Assassin's Heart

BY : Mimi Uesegi
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Hisoka woke up from a deep sleep to the sounds of a person crying, he looked around his room but he couldn’t hear the noise anymore. He got up and shed his kimono, then pulled on some shorts and a tank top. Hisoka walked out into the gardens because he knew he wouldn‘t be able to go back to sleep. He thought he had been wandering aimlessly through the gardens but when he came out of his daze, he realized he was at the place he had first seen the man Asato. To Hisoka’s amazement, Asato was there curled up on the very bench he’d been sitting on earlier that day. Hisoka could hear him crying and his heart broke when hearing the quiet sobs. Hisoka came out from under the tree he had been standing under and walked up to the bench.

“Asato?” he whispered. Asato lifted his head and Hisoka could see the tears running down his cheeks in the pale moonlight. “What’s wrong, Asato?”

Asato didn’t say anything and lowered his head back onto his knees. Hisoka could feel waves of shame and sadness coming from him. Hisoka sat down on the bench next to Asato, he didn’t say anything and sat there in silence next to him.

“I’m supposed to use it to heal.” Asato whispered.

“Use what, Asato?” Hisoka asked as he turned towards him.

“My power… I’m supposed to use it to heal people not kill them.” Asato whispered. Hisoka could see his amethyst eyes staring blankly at nothing.

“Then why did you use it to kill?”

“Because I was told to…” After a few moments, Asato started speaking again. “When I was little, I was left at a monastery. Then one day, a man came there and said he would take care of me, give me a family. The monks gave me to him… His name was Takashi Kurosaki.”

“My grandfather? How long ago was that?”

“The first time I saw him he was a very young man… He had no wife and no children.”

“How is that possible?” Asato lifted his head and looked at Hisoka. His amethyst orbs held great sadness and his dark lashes were still wet from his tears.

“I don’t know, Hisoka…”

“How old are you, Asato?”

“I was born in the winter of 1922...I am eighty-three years old.” Hisoka stared at him in disbelief.

Asato uncurled his legs, stood up and walked through the foliage over to a trellis of jasmine and passionflowers. The moment Asato touched the flowers, they bloomed and emitted their scent into the night air. Hisoka got up and followed him, Asato turned towards him and a sad smile crossed his lips.

“I was eleven when my parents left me at the monastery. They claimed it was because they couldn’t take care of me but I suspected it was because I was different from them, a monster with power. The monks taught me about my abilities and about how Buddha had blessed me with the power to heal people, animals, and even the earth. I was happy there and one day everything changed, that was the day your grandfather came. The monks said that I needed a family and love but I never got that. I was put in a place where I only saw sunlight twice a month and they beat me whenever I used my powers for good. I remember one time when one of the guards had hurt himself. I healed him with a touch and I was beaten for nine days. I was trained to obey… and to kill with a touch. With every death I caused, I wept but never in front of them. I was beaten and starved if I showed my tears. For almost seventy years, I was trapped in darkness. Now, here I am in the light and it is still darkness… I will never be free.” Asato broke out in tears as he sunk to his knees in the grass.

Hisoka knelt down and wrapped his arms around Asato to comfort him. He held Asato while he cried, he couldn’t believe someone could be treated like that for so long. If the last thing he ever did in life would be to free Asato, then he would. He stroked Asato’s hair softly and sighed. His hair is so silky and soft. Somehow, they ended up lying in the grass with Asato’s head on Hisoka’s chest and his arm around Hisoka’s waist. Asato’s kimono covered Hisoka’s bare legs and feet like a warm silken blanket. Hisoka looked up and saw that they were in their own private world, surrounded by flowers and fireflies.

“Asato, are you okay?” Hisoka whispered but he didn’t get a response. He shifted, looked down and saw that Asato was asleep. Hisoka brushed back the hair from Asato’s face and stroked his thumb across the tear tracks on Asato’s cheek. Hisoka didn’t wake him up, he just lay there with his head propped up on his fist as he watched Asato sleep peacefully. Hisoka regretted having to wake up Asato but he had to go back to his room, so he shook him gently. Asato’s amethyst eyes slowly opened and he smiled when he saw Hisoka staring down at him. Asato scooted closer, tightened the arm he had around Hisoka’s waist, and sighed.

“Asato, I have to get back to my room before someone notices that I’m gone.”

“Okay, Hisoka. I’ve never had anyone care about me before. Thank you for being here for me.”

Hisoka shivered at the way Asato said his name. He hadn’t been paying attention to what Asato was saying because he was staring at his lips. They looked so soft and kissable, Hisoka wanted to taste them so bad. Asato reached up his hand and stroked it down Hisoka’s cheek as Hisoka stared at his mouth. The next thing Hisoka knew, Asato’s fingers were sliding into his hair and he was pulled down until their lips touched. Hisoka’s eyes fluttered shut the moment his lips touched Asato’s. Hisoka sighed as he slid deeper into the kiss, he lifted a hand and stroked his thumb gently across Asato’s cheek.

What is this I feel, Hisoka? Whispered across Hisoka’s mind as Asato‘s arms went around his neck.

What does it feel like, Asato? Hisoka projected back as he slid his hands into Asato’s hair. Hisoka settled his body on top of Asato‘s. Every dip and curve of Asato’s body matched his perfectly.

It’s like I’m hungry but I don’t want food. I feel so hot and my heart is beating really fast, Hisoka. Hisoka slid his tongue across the seam of Asato’s lips. Asato gasped and Hisoka’s tongue slid into his hot mouth. Asato tasted like flowers with subtle hints of honey and spice.

It’s called desire, Asato. You feel desire… for me. Asato moaned when he heard this. He knew the word but he had never felt the emotion before, that must have changed when he met Hisoka. Hisoka slowly pulled back from the kiss and rested his forehead against Asato’s. He was breathing heavily and the only reason why he stopped was because he knew he had to get back to his room before he got caught.

“I have to go, Asato. Please remember to go to bed after I leave, okay?”

Asato smiled and nodded his head. Hisoka kissed him softly on the lips once more, got up and ran through the gardens back to his room. He crawled back into his bed just in time because his bodyguard came into his room less than a minute later to check on him.

Hisoka? Hisoka heard a few minutes later.


I miss you already. Hisoka almost started to cry because Asato sounded so sad. He cracked an eye open and saw that his bodyguard was still in his room.

I miss you too, Asato. Hisoka made it seem like he was just shifting in his sleep and turned his body so he faced the wall. Then he felt the brush of a hand across his cheek and he caught a whiff of Asato’s scent, a blend of jasmine, honey and spice. Then images of Asato lying in his bed, with his hair strewn across the pillows, flashed through his mind.


Hnn? He could hear the sleep in Asato’s voice.

Did you just do that?

Do… what… Soka?

Showed me images of you lying in bed?

Mmm hmm… I wish I could… sleep next to you… Soka. This time instead of images, he actually felt Asato’s arm slide around his waist. Hisoka realized that Asato was projecting himself to Hisoka. Hisoka focused on the image of himself in his bed and sent it to Asato.

Mmmmmm… Soka.

Go to sleep, Asato. I’m right here… next to you.

‘Kay… night… Soka. Asato murmured sleepily across their mental pathway and Hisoka felt a kiss brush across his collarbone. He smiled and snuggled deeper into his pillows and fell asleep, dreaming of Asato.


Three weeks later…

The moon was full and lit Hisoka’s way as he walked through the gardens. He walked through the foliage to his and Asato’s secret place. When he got there, he saw Asato sitting on the grass with his face tilted up to the night breeze, the moonlight casting a translucent glow across his skin. Hisoka walked through the bushes and stopped in front of him. Asato opened his eyes and when he saw Hisoka he smiled. The moonlight made Asato’s purple eyes glow in the darkness. Hisoka had still never seen anyone as beautiful as Asato. Asato’s beauty was beyond that of a man or a woman, his beauty came from within as well as without.

“Hello, Hisoka.” Asato said as he stretched out a hand. Hisoka placed his hand against Asato’s and twined their fingers together as he sunk down to the grass.

Hisoka lifted his other hand and stroked it across Asato’s cheek and Asato sighed as his eyes fluttered shut. Hisoka leaned up onto his knees and kissed him. Hisoka could feel Asato’s other hand sliding against the back of his head, the fingers threading into his hair. They slowly pulled free of the kiss and Hisoka saw that they were lying on their sides in the grass. How does he do that? Hisoka took a good look at Asato and noticed that his hair was woven into one long braid. Hisoka grabbed the end of the braid and began to undo Asato’s hair. Asato sighed, happy that his hair was being pulled free of the braid. One of the women had braided it that morning and told on him to Lady Nagare when he protested.

Asato would never tell Hisoka that his mother had slapped him today. He didn’t want Hisoka to know that he was punished for something so stupid. Asato always felt dumb whenever he was punished and Lady Nagare always laughed at him whenever he cried. Asato stared into the emerald eyes of his love and smiled, Hisoka’s shadows were gone. When he had first met Hisoka, there had been so much pain emanating from him and now the pain was gone. Asato was startled from his thoughts when he felt Hisoka’s hand slide inside his yukata. The cool hand slid across his chest and Asato‘s nipples became painfully hard from the sensation.

“What are you doing, Soka?” Asato whispered as desire engulfed him. The flames of desire rose higher and higher with every stroke Hisoka made across his skin.

“I’m touching you, Asato. Haven’t you ever been touched before?” Hisoka said as he slid a fingertip over one of Asato’s nipples, Asato gasped and arched into the touch.

“Yes, but not like this… aaahh…” Asato moaned out when Hisoka grasped the nipple between two fingers.

Hisoka slowly twisted the nipple, he could hear Asato beginning to pant. Hisoka pulled his hand away and Asato whimpered. Hisoka reached behind him and untied his obi. He pulled it away and laid Asato on his back. Hisoka propped his head up onto his fist, pushed the edges of Asato’s yukata apart and his eyes widened when he saw lines of black ink upon Asato’s skin.

“You have tattoos, Asato?” Hisoka said as he sat up and fully opened Asato’s kimono. Hisoka traced the shape of the dragon that was tattooed along the lower half of Asato’s stomach with his finger. He saw what appeared to be words tattooed around Asato’s navel. “What does this say, Asato?”

Asato pushed up onto his elbows so he could look down and see the tattoo Hisoka was tracing with his fingers. “It’s written in Sanskrit, Hisoka. It says, ‘He who is life bears life.’ The monks at the monastery told me what it says.”

“Did the monks give you these tattoos?”

“No, I was born with these marks, Hisoka.” Hisoka looked at him and Asato could see the disbelief in his eyes. “It’s true, I was born with them but they weren’t always this dark. They got darker the older I got.”

“I believe you. You are so pale, Asato, that your skin looks translucent in the moonlight.” Hisoka said as he swept his hand across Asato’s stomach.

Asato threw his head back and gasped loudly as bolts of desire shot through him. Hisoka dipped his head down and used his tongue to trace the tattoo around his navel. Asato lay back down on the grass. He lost control of his powers for a second and all the plants around them began to grow rapidly. The grass was now as soft and thick as any bed and the vines of jasmine and passionflower twined together to create a canopy above them. Moonlight peeked through openings in the canopy and touched the jasmine flowers until they glowed like starlight. Hisoka lifted his head, snatches of the moonlight made his hair gleam silver. Asato clenched his fingers in the grass when he felt Hisoka touch his manhood. He arched into the touch when Hisoka ran his finger along its length. Then Asato caught glimpses of Hisoka’s thoughts, they aroused him even further especially the one of him on his hands and knees with Hisoka behind him. Asato raised his arms and slid them around Hisoka’s neck.

“Kiss me, Soka.” Asato whispered. Hisoka smiled at him, bent down and kissed Asato with all everything he felt. They both nearly drowned in the mental images and emotions of each other. Who needs touch when you have the power of the mind? Asato pulled an arm from around Hisoka’s neck, reached up and pulled some of the jasmine and passionflowers free from their vines. Hisoka pulled back and watched what Asato was doing.

“What are those for, Asato?” he asked.

“The natural oils of these flowers will help make it easier. Make me yours, Hisoka.”

Hisoka nodded and smiled as he rose up onto his knees, pulling off his shirt. Asato stroked a hand across Hisoka’s chest while Hisoka untied the strings of his pajama pants. Hisoka stood, dropped his pajama bottoms and kicked them away. He dropped back onto his knees next to Asato and helped him to sit up. He slid his hands under the open edges of Asato’s yukata and pushed it from Asato’s shoulders. He watched as it floated to the ground in a silken heap. He wrapped his arms around Asato’s waist and pulled him against him. Asato’s silken hair brushed the backs of his arms. Asato’s arms slid around Hisoka’s neck, his fingers sliding into his hair. Hisoka gently lowered Asato back to the grass and gently laid on top of him. He gently spread Asato’s thighs with his knees. Hisoka laid full length against him and loosely wrapped Asato’s legs around his hips.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Asato?”

“Yes… Make me yours, Soka.”


Hisoka and Asato slowly fell more in love with each other as the days slid into weeks. They were in and out of each other’s minds every second of the day and every night they would meet in their bower of flowers and fireflies. All the staff loved Asato, they could see the gentle and loving soul inside the killer. The assassinations Hisoka’s mother had Asato commit were starting to take a toll on him and everyone could see it, especially Hisoka. There had been many offers to buy Asato from Nagare but she wouldn’t sell him.

One night, Nagare was walking through the gardens and she heard a noise. She didn’t know what it was, so she went looking. As she walked through the foliage, she came upon Hisoka and Asato in their bower. She saw their arms were wrapped around each other and then noticed that they were kissing, she was taken aback for a moment. What in the hell? She stood there for a few moments as she watched them. She smiled, stepped back and walked back to the garden path. It was the first time in her life she was ever genuinely happy for someone. However, this was her son and her assassin. Then she thought about it as she continued to walk the through the gardens. If her son were having an affair with her assassin then he would never try to leave. Especially if she gave her approval of their relationship. She would then have the assassin forever because he would have no reason to leave, Nagare smiled evilly. She would have to fix it so that they could be together whenever they wanted.

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