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Chapter Title : Extreme Ways

Disclaimer: Death Note isn't mine. If it were... this is pretty much what would have happened, actually.

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Kira/L

Comments: Most of my enthusiasm for this chapter went straight out the door a bit ago. I had assumed that the question I'd asked on GM for the opinions of my readers on if they would support Kira or would be against him was harmless-- that people were mature enough to deal with the idea that it's a theoretical fucking discussion and that the opinions of others were their own. Apparently this wasn't the case, as someone that I respect was attacked online for her support of Kira voiced in her comment. This is Death Note fanfiction, people. Who hasn't at least wanted Light to win a little, even if it's just because the bastard has a sociopathic charm?

The majority of responses were wonderful, pleasant and very helpful. However, to the few people who emailed with idiocy like that-- and I assume you know who you are-- grow up.

On a lighter note: This chapter is dedicated to Kuro for catching why I had Misa watch Battle Royale. It made me very happy that you noticed. (Umm, this isn't a super happy-go-lucky chapter to have dedicated to you, sorry! But at least things happen in it.)


Morale was decidedly low at the investigation headquarters in Japan.

Though Chief Yagami had attempted to resign immediately following Kira's escape with L, Watari had managed to convince him to hold off for a few days until the new L could decide what options would be best for the investigation. A broken man, Chief Yagami had reluctantly agreed. While he tried to help the others in the investigation, however, he spent more time staring into space, wondering where he'd gone wrong when raising Light. His anger upon discovering his son's deception had changed over the next few days to bone-deep depression., and getting through the day with the realization that his son was the mass-murderer they had been tracking for more than a year was becoming more difficult.

Aizawa had stepped into the role of lead investigator in his place and he and Mogi had managed to make some headway on the case with the help of a new investigator, Hideki Ide. The man had disagreed with L's methods, but with L off the case Aizawa had felt it safe to bring him in.

Two days after Near's consultation with President Hale, Aizawa and Ide were at the computer terminals, discussing several leads they'd found on where L and Light might have gone after leaving Japan. Beside them, Mogi listened as he stoically perused through witness reports and flight logs and Chief Yagami sat hunched and trying to focus in another chair.

Several seats away was Matsuda, shoulders slumped and with the air of a beaten and scolded dog. Occasionally, he would look over and offer a comment in a hopeful way, but Aizawa would give him a stern look and ignore him.

Matsuda had made the mistake a few days into the renewed investigation of suggesting that Light Yagami might be the best possible person to hold the Death Note after all. Aizawa had turned on him, but Chief Yagami-- showing the first signs of life in days-- had interrupted to ask if Matsuda was serious. Sheepish, Matsuda had clarified, mentioning that Light was a morally upstanding man and very intelligent, and was also the best person he could imagine owning the Death Note if someone actually had to use it.

Chief Yagami had forgiven him but informed Matsuda that the Death Note was an evil thing and that his son, no matter how good of a person, had become evil as well in using it.

Chastised but still not certain, Matsuda had agreed.

Aizawa, not trusting an investigator who sympathized to such a degree with their suspect, had made a point since that moment of shunning Matsuda. He believed that the ostracism would give Matsuda time to realize the error of his thoughts and decide if he really still wanted to be a member of the investigation.

Unfortunately, it seemed to just make the younger detective confused and sad, and the wide-eyed imploring looks he would constantly send Aizawa's way had begun to grate on the lead investigator's nerves-- especially since Ide seemed to be swayed by them, asking Aizawa to 'let up on the guy' or 'go easy on him'.

He was gripping his coffee cup fiercely and on the verge of snapping at Matsuda to stop looking at him and get back to work when Watari's fanciful 'W' took over all of their screens.

Startled out of his anger, Aizawa turned his attention to the speakers. "Watari?"

"L's successor has arrived," came the gentleman's polite response. "He will be up to see you shortly. Please do not be put off by his appearance; though young, he is very capable. I trust you will see something of Ryuuzaki in him as well..." As abruptly as it had appeared, the W blinked away and their screens returned to normal. Aizawa and the others only had time to look at each other in shock before the door to the room hushed open.

In the doorway stood a pale, waif-like boy, looking at nothing and twirling his hair. Blinking, Aizawa sat back in his chair, trying to absorb the fact that they would have to work with this child now. L, for all of his oddities, was a solid detective with a good reputation. Even Light, though young, was the son of Chief Yagami and at least of a college age. Aizawa had the feeling this child should be playing toys with little Yumi, not attempting to keep up in a murder investigation. He frowned, opinions written on his face.

The capable-seeming, sharp-eyed man who stepped in after the child was a match for Mogi in both size and silence. Trailing after them was a slim man with a troubled expression who appeared to be close to Matsuda's age.

There was a brief, tense moment as the two groups studied each other-- aside from the albino, who appeared to be chronically unable to look anyone in the eye. Clearing his throat awkwardly, Aizawa made to rise, but Chief Yagami beat him. Apparently having snapped out of his miserable haze for the moment, the man was standing with his shoulders back. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Chief Yagami, and these are my detectives. Aiza--"

He was interrupted by the boy, who spoke as though he were reading something uninteresting out loud. "I know all of your names as well as the information on this case. Introductions would waste time. I am Near, and the men with me are Anthony Rester and Stephen Gevanni. They will be assisting me."

Offended by the boy's dismissive attitude toward the chief, Aizawa tensed, glaring as he watched the disciplined detective go stiff and then bow slightly. "Of course, you are correct," he responded formally.

The child's finger paused in a curl of his hair, though his expressionless eyes stayed on the ceiling. "I didn't mean to offend your pride. Have you made any progress in the week since L and both Kira suspects escaped?"

Chief Yagami hesitated for an awkward moment and Aizawa, with a stab of guilt, stood beside the older man. "Amane Misa was seen in several places as the shinigami carried her away. After that, however, she's disappeared from our radar. For Ryuuzaki and Light, the helicopter was found abandoned on the roof of a building. From there we believe Light and Ryuuzaki took a cab and found a hotel. We've determined the airport they took and the flight they left on."

"A hotel?" Near asked thoughtfully, finger pausing again. "Why would they stop before reaching the airport?"

Watari's voice came smoothly over the speakers. "Ryuuzaki had authorized using force to convince Light to move from Chief Yagami's path."

"...Kira resisted leaving?" Near clarified.

The response seemed faintly embarrassed. "I did not give him the chance to."

Matsuda's eyes went wide and Aizawa prayed the young detective would control his mouth. The prayer was in vain. "Really? I always thought Watari-san was an old man! How did you get Light?" he asked, obviously impressed.

"Matsuda..." Chief Yagami sighed.

"The element of surprise may have helped," Watari offered modestly. "In any case, he was unconscious when Ryuuzaki left with him."

"So L would have been giving him time to wake up. I see," Near mused. "Why had you not mentioned this fact before?"

"I was already aware of the progress the investigators here were making, and would have preferred to keep that lapse in judgment to myself."

"In the future, your embarrassment and bad judgment are not to be taken into account when considering what information to supply the investigation with," Near commanded. The Japanese detectives winced at his blunt wording.

"Watari wasn't joking, the kid's just like L. I mean, a younger L, and really adorable, but who says things like that?" Matsuda whispered loudly to the others. "Maybe it's just because he's ten..."

"Matsuda-san is wrong about my age," Near corrected calmly. Jumping, Matsuda flushed in embarrassment and hung his head. Aizawa sighed at him.

"...Though Matsuda shouldn't have mentioned it, your age is a concern," Aizawa admitted, crossing his arms on his chest and giving Near a direct look. The look was wasted on Near, and Aizawa tightened his arms against a surge of annoyance at the boy's lack of manners. Who raised this kid? he wondered. If he really is L's son, the only surprise would be a woman being able to stand L long enough to sleep with him... Realizing how unflattering that thought was, he tried to push it away. "Simply put, aren't you too young to be the leader of this investigation?"

"Age has little to do with it. L believes me capable of being his successor, and... I was raised in an establishment specially made to raise the person who could take over L's title."

Matsuda gasped, but Aizawa ignored him, concentrating on Near as a serious thought occurred to him. "You speak about L familiarly. Did you know him personally?"

Behind him, Ide nodded at the statement and watched Near curiously, while Mogi, his interest in Near not requiring that he watch, had pragmatically returned his attention to looking at information on the case.

Seeming interested for the first time, Near glanced at Aizawa. After a pause, he gave an eerie little smile. "A good observation, Aizawa-san. Yes, I know L."

"What?" Ide demanded. All eyes turned to him and he shrugged in apology but pressed on. "I mean, why should we trust you to find L if you've been trying to be like him your whole life? Isn't there a... conflict of interest?"

Near's gaze returned to the corner. Apparently bored with standing, he sank to the floor in the middle of the room, resting on one curled leg with the other knee by his chest. Rester reached into his jacket and the Japanese detectives tensed in unison until he revealed several action figures hidden there instead of a gun. He handed these silently to the child, who gave him a thoughtful look before thanking him and accepting the toys, setting them on the ground to play with them. He spoke only after this, voice still clearly audible in spite of his attention being focused on his toys. "There is no conflict of interest. I admired L and wanted to be him, as all of us did. However, I believe that Kira should be brought to justice, and that L is better off not in his presence." Aizawa and Chief Yagami reluctantly retook their seats, deciding the impasse between their groups was over.

Matsuda looked empathetic, leaning forward in his chair and obviously being won over by Near's childlike behavior. "Poor kid..." He was looked at sharply by Aizawa and noticed the embarrassed grimace Chief Yagami gave. "Ah!" he lifted his hands defensively. "I didn't mean it like that! It's just, if I had someone I really looked up to and admired, and well-- I still admire Light," he added in a quieter voice, blushing again but determined. His eyes were stubborn in spite of the disapproval of his teammates. "He's way smarter than me-- than anyone, except maybe L, I mean the old L, or..." he looked to Near uncertainly. "But that doesn't mean it's right to kill. Just, some people really seem to deserve death... What was I talking about?" Trailing off nervously, he abruptly straightened. "Right!" he added, causing Ide and the smaller man Near had identified as Gevanni to jump. He smiled at Near. "It's horrible having someone you look up to betray you. But you shouldn't be going after L just for revenge. You're too young, you should be, well, you are playing with toys, but..."

"Matsuda," Chief Yagami sighed. It was his most polite way of refraining from telling his detective to shut up.

Relieved when Matsuda obeyed, Aizawa shook his head, grimacing faintly.

"I don't pursue L for revenge. On the contrary, I still want to be L, but only the position, not the man," Near stated matter-of-factly. "While L is still around, I'm merely stepping into his title of world's best detective without earning it. Capturing him will prove my worth. He has shown himself to be too emotional to be a real role model." He looked up at Matsuda. "L's attraction to Light was a critical weakness and proved his downfall."

"When you say attraction..." Chief Yagami mused, troubled and thinking of Matsuda's observations on their behavior.

"Light is a charismatic person," Aizawa pointed out gruffly. "Even if they fought, Ryuuzaki might have liked him under all of it. He did call Light his only friend..."

"He did?" Ide asked, startled.

"That is an interesting fact," Near murmured. He lifted up a Transformer toy and zoomed it through the air, eyes fixed on it. "But Aizawa is incorrect. I used the word 'attraction' because Light and L were lovers. I believe that is a main reason for L giving up his position to save Kira's life."

Shock swept through the Japanese investigators. Matsuda's eyes widened. "But-- he had MisaMisa!" he blurted. "Why would a guy with such a cute girlfriend be gay?"

"That isn't the important thing," Aizawa grumbled, frowning at this information. Ide seemed startled, but as he hadn't known Light in the first place, it wasn't expected to affect him much. Mogi had merely nodded slightly as though this were something he had suspected for months and just hadn't seen a reason to mention. Disturbed by that, Aizawa put it aside to think on later. He leaned forward, noticing Chief Yagami out of the corner of his eyes. The man was staring at the ceiling with a forsaken look. "What evidence led you to that conclusion?" Aizawa demanded of Near. "I'm sure there's some other explanation..."

Near tilted his head, turning the Transformer upside down and staring at it. "What other explanation would Aizawa-san offer on security footage of L and Light--"

"I don't want to hear this," Chief Yagami stated rudely. He stood, facing down and with his hands clenched. From Aizawa's position, he could see a fine tremor running through the composed man. "I stayed with the investigation until you arrived and decided if I was needed. But I've come to the decision that I can't participate... It's my failing. I should stay and see that my son is brought to justice, but all I can think about..." He took an unsteady breath, then bowed. Lifting his head, he pushed his glasses back up his nose. "Forgive me for being a useless man, but I can not stay here. I need to return home and do what I can for my wife and Sayu... If the information is coming out soon that Light is Kira, I'll need to be with them."

"Of course..." Near nodded, a finger curling back into his hair. "Thank you for staying until I arrived. We will be making the news statement tomorrow. Take tonight to move yourself and your family to a place where the public can not easily find you; Kira supporters and haters may attempt to seek out the family of Kira. In this case, it is most convenient that the family of Amane Misa is already dead..."

"That isn't the sort of thing you should say," Chief Yagami chided the young genius stiffly. He turned to his detectives, seeming briefly at a loss.

Standing, Aizawa gripped his chief's shoulders, nodding to him. "It's been a pleasure to work with you, sir..." Dropping his hands, he shared a mutual bow with his superior.

The other detectives said their farewells in much the same way. True to Matsuda's character, he rose from his bow with tears filling his eyes, and only Aizawa putting a hasty hand to the younger man's shoulder kept Matsuda from flinging himself at Chief Yagami for a hug. Aizawa suspected Matsuda had had too much affection from his mother as a child. Chief Yagami gave Aizawa a subtle nod of gratitude for the save. He nodded to Near and wished them luck, then left.


The investigation progressed slowly that night, with both sides still getting used to each other. Matsuda also insisted on continually addressing Near as if he were a normal ten year old and not a genius thirteen year old.

Late in the evening, Aizawa finally got into his car and headed past the building's underground security and out into the street. Sighing, he rubbed the back of his neck at how stressful the day had been.

In his pocket, his phone rang. Curious, he pulled it out, seeing his daughter's picture on the small window. Flipping it open, he answered. "Yumi-chan?"

"Guess again." The voice that had answered was scrambled, making it impossible to analyze. Terror gripped Aizawa. "Keep driving, detective," the voice in his ear commanded. "Don't make anyone upstairs suspicious. Now, if you value your daughter's life, there are a few questions you'll need to answer for us..."

With one hand clenched on the wheel, Aizawa forced himself to think past his panic and not wreck the car. Yumi...!


Mello lay sprawled on the couch in he and Matt's small apartment in the Kanto region of Japan. A pink, glitter-and-sticker covered phone dangled lazily by his ear and with his free hand he held a small voice distorter. A Heckler & Koch USP rested on his pleather-clad stomach. During the week he and Matt had been waiting for Near to arrive, they'd acquired the apartment and been staking out the Kira investigational headquarters. Then, bored out of their minds for several days, the boys had gone shopping. Mello had taken to the stores for new clothes and had dipped a toe into the underworld of Japan to pick up a gun (as well as a fresh supply of chocolate). Matt had returned with several bags of new games.

Across the couch from Mello sat a young girl of five to seven years, school uniform still on and a sulk to her mouth.

"Are you going to cooperate?" Mello spoke in Japanese into the distorter with the phone on mute, recording the sound and holding it to the phone while playing it. When Near had started taking classes in foreign languages that L knew, Mello had, of course, jumped into them with violent determination. He had dragged Matt with him. It occurred to him now that he'd never thought a foreign language course would be so useful in a kidnapping.

"What do you want?" came the voice on the other line. From the clipped tone, Aizawa was trying to control his fear and anger to keep from doing something rash. It was a good move.

Mute again, and again Mello recorded his words before playing them. The method was crude, but had cost under seven dollars online and served its purpose adequately. "I'm going to need information. I know that you're in the Kira investigation. I'll need everything you know on Kira... and everything you've learned from Near. I know some information already, so be careful. If you're lying, I'll find out, and Yumi will suffer." Yumi stuck her tongue out at the blond, but eyed his gun nervously when he touched it lightly.

Shocked silence was Aizawa's immediate response and Mello imagined the man desperately trying to think of a way out of the situation that wouldn't involve betraying the other detectives or giving away sensitive information. Finally, he cursed. "I need to know that Yumi is all right. Put her on," Aizawa commanded.

"Say please," Mello ordered, smirking.

A brief pause, and Aizawa spoke more softly. "Please, I need to talk to her..."

Mello shrugged and tossed Yumi her phone. The girl scrambled to catch it, then put it to her ear. "Papa!" she cried happily, squirming on the couch. "No, Yumi's fine. Papa, make him bring the nice kidnapper back! I hate this one, he's got bad hair and he won't give Yumi any chocolate!"

Mello glared at her for the comment, glad that Matt wasn't there to mock him for it. Still, picturing Aizawa trying to wrap his mind around Yumi's words was hilarious. Yumi's description of Mello would be more than enough for Near to determine who he was when Aizawa would undoubtedly explain what he'd done later, but Mello was counting on that. In any case, the voice changer was only to make Aizawa more inclined to believe his threat; hearing a fourteen year old speaking wasn't nearly as intimidating.

Still listening, Yumi slumped her shoulders and pouted. "I don't want to stay here! ...Fine, I'll be good..." She sighed. "Love you too, papa." Looking straight at Mello, she gave the older boy a defiant look before thrusting her phone at him imperiously.

Taking the phone, Mello dropped back on the couch. Hitting mute again, he addressed Yumi. "Relax, brat. The 'nice kidnapper' will be back as soon as he can. If you try to steal my chocolate again, you'll get fat and your papa will hate you." Offended, Yumi kicked him, and Mello made an abrupt move toward her with a threatening look. Squeaking, Yumi bolted from the couch, stopped herself, then brushed at her skirt before going to the TV and starting up one of Matt's games. Matt had been teaching Yumi the joys of a first person shooter. It was so cute Mello could vomit.

Child subdued, Mello turned his attention back to the phone, where Aizawa had begun to panic at the extended silence. "I'm still here," Mello's distorted voice assured the detective. "I was teaching your daughter manners. Now. Find somewhere to park where you won't be interrupted; and remember, I'll know it if you're lying."


Aizawa did as he was ordered, and Yumi played games quietly while Mello interrogated her father on the Kira investigation. Twenty minutes into the conversation Matt entered the room, having taken a bus. He'd been stationed in the building across from the Kira investigation, hanging out in lobbies and hallways that had windows and moving occasionally to avoid drawing attention to himself.

Upon seeing Aizawa's vehicle leaving the headquarters building, he'd texted Mello and headed out. Lighting a cigarette compulsively as he entered their living area-- hours watching for Aizawa had felt like a non-smoking section of Hell-- Matt took a deep drag and let out a smoke-filled sigh as he relaxed.

Turning to wave happily at him, Yumi frowned a the boy sternly as he walked over to her. "Smoking kills!" she whispered loudly to avoid interrupting Mello's conversation.

"So does being a cop," Matt retorted, resting his cigarette between his lips. "But you still like your dad, right?" Sitting beside her, Matt leaned over to restart the game for two players. "Mello been treating you all right?"

Yumi fidgeted, glaring over her shoulder at Mello, her chin-length bob moving with her action. She was still at an age where her anger was cute and not obnoxious. "He's mean!"

Matt smiled, following her gaze to his tempestuous friend. Mello flipped him off in greeting, still concentrating on the phone, and Matt laughed. "Yeah, I noticed. Tell him glaring will give him wrinkles," he told Yumi. She brightened and opened her mouth, and he held up his hands hastily. "I was joking! He might shoot you. Seriously. Try flattery. It's always better to be nice to people you don't like; it throws them off." He grinned at Mello. "He's never learned that. I think trying to be nice to his enemies would kill him."

Hitting the mute button again, Mello gave them both a suspicious look. "What the fuck are you two talking about? Why do you keep staring at me?"

Yumi got a peculiar expression like she was biting into a lemon, and Matt nudged her with an elbow. She sighed. "...I'm sorry I said your hair is ugly," she tried.

Mello stared. Matt bit the inside of his lip to keep from laughing, then took another drag on his cigarette to hide his expression. "...Well, quit saying shit about me. Find another subject," the blond ordered. "Freaks." Shaking his head, disturbed, Mello turned the sound back on the phone.

Matt looked to Yumi. Yumi made a face. "He didn't tell you to fuck off," Matt pointed out helpfully. "That's like saying 'apology accepted.'"

Yumi rolled her eyes and looked back to the game as the options screen came up. "...I don't want to be nice to him," she decided firmly, keeping her voice down. "He's making papa sad."

Adjusting his goggles, Matt considered. "Sometimes events are out of our hands. You may as well make the best of the situation; you're with us for now. Your dad's cooperating, so we'll confirm the facts and let you go home soon."

Frowning as she listened to this, Yumi started a new game and didn't respond. Hitting the buttons on automatic as his eyes tracked the movements on the screen, Matt let his mind return to Mello.

Kidnapping the girl was a risky move. If it could catch them up to Near, however, it would be worth it. Then all they had to do was chase down two of the smartest men in the world with a week-long handicap cooling the trail.

Life with Mello always had been full of surprises.


For this chapter, I'd like to mention that you really can find anything online. Huh. I decided on the HK USP because it's a decent gun... Also originally because the gun comes in a compact model that would fit Mello's hand better. Then I thought about it. Mello, buying a smaller gun because he's fourteen and his hands are small? Yeah right. His hands can grow, his inferiority complex is too much for a little gun. I get this weird feeling that accepting a smaller gun would be to him like saying he couldn't 'handle' the normal size.

Extreme Ways is by Moby. Next chapter should make use of the Kira question! It kept moving itself away a chapter at a time, but I think I've wrestled it back now.

I just realized I had never mentioned in the summary that this is the sequel!!! *blushing* I fixed that.

Comment responses:

Gloria B: I love you. Also, I hadn't been thinking so much about him becoming more like Light or more influenced by Light from being away from the Death Note, but I'll definitely use it now. My reasoning had been more like... the Death Note is a weapon, so being without it makes Kira feel less secure and less sure of his abilities, more open to the influence of his subconscious and his buried emotions. For a split personality thing, I'm considering it, but mostly in the form of dreams or unwanted thoughts. Hmm...

Thanks for your thoughts on Mello! The book just came, so I'll hop into it soon. I may have to revise this chapter afterward, or I might just tweak Mello as he gets older to make him suit the voice in the novel. I couldn't wrap my mind around Aizawa's Monchichi haircut either. The pants thing didn't make me notice Aizawa as much as the fact that he was always the one arguing with Light and L about different points-- also, L stating he likes Aizawa seemed to be the truth to me as well. Glad you liked Near and the Italy bit, and thanks for reviewing again!

Zannie: Thanks for the comment, but nope, Shades of Mystification is by the lovely Hellagoddess, not me.

Hellagoddess: I didn't mean to shove Near in as an afterthought, I just didn't tie the parts together well-- it was less afterthoughty and more "need to get this out of the way to explain wtf he has Rester with him at headquarters", so. Short review is fine! I understand completely. Plushies!!!

Kuro: You caught the reference!!!! I'm so geekily happy with that. I thought about mentioning it, but figured someone had to notice... Yay! Also, thanks so much! I like making Kira and Light argue. I dunno, it's an amusing mental image to me.

Nusku: Thanks!

GreatestHits: You're welcome-- I seem to be finishing a chapter or a chapter and a half each day off. I'm off a few days in a row next week, so hopefully there'll be more to show for it! Misa'll be fine, she'll recover in the interest of totally single-minded loyalty to Kira. I can't take credit for the dream thing-- one of my friends explained that that's what happens to him at night, he just goes over the day and analyzes it and has never had a 'real' dream. It fascinated me and Light sort of developed it on his own.

Lila: I'm glad you liked Goodnight Moon! For whenever you find this sequel, hello! I'm not sure if you've noticed it's up since you replied on GM, but. Light might show up again in my story, I still have no idea where I'm going again! I know events a few chapters ahead at a time, I'm trying to increase that... Hopefully since I actually changed the summary thing, the sequel's more obvious.

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