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Chapter 4


Ok I finally got back to this after being Cattle prodded by Matt-kun to work on it. Hope you guys like this one! -L

Chapter 4

Matt looked a bit surprised, he hadn't counted on getting anything on his comforter, however, his witty mind came up with a plan, an excuse rather as he reached down, wiping off some of L's seed from his body, observing it a little on his fingers as he spoke.

"Well, I could turn it over and say I had an accident, However, the bigger issue here is that both of us need a shower."

He chuckled a bit, then stuck his fingers in his mouth and licked them clean.The detective's eyes widened a bit and he flushed a little.

"Matt-kun what we have done has definitely been a messy action. Perhaps if it is to occur again it should be somewhere less inclined to become covered."

Matt lifted a brow slightly at the other's statement, though he made no mention of what was also going through his mind.

"Yes.. that would be wise, but then, where would be a more suitable place for our actions? Notably, I'm still 'grounded' for a short time."

"Well you are the one who decided to accept the full punishment...and your comforter is getting worse..."

The detective responded, observing the white linens. Matt blinked for a moment, Then slid back to his feet on the the floor, leaning over and offering his hand to help up the raven haired detective.

"Indeed, I did, though it had only been a verbal agreement between you and I, that is, unless someone else has been listening."

His eyes shot towards the door, then to the window for a short moment, just to be sure no one had been watching them. L looked around at the walls and room.

"I doubt that would be possible as I too am quite adept at hacking the security cameras and making it so that this room had no surveillance"


Matt muttered to himself. Then he finally spoke up.

"You mentioned future occurrences.. does that mean you are willing to participate again?"

he said, tilting his head slightly as he looked back at L. The detective smirked a bit as he limped lightly to the door with the sheet still wrapped around him, clothes under one arm.

"Matt-kun I am not so ignorant of this that I haven't heard of shower sex"

And with that he walked out the door and down the hall to the bathroom with a sheet wrapped around him. Matt decided to wait a moment before he collected their clothing, folding it nicely before he followed, using the stack of clothes to cover himself a little. He didn't mind walking naked to the bathroom, he had done it a couple of times before and no one really took any notice of it. (just in case..) L slipped into the bathroom and started the water running before stepping in and waiting for his red-haired companion.

As he came into the bathroom, matt set their clothes neatly to the side, letting himself stretch a bit before quietly joining L in the shower, his eyes widened slightly as his eyes fell on the wet body of the detective.

L looked at him innocently from the shower, hair plastered to his forehead and neck and water droplets cascading down his pale but well toned body. Matt swallowed hard as he approached L, wrapping his arms around the other's waist, letting the water drop onto himself as well. He just couldn't help but stare, his heart was already racing again. L looked at him and let a small smile slip through cuddling against him a bit, his trust having built a bit for the reclusive youth.

Matt leaned over, whispering sweet nothings into L's ear as his hands slowly traced around the other's back. He really did enjoy being so close to the detective, it felt more personal to him. L let his eyes shut for the second time that night taking in the feelings, and sensations still so new to him. Matt smiled softly, placing his hand on L's head and gently running his fingers through the other's hair. This moment was perfect. He felt he had no worries in the world, and was quite content on just holding the other, despite the fact that his hormones were beginning to rage again. L could feel it and blushed a bit.

"Matt-kun wants me again..."

Matt did have some self control though. He didn't make any particularly sexual movement, no he looked to L and said simply:

"Only if you want it.."

L blushed a bit brighter and bit his lip.

"I... do not mind...."

Without another word needing be said, Matt gently pushed the detective against the wall of the shower, leaning in and kissing the other softly, unwrapping his arms and letting his hands trace the other's body slowly, starting at the neck.


L shivered a bit nervously, then relaxed and let himself be touched, getting used to the new feelings.



He looked to L quietly. His hands continued on their course down the other's body, stopping to circle the other's naval area. L looked up at him, eyes glazed, water splashing down his body, remaining still.


Matt nodded, reaching behind the detective and lifting him behind his legs, at the same time, spreading them as he lifted the other, placing his length underneath him and against his opening, then slowly lowering him down onto it, groaning softly.


L gasped and tried to find something to grab onto to hold himself up, only finding Matt's shoulders. So he wrapped his arms around them and clung to him for support. Matt held the raven's legs tightly as he lowered him more, now almost halfway in. His teeth clenched slightly, L was still rather tight, but not quite so much as he had been earlier that very night. He was also enjoying having the other use him for support, it made him feel even more wanted. L trembled and began to pant feeling himself stretched once again and he looked at the youth, eyes misting with the pleasure.

"It good..."

Matt nodded in agreement.

" does.."

He lowered the other until he himself was fully hilted inside, giving L a moment to adjust again before using his entire body to push L up, and let gravity pull him back down his length, moaning softly..



L moaned in response and shuddered gripping him tighter.

"I am not too heavy for you?..."

Matt shook his head slightly.

"No, I've been working out so I could be able to defend myself.. or.. a situation like this."

He said with a grin. His moans got a bit louder as he picked up the pace a bit. The detective gasped as he felt the other forced deeper and arched back against the wall panting harder. Matt bit his lip slightly as he kept pace, his breathing increasing deeply as his hips thrusted, trying to sink himself as deep as he could into the other. The feeling was amazing to him, he just couldn't get enough.

L suddenly jerked against him and came, still not completely able to control holding it in yet.

"Aaahh! M-matt-kun!"


Matt thrusted a few more times after the other had released before exploding within the heated depths of the detective, his mouth draping open as he panted heavily, leaving himself inside for a moment as he just held him, his arms shaking slightly from a sudden release. L sagged against him exhausted never having used so much energy before, and feeling like his arms had turned to jello. Matt slowly lowered the other back to the floor to a standing position, then wrapped his arms around the other for a rather loose hug.

"That was.. even better than last time.."

L nodded and clung to him, limbs trembling a bit in fatigue.

" was...I am growing to enjoy this more and more..."

Matt smiled slowly, then unwrapped his arms to grab a loofa and some soap, lathering it all up then gently scrubbing the other's body.

"I'm glad to hear that.. I feel rather exceptionally lucky that I see more emotion out of you than most people probably ever will.."

L hesitated a bit, and something changed in his features, his eyes losing something and he turned away.

"I...cannot afford to feel..."

Matt placed his finger on the other's lips.

"Shh... You're only human.. you don't have to show them to anyone else.. but, I want to see them.. it would be good for you.."

L looked at him and then seemed to melt into his arms as his strength finally gave out, and he allowed the weakness he'd been withholding for so long, thick tears sliding down his face as he clung to his new lover.


Matt held L tightly in his arms, nuzzling the top of his head. He was quite concerned for his partner after seeing the tears on the other man's face.

"Are you alright, L?"

He asked in a hushed, but soft tone. L nodded and settled against him, smiling softly listening to the teen's heartbeat and feeling safe for the first time since he could remember.

"I am fine...just tired..I have not pushed myself like this in years.."


To be cotinued.....


Well there you go everyone chapter 4!. Things are certainly heating up between these two. who knows what will happen next?....well matt-kun does but I'm not alowed to know yet *pouts*. Well hope you enjoyed and see you again next chapter! - L

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