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Title: Weapon of Choice

Disclaimer: Death Note isn't mine. If it were... this is pretty much what would have happened, actually.

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Kira/L

Comments: I've got next few chapters more or less planned I believe, but need to get cracking on what all of the sides are going to be doing. I know people have missed them, so L and Kira are back! Next chapter should explain some of L's thinking as well...


Aizawa's feet dragged when he finally made it into headquarters the next morning. He was two hours late and obviously hadn't slept the night before, tie slightly askew and with an almost tangible tension about him.

When he stepped into the investigation room Matsuda leapt to his feet and rushed over. "Aizawa! I called three times, what happened? Were you in a wreck? Eriko-chan wouldn't tell me where you were either--"

"Don't call my wife that," Aizawa snapped with a tired irritability. Matsuda ducked his head in embarrassed acknowledgment, and Aizawa turned his eyes to Near, where the boy had taken advantage of the vast room size to start a Lego city populated by robots and action figures. Hands clenching, he glared at the child. "Yumi was kidnapped last night," he stated flatly. In spite of his efforts, anger and an edge of the terror he'd spent the night with threatened to take over his tone.

Matsuda and Ide gasped, and even Mogi straightened his shoulders and looked concerned. Near paused for a fraction of an instant before placing another block on the toy wall. "...I see. And you're blaming me for this... I assure you, I have no reason for having your daughter kidnapped."

"So it's only a coincidence that she was taken the night you show up? The kidnapper knows you," Aizawa spat out. He took a step toward Near and Rester calmly stepped between them, arms folded on his solid chest as he watched Aizawa with cool eyes that dared him to try something. Stopping, Aizawa hung his head and clenched his fists, trying to regain control.

"I never said it was a coincidence. You spoke to the kidnapper...? What can you remember about his voice?"

"How did you know it was a man?" Matsuda demanded, looking betrayed.

Ide grimaced. "It's just an assumption, Matsuda."

"But-- well-- yeah, that makes sense, I guess..." Matsuda frowned, lapsing into silence. The others in the room ignored him.

"He had his voice disguised, but Yumi mentioned that he had bad hair and that the other kidnapper was... nice to her," Aizawa replied, finding the last words difficult to say. He'd raised his daughter well, but sometimes her social nature could become a problem. "She arrived home in a taxi this morning, but they'd put her into it from a street she didn't know."

"Did she say anything else...?" Near asked thoughtfully.

"..." Aizawa took a deep breath, calming himself. "Yes. I questioned her again when she got back, trying to figure out the details. She said that the nice kidnapper played games with her and had sunglasses on, and that the other one dressed like a girl and bleached his hair. She thought they were American, maybe in their early twenties."

"Your daughter was incorrect," Near observed idly. A thin robot toy with long, skinny legs and a bullet-shaped head was added to one tower. "I do know the people who kidnapped your daughter, Aizawa-san. It's a surprise that they would do something like this... but only because I assumed it would take Mello more than a week to disregard the law and take matters into his own hand. He's moving quickly..."

"Mero..." Matsuda attempted, muttering to himself. "Meromero?" Ide pulled Matsuda away before Aizawa could lose his temper completely and attack the other detective.

Near abandoned his toys briefly in favor of playing with his hair again. "I assume he wanted information on what we were doing in return for your daughter. Did you tell him everything?"

Taking a deep, painful breath at this added shame he'd been trying to avoid, Aizawa nodded and closed his eyes.

Seeming to sense the nod without looking over, Near tilted his head. "Good. Mello was second-in-line to becoming L's successor, but is too prideful to request the information and help. Hopefully he will leave capturing L to me immediately and turn his focus to stealing the Misa-Kira's notebook..." He tilted his head back the other way. "Though Mello should not be allowed possession of a notebook under any circumstances."

"If you know who he is, we can capture him," Aizawa pointed out stiffly. The child thought a couple of kidnappers knowing about the Death Note was a good thing? "He's a danger to the investigation, and I don't appreciate being used."

"Most people don't," Near pointed out. "Mello is dangerous, yes, but not to the investigation. It may even help us-- I just need to create a scenario where his emotional reactions are taken into account." Apparently considering the matter closed, Near looked over at the other detectives. "Mogi-san, do you have the information I requested on the news networks?" Mogi responded with a slight nod. "Excellent. We'll make the broadcast as soon as possible, then."

Gritting his teeth, Aizawa tried to step around Rester and failed as the larger man turned with him. "You can't just let them get away! What if they do this again? I won't have my family used against me every time Mello needs information!"

"I doubt he'll reuse that tactic," Near offered placidly. "He might threaten you with Yumi again, but he may not be in Japan much longer, so her being kidnapped again would be inconvenient to Mello. We still can't afford to have your families protected constantly... If the risk is too great, you may leave the investigation and stay home. If I recall, you did leave the investigation before..."

Turning his back on Near, Aizawa struggled for control against his fury. He really is just like L...! Neither of them can see anyone but themselves. "I'm not leaving again."

"Why?" Near asked curiously. Crawling into the center of his city, he began to add more buildings, stretching on his stomach with his ankles neatly crossed. "Mello could not stand to work with me either, and struck out on his own to try to defeat me. When you left the investigation before, you mobilized the police when they were needed and salvaged the capture of Higuchi-Kira. It may be useful to have another agent in the field gathering information."

"You..." Aizawa glared at Near in disgust. "You really don't care about anyone, do you? How were you raised? You dismiss people like they're nothing!"

"Not nothing," Near corrected. "Some people can be important pieces to the puzzle. Some of them..." Studying a lego critically and deeming it unworthy due to some flaw only he had noticed, Near cast the small block from his toy empire. It bounced several times on the floor before sliding to a stop near the wall for Watari to clean up later. "Are not as useful."

Aizawa stared at Mello, then abruptly headed for the door. Matsuda stopped him with a shout. "Aizawa! Where are you going?"

"Home, to see my daughter," Aizawa replied shortly. "I'm not leaving the investigation, but if I'm around the kid any longer right now I'll kill him myself and do Light a favor."

Matsuda's mouth fell open, but Ide crossed his arms on his chest and nodded agreement. "I'd feel the same way, definitely."

Mogi looked after Aizawa, his controlled expression as difficult to read as Near's.

In the following silence, Near pulled himself to a sitting position to reach the top of his newest tower. "We'll begin the broadcast now."


Alone in a vast desert landscape populated with oddly round, rock-like protrusions, Ryuk observed the human world. His arm was twisted over his dangerously tilted head, but his legs hadn't yet become so contorted by his lack of apples that they would cause him to lose the ability to function.

He had been watching Light and Misa for the past week, wondering exactly how long Light needed him to wait. Whenever he'd looked down on Light the young genius appeared to be alone with L, though their locations continually changed. Light wasn't in jail and the other humans had disappeared. It looked interesting enough, but the shinigami thought that it might just be another trap for Light-- if he showed up too soon, he might ruin all of the fun.

That logic had gotten him through the last few days. Now, however, he saw the dark-haired human pull a plate closer to himself. He was seated beside Light on a couch in a hotel room, and had just had a large collection of sweets sent up. Untwisting, Ryuk leaned closer to the portal, hands on the smooth stone sides as his inhuman eyes focused avariciously on the small plate of cut apples. L picked up a slice, swirled it liberally in a caramel dip and placed it in his mouth. Ryuk whimpered, arms winding around himself again and foot approaching his head.

That was all he could take. He'd go down there himself and listen-- if the situation was safe, he'd give Light his Death Note and get all of the apples he could eat. Even if the situation was bad, maybe Light would toss him an apple. He'd probably have to run some sort of errand for him, but at this point even flying around to find cameras again would be worth it.

Decided, Ryuk stepped away from the portal and took wing, gliding for the only entrance to the human world. Things would finally be fun again!


"...Hour two of Kira Watch, your center for constant updates of Kira information..."

Sipping his black tea with its single sugar cube, Kira kept his eyes fixed on the screen. It had been two hours since the news had been released worldwide from "L" that the main suspects for being the first and second Kira were Light Yagami and Amane Misa. Their pictures had been shown beside their names. Misa and Light were listed as at large, with Light being assisted by a top investigator of the Kira case who went by the name Ryuuzaki. Light had commented on that sarcastically, and L had responded that divulging L's real identity would make the position of L useless to Near and the investigation. It could also cause a stirring of public sentiment turning in Kira's favor if it became known that even the greatest detective in the world had apparently been swayed by Kira.

Within the two hours since the announcement, a popular world news station had started up Kira Watch, putting on an attractive female announcer and running constant statistics as they gathered interviews and information on public opinion. They had already run what information they could gather on both Misa and Light, and though hints and supposed sightings of the two had been rampant among people responding to the station, none of the informants so far had been remotely accurate on L and Kira's travels. People were still being cautious about showing the negative reviews of Kira, but after several hours none of those speaking out against the killer had dropped dead. Kira suspected that somewhere, Misa was holding her Death Note and ranting at their audacity, but as long as she kept to his ideals and didn't start murdering people for simply arguing against him again he had no reason to worry.

During that time, the number of sweets on the coffee table in their room of the Hotel Hyundai in Vladivostok had increased exponentially. Kira's initial disgust had changed gradually to a morbid amusement as L finished plate after plate of cake and candy, dark eyes switching between the television and his laptop as his mind worked angles.

"...There is a website requesting that Kira supporters send in false reports of our whereabouts," L stated expressionlessly. "It's already had several thousand hits. I believe this to be the cause of much of the confusion."

Kira smirked, unable to hide his amusement and seeing no reason to. "I had wondered how the public would react, but this is better than I had expected."

On the news, the woman was still reading statistics, a colored logo beside her head showing Light and Misa with the words, "The faces of Kira!" printed below. Light's was obviously a school photo, showing him smiling charmingly with his hair and clothes perfect. Misa's was a production photo with her Gothic Lolita clothes balancing out her bright smile and friendly nature. Kira reflected that many people would be swayed to his side simply from seeing the sort of people that he and Misa were.

"Is there any news on my family?" he asked idly, glancing again at L.

Swallowing a bite of cake, L kept his eyes on the notebook's screen. "The house is still empty, and it's assumed they were moved to a safe location." Bringing up a real-time video, he turned the laptop slightly to show Kira his old home, where Kira supporters had been placing photos of lost loved-ones avenged by the murderer beside tributes and candles. A vigil of supports kept the impromptu shrine safe while being ringed by masked Kira protestors holding signs demanding real justice and for the vigilante to be brought before a court.

"Hmm... Looks ugly. The police should be stepping in soon before they start fighting," Kira commented.

"It wouldn't amuse you to see your supporters defend you?" L deadpanned.

"I prefer things to be peaceful, Ryuu-- L," Kira chided. He'd avoided speaking to L whenever possible for the last few days, but the news report had distracted him from his anger at the detective. "That sort of fighting is inevitable now, but hopefully it won't turn public sentiment away..." Musing, he rested his chin on his interlaced hands, gaze on the screen again.

"...online survey, forty percent support Kira to some degree even now, while slightly under fifty percent disapprove of him. Ten percent remained undecided... Of those anti-Kira, several have equated Light Yagami to Hitler, stating that one man should not wield the power of judge, jury and executioner... Others have been swayed by knowledge of Light's identity as an upstanding student and morally upright young man and now consider themselves Kira supporters." The anchorwoman related these facts in a clear, calm voice, expression not betraying her feelings on the matter in the slightest. Apparently, she had decided that if she were only reporting information, Kira would have no reason to kill her. "Several survey-takers mentioned that they themselves would have taken matters into their own hands if given Kira's powers. One in particular, a 'Hellagoddess', appeared to take the survey as a job interview, claiming that she would make a better Kira than Yagami..."

Attention caught, L looked up at the screen. "...Hmm, Kira-kun has competition?" L queried blandly. He pulled a plate of apple slices to himself without looking at them. Trying a bite, he leaned forward and let the uneaten piece drop from his mouth to the plate. Studying the table's contents, he snagged a small bowl of caramel dip and pulled it closer, drowning the apple in that and taking a more satisfied bite.

"Of course she isn't competition," Kira replied, tone slightly caustic. Still, the criticisms of the un-initiated could be irritating. He tried to look at them as an amusement instead; eventually, all protest against him would be kept to useless muttering out of the way of his ideal kingdom.

More caramel and L took another bite. "Are you certain? You acquired a Death Note. Is it difficult to imagine 'Hellagoddess' doing the same?"

"I can't even believe you said that pseudonym." Kira shook his head, frowning at L. "It's an entirely different situation, L. Besides, there are only two notebooks circulating..." trailing off, Kira looked over his shoulder at a familiar rustle of wings. Sitting up, he gave a slow smile that could only be described as 'evil'.

"Is this a good time now?" Ryuk asked, still contorted. He held the Death Note toward Kira. "I'd kill for an apple."

Kira sighed. "I might ask you to, but unfortunately Rem tried that and it won't work now," he told Ryuk wryly.

Beside him, L froze with an apple slice partway to his mouth. He turned his eyes slowly behind himself as though expecting to see a nightmare come true.

Reaching over, Kira snagged the apple slice from L's limp fingers and tossed the morsel to Ryuk. Laughing, Ryuk took it and immediately shoved it into his mouth. Kira accepted the notebook as Ryuk licked his fingers hungrily and climbed over the couch to get more apple.

L stared at the black notebook that had appeared from thin air into Kira's hand. His thumb had returned to his mouth and his eyes were wide in his pale skin. Keeping a firm hold on the Death Note, Kira smirked and generously held it toward L. With his free hand, L hesitantly placed his fingers on the note. He fell to his back with a gasp when he looked up at Ryuk's dark form towering above him on the couch. Not noticing, Ryuk continued to laugh and swiped the remaining pieces of apple from the plate, munching them enthusiastically while complimenting the human world. His heart earring swung erratically as he ate.

Pulling himself as far from Ryuk as he could get while remaining on the couch, L continued to stare at Ryuk. His thumb returned to his mouth and blood stained his lips. "...The shinigami who loves apples..." he murmured.

Kira reclined with casual confidence, one hand resting familiarly on his Death Note. "L, meet Ryuk," he introduced, smirking in acknowledgment of L's words.

"Hyuk... He got you too, huh?" Ryuk asked, turning to L as he relaxed under the influence of the red fruit. "Light's pretty impressive..."

"Actually, L still doesn't agree with me," Kira commented. "He saved me because he couldn't stand for me to die." The last was said ironically as he arched an eyebrow at L.

"...You really have a way with people, Light," Ryuk noted, turning his eyes to the younger of the two mortals.

"I'm not sure either of you count as 'people'," corrected the aspiring god dryly. "L might technically be a human, but..."

L frowned slightly, apparently having needed a moment to swallow the thought of his world going to hell. "In what way am I not human?"

Staring down at the pallid, bony human with his black eyes ringed by dark lines and blood red on his mouth, Ryuk laughed again, walking through the coffee table and standing opposite them. "You do look kind of like a shinigami. If we got you some claws or bandages..." L blinked at him.

"In any case, this changes our situation," Kira mused. "We're no longer on the defensive. Misa's been doing a good enough job with the reported criminals, but I'll be able to get those in the database not being reported. I can use the Kira supporters who accept my identity as well..."

"You'll keep judging..." L echoed. His hands were clenched on his drawn-up knees and his face was so controlled Kira couldn't actually decipher his thoughts.

"Of course. That's been the plan all along, L," Kira asserted calmly. Opening his Death Note, he flipped through the pages, looking over Misa's work. "I'm lucky she hasn't been mis-writing the criminal's names," he commented with a long-suffering sigh. A smile quirked his mouth and he looked over at L, pretending not to notice L's continued shock. "Do you know, the first few days I had the notebook I was writing so much my hand actually sprained. It's a good thing I'm ambidextrous or I may have needed to slow down..." Enjoying himself sadistically, Kira took another sip of tea.

"That would have been horrible for you," L replied tonelessly. Kira managed not to laugh.

This day was turning out perfectly. He hadn't been feeling himself lately, losing sleep and fighting himself in dreams, but everything was falling into place. Kira was certain that if he were to sleep right then, his night would pass dreamlessly once more, with only plans and scenarios unfolding in his mind.


Finally got to this chapter! It took much longer than I expected. Weapon of Choice is by Fatboy Slim. If you haven't seen the video for it, do so-- Christopher Walken dancing and flying is more than worth it. Oh! Umm, earlier, when Matsuda tries to say Mello and says meromero... It's a Japanese onomatopoeia for being falling down drunk. Matsuda will now always think of drinking when he tries to remember Mello's name.

So, I organized the answers to the Kira question in a spreadsheet with additional comments, and the results of that data went into the news story. Eleven people responded in all, which is a lot more than I expected! Thank you all so much, your opinions and insights were greatly appreciated and are bouncing around in my head still as possible plot points. Also, I feel like I'm slacking...! Nilahxapiel and Hellagoddess mention having so many chapter plotted out already, and I keep making things up chapter to chapter... I'm trying! I haven't known what anyone would do until basically the chapter is started, so I'm trying to wrap my mind around my plotlines but it's like playing chess against myself. It's really fun and complicated and I don't know who I want to win...

Comment responses: (Eleven people responded to TYA last chapter! Yay! And a few more commented on GM... Iím very happy and surprised.)

shadowform: Welcome back! Iíd wondered where you went. I like that knowing who Light is would make you more likely to support him-- I used that, itís intriguing. You get to see Lís thoughts and reasoning the next chapter! This chapter makes me happy because Kiraís finally feeling like himself again, so I get to write how he and L would really interact without their masks soon. I think youíre one of the only-- if not the only-- ones to say you hope Kira stays. It seems to me my story would be pointless if Light really came back... Would ĎKira and Lís victoryí really be simple??? Iíve been thinking on that a lot for days, it gives me a headache. There are so many facets... With their goals being so different, I canít imagine how both will win. It all depends on who loses, who lives, the degree to which anyone gets what they need or want... To L, Ďwinningí would be Kira renouncing his memories... to Kira, it would be world domination with or without L. Or thatís what they believe, at any rate.

WM: You commented four times! That seriously made me grin and clap my hands. I like doing the research for this story and working out the twists, it makes me feel happy. Iíll use the ideas you presented for Kira supporters later if I remember to-- they feel important and useful. (Also, I know Shuya isnít hot! It was sort of a wink-nudge joke I suppose, her saying Lightís actor is cute... *laughs* Lís actor, however, made me pause and rewind constantly to just grin my head off with his cuteness... When he steals the little chocolates that are a memorial? I couldnít believe that! So L...) Why does everyone like Matt??? It happened to me too. He shows up for like, ten panels. Also, explosions are much more fun.

Lady Gaia: Weíll see how things go! Iím glad youíre enjoying it so far though.

Nilahxapiel: Yaay! You commented again. That makes me fangirlishly happy... That was almost exactly what I was picturing-- Iím pondering writing up Near doing that as a mini-chapter bonus, but Iím not sure... L will be the uke at least once, and possibly more than once, but not forever-- as Kira is now, he wouldnít accept being topped, since he doesnít see L as an equal. Once L beats it into his head that Ďgodí or not Kira canít get his way in everything, L will be top more often. I think theyíll always have to fight for it though. This might just be because I adore fight!sex... Hmm... Also, kya! One of the best lemons, really? Coming from you thatís a huge compliment... Iím still not sure Iím happy with it.

Nusku: Very much yay! Iím trying to think of cool things for Mello to do, since his craziness seems like it has a lot of plot potential.

Lila: The kidnapper bit was fun to write, and hello again! I wish there was a certain day I update, but Iím not that organized! I basically write a new chapter whenever I have a day off or time after I get home (around midnight) to write when Iím not mentally exhausted. This has been coming out, recently, to about once a week, but the day alternates... Iím sorry! My schedule changes completely week to week. You only had to wait... four days this time?

Ame no Chikara: I can picture the same thing. Iím glad others had the same image even though I didnĎt write it-- itís amusing to me.

Gloria B: That part was incredibly fun to write... I didnít think Mello would get along really well with children, and the phrase Ďthe nice kidnapperí popped into my head one day for Matt. Iím a few chapters into the BB murders, and Melloís style is wonderful-- his personality showing through in his side-comments will catch me off-guard and crack me up. That boy is so obsessed with L... Thank you for your words about Aizawa and Mogi. Mogi to me seems very solid, reliable, and like he thinks everything over carefully but just keeps it to himself because he doesnít like talking. I think I meant to use the word Ďpathologicalí and not Ďchronologicalí in that quote, mental-disorder like rather than dealing with him doing it over time, but used the wrong word. Ooooh, you write H/D fiction? Omg, 59 chapters??? Iíll start it when I have a day free and a few chapters done so the guilt doesnít overwhelm me-- I have a bad habit of getting so involved with reading something Iíll lose all track of reality. Iím glad you like the bits with Mello and Near as well-- Iím trying to keep a balance with everyone...

AnA La PaNa83: Thanks! Theyíre around for plot, but are growing on me.

Zannie: That made me look at my reasoning more closely, so I think I have an explanation: A.) In Death Note, women tend to be treated as a means to an end, and even the strong ones are manipulated easily (Hal with Mello, Misora and Takada with Light, etc..); the characters donít usually seem to have any respect for females, so it made sense to me that Mello would kidnap Yumi in place of Sayu for information. Also, B.) Mello and Matt are, in spite of their intelligence, around 14, while even as dumb as Matsuda is heís a full-grown adult trained as a police officer. Kidnapping a little girl on her way home from school is much easier and safer than kidnapping a police officer. Does that work? Also, Mello received the scar when he was 18-ish in the explosion, so nope, heís scar-free. I might work in him getting it later, but I just as likely wonít. Thanks!

Hellagoddess: *Curious how youíll react to this chapter* Hi! Couldn't resist putting your response in the chapter-- it was too amusing to me...! Even with those idiots. *hugs back* Hurray for henchmen, I like Rester. Also, donít apologize! Itís not your fault those reviewers were aggravating. I love when the characters get into my head to the point they react against what I thought-- itís interesting. (How Iíd like Mello to react to a few things might not happen... *laughs*) Thanks for writing in LJ! I like keeping tabs. Iím crazy with curiosity about your celebrity weekend, still! (If anyone freaks out over your description in this I will be very angry-like... I considered not having it in because of the attackers, but... the idea of not having it in the chapter is painful! It made me happy. If you want I'll remove it, though!)

oztan: Thanks!

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