Assassin's Heart

BY : Mimi Uesegi
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“My lady?” a male voice called out. Nagare Kurosaki turned and stared at her new steward, Huujin Setsuna. At least this time he is bowing properly.

“What is it, Setsuna?” she said as she walked across her bedchamber. She sat down on the bench in front of her vanity and began to brush out her long black hair.

“They have brought him, my lady.” he said. Nagare stopped in mid stroke and turned to look at her steward.

“When did he get here?”

“He arrived an hour ago, my lady.”

“Why didn’t anyone tell me before now?” she said angrily as she stared at him.

“We wanted to make sure he was presentable for you, my lady. He is in the Onyx Tower ready for your viewing.” Nagare smiled evilly as she turned back around and continued to brush her hair. So, they have finally brought me my new pet. This will be a good day after all.


My name is Asato Tsuzuki . . . Asato . . . Tsuzuki . . . I must always remember my name . . . Asato . . . Tsuzuki . . . The man whispered to himself repeatedly.

Asato looked around the room he was placed in after he was bathed and dressed. It was decorated in shades of black, gold and sapphire blue. It was very opulent and very different from where he was before. The other place was dark and smelt of mildew but this place had wide open windows and smelled of flowers. He took a deep breath through his nose and smiled. The flowers he smelt were jasmine. Then he heard a click and turned his head toward the massive doors of the room. They slid open on silent hinges and in walked a beautiful woman with a regal bearing. She had long black hair that was twisted and curled expertly in the front and the rest was left to hang loose along her back. She wore a yellow yukata with an obi of deep emerald green that matched her eyes perfectly. The kimono she wore over her yukata was black with emerald and gold dragons. She stopped in front of the platform the people had made him sit on.

Nagare sucked in her breath quickly when she saw the man she had been waiting months for her people to bring. She had never seen a man as beautiful as the one before her. He was kneeling on a pillow that was on a platform in the middle of the room. His hair was a deep and rich mahogany color, long enough to touch the platform he sat upon, and it was spread across his shoulders, chest and back. They had dressed him in a black yukata with a deep purple obi, the same color as his eyes. The kimono they had placed over the yukata was black with silver dragons. His amethyst eyes stared at her unflinchingly. She smiled as she thought of the things she would do to him to make him cower at her feet. She would never mar the beauty of his face but she made no promises about his body.

“So, you are the man who uses the power of Kami that my father spoke of. You do not look like you would be able to even lift a spoon, let alone use a power that strong. How do I know I was told the truth?” Nagare said as she walked around the platform. Asato remembered that if his mistress ever asked he was to show her a demonstration of what he could do. He closed his eyes and let his power take over him.

“What nothing to say? Just as I . . .” Nagare stopped speaking when she noticed that he had begun to glow a radiant white.

She walked back around to the front of the platform so she could see what he was doing. She watched as he stretched out his hand and touched one finger to the platform. White flowers and vines sprang from nothing and began to grow all around him. He pulled his hand back and opened his amethyst eyes. He reached down and picked one of the flowers. He reached out a hand and offered her the flower. She plucked it from his palm and her eyes widened. The flower was real as real as the ones in her massive gardens. The power to give life could also be used to destroy it. Nagare thought and began to laugh. She could now crush her enemies into specks of dust.

“What is your name?” She said as she walked closer to him.

“Asato Tsuzuki. . .” was all he said.

“When you speak to me, you will always refer to me as ‘My Lady’. Do you understand me?”

“Yes . . . My lady . . .”

“I do not like the name Asato Tsuzuki, it is so plain. I will call you . . . Amatsu Mikaboshi. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, my lady.”

“Good, I’m glad you like it because it wouldn’t matter if you didn’t. The room you are in will be yours and you are free to be in the gardens any time you wish but if you ever try to leave I will punish you. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, my lady.”

“Very well then, I will tell Setsuna to have someone bring you something to eat.” Nagare walked towards the doors that slid open silently once more. She stopped at the threshold and turned. “One more thing, you better be ready when I call for you.”

“Yes, my lady.” Nagare smiled as she walked back to her rooms. She couldn’t wait to destroy the first of her enemies.


Hisoka was walking through the gardens, entrenched deep into his thoughts. He knew his mother was up to something. She had been giddy all day and was in a good mood. She had actually let him go a arcade without his bodyguards in tow earlier this afternoon after he had come home from school. As he walked through the gardens, he noticed more butterflies about than usual. Then he saw a butterfly that looked almost black in color. It is what they called a ‘Hell’ butterfly because they were supposed to be an omen foretelling death. He followed the butterfly through the garden and stopped. The butterfly landed on the outstretched hand of a person he had never seen before.

The person was sitting on one of the many benches in the garden, covered in butterflies of every hue, shape and size. Hisoka stood there and watched the person from the shadows of the katsura tree he was standing under. To Hisoka it looked to be a woman, a very beautiful woman. Then he felt the stirrings of something, he placed a hand against his chest and felt his heart beating faster. His eyes widened with realization, it was desire he was feeling and the person on the bench was the cause. He backed further into the shadows of the tree and watched the beautiful gentle creature. Then something must have disturbed the butterflies because they all fluttered away. Hisoka saw movement and saw his mother’s new steward, Huujin Setsuna, walking towards the person on the bench.

“Amatsu Mikaboshi?” the steward said when he got a foot away. Asato turned, looked at Setsuna and rose to his feet.

“Yes?” the person said. Hisoka stumbled back against the trunk of the tree in shock. It wasn’t a woman he had been staring at, it was a man. I felt desire for a man? What in the hell is wrong with me? Hisoka sunk to the ground in disbelief.

“Lady Nagare has requested your presence immediately. Follow me please.” The steward said. He turned and began to walk away. Before the beautiful man followed him, he turned and stared at the tree Hisoka was sitting under. Hisoka swore he was looking directly at him. The man didn’t say anything, he just smiled and followed Setsuna.

What is your name? Hisoka heard whisper through his mind. His eyes widened, it was the voice of the man from the bench.

How are you -? He questioned.

You have power too, do you not? Came the soft voice again

Um, I don’t know what you are talking about. Hisoka said, his guard instantly going up.

Don’t worry I will never tell her. She doesn’t know I can do this either. Hisoka didn’t say anything.

It will be our little secret. What is your name? The man’s seductive voice asked.

It’s Hisoka . . . What is your name? Hisoka told him.

My name is Asato. It was nice to meet you, Hisoka, but I have to go now. Hisoka could hear sadness in his voice.

Bye, Asato. Hisoka said. A few moments past and then he heard the man’s voice whisper quietly, Bye . . . Hisoka.

After they left from the gardens, Hisoka crawled out from under the tree. He wondered who the man Asato was and how he was connected to his mother. He walked back to the side of the garden he could enter his bedroom from. He kicked off his zoris and walked through his terrace door. He sauntered over to his bed and flopped down onto it. He couldn’t stop thinking about Asato. There was something about him that kept him on Hisoka’s mind. There was a quiet knock on his bedroom door.

“Come in.” he called out. The door opened and it was Setsuna.

“Master Hisoka, your okaasan wishes your presence in the Cobalt Hall.” Setsuna said.

“Tell her I am on my way, Setsuna.”

“As you wish, young master.” then Setsuna left from his room.

Hisoka jumped up, went to his armoire and pulled out one of his formal kimonos. His mother required that he wore them whenever he was in her presence. He grabbed one that was a dark emerald green that was etched with gold and black dragons. He tied a black obi around his waist and hurried to the Cobalt Hall. The only time his mother ever called him to the Hall was when there was something important going on. He stopped to catch his breath, composed himself, and then he glided into the room. His mother was seated on her ‘throne’, which sat on the far side of the room. As Hisoka walked closer, he noticed the man Asato seated on a pillow at his mother’s feet. Hisoka kept his face emotionless and when he got to his mother, he stopped and bowed.

“Okaasan, you requested my presence?” he said when he rose from the bow. She smiled at him and patted the bench next to her. He sat down on the bench and looked up at her.

“Yes, I called you, Hisoka. I had you come because I wanted you to witness something. Since you are my heir, you must see how we conduct personal business outside of the company. Do you understand what I am saying to you?” she said as she stroked his cheek.

“Yes, Okaasan, I understand.”

“Good, I’m glad you do.” She looked over at Setsuna. “Bring him in.”

Setsuna bowed to Nagare and went to do her bidding. A few minutes later, in walked Saito Yoshito, one of the Yakuza who had been trying to bully their company, Kurozai LTD, into being partners in some nefarious scheme. The man stepped forward, something about him didn’t seem right to Hisoka. Hisoka could feel evil emitting from the man and it made Hisoka feel sick to his stomach.

Are you okay, Hisoka? He heard Asato whisper through his mind. Hisoka made sure nothing was being showed on his face or in his body language.

Yes, I’m fine, Asato. Hisoka whispered back.

“Welcome, Saito, it’s been so long since I’ve last seen you.” Nagare said in a saccharine sweet voice. Hisoka hated it when his mother used that voice, it grated across his nerves and made him shiver.

“Yes, it has been a long time, Nagare, and you’re looking as lovely as ever. Is this young man the son I have heard so much about?” Saito asked as he stared at Hisoka. Hisoka could feel the lust Saito felt for him pouring off him in waves.

“Yes, this is my son. Hisoka, this is Saito Yoshito, a ‘friend’ of mine.” Nagare said as coldness caused her eyes to changed to a darker green.

“Hello, sir, it is nice to meet you.” Hisoka said politely, his stomach churned while under the scrutiny of the older man‘s gaze.

“Likewise, young man. Now, Nagare, about the business you said wished to discuss. Do you think it is appropriate to discuss it in front of your son?” The coldness in Nagare’s eyes deepened as she smiled.

“It is very appropriate for Hisoka to be here, he is my heir after all. Now, about our business, Saito. I’m afraid that the answer will be a most definite . . . No.”

“WHAT! YOU BITCH! I came all this way for a fucking no! No one says no to Saito Yoshito! If I were you, Nagare, I would be watching my back from now on. You may never know when something may happen to something precious of yours.” Saito said as he stared at Hisoka. Nagare interrupted his tirade by laughing.

“Poor Saito. You think to threaten me and in my own home no less. Well, I have a surprise for you. Let me introduce you to someone special.” She stood up and motioned a hand at Asato. “This is Amatsu Mikaboshi.”

“Amatsu Mikaboshi? Isn’t that the name of a god or something?” Nagare laughed as she walked around behind her chair and nodded her head.

“Yes, it is, Saito. Amatsu Mikaboshi also known as the August Star of Heaven, a god of evil. This man is new associate of mine.”

“A man? That’s a man!” Saito laughed, “He looks more like a woman than a man! Why should I fucking care who he is?”

“Oh, you should care who he is, Saito, for he will be the last thing you will ever see. Amatsu Mikaboshi?”

“Yes, my lady?” Asato said quietly.

“Take care of him.”

“As you wish, my lady.” Hisoka stared in horror at the scene unfolding before his eyes. He watched as Asato got up from the pillow. He walked slowly across the room to stand in front of Saito.

“What the fu-” Saito stopped speaking the moment Asato’s hand touched him. His eyes turned a pale shade of white and his mouth opened in a wordless scream. Then his body was engulfed in a blue-white flame and he crumbled to ash at Asato‘s feet. Asato dropped his hand and stood there quietly.

“Very good, Amatsu Mikaboshi. You may sit back down now.” Nagare said as she sat back down.

“Thank you, my lady.” Asato said and then sat back down on the pillow at Nagare’s feet, never looking at anyone in the room. Hisoka felt like he was going to throw up. Asato wasn’t a guest here, he was one of his mother’s assassins. He just wanted to curl up in his bed and cry his eyes out. He had thought Asato was a gentle person, not a killer. Hisoka had been utterly fooled and he was ashamed that he had trusted the man.


“Yes, Okaasan?”

“That is how I take care of personal business. You may go to your room now, Hisoka.”

“Thank you, Okaasan.” he said and then got up. As he was walked through the Hall, avoiding the man’s ashes, he could hear his mother telling Setsuna to send Saito back to his boss in a pretty box with pictures of his death. As soon as Hisoka was out of the Hall, he ran to his room as quickly as he could. He flopped down onto his bed and cried until he fell sleep.

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