Some Games Are Meant to be Played

BY : Kotetsu_Kaburagi
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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: We do not own Death Note we merely borrowed it's ideas for a bit of fun. ^_^

This is an rp that my friend and I started on aim and I decided that we did so well with it I would adapt it into a story and post it here for your enjoyment. There are some spoilers and warnings for rape and gore but the cool thing about this is that I will be adapting each day we rp into another chapter so updates should be consistent and well written. I hope you all enjoy this rare treat written by two different minds. Let's get to it shall we?

Some Games Are Meant to be Played

Chapter 1

The light barely shown through the windows of the young red-headed boy's room as he sat on the bed, texting on his phone as always. The light from his phone barely illuminated his face. He seemed rather bored this day, having already done all of Mello's dirty work for the day, oh the drab things he had to do. He needed a little something different today, at least to get his spirits up.
Meanwhile L was idly tapping at buttons on his keyboard bored as hell. Suddenly he flicked on the intercom and spoke into it.

"Watari, arrange a visit back to Whammy house I would like to check up on my charges, as we are getting nowhere with the Kira case at this time."

The elderly gentlman's voice answered back in affimative, and L went back to his room to pack. He knew it was a bad idea to leave a case when he'd just started it but he felt he needed the break.

Meanwhile, Matt's ear twitched slightly, drawing his attention away from his phone as the house seemed to start to bussle suddenly. He idly wondered what was going on, it was usually quiet day in and day out. He closed his cellphone, and lifted his own lightweight body from the bed, heading over to his door, opening and peering out of it slightly to see what was going on. Everyone seemed so excited, it took him a moment to process why. Having his curioscity satisfied, he closed his door again quietly, firing up the multiple monitors in his room to watch the grounds. He had no interest in showing himself, at least just yet.

Within a matter of hours L found himself in London on his way to whammy house. He had just started with the task force so he could afford to leave control back in Soichiro Yagami's capable hands for the time being, as their investigation had hit a temporary snag. He had ordered the other to contact him immediately if anyhting changed, but now what mattered to him most was the large building looming into veiw, and he let a small smile cross his features for the first time in a long time. He was home.

Pain-stakingly, Matt continued to watch the monitors, though he did take a break to text on his cell phone again. Later his attention was drawn away again as Mello knocked furiously at his door, yelling that L was on his way in an excited manner.

"I'll be out in a bit,"

Matt yelled back. He didn't seem all that outwardly excited about it at first, but, he started thinking; plotting something. Maybe this was his chance for a change, the uplift he needed. Still though, he continued to watch the monitors, waiting for the appearence of the infamous L.
The classic car pulled up in the entrance and Quillsh Whammy opened the door for him. He stepped out and thanked him, before making his way up to the building and stepping inside. For over 18 years he had called this place home, and nothing had really changed except for a few new faces. He looked around at all of the adoring looks he was recieving knowing they all aspired to be like him one day, and he felt honored and humbled by the fact. He smiled and greeted them all including an enthusiastic Mello who nearly bowled him down in excitement at seeing his mentor. Matt quietly made his exit out of his room, making his way down the hall to the main entrance of the house. Being Mello's usual partner in crime, he had to be dragged along, though he was less than enthusiastic about it. He picked up his head slightly, looking up at L through his goggles. He blinked for a moment, then a slow smile spread across his face. Though, he didn't utter a word just yet, only to be smacked to say Hello by Mello. That blonde haired boy was always on his case. L blinked a bit and pried Mello off his person, before sheparding the children back to their classes -as well as getting Mello to think twice about skipping his with a stern look- and then he saw Matt off to the side by himself, and cocked his head to the side biting his thumb curiously

"Matt is there somehting wrong? you seem a bit unamused by my return, did you not wish me to visit?"

Matt chuckled slightly, shaking his head.

"Now what would make you say that?"

His demeanor seemed to calm considerably as Mello had been rushed off. He was at slight bit surprised that he, too wasn't ushured back to class.

"Of course I'm glad to see you."

he said with a smile. L returned the gesture and smiled back

"perhaps it was my mistake. Those goggles you are wearing do an excellent job of disguising your features. However I have not missed one subtle change in your demeanor. It seems to me by my observation that you have gone back on our last conversation about not letting Mello get the best of you. Your obvious distaste at his public display did not go unnoticed"

Matt strained slightly when L had mentioned Mello. He was right, much as he'd rather not admit it.

"It's hard to not help, he always seems to get the better of me with his guilt trips, and like a sucker, I always fall victim to it. I do my best to avoid him as much as possible, but I can only hide in my room so much."

He ended with a sigh. He pulled the goggles from his face, finally revealing his eyes, one of them having been blackened, possibly from a fight he had been in earlier that same week. L frowned seeing the injury

"Was it Mello who caused that?"

He nodded slowly, tracing his fingers around the rim of the eye.

"That he did, because I wouldn't do what he wanted me to."

L sighed and shook his head

"Hmm this news is most troublesome...I did not know the extent of his temper...well it seems I cannot ignore this while my sucessors are brutalizing each other. Matt if he continues to do so then I may be inclined to allow you to join the Kira case to keep him away from you"

Matt's eyes grew wide and he shook his own head rapidly.

"No.. no.. I'm not ready yet. My skills are not yet developed enough to be of adequate help at the present time. If Mello got any word of my disappearence from this place, He'll hunt me down.. and possibly do worse than this.."

He said with a shudder. Suddenly, he felt rather uncomfortable, placing his goggles back on, looking to L.

"Would you mind moving this conversation to my room, please?"

He asked in a hurried, but hushed tone. L blinked and chewed his thumb but shrugged

"Very well lead the way"

He motioned for the other to follow, Leading him back to his darkened room, only illuminated by monitors and that small crack of light that came in through his window. His room otherwise seemed rather barren, but well kept. L looked around at all of the monitors and a small smirk formed

"I knew you had me on camera, your hacking skills have not diminished at all seeing as how I programmed that security system myself."

Matt let out a slight chuckle, closing and locking the door behind him.

"Admittedly, it wasn't easy, considering you had multiple firewalls and codecs. But who better to hack the system than one of Whammy's own members?"

He chuckled lightly.

"Sorry there isn't many places to sit in here, I suppose my bed will have to do."

L walked to the window and parted the blinds slightly looking out.

"This old place hasn't changed much....I really have begun to miss it. It is not an easy thing to be the greatest detective in the world Matt. When the time comes for you to take on the role of L you must be prepared to give up everything...including your life"

Matt's eyes squinted slightly as the light came into his room.

"I have my doubts of being capable of filling your role. There are other far more capable than I.."

He seemed humble about it, however there was a slight hint of jealousy, though he didn't show it in any shape or form, keeping it confined to his mind.

"Giving up everything, well, that's not exactly hard, considering I don't have much to start with."

"Not many of us do...we have no lives to go back parents no connections...but you must remember that this is not a competition between yourselves for my place. We are not robots nor are we mere replacements..."

L turned back to look at him a small hint of emotion in the form of a slight smile showing through.

"You must never forget your humanity"


The word seemed to stumble over his lips as he thought about it for a moment. With the way things were run around here, it almost did seem like they were merely being trained for replacements. Matt seemed to be confused, pulling his goggles off again and looking to L.

"What.. is humanity?"

L sat down on the bed pulling up into his usual crouch.

"Humanity is knowing you aren't just a robot or a tool. That you have a choice and free will. That you still need things like emotions and rest when it is well as remembering that you are needed. That is humanity."

Matt sat next to L, but he didn't look at him, in fact, he avoided eye contact completely and looked to the floor.

"Well, that is probably why I don't understand what it is, because I lack it with myself."

He sighed slowly. It seemed to hit him pretty hard. L looked over at him and cocked his head to the side, not quite certain how to react in emotional situations.

"Well you will learn one day you're still quite young, and you will learn more before you are ready for the world."

Matt's eyes shot over to him, giving a rather cold glare.

"We'll see."

He said shortly.The detective looked a bit confused as to the glare and shifted slightly. Matt's mind seemed to be shutting off his reasoning, leaving him with basic primal instincts. Outwardly, he still seemed to be Matt, but that was quite soon to change as his frustrations began to get the better of him, attempting to push the detective over in a rather malicious manner. If it was possible L's eyes reached their maximum wideness, as he overbalanced from the push and fell backward on the bed ready to defend himself if Matt attacked. The red-head was about to pin the other down, climbing on top of L, but something stopped him. He was staring into L's eyes, and this would continue for several minutes. Not a word would be uttered, however, something about the silent exchange seemed to calm him again, and he removed him self, getting up and leaning his head against the wall.

"You're right.. this place is no good for me so long as Mello is around to make me his little toadie."

L slowly sat up and looked at the boy carefully, as if trying to analyze what had just happened.

" must get ahold of yourself or I fear that you will become like Mello. I admire you of all my successors mostly because of your ability to keep calm under pressure, and that is what is most required of this not fail me now."

He sat up and then stood going over to the red head and laying a hand on his shoulder

"You must keep control"

Matt was silent for a moment, letting L's words sink in. As always, he was right. He needed to keep himself in control. He reached to his shoulder, taking the raven-haired detective's hand into his own, turning his head to look at the other. Again he seemed different, revealing more of himself, of who he really was.

"Control.. yes.."

His mind seemed to wander a bit. L's wide gaze traveled down to the hand over his and he blinked in confusion as to why the touch had occured and still lingered

"matt...your hand.."

He didn't have a hard grasp of L's hand, it was rather light. The other could take his hand away at any moment. His gaze seemed soft, using his other free hand to place at L's chin, then leaning in to give a kiss.

"You're too wonderful."

he admitted. L let out a small gasp but didn't pull away not sure what the other was going to do, adding an honorific to the boy's name from having to speak Japanese so often arounf Light and the rest of the task force.


"T-there's something I want..."

He said quietly.

"something I never have experienced before.."

He said quietly, his gaze seemed to be lost. L looked back at him knowing what feelings of love were but never having experienced them before

"What do you want Matt-kun...?"

Matt's head seemed to be swimming, but it wasn't clouding his judgement. He just couldn't believe what he was about to say to L. Mello would have assumed Matt to be more submissive than he really was.

"I want... to be with you.. yes.. that's it."

L thought he understood what the red head was saying and he brightened a bit

"So you do wish to accept the offer to be on the case with me?"

Matt sighed a bit, well, if it entailed him to be near L, then he supposed so.

"Yes, but that wasn't what I really meant."

He said slowly.

"What i meant was.."

He leaned over, whistering into the other's ear,

"I want to date you.. I can't hide it any longer."

L's eyes popped a bit and he took a small step back looking at the other

"But..Matt we are both men it seems illogical..."

Matt crossed his arms loosly, leaning against the wall. He thought it over for a moment, then approached L, pulling him close.

"You said yourself that we shouldn't forget our humanity. And even you would know that not everything would seem logical. I am only being who I am in front of you, The Matt that no one else but me knows. A Gay male."

L gasped again at the close contact feeling his face growing hot and he squirmed a little in the other's grip.

"Matt we cannot engage in such things... If we are caught the repercussions would be dire...I could be stripped of my title.."

Matt sighed slightly, then placed his hands on L's cheeks.

"Humor me... at least while we're in the privacy of my room. No one can get in here. Plus.. I'm rather enjoying the thought of placing ourselves on the line, I could be kicked to the streets for my actions.. but.. I'm willing to risk it.. if it means I can be happy.. for once in my miserable life."

L shivered a bit and stepped back again, but the backs of his knees met the edge of Matt's bed and he promptly fell back onto the bed. Matt saw the oppertunity and immediately came over to L, though he was rather light, he used what strength he could to pin the other on the bed, staring down at him.

"I promise.. it won't hurt.."

He said quietly. L lay there fear floodng through him. He had never been with anyone before much less a man and frankly he was afraid of what it could mean



that was all the red head said before he pressed his lips to L's. In this process, he also pressed his body into the other male's, his eyes closing lightly as he kissed.


L flintchd a bit and squirmed a little under him starting to tremble as the fear grew. Matt held L tight, making sure he couldn't squirm too much. He still didn't want to hurt the one he believed he loved, but at the same time, he wanted to get some pent up sexual frustration out. He brought the other's hands to their sides, then dipped his head began to kiss down to L's neck, licking, suckling it a little. The detective gasped and arched starting to thrash a little

"Matt stop this...I am not gay please...we will cause trouble..."

Now Matt was getting frustrated slightly, He had opened up and already he was being being shot down? No, he was determined to do what he wanted.

"I'm not going to let you get out of this. Gay or not. If you scream, then I'll plug you, and neither of us want that, right?"

L's eyes widened as the fear peaked and he tried to kick his assialant


Matt winced as he was kicked, and rebutted by using his fist as a gag in L's mouth, thrusting it roughly inside. He didn't care if L bit him, just as long as he kept quiet. If need be, He would bind and gag the other. He was prepared to do whatever possible to get his way. L choked and bit down before jerking his head to the side and opening his mouth to scream for Watari. Matt's heart raced, and he began to panic. As a last second decision, he hit L in an attempt to knock him out, hurting his hand even more as it was already throbbing from being bitten. L saw stars and went still, the side of his face throbbing as a bruise began to form, but it was sufficient to knock the fight out of him and he stopped struggling, eyes going dull and emotionless, but the trembling of his body betrayed the fear and betrayal he felt inside. Matt panted lightly, He had used quite a bit of strength, but had enough still left in him to do what he wanted. Grasping the rim of the other's pants, he began to tug them down, his hands trembling a great deal as he did so. He knew this was going to haunt him, but in the moment, he just didn't care.

L bit his lip and shut his eyes, hands clentching in the comforter of the bed knowing the teen knew nothing of preperation and it was going to hurt him, but he knew if he tried for the door he'd only be grabbed and forced back to the bed again then possibly punished for the defiance so he fogured his best option was just to take it. After working the other's pants off, he tossed them aside to the floor, thinking for a moment, before deciding to turn L over on his stomach, just in case. He started working at partially removing his own pants, pulling his stiffened length out as he stared at the other for a moment. This action scared L even more, and he tensed up not knowing when the other would make his move. He hated not being able to face his opponents, and in that moment he knew he didn't want to give up just yet so he scrambled up and tried to make for the door.

Matt leapt after L, he wasn't about to let him get away. Conjuring up the strength, he went to strike his target again, this time for the back of the Raven haired detective's head. L felt the blow and winced falling to the floor on all fours not realizing the compromising position he had just placed himself in, and waited for the stars to clear from his head. Panting heavily, the other mounted the temporarily dazed L, roughly thrusting into him, clenching his teeth and trying to hold his target down at the same time. Originally though, he wouldn't have been so rough, but his instincts were causing him to act otherwise. L's body jerked, and pain blossomed across his backside as he let out a sharp cry and winced hanging his head


Matt's heart was racing even faster as he had entered L, all sounds seemed to melt away in his head. But he did faintly hear the other, grabbing the other's pants which had been discarded earlier, then using one of the legs like a gag to quiet his cries, at least so no one could hear him from outside of the door. L's tightness was surprising to him, but of course, he had no idea of how it felt up until now.. it hurt even him a little, but once he slowly started to thrust, it seemed the pleasure was taking over. L winced hard trying to ignore the searing pain shooting up his backside every time the other thrusted into him, squeezing his eyes shut and feeling a small stream of what he only assumed was blood trickling down his thigh, and he trembled. Matt made small moans as he started to thrust more, already he was throbbing inside of the other detective, already ready to climax inside of him. It was his first time, so it wouldn't exactly be expected of him to last that long.

L felt it and tried to squirm away, knowing that if he was damaged inside if the other came inside him it could cause possible infection, and he tried to voice it around the gag but it came out as an inaudible


Matt was already very drained of energy and L's attempts to squirm proved fruitful, and just as Matt was about to cum, the other had squirmed enough to make him pull out, spilling himself on L's backside instead of inside of him. The sheer pleasure was enough to make him fall over to the side, panting heavily, his energy spent. He now knew he would be in major trouble. L jerked again as the other left him and collpased onto his elbows, his whole backside throbbing with pain. But he knew he couldn't give Matt another chance at him, so he grabbed his pants and tugged them on then fled from the room, limping down the hallway to burst into Watari's study and collapse to the floor.

To be continued.....

A/N: Well everyone that's chapter one. I'll be posting these quite frequently as I can get them condensed into fic form. I would like to thank my rp partner for helping me to write this wonderful peice of fiction and I hope you all enjoy it. Leave us some good reviews we love you guys. -L

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