this, but we have something important we need to talk to you about,” Tsuzuki said.

“It's okay. Have a seat,” Hy said, gesturing to a couple of chairs by a small table, as he flicked on the bedside lamp and sat beside a still stunned Michael. The three men entered the room and closed the door behind them, Tsuzuki and Watari taking the chairs while Hisoka remained standing.

“You can sit on the bed if you want to, Hisoka,” Hy offered, though Michael didn't look happy about the idea.

“That's okay,” Hisoka declined, leaning against the wall.

“So, what's going on?” Hy asked, self consciously pulling the covers over his brown legs, one of which bore a long, jagged scar from the injury he'd received in Eden, when his parasitic shiki, Amarok, had separated from him for good.

“We're going to Paris, as well,” Tsuzuki said. The two boys looked at him with surprise.

“We don't want to cause the two of you to get into any worse trouble than we might have already gotten you into, so we'll be going on our own and will try not to interfere with your investigation any more than necessary,” Hisoka said.

Hy was silent as Michael frantically whispered into his ear.

“Yeah, I know. You're sure, then?” Hy said softly. Michael nodded.

“Well, we think that's a pretty ridiculous idea,” Hy stated.

“But --” Hisoka began.

“Don't misunderstand me, now,” Hy said. “We want you to come with us. We're in this together.”

“You're absolutely certain about this? I'm not sure you understand --” Tsuzuki began.

“That we could get fired? Heck, we're risking being killed as it is. 'Sides, it's not like we don't have some pretty good connections, what with Michael's folks,” Hy said.

“I know that you're our friend, but why should Michael put his neck out for us like this?” Hisoka asked.

Michael gave a tiny smile, and whispered to Hy. Hy gave him a touched look, his gray eyes sparkling.

“That's so sweet,” Hy said to Michael, before turning to the others with a broad grin. “He says that the way you guys have always kept me safe is reason enough for him.”

“Then it's settled. I'm so excited!” Watari said with delight, receiving strange glances from them all.

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