Illuminating the Darkness

BY : LucyMay
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Hisoka had finished showering and dressing when a familiar voice carried from the next room. He walked in to find the blonde scientist talking airily to Tsuzuki, who looked as if he were having difficulty concentrating.

“What are you doing away from work?” Hisoka asked, running a towel over his damp hair.

“Well, hello to you too, little one,” Watari said with a grin.

“He's going to join us for breakfast if that's okay,” Tsuzuki said.

“Sure, that's fine,” Hisoka said with a shrug, wondering if Watari had dodged his question for a reason.

“Splendid! I know just the place,” Watari said.


“I'm surprised that this is what you had in mind,” Hisoka said as they sat at a nearby McDonald's, poking at his spongy hot cakes doubtfully.

“Well, Tsuzuki did mention something about missing the breakfasts he had in America,” Watari said with a shrug.

“This hardly matches Jarrett's cooking, huh, Tsuzuki?” Hisoka asked with a small smile.

“Oh, don't remind me,” Tsuzuki said wistfully. “Biscuits and ham and grits, and that homemade jam --” Tsuzuki trailed off, looking like he may begin drooling.

Watari looked at his watch, and then looked around the tourist filled establishment expectantly.

“Looking for someone, Watari?” Hisoka asked, but before Watari could answer, his jaw dropped. “What are they doing here?”

“Well, who did you think they were going to enlist to work on the case, since they won't use you two?” Watari asked, as Hisoka stood from his seat.

“Hey y'all! I'm so happy to see you,” Hy said cheerfully. He limped to their table with surprising speed, leaning his weight upon a wooden cane. He was followed by a rather reserved boy with dark brown hair and pale blue eyes who looked as though he did not want to be there.

The boy who had been half of the pair of shinigami who had assisted them on their last three cases involving Muraki, pulled away from hugging a startled Tsuzuki to give them a confused look.

“But Tatsumi had said that we probably wouldn't be seeing you while we're here,” Hy said, looking to each of them for an explanation, and finally settling his gaze on Watari, who had asked them to meet him there. Tsuzuki looked up at the scientist with a pensive frown.

“What are you trying to do, Watari? Tatsumi made it pretty clear that he doesn't want me involved with this case,” Tsuzuki asked, his eyes narrowing. Watari met his eyes steadily with soft brown ones.

“I don't think avoiding things helps us to move past them, that's why,” Watari said defiantly.

“You could get yourself into a lot of trouble over this, old friend,” Tsuzuki said.

“I just think you and the kid have a right to know what is going on. And I think if Tatsumi weren't such a worry wart, he would agree. Coddling you isn't going to help anything,” Watari said.

“You sure seem pretty opinionated on a matter you know nothing about,” Tsuzuki said. Hisoka looked at him in shock, never before hearing his partner take such a venomous tone with the scientist.

“What in the heck is going on here?” Hy asked, seeming somewhat disturbed by Tsuzuki's demeanor himself.

“We've been taken off of the Muraki case,” Hisoka answered him, never taking his gaze from Tsuzuki's face.

“But why?” Hy asked in confusion. “It did seem strange that we were summoned to be put on it when you guys have been following it for so long, but no one offered us much in the way of explanation.”

“I -- I don't really have an explanation to give you, either,” Hisoka said softly. Tsuzuki did not return his pleading gaze, instead seeming to find the food before him especially interesting.

“Where's Jarrett?” Tsuzuki asked with his mouth full, changing the subject. Hy turned to the boy beside him with an apologetic smile, before looking back at them.

“I don't know where my manners went,” Hy drawled. “You guys remember Michael, don't you?” Hy introduced them all formally before continuing. “Jarrett has been promoted to a position just under Josephine now, so he doesn't do much in he way of field work anymore. Michael is my partner now,” he said, looking at the other boy proudly. Hisoka gave them a somewhat forced smile.

“So, tell us about the case,” Watari said as they two boys took a seat at the table.

“Watari --” Tsuzuki began.

“Have you two been sworn to any kind of confidentiality?” Watari asked. Hy shook his head.

“There then. There's no harm in at least hearing it out then,” Watari said, looking pleased with himself.

“We're leaving for Paris tomorrow,” Hy said.

“Paris? Watari, wasn't that where we tracked one of Muraki's correspondents to on the Eden case?” Hisoka asked. Watari nodded.

“Yeah, well, Tatsumi said it was that lead that brought the investigation over there. He has been having folks from the French summons department look into things, and have had the Gushoshin follow any reports from the area closely,” Hy said.

“We didn't know anything about this,” Hisoka said.

“It looks like we've been off of the case for longer than we thought,” Tsuzuki added.

“Well, they were looking into this woman named Isha Vemulakonda,” Hy said uncertainly, stumbling over the name, and looking at Michael, who nodded. “She was into a lot of weird stuff and had some sort of run in with the law when her family lived in India --” Hy trailed off, looking at Michael.

The other boy's eyes widened slightly with the realization that Hy expected him to speak.

“You tell it better than I do,” Hy said pleadingly, then looked at the others. “Michael's kinda shy,” he said with an affectionate grin. Michael colored slightly and turned to the other men with a timid look, clearing his throat.

“Isha Vemulakonda's father was a holy man, well known for having an ability to exorcise demons and communicate with the goddess Kali,” Michael began softly, his Romanian accent at once apparent. His voice was slightly monotonous in his account, and he did not make eye contact with anyone, looking instead at some vague point behind them. “He traveled through many small villages in India, playing upon both people's superstitions and their faith to influence them to do terrible things, convincing them that it was divine will. Eventually, the authorities caught up with him after he had convinced a village woman to murder the child of a neighbor as a sacrifice.

“After he commited suicide while in prison, Isha and her mother moved to Paris, where she eventually became a student majoring in religious studies, focusing mainly on the history of demonology. She wrote many books on the subject. It is believed that she became acquainted with Muraki Kazutaka when he was studying abroad one semester during his time in medical school. He had been especially fascinated by her father's past and how it had influenced her line of study, and had sought her out while he was in Paris.”

“How were they able to discover her connection to Muraki?” Hisoka asked.

“There was an old newspaper article about a lecture she gave, and she was photographed with him. The shinigami investigating the matter interviewed her former colleagues at the university and found that she and Muraki had become good friends during his time in Paris,” Michael said.

“Why didn't they just talk to her themselves?” Hisoka asked.

“Isha Vemulakonda was viciously slain and mutilated ten years ago,” Michael said.

“Muraki killed her?” Hisoka asked.

“It is possible, but it is equally possible that she was killed by others with whom she was associated,” Michael said. “It was uncovered after her murder that she had been deeply involved with the same religious cult that her father had, and that many of his followers had also fled to France. Her mother had taken control in her husband's stead, and they met privately, often in Isha's home.

“It is not unlikely that Muraki became familiar with these people, and that they might have been the ones who assisted him whenever he found his way into Eden. The assigned agents had been watching this group closely for ages, even before they knew of any connection to the Muraki case, and have suspected them for scattered violent crimes for decades now.”

“Tatsumi said the case had heated up recently,” Hisoka said.

“Well, the strangest part happened before the investigation into Muraki's involvement even began,” Michael said, his face tense with concentration. “Members of the cult had begun disappearing without a trace over a period of time. The register shows that most of them are dead, though some may have just gone underground. In fact, by the time Muraki would have been in Paris, while his spiritual being invaded Eden, there was only one member who had any visibility at all in the public eye, Amrit Vemulakonda, Isha's son.”

“He's dead, too, now,” Hy said, taking over, to Michael's visible relief. “Someone tore him to pieces a few days ago. That's where we come in, basically. The summons department over there believe the time has come to hand it over to us. Their report said that they've made efforts to keep this Amrit guy's apartment from being messed with so we can look around for clues. They said they found a box full of documents in Japanese, but that they're leaving everything as they found it in case we might notice something they didn't.”

“Do they know what is in those documents?” Tsuzuki asked, his expression anxious.

“They said that they didn't mess with them much, but that they look like some sort of medical files,” Hy said with a shrug. Tsuzuki flinched, his face contorting with anguish as he buried his head in his hands.

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