Some Games Are Meant to be Played

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Well sorry to leave you in a cliffhanger for the first one but hey this was preordained in the rp first so all of this is coming from the point of veiw of two people. Yup that's right, this was written by yours truly and the best Matt I've ever had the pleasure of rping with. I hope you all are liking this so far and I've been told that there will be a big surprise coming up in later rpings so hopefully ina few chapters it'll be revealed. Well I'll shut up now and let you get to it. Thank you for your hits now how about some reviews? XD

Some Games Are Meant to be Played

Chapter 2

Matt laid on the floor for several minutes, recollecting his strength. It was too late, he needed to leave. He zipped himself up, collecting only his cell phone, turning off the monitors, and quietly making his way out of Whammy house.

Meanwhile, Watari was taken aback as he saw L bust in suddenly and collapse on the floor. Seeing a small amount of blood that had collected on the other's pants, he rushed over to aid him.

"What on earth happened?!"

he asked in a hushed, but concerned tone. L looked up at the elderly man, his only remaining father figure and averted his gaze.

"Watari....I think I was just....raped.."

Watari's eyes grew wide as soon as the word rape left L's lips. Rape? At the Whammy House? He couldn't believe it, but this was L they were talking about, so it had to be true. He kept calm though, helping L to his chair.

"Who.. did it?"

He asked. L lowered his head, afraid to say who it was and wanting to protect the boy, knowing he'd probbly already fled the scene feeling immense guilt for what he'd done


Watari wasn't going to push it. Though, he did think it somewhat strange that L wasn't answering his question. But he had a duty to take care of L, he was top priority over everything else.

"Is there anything I can do for you?"

"I don't know...but I know I was injured so perhaps medical attention would be wise? I seem to be bleeding from the rectum"

Watari nodded, and went over to the phone. It was a bit of a hard decision, but he decided to call for medics to come to the house, knowing it would cause some talk about the house, but felt it would have been better than to take L to the hospital. It was apparent L was protecting his assailant, though he still couldn't understand why, and to take him to the hospital would just arouse more curiosity. Once off the phone, he turned back to L, and said

"They'll be here in a couple of minutes. I will take care of the crowd control."

L nodded and tried to assume his normal crouch, but winced and hissed in pain squeezing his eyes shut so as not to cry out and alert Watari to his true condition.

Meanwhile, Matt hadn't actually left the grounds of his home. Instead he went to his little private hideaway, one that he had used even since he was little. He curled up in the small spot, the guilt wrecked him. Even more so as he heard cars coming up to the house, he knew what they were for. Back in the study, Watari placed his hand on L's shoulder, looking at him, concerned. Only the ringing of the bell to the entrance was all that could pull his attention away, and he looked to L for a moment.

"They're here, I shall fetch them if it's alright with you to be alone for a moment?"

L nodded and waved him off.

"I will be fine please let them in...the children are to be told that I have had an accident not what has happened..."

Watari nodded and briskly left the study, directing the medical team back to L. Now for crowd control. As he saw the curious children, He told them not to worry, giving them an excuse that L had slipped, and would be fine, of course, it wasn't so simply put, but it satisfied their curiosity and life went on as normal as possible for the most part. He returned to his study to check on L, making sure he was properly cared for. L let the medical team check him over, but the tenseness at being touched showed in him and he had to fight hard to restrain himself from flintching away several times. Watari could barely watch the medical team look over L, still, he wanted to find out exactly who did it to him. Was it one of the other staff members? No, he would have figured that out easily. It had to have been one of the students.. but which one?

L finally relaxed as they finished with him having needed a few internal stitches, whitch had been quite uncomfortable to recieve and he pulled his pants back on and curled up on the chair wrapping his arms around his knees and looking more violated than he had before he'd come running into the study. Watari came and stood by L, looking to him, he only wished he could do more.

"Is there anything else you require? Some tea, maybe some sweets?"

He asked, trying to be as normal as possible.

"Thank you watari that would be much appreciated....however...I know that you will soon find out who it was that did this to I will be was number 3..."

Watari was silent for a moment. Number 3? could it be possible? His mind fumbled over it as he fixed L a pot of tea making sure to grab plenty of sugar cubes. Once the tea was made, He set the pot in front of L with the cubes off to the side. Then lifting off the lid off a jar, filled with sweets for him to eat.

"What would you suggest the corse of action should be?"

L sighed and grabbed the cup of tea pouring it with a few sugar cubes added before sipping it

"No action...if this got out I fear the consequences it may cause..."

"True that may be, but should we also run the risk of him doing it again? But it makes me wonder still, why would he do such a thing in the first place? It just doesn't sound like his M.O. unless we've been missing something."

L took another sip of his tea and added five more cubes

"He's been abused by Mello...his intentions were out of rashness and the desire to be wanted..I was simply his target of built up anger and need"

Watari pinched his nose, uttering a sigh.

"I see. Perhaps it may be best to keep the two seperated? I highly doubt he got very far, being that this is the only home he's known. Still, he deserves some form of punishment, but like mentioned earlier it may lead to some suspicion amongst the other students.. hmm"

He thought for a while, walking over to his window and looking out over the grounds. Matt stayed in his hiding place, his mind was rather broken and torn over the whole situation. Even he couldn't believe he had the audacity to go after anyone, especially L. Said detective sighed and scratched the back of his head.

"Actually I am quite baffled with this whole situation..I have never been made to do something like that, and I'm really not quite sure how to feel about the occurence.."

Watari came and stood next to L, patting his shoulder again.

"Take your time, once you get things sorted out, we'll make a plan of action for number 3."

He said calmly. L looked up at him and a bit of emotion finally broke free

"Watari....I finally felt emotion today...unfortunately it was one of fear and pain...I don't ever want to feel so vulnerable again"

"I'm sorry I wasn't able to aid you. I'll try my hardest to ensure it never happens again. But.. you are still human, you know. Emotions come out eventually, though they aren't always positive in every case."

He said with a sigh. L bit his thumb a bit

"I think that is where I went wrong...I told him that he should never forget his humanity and...then he confessed an attraction to me. I beleive that is where it started."

Watari lifted a brow, this was complete news to him.

"He was.. attracted to you? Interesting.. I've never witnessed any homosexual tendancies with him, though, I've been serving with you on the Kira case as of late. But I can see how he could have gotten pent up like that.. still.. you think he would have broken sooner."

"Perhaps my sudden unexpected prescence was too much for him."

The detective sighed again, a very rare thing for him to do, but having become more frequent as of late.

"Perhaps it was not such a good idea to return till I've solved the case..."

"Well, give me the word and we'll leave immediately. The others know you're busy, so a short stay would be expected."

He looked to L.

" I'll Deal with him later."


L raised his head finally and gingerly eased off the chair limping slightly to the window.

"I will handle this..."

"Are you sure, sir?"

Watari asked in general concern. He didn't want anything worse to happen, considering what had already conspired. L looked back to Watari.

"I must learn to face everything that comes to me, even if it something so personal as this. Number 3's actions will not go unpunished, but he is still one of the greatest minds in the world and such pressure cannot be expected to be taken easily."

The other nodded in understanding.

"I trust your judgement. Should you need assisstance, you know I'll be awaiting. Unless you would like me to accompany you?"

"well first I will give him a head start. He can't have gone far, and he is ill-equipped to afford much with little to no salary, and the money he does have will most likely be spent on the ciggarrettes he didn't tell you he smoked, due to the terrible aftertaste he has left in my mouth"

Watari seemed rather dis-satisfied upon hearing about how the boy smoked.

"A nasty habit. Yes, It probably won't be too hard to find him, then."

He said, shaking his head a bit. Matt hadn't gone too far, in fact, he was at a local drugstore, trying to buy cigarettes at that very moment. L crawled pain-stakingly back over to his chair and sat back down in annoyance at the ache in his lower quarters.

"Now we wait..."

Watari nodded.

"Would you like to observe the cameras to see if he is to return?"

He suggested.

Meanwhile, Matt had managed to get his cigarettes, but forgot his lighter back in his room. He had not enough money to scrounge up another one. perhaps he could sneak back in to grab it.

L nodded and took another sip of tea starting on the sweets.

"yes that will do just fine, seeing as how i have been instructed not to move around much."

"I'll return in a moment, then."

Watari said, exiting the room for a moment. He fetched his case, containing his computer, then came back a few moments later with it, setting it on the desk and opening it, removing the laptop and setting it before L

"Here you are, sir, just what you need."

L nodded and popped another pice of candy in his mouth

"Thank you is unfortunate that this had to happen...I was expecting a peaceful visit but it seems not to be.."

"Aye, this is an unfortunate turn of events. A shame that you were the victim. However, I'm sure and trust that you will get everything cleared up."

He said, attending to a couple of small chores around the study.

Meanwhile, Matt tried his hand at getting back onto the property, avoiding the cameras as much as he could. He knew he couldn't turn them off.. they were probably looking for him. L was ready and caught the slight hint of red hair flash by the cameras, but surprisingly paid no attention to them. He did not want to cause a scene. While watari was distracted he rose from his chair and made his way down to Matt's room knowing what he was there for, stepping in the door and waiting. Watari made little note of L leaving. Perhaps he was just getting up to the restroom, he convinced himself.

Matt, of course, wasn't about the use the front door. Instead he climbed into his room through his window, only to be met by L, who was already waiting for him. He looked shocked, then scared, freezing like a deer in the headlights on his window sill. L looked at him but did not move forward

"I will not ask you to come quitely...but I am curious as to why you chose to do it"

The other blinked for a moment, then hopped off the sill onto his feet. He felt ashamed still for what he had done and being in the presence of L didn't make it any better.

"I- I just... wanted to be loved.. but I chose the wrong way.."

He put his hands up in the air.

"I won't fight it, do with me as you please. After all, I am guilty of my crimes."

L cocked his head to the side and bit his thumb lightly .

"Perhaps I have not misjudged you. Yes you have done somehting that is terrible, but even so I will be lenient with you. I believe I'll keep this for now, and keep you from buying more of them until you learn your lesson ."

L held the pack of cigarettes between his thumb and forefinger, and the lighter in the other hand.

"I believe the withdrawl caused by the loss of such items will be lesson enough. You are also not to leave this room until instructed to do so."

He then walked out of the room and back down the hallway to the study walking in and setting the confiscated items onto Watari's desk.

"Watari Matt is not to be allowed to purchase cigarrettes, or have any nicotine at all for a year, and for a month he shall be confined to his room with only meals, and shall be supplied with text books to read."

Matt's eyes grew wide. No cigarettes? Those were the only things that had kept him somewhat calm, particularly around Mello. Oh a nice slap in the face it was, though well-deserved. He didn't attempt to come out, instead confining himself to his bed. Who knew what he'd do once the withdrawls set in.

Meanwhile, Watari greeted L's return, then nodded as he listened.

"Understood L."

He said, reaching for a phone. He called the other members, making note to them of Matt's punishment, and not to let it leak out to the other children. Once he was done, he looked back to L.

"And what shall our next move be, sir?"

"Hmmm... I shall stay another couple of days to make sure this all blows over as planned, and then we will head back to Japan as planned."

"Alright, If you'll excuse me, I shall attend to my other duties while we're here, should you need me, you know what to do."

He said, giving him a bow. L smiled and nodded, going back to the laptop and pulling up the camera feed for Matt's room, biting his thumb again. Matt sat in his room, at first, he was sitting on the edge of his bed, curled up with his arms over his head. He hadn't even had a chance to really have a cigarette since early that morning, and already, it was making him impatient. He moved a few minutes later, sitting at a wall, and started hitting his head against it repeatedly. The craving was getting to him, as well as the fact that he was truly alone in his room.

L knew that it would be rough on the teen, but such behavior could not be tolerated if the evil in the world was to be dealt with accordingly and Matt had done an injustice to L....but somehting wasn't quite right. He felt something stirring within himself but he could not pinpoint what the feeling was. After a short while, Matt had given himself a headache, and finally stopped hitting his head on the wall. He got up, and started to pace back and forth in his room, shoving his hands into his pockets, and seemingly talking to himself. L continued to watch the monitors thinking to himself 'Hmmm seems my punishment was well placed'. Matt was surely writhing due to lack of nicotine. The first wave had passed, and he sat himself against the wall. He knew there were cameras in his room, and stared in the general direction of one of them.

L paused halfway to sipping his tea again and stared at the monitor again seeing Matt looking straight at it. Finally he couldn't stand it anymore, and stood up heading back to the window and looking out at the moonlight that now washed into the room

"What is this.....never have I felt so...different.."

At that moment Watari returned, checking up on L.

"Sir, dinner is about ready, would you care to join?"

He asked. L looked back at him from the window, a strange change to his features akin to sadness lingering there before it was replaced with his usual stare

"Ah...yes I beleive I shall join you Watari, it has been too long since I have shared a meal with them."

And he limped past the elderly man, and down the hallway towards the dining area. Watari nodded, following L quietly. He had taken a note of the change in him, but made no mention of it, right now wasn't the right time. Once arriving to the dinning area, he went ahead of L, pulling out the chair for him, a sweet smile on his face. The other children were excited to see that L was okay, or at least seemed okay. L sat down with the slightest hint of a wince, but he hid it immediatelty by turning it into a bright smile at seeing all of their happy faces. Truthfuly L loved children, and had more experience with them than most parents would have. His outward antisocialness was mostly geared towards adults because frankly he didn't trust them. Children may tell lies but they only did them for minor reasons. Adult lies were often dangerous and hurt others. It was another reason that he acted the way he did because he had never lost his need to feel different or like he was in a game. He loved games more than anything, and the children here could provide him with many.

Of course, of all the children, Mello seemed most enthusiastic, taking a seat as close to L as he possibly could. But he did notice that Matt wasn't among the children, otherwise he would have made him sit next to him as he always did.

"Where is he?"

He asked, looking to L. Watari shook his head, taking to his seat.

"Not now, Mello, let us enjoy our dinner first."

As soon as he had finished his sentence, soup was being served. L made a slight face at the soup, preferring sweets to normal food, but ate it anyway to humor the children and to be polite.

"so how have you all been in my absence? "

Watari just smiled as he ate, the children all trying to answer him at once, creating quite the commotion in the dining hall.

Matt could hear them from his room. He had been served the soup, but he refused to eat it, shoving it back out of his room, then sitting on his bed.

Back at the dinning hall, Mello took it upon himself to speak first, once the commotion had died.

"I've been fine, studying hard to become great like you!"

He said excitedly. L would have blushed at the compliment if he'd been a normal person, but instead he calmly answered.

"That's admirable Mello, but you still have a ways to go, and one of them will be to be less temper inclined. You must work on controlling your anger."

3..2..1.. On cue, he frowned.

"Hey, I don't have a temper like I used to!"

And like a small child, he started to pout. Watari looked over, and said sternly.

"Do I need to send you back to your room, Mello?"

"No, sir."

Mello replied. calming down again. Not long after, the main course was served, a turkey dinner with stuffing, veggies, and cranberry sauce. L made a point of avoiding everyhting about this dish but the turkey and cranberry, mixing the two together to the children's amusement before he ate them. Some of the children giggled, immitating L's actions as much as they could. Watari didn't mind it much, he ate as normal. He would let the children do as they pleased within reason, as it was supposed to be a special occasion anyways.

Meanwhile, Matt had also been served his dinner. He took it, but hardly ate. picking at it slightly.

L finished and then true to form, pulled his knees up into his usual crouch despite the fact that he was at a dinner, and should have been behaving. The children rushed to finish as well. Then was probably everyone's favorite part, dessert! On the menu tonight was vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, and the children seemed almost as excited about it as the fact that L was there. Matt however, wouldn't get dessert. after all, he was punished. L made quick work of the dessert within minutes, and then decided to tease Watari a bit and picked up the bowl, starting to lick the contents from the inside knowing the children would copy him. Watari looked at L, sternly for a moment, then shook his head and chuckled lightly. And of course, within seconds, the children were all copying him, giggling, having a merry good time. As an old habit, Watari couldn't help but comment jokingly.

"Do I have to send you to your room too?"

He said, trying to act serious. L made a mock surprised face and set the bowl back down, then stated in a very childlike way, showing the children that they could be gifted, and great, and important to the world yet still keep their sense of humour and childnessness,

"No Watari sir..."

Watari chuckled, taking a hold of his own bowl, then giving it a lick, showing that even he, too, had plenty of humour. Not long after though, the children were ushered back to their rooms, the dishes all retrieved and taken to the kitchen, leaving just the two of them.

"What would you like to do now, sir?"

He asked in all seriousness. L looked around and shrugged a little, his shoulders hunching more than usual as the weight of reality came crashing back down on him in the wake of the children leaving

"I do not know..."

Watari thought for a moment.

"Perhaps you should check on Yagami, make sure they're all alright with the Kira case."

He suggested. The deective nodded and pulled out his cell phone, holding and dialing in his usual two-fingered manner before hoding the reciver up to his ear and waiting. Watari left again, doing some other chores, and helping to make sure all of the children were in their beds.
Back In Japan, the one left in charge answered the phone.

"Yagami speaking,"

The head of police stated in his usual business-like tone. L switched back to Japanese, knowing that it was easier for the man to understand.

"Ah hello Yagami-san, it's Ryuzaki. I am calling to check up on the status of the case. Have we any new leads?"

In his mind, Yagami sr. was groaning, his voice lowered some as he spoke.

"They keep pouring in, however, they're proving to be false. We've been working day and night, however, we haven't found any credible leads just yet."

He explained. L frowned a bit

"Hmm I see....well keep looking and watching the news and I will do the same"

L was taken off guard suddenly as his voice broke a bit on the last sentance, having not meant to do so. Soichiro couldn't help noticing the faultering in L's voice, and being a concerned parent already could not resist asking.

"Ryuzaki, are you alright?"

L paled realizing the slip had been caught

"Yes I am fine....I must just need rest is all, it was a long trip and perhaps I am not 100% at the moment. I apologize for worrying you but I am fine. Thank you for your continued efforts on this case, and I shall keep you updated if I discover anything here as well"

At the other end, the cheif nodded and replied.

"Yes sir, take care of yourself out there and we'll keep working on our end. We'll let you know if anything in particular comes up."

"Thank you Yagmai-san good day"

And with that he hung up the phone and sighed. How could he slip like that? wasn't right. He trudged back to his old room and plopped down onto the bed staring up at the ceiling.

"What's wrong with me?..."

Yagami hung up the phone, then continued with his duties.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Watari had retired for the night, though he could be summoned at a moment's notice. Matt crawled out of his room for a moment, though he wasn't going to do anything, he was just going to the bathroom. L heard the steady sounds of footsteps down the hallway and looked up seeing the shadow of them as they passed his door. He stood and made his way to it, turning the knob and peering out to see Matt.

"Matt may I ask where you are going?"

He froze for a moment, then turned to see L.

"I have to go to the bathroom.. that isn't a crime, right?"

He seemed to be like a little kid, having been left alone longer than he ever had been. L paused and then waved him on.

"Very well but you will return to our quarters after you are finished or I will come after you."

He nodded quietly, then continued on his way to the bathroom, relieving himself, then washing his hands. He didn't leave the bathroom for a while though. He stared at himself in the mirror. Many things ran through his mind, and his body was still suffering the withdrawls, now in steady waves. In a vain attempt to avoid another withdrawl, he splashed water on his face, though all it really did was wake him a little. L waited patiently outside his door watching the moolight filtering in through a skylight in the roof, head upturned and moonlight washing over him accenting his body for how toned it really was through the thin white fabric of his shirt.

Matt eventually came out of the bathroom, but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw L, and stared quietly for a moment. However, without another word, he returned to his room. He really wasn't a bad kid, but he got mixed up sometimes, though surely nowhere near like Mello. L saw him return and was about to return to his own room when a thought struck him. He turned on his heel and padded softly into the kitchen, bare feet making no noise as he grabbed what he was looking for and made his way back to his room, stopping in front of Matt's door and sliding the item into the meal slot; before walking back to his room and settling onto the bed with another bowl of ice cream identical to the one he had just pushed under Matt's door.

To be continued....

Well there you have chapter 2. Yeah I'm fast like that. Plus you have no idea how hard it is to adapt rp into fanfiction. This chapter took me about 2 hours just to fix it up. But I hope you like it. Chapter three should be up tomorrow as I'm off work tomorrow and have time to do it. See you next chapter and thank you for the reviews . - L

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