Assassin's Heart

BY : Mimi Uesegi
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Asato was awakened out of a dead sleep. He didn’t know what had woken him up, so he just laid there and wondered what it was. He looked over at the clock on the table next to his bed and it said it was five o’clock. He couldn‘t believe he had slept most of the day away, he had been getting tired so easily lately.

. . . Help me . . . Asato . . . Asato heard whisper across his mind, it was Hisoka.

Where are you, Soka? He could feel fear and pain coming from Hisoka in waves.

. . . I don’t know . . . its dark here, Asato . . . I’m scared . . .

Then the doors to his bedroom burst open and Lady Nagare strolled in. Asato sat up in his bed and pulled the blankets up over his naked chest. She stopped in the middle of the room and then Lady Nagare did something Asato thought he would never see, she collapsed onto the floor and broke down in tears. Asato reached for his yukata at the end of the bed, stood up, wrapped it around himself and walked over to Lady Nagare.

“What is wrong, my lady?” Asato said. Nagare looked up at him and for the first time since he had been there, Asato felt her emotions. Waves of fear, anger, hatred and sadness emanated from her and rushed over him.

“. . . He . . . took . . . Hisoka . . .” She said brokenly as she cried. Asato stopped in mid step and the blood draining from his face.

“Who took Hisoka?” His love’s life was in danger and Asato knew anger for the first time.

“He took Hisoka from school . . . Kazutaka Muraki took my boy . . . He will kill Hisoka.”

“Who is this man, my lady?”

“He’s a yakuza assassin, a sick and twisted monster. He will kill Hisoka after he is done with him. He will do many things that are far worse than death that will make Hisoka want to die. ”

. . . Asato . . . Help me . . .

“Where will I find this Kazutaka Muraki, my lady?”

“I don’t know. I keep hearing Hisoka calling out. I can feel his pain and I tried to use my powers to find him but I can’t, their not strong enough.”

“You have powers, my lady?” Asato said as he knelt down on the floor near her. She raised her tearstained face and looked at Asato, her emerald eyes filled with sadness and despair.

“Yes, I’m empathic but it only truly works with Hisoka. Sometimes I catch glimpses of other people’s emotions but their very faint.” Then she whispered, “I know that you and Hisoka meet in the gardens every night.”

Asato’s eyes grew wide as he dropped his gaze to the floor, he knew he was going to be punished for touching his mistress’s son. He heard her kimono shift and he braced himself for the first blow but it never came. He slowly lifted his eyes and saw that Lady Nagare was smiling at him. She reached over and clasped his hand.

“I am not angry that you have been seeing Hisoka. I’m glad that he has someone who loves him. I care for my son but I have never loved him and he knows it. He was a duty my otousan forced on me. When I got married, it was to a man my otousan chose and I grew to hate Hisoka’s otousan. When I got pregnant with Hisoka, my otousan had my husband killed after he found out that I was having a boy. Hisoka is very sweet and he deserves all the love he can get even if it isn’t from me. Just help me find him and I will let you two be together.”

“I will still kill for you, won’t I?” Asato asked quietly. Nagare stood up and walked over to the windows. She watched the sun set in the distance.

“Yes, you will still kill for me. You are my assassin after all. However, even assassins deserve happiness. That I cannot deny you but never ask me to relieve you of your duty. This family needs to be protected at all times.” She turned and smiled at Asato, “Let’s find the man who has Hisoka and punish him.”


Meanwhile at Muraki’s stronghold…

“Hey, boss?” a male voice said. Kazutaka Muraki turned from the window he was standing in front of and looked to see who it was. It was Rei Uesegi, his new second-in-command. Rei was promoted when his second, Saito Yoshito, was assassinated by Nagare Kurosaki’s new pet.

“Yes, Rei, what is it you want?” Muraki said as he turned back towards the window. Rei backed up when he heard the pure malice in Muraki’s voice.

Muraki turned his head, his mismatched gaze glinting in the late afternoon night. “Say something or leave, Rei. I have no time for your stupid games.”

“They have brought the boy, boss.” he said, trembling in fear. Muraki smiled evilly and rubbed a hand across his chin.

“Well, why didn’t you say so before, Rei. Take me to him.”

Muraki followed Rei out of the library and up the stairs. Rei walked in the direction of Muraki’s bedroom, Muraki smiled at the thought of being able to torture the boy in his own domain. Rei opened the doors and Muraki smiled when he saw the blonde teenage boy chained to his bedroom wall. He walked over to stand in front of the boy. The boy was passed out, probably from the drugs his men had given him when they had snatched him from his school. He ran a hand across the boy’s cheek. The boy was Hisoka Kurosaki, the only son of Nagare Kurosaki. Muraki was livid that Nagare had the gall to kill his second in command, Saito. He still had the pictures that had come with the box that had carried Saito’s ashes. The sheer power of Nagare’s assassin was something that Muraki wanted beyond all things. His plan was to make Nagare trade the assassin for the boy. After all, the boy was her only child and no matter what anyone said about that cold-hearted bitch, she was still a mother. Mothers will do anything to protect their children.

“Wake up, little boy!” Muraki said as he pulled back his hand and slapped the boy with full force. Hisoka’s eyes popped open as he cried out from the pain of the slap. His eyes widened when he saw the silver haired man standing in front of him. His mother had told him about this man. The yakuza assassin, Kazutaka Muraki. He was one of the evilest killers in Japan. His mother said that he had killed over three hundred people. There was a possibility that he had killed more than that because he was very secretive of his killings.

“How nice of you to wake up for me, boy. So, you’re Nagare’s only son, Hisoka. ”

. . . Help me . . . Asato . . . Hisoka whispered across his and Asato’s mental pathway.

“Are you paying attention to me, boy? If not, let me help you to remember how to.” Muraki said coldly as he backhanded Hisoka, splitting his lip open in the process.

Where are you, Soka? Asato whispered back.

“AHH!” Hisoka cried out when he was struck. He felt Muraki’s hand touch the blood sliding down his chin. He opened his eyes and saw Muraki licking it from his fingers. Hisoka felt darkness emanating from Muraki and he could see the evil glint in his mismatched eyes, the ice blue one glowing as if it had a life of its own.

. . . I don’t know . . . its dark here, Asato . . . I’m scared . . .

“Mmmm, I love to make people bleed. I love to make them scream too. You will soon find that out here soon enough but first, let’s have some fun.” Hisoka’s eyes widened as Muraki drew closer. Seconds later, Hisoka’s screams could be heard throughout the Muraki complex.

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