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Chapter Title: Bullet and a Target

Disclaimer: Death Note isn't mine. If it were... this is pretty much what would have happened, actually.

Rating: R

Pairing: Kira/L

Comments: As a random thing, for anyone going to Portland's Kumori-con, I'll be going this year...! I should be there at some point most of Saturday and all Sunday. Most of my time will be spent in the Artist's Alley hanging out with my sister-in-law and my sister, who will probably have neon-orange hair, but possibly blonde. Either way, she's... well, you'll notice her. She's generally covered in strawberries. And their table will probably have at least one BJD, maybe more. I'll be the one with a long braid and glasses reading yaoi manga while sitting on the floor. (I will possibly have tentacle arms on.)

Sorry it's a short chapter! It's more of a teaser really...


An early rise the next morning got Light and L out of the Hotel Atlantico just before noon to catch their taxi to the airport.

As they traveled through the city with Ryuk flying behind, the two shared a thoughtful and companionable silence, ignoring the taxi driver's attempts at small-talk. The radio droned on to fill the quiet between them with reports on traffic in the city, what music had been played and what the local government was up to. It also, of course, included an updated account of the rash of criminals murdered the day before by Kira. Light's lips twitched as they attempted to repress a smile at L's blank expression taking on an edge of reproach and exasperation as he met Light's eyes in the reflection of the window.

They made it to the airport in under half an hour. Hauling their bags from the trunk and shouldering them, they fell into step, Light's graceful determination tailored to match L's quick shuffle. Being the uninjured of the two, Light had earned himself more bags to carry. In minutes, the two were through the entrance to Terminal 2 in MAD and heading to the counter to retrieve their tickets.

Neither paid attention to the security guard who had been posted near the doors until Ryuk, glancing behind them, hesitated. "Uh... hey, Light," he prompted.

Kira grimaced faintly. "Not now," he told the shinigami in an undertone, dismissing Ryuk's words as a preface to another plea for apples. L slowed, however, looking back at the monster with a thumb to his lips. Sighing in irritation, Light glanced at his human companion. "Well?"

Ryuk hovered in the air a moment, then swung his head back to Light. "I was just thinking, that guard was watching us..." He chuckled. "Maybe your luck is out?"

"I doubt it's anything like that--" Light's words were cut off as a small group of officers, all with hastily-pulled-on helmets to shield their faces from view, surrounded them with guns drawn. Ryuk floated up above one of the officers, surveyed the scene, and threw his head back in a hair-raising laugh of delight.

Two men in darker uniforms with distinct patches on the left shoulders stepped forward, visors covering their faces beneath their flak helmets. Both had rifles trained on Kira and L.

"We need you to come with us for questioning," one asserted in Spanish, though the situation would be clear enough without words. He repeated his statement in heavily accented English just in case.

Light and L stood still with their hands up, minds working on a way out of this situation, as the tourists and citizens in the airport either fled with shouts at the sight of the guns or crowded closer to see what their police force had dragged up.

Light's mind was just drawing a blank when the screech of metal and an implosion of glass came from the direction of the entrance.

A jeep had burst through the entrance doors. It swerved to a stop with a crunching of glass shards, and Aiber, hair dusted with more of the glass remains and teeth bared in a roguish grin, shouted a greeting to L. The police switched their guns instinctively to this new threat, ignoring the curses of the better-trained operatives in the darker uniforms.

Without any more prompting, L dropped his bag and took hold of Light's arm to race for the jeep, moving in an oddly loping way. Jerked along, Light gritted his teeth. "How do you know we can trust him?!" he snapped.

"If Light-kun has another plan, he may explain it later," L responded shortly.

Shots rang out suddenly as the citizens all scrambled to get out of the way. A line of bullet holes appeared in the side of the jeep and two of the windows exploded. One narrowly missed L's head-- and Light screamed, staggering in his run as a bullet passed through his leg.

With L's desperate help, he collapsed into the backseat around the bags, and L vaulted into the passenger side seat, closing the door as Aiber gunned the engine and tore out the way he'd come in.


Is it wrong after this long to say that Light getting shot kind of makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside? I got tired of Light being on his high-horse and L forced into a depression over having a set of morals, and Light's weirdly fun to torture.

That said, I have to buckle down for more studying to get chapter 13 done. It should be considerably longer than this-- I just wanted to try a cliffhanger for once! Bullet and a Target is by Citizen Cope. Also, I still think "MAD" is about the coolest airport acronym ever. Go Madrid-Barajas airport!

Comment responses:

shadowform: Thank you! I'm glad you liked the Sayu characterization, she's fun to write. I like her actually knowing about Light as Kira-- it sorta irked me in the Canon when she goes through life happily thinking Light was killed by Kira. Even if it's true in a weird sort of way, it seems like she deserved to know the truth as well... The point about L having the power and abilities to already be a killer if he wanted is something that never occurred to me until I wrote it, except as a weird possible-plot idea for another story where L would be a serial murder while still being L and the main investigator after Kira. I will probably never write that, but! L's a confusing character, so I really don't know what the crucial difference between he and Light is that kept him from turning into another killer. Maybe just fastidiousness-- he'd have to actually be in close contact to someone to kill them, and it's hard to shoot or stab with that delicate grip. And yep! Poor L, I've been mean to him. It's Light's turn now! I was a bit mean to him with the subconscious!Light, but he's been accepting himself a little more, so that's not cropping up as much. I can't imagine L outright supporting the Death Note either! Or using it on another person-- I think he'd find it incredibly distasteful.

Specimennumber1: The sugar-cube incident really is quite L! That would be an adorable picture. I'm glad you liked the chapter!

Hellagoddess: I hope your computer gets better soon...!!! Also: It's much nicer to be able to anticipate your updates! I don't usually bother checking AFF except on the days I know you'll post, so it makes it so much easier. Multi-tasking is amazing! If it's on the computer, it still kinda counts as invisible, I think. I'm so excited for your fanart I'm practically hopping up and down right now...! *laughs* I'm glad you liked Sayu and yaaaaay I'm starting to a little bit make you like Near. My evil plan is nearly complete! The end of Change the World was both cheesy and entirely adorable. Near got his little robot toy! Awwww. *giggling* I replied to the email! I was good!

Chrissy Sky: Wow-- that's a great compliment then, thank you very much! Death Note fascinates me, which I think is overly apparent. I'm glad you enjoyed the story thus far!

SP777: Welcome to the story! The Sayu/Near story idea is lovely! I would read that, probably, it would be interesting. I think as far as writing it though, this story is the closest I'll come, and I really have no idea where I'm going anyway!

Sabaku_lotus: I'm thinking they might make those books explaining the Winchester Mad Bombings, etc.., yet! They may have just wanted to see how well Another Note does and if it seems profitable. The line Nisioisin threw in about WW3 made me just about spit nails, I just stared at it and thought, "What?!". Maybe he was just being funny, or something. Near is really fun to draw, but hard, and I still love the fanart! It was really near, and it made me happy. Shades of Myst. is about the only thing I consistently keep up on anymore, I feel bad...! Not even video games. Just that.

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