Some Games Are Meant to be Played

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Some games Are Meant to be Played

Chapter 3

Matt stared at the ice cream for a moment. Was L trying to throw his power at him? or was it just a kind gesture? Whatever the underlying reason, he did need it, pouncing on it almost like a cat to its prey, devouring the ice cream in a matter of seconds. He hid the rest of the contents under his bed, then layed on it. The sugar would calm his nerves for a while, but for poor Matt, rest would not come for that night. He just laid there on his bed, staring out the window quietly.

L however had settled into his usual crouch on his bed, laptop open and eyes expertly scanning the files compiled from the Kira case. However he couldn't help the temptation and within seconds he had pulled up the camera surveillance to Matt's room. Matt eventually grew bored of just sitting on his bed. He got up and walked to the window, pushing it open quietly. He then sat on the sill, figuring everyone was probably asleep by then, and started to hum to himself quietly, letting his skin bathe in the moonlight. It was something he often did at night, and he didn't really want anyone else to hear him.

When he witnessed the teen cross to the window and open it every nerve in L's body tightened, ready to leap from the bed and give chase should the other run. But when he watched longer he saw that Matt was not making any moves to escape and he allowed himself to relax. He really hadn't felt like running after the boy either. But now he had a problem. Adrenaline was coursing it's way through his body and he had no way of releiving it, so he stood closing the laptop and went to the door, padding down to Matt's room and knocked on the door.

Matt was surprised, someone was still awake? had they heard him? Whoever it was, the knocking surprised him, causing him to fall backwards back into his room from the sill, hitting the ground with a thud.

"Oof! ow.. come in."

He said as he picked himself up, and brushed himself off. L heard the thud and didn't have to guess much to figure out what it had been, and he complied walking through the door and giving a small wave.

"I trust you don't need medical attention correct?"

As soon as he saw L, he rather avoided eye contact.

"I..I'm fine.."

He said in a low, but soft voice. He finished brushing himself off, then sat on his bed, picking his head up and looking at the raven haired detective again.

"What brings you here at such a late hour?"

"It would seem that my insomnia is just as potent as ever..."

L said with a light shrug, and walked to the window looking out at the nighttime sky

"Were you watching the stars?"

Matt's eyes followed L carefully, he was rather wondering what he could possibly be up to.

"...You were watching me, weren't you? otherwise you would not have posed such a question.. but to answer it, yes, I was...more or less."

L was as blunt as ever in his answering.

"Yes I was watching you...I want to talk of what has happened. And I want to know the real reason why you did what you did."

Matt cringed, gripping the bed as he was asked the question. He knew it was bound to happen, but still, he felt guilty about it. He was quiet for a moment before he spoke up.

"I.. I was frustrated.. and I let it get the better of me.. I just wanted to feel needed in other ways, rather than acedemically and such.. and I was denied it... Then I had an overwhelming need to feel like a controller.."

He said, looking down to the floor, still cringing. L sighed and came over to sit next to him

"Matt I kow this role is hard, and beleive it or not I do know what it is like to be bullied and controlled, but you must be strong and learn to live past things"

His eyes wandered up, looking to L through the corner of them.

"At this point, I could care less about being trained as a replacement for you. I want other things for myself, it's a bit selfish, I know, but it isn't exactly wrong of me to feel... Right?"

L shook his head.

"No it is never wrong to feel things....I will decrease your punishment to a week in confinement, but the smoking ban is still in affect"

Matt shook his head a bit.

"I deserve what has been dished to me. I'll take my punishment as it was before..."

His mind seemed to wander off in a different direction, though, of course it wouldn't be unheard of for a teen his age. He grew quiet again. He was thinking about something, but would not lead on to what it was. L pulled up into his usual crouch and bit at his thumb musing aloud.

"It was not so bad....for what it was.."

Matt layed back on his bed, his legs still drooped over the side at the knee.

"Wasn't so bad? How can Rape not be so bad?"

This rather confused him, his young mind couldn' t adequately process what L had just said. The detective shrugged.'

"Well once the initial pain retracted, there was another feeling I cannot describe beneath, and since it occured I cannot help but find myself curious as to what that feeling was."

Matt suddenly sat up again, his eyes rather wide as he looked to L.

"It might be.. the same thing I was experiencing when I was.. well, dominating you.. it felt.. really good."

He tried to explain how he felt on his side, though he couldn't exactly find the right words to match.

"Hmmm...there is the case of you being a minor though. I did not take any course of legal action as Watari requested I do, because of who you are and who I am. But to do somehting as such again could not be taken lightly twice"

Matt shook his head.. minor.. he hated that word, though it was true the judicial system would have treated him more harshly if he had in fact been an adult. He thought about what L said for a moment, then blinked, a questionable look upon his face.

"Watari requested no course of action?"

As he asked, he thought on it a bit more.

"I won't do it again.. I've already learned my lesson.."

L smirked a little and chewed his thumb thoughtfully, deciding to get a rise out of the teen, finding himself in a strange mood reminiscient of somehting he'd witnessed from Light Yagami.

"Pity that, because I may have let you try again."

Matt's heart seemed to sink, his stomach turned as L had suggested such a thing.

"As much as I would love to, didn't I hurt you though? I saw the medical team come from where I was hiding during that time.. and no doubt I surely wouldn't want to do it again if it's going to cause you pain.."

He seemed a little suspicious, however, he couldn't help but get just a little riled. L shrugged once again as though he didn't much care.

"That was for the slight tearing of my insides due to the lack of lubrication upon penetration. Perhaps if you had been so inclined to use preperation it would not have happened. My offer was simply put to teach you in advance how to go about things correctly, so you will not harm future partners if this indeed the path you've chosen."

Matt thought it over carefully, yes, he had been hasty the first time, however, he didn't exactly want other partners, at least not then. Hesitantly, after a long moment, he gave his answer.

"I.. I guess I would take you up on that offer."

L froze in the knawing of his thumb and looked over at the boy.

"I see, well you know it is dangerous..."

Matt returned the look, tilting his head slightly.

"I realize that. However, with the danger does come excitement.. And.. I will be sure to go about it more carefully, so as not to repeat what happened last time."

He said, halfway thinking about it. Still, he couldn't believe that L had offered in the first place, having claimed to not like men in that sort of way. L sighed a bit, finding he had been doing so more often as of late

"I assume you are wondering as to the change of heart. Well I can't explain it really. You awoke emotion within me when I had not sensed true emotion for a long while. I am intrigued by the change, and would like to further explore that whitch has made me so curious."

Matt's nose wrinkled slightly.

"So, basically I've become your little guinea pig for you to explore your emotion? Well, I can't say that I agree with that, however, I won't turn it down in the possible hope that it could turn into something more."

As he spoke, his gut tightened slightly, he was already getting hard again. L looked at him noticing the subtle changes in his demeanor.

"You are not a subject you are a student. You are training to become a model citezen and first you must learn humility and respect. Before you simply jumped me when I was not ready to comply. I will give you a chance to correct that now. In essence I am the guinea pig for you to learn upon and better your technique."

Well, That certainly shut Matt up. He was momentarily silenced, and he felt like he was on another guilt trip, but it didn't stay with him long, he got over it rather quickly.

"Alright.. then let's give it another go."

He said softly, leaning in to kiss the other's neck. This time, he didn't want to get into it right away. L relaxed this time, staying in his crouch, actually confused as to what to do or how to respond. Matt gently nuzzled L's neck, he sensed the relaxation, but the confustion as well.

"If you would allow me to manipulate your body a little.. I promise it definitely won't hurt."

He whispered. Matt's intention was to stimulate L a little first, something of which had been left out in the previous encounter. L nodded and relaxed a bit more letting himself be moved. Matt gently lay L down to the bed, facing him, then gently pushing for his legs to unfold, wanting them to drape over the side of the bed. He leaned in again, kissing at the other's jawline, nibbling it softly as his hand traveled down the detective's white longsleeve shirt, letting his fingers feel the contours of L's body with the restriction of the fabric.

L gasped a bit feeling the familiar tingles from before returning, and a slight flush began to enter his face, gliding elegantly across the flawless alabaster of his skin, tinging it pink. Matt couldn't seem to get enough of the mere taste of L's skin. Honestly, did the man bathe in sweets? He thought to himself as his lips started their ascent to the other's lightly parted ones. His hand traveled further downwards to the end of the white shirt, curling them around to slide them beneath it, then to travel back up. He was slightly surprised of how well toned the skin even there was, but of course it didn't stop him as his fingers fiddled to find L's right nipple. The raven's eyes widened slightly at the touches to such a sensitive area, and he gasped and arched breathing out.



Matt lifted his head, looking softly at L in the eyes.

"A new experience, I take it? I promise, it won't hurt. I intend to be as gentle as I can with you."

As he spoke, he lightly rolled his thumb over nub, exciting it. Of course he wasn't expecting the gestures to be returned, he was more set on just pleasuring the other more than himself really. L's eyes slid shut for probably the first time in days, and he let out a sound that could have been construed as a moan, hands gripping the comforter as the flush across his face grew more pronounced. A slow smile spread across Matt's face as he observed L while he stimulated him. Then he got a cheeky idea, he was going to double it. He leaned his body up above the other's drawing his own knees up to support him while his free hand slowly lifted L's shirt to reveal that well-toned body. He blushed slightly as he looked at it, but didn't give it a second thought as his head leaned back over, taking the left nub into his mouth, sucking on it very gently, as well as running his tongue over and around it, while his other hand stayed busy with the right one.


The sound was barely audible but definitely counted as a moan, as the detective's back arched, and his mouth opened in shock at the fire that leapt from his chest down to lower parts of him. A feeling he hadn't allowed himself to feel since his teenage years srpang forth and he shuddered at the sensation.

Matt's heart was racing, having been allowed to do as he pleased under a more desirable circumstance, not to mention he seemed to be well intoxicated with the taste of his partner and the moan that had just crossed his ears. The arching of L's back did give him a cue that perhaps he should let his hand wander lower. It detatched itself from the dusky nub and started to drag his fingers back down the other's chest, back down past the detective's navel, and stopping at the rim of the other's jeans, debating for a moment before his fingers chose for him, sliding on top along the fabric, and softly groping at L's crotch.

The detective made a soft choked noise in the back of his throat and shuddered again, gripping the blankets tighter, his hips arching of their own accord to meet the touch. He knew that at this point he wouldn't be able to say no or even to pull away, his body responding to the attention it was recieving and dulling his mind into somehting more primal. And so he gave into the touches and caresses of the other deciding it may not be so bad after all.

Matt's warm, wet tongue continued at the nub, licking, sucking a little more, while his hand continued to grope the other. Quite pleased with the response of his partner, he grew braver by the minute. For the moment, he stopped stimulating L, and instead started to undress him, of course, once this was finished, the deed would be done to himself. L shivered a bit, looking up at the other through slightly glazed eyes and looked a bit uncertain as his clothing began to be removed. The red-head stroked the hair of the detective gently for a moment , assuring nothing bad would happen. Gently, he moved L's body, bringing his torso up to have his shirt removed, smiling as he had a better look at the top half of his partner.

"You.. look dashing without your shirt."

He said softly. The insomniac detective looked at him like he'd just sprouted two more heads. Never in his life had anyone called him attractive, and he was under the impression he would never be called so by another.

"What do you mean by that Matt-kun? I am not attractive in the least nor do I need to be."

Matt chuckled very softly, placing his hand at his partner's cheek, a smile across his face.

"That may be the impression of yourself, however, through my own eyes and thoughts, I say differently, though, I can't exactly explain how my mind makes me think of you as such.. but all aside, shall we continue?"

He asked, removing his hand, letting his fingers trail down the detective's chest. L shivered and nodded


And there he went stuttering again. L had not stuttered since he couldn't remember when and the lack of control was beginning to scare him a bit.
Matt nodded, though slightly thrown off by the stuttering. Hesitantly, he started reaching for L's pants again, working his fingers to unbotton them. He had to fiddle a bit through the nervousness, but he got it undone. The zipper, well that was easy enough to pull down seeing as how baggy the detective wore his clothing. He gently layed L back down, instructing him to lift his lower portions so he could remove the other's pants more smoothly. The other complied lifting himself and then settling back down once the garment was removed.

Matt bit his lip slightly, his eyes raking over the other for a moment, before he started to undress as well. It had been a long time since anyone had seen him fully naked, though he had a body that was pleasing to the eye. L's black rimmed eyes gazed over the other's body, memorizing every line and curve as he remembered everything else he laid eyes on, and he cocked his head to the side curiously biting his thumb again, a habit he had picked up whenever he observed something.

Matt blushed slightly, noticing the other's observation, turning slightly so the other could get a good look at every inch, a little admittedly embarassed. He looked around for a moment, looking for something to use as a lubricant, but his search would be vain, until he got an idea, then looked to L, blushing slightly.

"Would you mind.. lifting your legs and presenting yourself to me?"

L looked at him strangely again.

"I do not understand please demonstrate it if you would..."

Matt blushed slightly, but he complied. He laid on his back, pulling his legs up until his entrance was shown, and easily acessable.

"This is how I want you to be.."

He said softly. Oh no, he wasn't going to do the deed just yet, he wasn't done getting the other ready. L nodded and complied wincing slightly as his backside became sore with the effort

"You shall have to be extra careful, as I have internal stitches in place."

Matt nodded in return.

"I'll do my best, I won't be rough.. but before I enter you...we need you properly lubed, and in absence of some, I'll have to improvise."

He said as he got up, then leaning his head down by L's backside. He licked his lips slightly, then flicked his tongue at the detective's entrance, getting a taste of it first. As it was his first time doing this, it was an interesting taste, though, he didn't think it was bad. However, L's eyes widened and he flintched.

"Matt-kun that is terribly unsanitary!"

"Well, I can't very well dry hump you, now can I?"

He lifted his head a bit and looked at the other.

"Unless you've been hiding some lube hmm?"

The detective shook his head and gave the other a look.

"Now why would I have things like that around or on my person?"

Matt shrugged slightly.

"Well, I can't exactly keep any of the sort around, and I am one of improvision. Besides, it doesn't taste bad down there, it's rather interesting.."

He blushed again slightly. L flushed brightly and looked away.

"I suggest you continue whatever action it is you feel you must do before I am forced to retract from the situation."

"I'll make it quick, just bear with me."

Matt said as his head disappeared again between L's legs. He gave a couple more licks, making sure the outside was properly wet, then, his tongue became rigid, the tip placed gently against the hole, then he slowly started to push it in to coat the inside as well.


L made a slight noise as he felt it pushing past into him, and laid back flat on the bed careful to keep his legs spread, then brought a hand up to bite at his thumb again, turning his head to one side, eyes going half-lidded. Just as he promised, Matt was quick, but as gentle as possible about it. After having inserted his tongue, it took a couple of laps around, then withdrawed from L. He leaned up, looking down at his partner, gently turning the detective's head to look at him.

"It's time.. are you ready?"

He asked softly. L nodded knowing it was still going to hurt regardless of preperation due to the injuries already within him, but braced himself trying his best to relax knowing this was to help the teen.

"I am..."

Matt took a deep breath, then licked his hand before placing it at his length, giving it as well, a little bit of lubrication. He couldn't help but stare at L as he positioned himself at the other's entrance, his face flushing as he slowly started to press in.


L cried out softly and tried not to tense, hands fisting in the rumpled covers, and eyes squeezed shut. Matt groaned as he continued to push, but still going slow as to not rip the stitches inside of his partner. He braced one hand near L's head as he continued, slowly removing his hand from himself and placing it at the other side, letting his hips push the rest of the way.

The detective winced, breath coming shorter as he tried to relax face twisted in discomfort.

"Nnng.. I'm sorry.. it still hurts.."

His eyes watered a bit, he didn't really like the fact that his partner was in pain. Once fully inserted, his hips remained still, so as the other could at least get a little used to being filled up in such a way. After a few minutes of heavy breathing L relaxed and loosened around him, then nodded.

"I'm...alright may continue.."

Matt nodded in return, his hips slowly pulling back, causing him to start to withdraw, but not fully, only to the tip before he started to thrust in again, emphasizing on taking it slowly, as much as the pleasure caused him to want to go faster. L shuddered and suddenly arched his hips as the feeling to want to be filled overwhelmed him, breaking his control once more.

"Move Jeevas!"

Matt's face flushed as he was demanded to go faster.

"A-as you wish."

He said, stuttering lightly as he began to pick up the pace, thrusting into L faster, but still being rather weary as to not rip those damned stitches. L started to pant under him, feeling a mix of pain and another feeling whitch he could not put a name to but it felt wonderful, and he arched his hips to meet the red head's wanting more of it.

Matt moaned out a bit, his hips seemed to be on auto pilot as his thrusts still increased. His body started to bead with sweat as he was taking L, his body shaking lightly, his head swimming with the wonderful feeling and the danger of their forbidden act.

L rode out the feeling, until finally it hit it's peak within him and gathered in his loins, before exploding forth and he came for the first time not by his own hand, arching back and crying out.


Matt winced a bit, making a few more deep thrusts into L, before he himself had reached his climax as well, thusting completely into the other before his own seed shot out of him, making him moan out.

"Oh god.. L!"

The detective shuddered with the weird feeling of the hot liquid shooting into him and filling him, and then collapsed back to the bed panting hard and sweating a bit, still feeling the teen buried deep inside of him. The red headed one slowly pulled out, blushing, panting heavily himself, and damn near collapsing on top of L, barely able to eek out his words.

"Sorry.. I came.. inside you..."

L looked at the other, and then innocently reached down between his legs and pulled it back up with his fingers dripping with sticky cum, that had seeped out when the other had pulled from him, grinning widely.

"I believe you will be needing a new comfortor Matt-kun."

To be continued......

Well there you go guys chapter 3 ! Sorry this update was late, but my jackass computer decided it wanted to be an ass last night and not let the internet work, so this is a day late. However my rp buddy should be back soon and the adventure will continue! Oh and if you wanted to read some of her fiction she has informed me that her name on is Silent Kitten so go check her out. Well. See you next chapter. - L

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