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Chapter Title: Getting Away With Murder

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Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Kira/L

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L was taking longer than anticipated in the shower. Kira had timed the other man the previous morning when he was washing the cake frosting out, but at that point L had been generally clean and had only had to struggle with his hair. It must be harder than he thought to clean himself with a broken arm, Kira decided. A cruel smirk curved his mouth. Serves him right. Golden-brown eyes strayed from the screen of the laptop to the Death Note beside him, and his lips thinned in displeasure as his slender fingers trailed down a line of tape covering the scar bisecting the black cover.

Not trusting L as far as he could throw him, Kira had spent the previous night with the Note held tightly in his grasp while he slept. When L had attempted to slip the thin book from Kira's arms, the murderer had awoken instantly and fixed L with a deadly glare, threatening to break his other arm for him as well. L had sulked and subsided, returning to his bizarre habit of watching Kira while he slept. They weren't chained together any longer, but either L was loathe to change his accustomed routines or he was simply so disturbed that watching Kira sleep brought him some sort of satisfaction.

Kira honestly didn't want to know the answer either way.

The time L had spent in the shower that morning was taken advantage of with a swift efficiency. Using the laptop's built-in camera and microphone, he'd recorded two pre-planned messages-- one in English, one in Japanese, though the content was the same. He'd edited them quickly, tweaking them to his own purposes, and had then taken a moment to hack into the FBI criminal database.

Flipping the Death Note open with another regretful grimace and flare of anger for its current sad state, Kira had written down twenty criminals Misa would have no access to, setting them to die at six p.m.. Shaking his hand out-- the knuckles he'd torn against L's teeth the day before still stung, and Kira had gotten out of the habit of writing with a pen-- he had returned his fingers to the computer keys. In his remaining time, Kira carefully routed his messages with their accompanying video files through as many terminals as he could to obscure his path. Finishing his task with a flourish, he leaned back with a feeling of accomplishment, small smile playing about his lips.

By the time night fell in Vladivostok, several news stations around the world would have received the deaths needed to authenticate Kira's assertion that the messages were from himself. They would air the messages as requested, and... he would see what happened next.

In an unusual good humor, Kira closed the cover of the laptop and stood, stretching with a contented sigh. He tossed Ryuk a spare apple and picked the Death Note up with something like affection, going to the room's window for the first time since he and L's arrival. Opening the curtains to let in the sharp daylight, Kira looked out over the cityscape. Even the suite's warmth couldn't keep the chill pressed close to the clear glass entirely at bay, and the murderer curiously touched his fingers to it. ...I think I've become disconnected from the world, he mused. His gaze took in the small figures of tourists and natives far below, families bundled against the November cold and going about their lives with no idea that Kira stood above them. And how would they react if they knew...? What a ridiculous thought. Near forced my hand, but even with my identity in the open it's not safe yet to go among the people without a disguise...

"...Kira-kun looks serious."

The voice had come from directly behind him. Refusing to jump, Kira tensed briefly before forcing himself to relax. He didn't look back at L, though he did shift the Death Note into a more secure hold instinctively. L stood close enough to Kira for the younger man to feel the shower-damp warmth of him against his back. He realized that he wasn't seeing the scenery anymore, too unsettled by L's proximity. Flicking his eyes to the side, he studied L's opaque reflection in the window. As Kira had half-expected, the detective stood straight, his uninjured hand in his pocket and the right arm bound again into a sling. Less surprisingly, his black eyes were on Kira rather than the city. Kira carefully ignored the fact that he'd become unusually aware of his own heart-beat. He also shunned the realization of how attractive the scent of someone fresh from a shower could be. He spoke to fill the silence more than anything else. "I was thinking how long it's been since we ventured outside. Aside from going to a plane or getting out of a taxi, I mean."

If he turned his head, their faces would probably touch. Kira frowned to himself and kept his head firmly forward.

He could sense L's amusement. "Does thinking of going outside make you this tense?" L asked, deliberately misinterpreting.

"Having you hovering over me is the problem, L," Kira corrected shortly. He turned his face just slightly to slant a mild glare at the dark-haired man. The shower's warmth had brought a lingering flush to L's skin, and his toweled-dry was still slightly curled, as Kira had discovered it often was until it had fully dried and L had combed it to its usual untameable mess. L's dark eyes were carefully blank, but it seemed as though the older man were resisting the urge to smile.

Abruptly too irritated to remain where he was, Kira pushed L aside and took a step toward the couch. L's good hand stopped him, touching his arm. Kira paused against his better judgment and glanced back at L with a frown. "What now?"

In answer, L rested his hand along the side of Kira's neck. Leaning close, he pressed his lips to Kira's.

Kira's back stiffened and he began to pull away, but L followed and the kiss grew more insistent. The younger man put his free hand to L's chest to push at him, but his hand stayed where it was as Kira's eyes slid closed. Annoyance warred with Kira's reluctant acknowledgment that L really was a disturbingly good kisser.

Unbidden, the memory of himself weeks before came to his mind, pulling L down for one last kiss as a promise between them of a time when L would believe his innocence and Kira would be caught.

The memory had an ironic edge now, and an edge of something bitter.

Standing still for another moment, Kira recalled himself and turned his head away, brows furrowed. Clearing his throat and taking a breath, he cast L a last, difficult to read look and went to sit beside Ryuk rather than at the couch he normally shared with L.

Ryuk laughed quietly. "He got you," he pointed out, apparently adjusting to the strange pair's new game.

"Shut up, Ryuk," Kira responded shortly. His fingers traced the tape on the Death Note in what was becoming a habit. What had just happened? He had a suspicion that L had just slipped behind his defenses somehow to trick him into that kiss. And he had allowed it. Why? The thought unsettled Kira even as he composed himself to appear calm and unaffected by the strange event. Could this be blamed on the side of himself he'd fought with when he dreamed...? If only the Death Note could be used to kill off one's own imperfections... But that was ridiculous. Kira had no flaws-- no imperfections. He was a god.

L remained at the window, watching him with the almost-smile still on his lips. Obviously the man assumed that his laptop being closed at the moment meant that Kira hadn't taken advantage of his situation to judge criminals. He looked forward to the detective's face when the evening news rolled around.

Staring from L to Light, Ryuk tipped his head back, laughter echoing in the silent hotel room.


"Ahh-- Misa hates flying," Misa complained, stretching out with one arm and yawning as she left the hallway-bridge connecting her plane to LAX. Her other hand was on the handle of her wheeled luggage, and she was wearing sunglasses and a chin-length wig that closely matched Nori's hair. Even for the sake of disguise she hadn't been able to dress unfashionably-- though her usual Gothic Lolita attire had been swapped out for Capri jeans and a light pink shirt with a jacket.

"Misa, be careful about calling yourself that," Rem reminded. The shinigami floated after her ward, non-bandaged eye making sure none of the other jet-lagged and half-awake passengers had overheard. It was just before three in the morning in Los Angeles.

Pouting slightly, Misa sighed. "I know, Rem. That stupid news program made everything harder..." She smiled suddenly, glancing over her shoulder devilishly to wink at Rem. "They had a great picture of Light, though!"

Rem failed to respond to that, gaze sweeping the nearly deserted terminal again.

Misa groaned. "Please, I need someone to talk to...! Everyone was asleep on the flight and I couldn't draw attention...!"

A young man who had traveled with them on the red eye flight glanced at Misa curiously. Assuming she was talking on a hands-free wireless earpiece, however, he dismissed her without another glance.

Rem relaxed somewhat when he left and Misa took herself to an empty waiting-area. Dropping to a sprawl in one of the chairs, the former actress gave up on getting Rem to actually converse with her. Glumly, she let her eyes rest without interest on a TV in one corner of the waiting area. It's volume was low, but it appeared to be one of the international channels, with a woman in drab colors and severely styled hair speaking. A UK based program, it was covering the morning news and recapping events of the previous day.

Pictures were shown of criminals Misa had judged the day before, and Misa rolled her eyes, sitting up to rummage through her bag for a low-fat snack and a diet soda. "Misa knows about that already, show something new...!" she muttered.


Her first instinct was to glance at the shinigami, worried at Rem's tone of warning. Someone's watching? When she saw Rem's eye focused on the screen, however, she blinked and followed her gaze.

The screen had new pictures up-- men Misa had never seen the pictures for. Delighted, she sat bolt upright. Excitement flooded her as the crimes of the men were listed. All had died of heart-attacks at the same second several hours before. "Light...!" Abandoning her luggage, Misa hopped to her feet and ran to the screen, standing below it to hear better and craning her neck slightly to watch. The program was in English, but Misa had expected to become a famous Hollywood star anyway, and had been practicing for years.

When the images left the screen, Misa expected the boring woman to return and the news to move on to reports on lowering crime rates or the few trouble-spots left in the world, areas where groups as-yet outside of Kira's influence continued to fight and kill each other. These were areas where cameras didn't often venture and the groups avoided recognition-- without capture, knowing their names to punish such people was impossible. Misa knew that Light would make those people, too, stop their violence-- it would just take him a little time.

Instead of moving on, however, the news anchor shuffled her papers and announced a special report: the station had received a video message from Kira, confirmed by the twenty deaths just mentioned. She announced that only a handful of stations across the world had been chosen by Kira and that they would broadcast his message as requested in the spirit of relating all information possible to the public for others to do with as they could.

Misa had a feeling that this reporter didn't believe in Kira at all. She kept her words careful, but she held her papers like they were a shield and she looked too pale under her make-up. Putting her hands on her hips, Misa made a face at the TV. The woman couldn't even dress right, and she thought her opinions mattered?

The screen turned white, and the word KIRA appeared in Old English, glowing faintly. The word faded and the screen filled with Light's eyes. A bar of solid white remained at the top and bottom of the screen. Misa watched raptly as the English version of his message played, his words spoken with a careful precision but still commanding. With his direct gaze and the force of his words, Misa felt as though he were sending his message only to her.

"I am the one known as Kira: Light Yagami. That much of what you were told is true; however, the one who told you that cannot be trusted. He claims to be L, the world's greatest detective. This is false. L is the detective at my side, who abandoned his career and is risking his life to aid me now. To say otherwise makes less of a man who has dedicated his career to fighting against injustice and making criminals atone for their sins."

Still hating the fact that L was the one traveling the world with Light instead of her, Misa went up on her tip-toes to touch the television. "Light should rescue Misa again and run away with her!" she informed the screen persuasively.

"Misa... he can't hear you," Rem pointed out.

Misa stuck her tongue out before returning to her feet, not wanting to miss more of Light's broadcast.

"To my supporters, I know you've been trying to assist me in any way you can. I'm grateful, but be cautious. To those who are against Kira, there is something you should think on. Would L be with me if he didn't believe that I am just...?" Light let the question linger, then pulled slightly away from the camera, relaxing his features into a charming and confident smile. Misa could now see more of Light's face, though the background was still obscured. "Until I speak to you again, enjoy your day and believe that a better world is coming."

Light's image disappeared, leaving the white screen, and the news anchor returned.


Near sat curled in a computer chair, both hands still for once as his eyes were fixed on the screens before him. Every station that Light had sent his message to was playing at once, and Near's eyes roamed the screens as his mind worked. A small smile had curved his lips since the broadcast began.

"MisaMisa's with Light again...!" Matsuda gasped as Kira's message faded back to the various reporters speaking. "How will we catch them now?"

Aizawa grimaced, the expression carrying into his tone. "Matsuda, think before you talk. Besides, I think that girl would make it easier to find them. She draws attention."

"That is a good point, Aizawa, but you're missing the most obvious information," Near commented. His head was tilted, and one thin finger once again curled into his wispy hair. "Mogi?" he added, head turning toward the silent detective while his dark eyes remained on the screens.

Mogi blinked at Near, then frowned and closed his eyes, obviously searching his mind for the answer Near expected. After a moment, his eyes opened. "The method of reporting."

Near's smile broadened, a caricature of pleasure as his eyes remained completely expressionless. "Exactly. That shows that..."

"Uh-- I'm sorry, but..." Matsuda cut in hesitantly, hands raised defensively. "The what method of reporting what?"

Smile dropping, Near glanced above Matsuda's head disparagingly and returned his attention to the video screens.

"The criminals murdered by Amane have all been ones reported on the news or available online. The twenty criminals used by Yagami to show his identity were all ones only located in the FBI's database," Rester explained musingly, standing 'at-ease' behind Near's chair. He spoke almost as rarely as Mogi when the others were around, but his opinions were ones Near always took into consideration. "That would mean... most likely, that Amane and Yagami have had no contact. If they had, he would not have needed to exclusively use those criminals she wouldn't have had a chance to kill."

Aizawa nodded. "That makes sense. If he wanted them as examples, having them die before the time he mentioned would have been a problem."

Matsuda sighed heavily, taking a chair and settling into it again. "I still can't believe L went to Light's side..."

Near's finger paused in his hair. "...Watari. Contact the stations that received their video file directly from Light-Kira and request confirmation on the time they received it." Watari didn't respond, but it was assumed that he was on task as always.

"What will that prove?" Matsuda asked, blinking.

Near pulled up a recorded copy of the Kira message and skipped to the end, when Light pulled back enough to show more of his face than just his eyes. "Do you see a bruise...?" he asked.

Aizawa leaned over Near to study the image. Rester tensed, ready to toss Aizawa across the room if needed, but the other man was intent on Light's image. "...There, below his cheekbone on the left side?" he clarified. "It's hard to see with the angle, but you might be right."

"They're still fighting?" Matsuda asked forlornly. "I thought they'd be getting along now. They ran away together and they're on the run, hiding from the world..."

"You make it sound like a romantic movie," Aizawa criticized sharply.

"Well-- um..." Matsuda hung his head again and mumbled. "Near said they... that they..."

"They engaged in intercourse," Near confirmed. "That does not necessarily mean they get along. They continued to fight even after that incident, and it was after that that Light attempted to make Rem kill L."

Watari's voice cut through Matsuda's discomfort. "The emails in Japan were received close to six forty-five in the morning; the email to London was at nine-thirty yesterday evening." His promptness suggested he had the information at hand and had merely needed to look it up.

"Why would he wait that long?" Matsuda asked, frowning.

"Time zones," Rester replied shortly. "That's just how they would work out."

"Rester is correct," Near agreed. "It would mean that the emails were sent out within minutes of each other; possibly with only enough time to record them and to cover Light's trail."

"Was he in a hurry?" Aizawa asked thoughtfully, arms crossed. "Maybe they were just about to leave again."

"I believe there's another explanation." Near abandoned his hair to pick up two of the action figures he'd set to looming above his keyboard-- a robot and a monster. He laid the monster on its side and motioned with the robot. "In the surveillance tapes it was revealed that both Light and L prefer to shower in the morning. L would shower first, often as soon as Light woke to avoid disturbing his sleep and to maintain his watch. This is generally between six-thirty and seven a.m.." Near "woke" the monster figure up and had the figures fight. "From Light-Kira's words and the recent coloring on the bruise, it's clear that the two are still traveling together. Assuming their habits remained true, the time it takes L to shower could reasonably be the only time during the day that Light is alone. It is possible that Light had only this limited time to find and write down the names of twenty criminals before recording and sending his messages."

Matsuda's eyes were wide. "But-- if the messages to Japan were the ones in the morning... would that mean they're still in Japan?" he asked in shock.

"It would just mean they're near this time-zone," Aizawa corrected. He frowned at Near. "I don't buy it. You need too many assumptions for something like that to work. We don't know what their habits are like now, or-- even if you can assume that Light had to wait for Ryuuzaki to shower-- you can't know when they would be showering. It's just as possible that L dropped cake on himself or their fighting made a mess."

Near shrugged. "Those exceptions are possible, but my theory fits in with their general habits. Either way, their location wasn't my main point. We've had previous signs that L is not giving Light-Kira his full support-- for instance, I'm still alive, and so is Watari-- but this information could possibly prove that L is still against Light. He has to have realized by now the enormity of what he's chosen, and if he's wavering at all the right message would let him know that he would be allowed to resume his life if he changes his mind."

Ide, who had been trying to follow along silently, spoke up in surprise. "You'd let him have his title back?"

The action figures continued to fight in Near's hands as the boy responded in a matter-of-fact way. "No. By going with a criminal, L proved that he can no longer perform in this capacity adequately. I will still become the new L. But he might be allowed imprisonment rather than the death penalty."

Matsuda swallowed. "So... what do we do now? Are you going to say that Light was lying and you really are L?"

"Nope." Near fought the figures to a stand-still, then dropped them. "I'm going to agree with everything he said. You may not have realized it, but Light-Kira took the shovel I showed him and dug himself a grave. L will see it... and maybe he'll come back to our side instead of adding a hole for himself beside him." Pushing away from the desk abruptly, Near left the room's advanced computers behind himself and went to a children's wading pool Rester had set up for him. It was filled with motorized battleships and fishing boats, and the space surrounding it was filled with controllers and small figurines. Dropping down, he picked up a remote and set to playing.

Aizawa glanced at the other detectives to see if they understood what Near was talking about. Ide shook his head, Matsuda looked completely confused, and Mogi was watching impassively as ever, but with a faint sense of bewilderment. Frowning, Aizawa looked to Near again. "What sort of grave? To me, it looks like you made a mistake. Light's a solid, straight-laced kid, and Amane's an icon. Showing that people like that are the first and second Kira swayed a lot of people to their side-- and now he told everyone he's got L with him. That will make even more people believe in him."

Near guided a small boat in a complicated pattern to avoid crashing it into others. "Say you're one of the world governments, and you learn that Kira is on the loose-- a man more dangerous to politicians and world leaders than a nuclear warhead. And now, he's admitted by his own words that he has the most powerful and intelligent detectives in the world at his side; a man who's the equivalent of several intelligence agencies. You also know Kira's identity, and have a picture of him. What would you do?"

Frown deepening, Aizawa ran a hand over his hair. "I suppose... I couldn't just say Kira was evil, because it might start a war, or get me killed. But I'd have my top people searching the world for them. It's obvious that he wants to reform the world. That's terrifying enough to me-- if I had a whole country at risk, and my power base was threatened..."

Near nodded. "On their own, Kira and L are two of the most hunted people in the world. L has always had Watari to be his public connection, allowing him to live without recognition. Kira had his own anonymity to protect him."

"...You just made them into the biggest threat in the world," Aizawa uttered, shock and disbelief making the words reluctant. "You're insane. Countries won't just send their men after them, if anyone captures them... the other countries won't let them have that power. You're going to cause World War Three!"

"I don't intend to allow another country to capture them," Near disagreed calmly. His boat became trapped between two battleships, its tiny motor unable to force it free. Abandoning that remote, he picked up another and started over. "We will be the ones to bring Light and L to justice. I just made it more likely that they will be caught, and soon, in spite of their own efforts."

Matsuda spoke up hesitantly. "But... won't Light just say he has a shinigami on his side? I think that'd make everyone think twice about capturing him."

"There's no chance of that," Near disagreed flatly. "Light is trying to be a god. He wouldn't admit that he's just borrowing his powers by accident from a god of death. Even if it would help to keep him safe... I don't believe his ego would let him."

"I can see that. Right now he can say the power is his own..." Aizawa shook his head. "It's hard to believe that Light came to this. The Chief..." he sighed. "He probably saw that message too. I can't imagine..."

The other detectives shared a moment of silence, considering Soichiroís tragic life. Even Rester seemed to empathize, leaving only Near to play with his toys, apparently uninterested in the emotional topic.


The "World Time Clock" was my very good friend for this chapter! Honestly, it made everything possible. Iím sorry this took so long! I havenít really had a chance to work on writing it. Getting Away with Murder is by Papa Roach, and is a truly fun song.

Chapter dedicated to Lady Gaia, who gave me core idea for the chapter! Kira replying to Near had so not occurred to me...

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