Assassin's Heart

BY : Mimi Uesegi
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Ten hours later . . .

Kazutaka Muraki eyed the bloody blonde chained to his bedroom wall. He smiled as he thought of all the delicious screams he had gotten out of him earlier. He wondered what else he could get out of him. He walked over to the boy and shook him.

“Little boy? Wake up, little boy . . .” he said with a smirk crossing his lips. He grabbed Hisoka’s hair and pulled his head back. Hisoka screamed as his eyes popped open and Muraki laughed.

“Very good, little boy. Is it true that your mother’s assassin is said to be formidable?” Hisoka didn’t say anything and Muraki backhanded him hard enough for his lip to split open again. Fresh blood ran freely down Hisoka’s chin and dripped onto the floor.

“Answer me, boy.” Muraki said as leaned close and licked the blood from Hisoka’s chin. Muraki noticed that the boy’s eyes had gone blank and it was as if he was in a daze of some sort.

“Amatsu Mikaboshi . . . August Star of Heaven . . . Death comes for you.” the boy said in a cryptic voice. Then Muraki felt his house shake violently and heard the screams of his men who were posted outside of the house.

“I’ll be back for you later, boy. I‘m not through with you yet.” He said as he ran out his bedroom to see what the commotion was.

Right when he got to the top of the stairs, he witnessed both of his front doors imploding inwards. Through the haze, Muraki could see a person walk through the front doors. They glowed with an eerie white light and their hair floated around them. Muraki watched as his men opened fire on the intruder. Muraki smirked and was sure that the person was done for because no one could survive that many bullets. His mouth dropped open when he saw that the bullets were suspended in midair and watched in disbelief as the bullets fell to the floor harmlessly. The person raised a arm and their hand glowed with a light that looked as dark as a shadow. Muraki gaped as all of his men burst into flames and died where they stood. Asato walked passed the destroyed front doors of the house. He looked up and saw a silver haired man standing on the landing at the top of the stairs. His purple eyes glowed eerily in the dimly lit foyer. The man had to be Kazutaka Muraki, the yakuza assassin Lady Nagare told him about.

“Where is Hisoka, Kazutaka Muraki?” Asato yelled as he walked further into the foyer of the house.

“Awww, you know my name. How lovely but sadly, I don’t know yours, pretty one. May I ask what your name is? I would really like to know it especially since I‘m going to kill you for ruining my house.” he said as he leaned against the stair railing. Muraki smiled, this man carried the power of death and life and it thrilled him to the core of his evil little heart.

“You know my name, Muraki. For it is death and all living things answer my call!” Asato reached out his hand. Suddenly, Muraki felt the urge to walk down the stairs, he was compelled against his will. Muraki didn’t know how the man was doing it. He tried to fight whatever it was but it was no use, his struggles were futile.

“What are you?!” He screamed at Asato as he drew closer to him.

“I am life and death. I am the creator and the destroyer. I am the beginning and the end.” Asato exclaimed as he wrapped a hand around Muraki’s neck. Muraki screamed as his body caught fire and began to burn from the inside out. Kazutaka Muraki smiled one last time, right before death took him.


“. . . Hisoka . . .” Hisoka struggled to wake up from the comforting darkness. He swore he heard someone calling his name.

“. . . Hisoka . . . Please wake up . . . Come back to me, Soka . . .” Hisoka’s eyes slid open and saw that he was looking into amethyst eyes.

“Asato?” Hisoka whispered as he struggled to get up. Asato lifted Hisoka to a sitting position and placed him in his lap. Hisoka broke down and began to cry hysterically as he wrapped his arms around Asato‘s neck.

“Your safe now, Hisoka, it’s all over. No one is going to hurt you ever again.” Asato said as he stroked Hisoka’s hair. Asato wrapped his arms around Hisoka and held him while he cried. Asato waited until Hisoka was calmed down before he took him back to Lady Nagare’s men.

Asato picked Hisoka up and carried him through the house. All of Lady Nagare’s men cheered when they saw him walk out of the house with Hisoka in his arms. One of the bodyguards went to take Hisoka from Asato but Hisoka whimpered and began to cry again. The bodyguard dropped his hands and Hisoka calmed down. The bodyguard just shrugged his shoulders and opened the door of the limo for Asato. He placed Hisoka on the seat and then crawled in. During the ride back to the Kurosaki estate, Hisoka kept his arms wrapped tightly around Asato. When they pulled up in front of the house, Asato was shocked to see Lady Nagare standing outside with the staff and her guards. Asato got out of the limo, picked Hisoka up and walked towards the house. Many of the staff came forward to take Hisoka out of Asato’s arms but Hisoka whimpered when anyone tried to touch him and clutched at Asato desperately. When Asato go to the top of the front stairs, Lady Nagare walked over and Hisoka didn’t whimper when his mother touched him.

“Is he alright?” She asked as she stroked Hisoka‘s hair. Asato nodded before he spoke.

“I healed his physical wounds but his mental and emotional wounds will take longer. I need to lay him down so he can sleep. The sleep will heal him fully, my lady.”

“Follow me, Amatsu.”

Asato followed her through the house, memorizing how to get to Hisoka’s apartments. Lady Nagare opened the door of Hisoka’s rooms and led Asato in. Asato set Hisoka’s legs down onto the floor gently. It took the both of them to strip Hisoka and convince him that it was in his best interest to lay down and go to sleep.


Hours later . . .

Hisoka slowly came awake and saw the familiar mural of his bedroom ceiling, he sighed in relief. He remembered seeing Asato’s face after the hell he had went through with Muraki. He had never loved Asato more than at the moment when he realized Asato had come to save him. Hisoka sat up and was startled to see him in his room. Asato was sitting on a bench next to one of the windows, staring out into the gardens. Hisoka slid back the covers and tried to stand only to collapse onto the floor. Asato turned when he heard a noise and saw Hisoka in a heap on the floor next to his bed. He stood up from the bench and rushed over to help Hisoka up.

“Soka, why are you out of bed? You’re supposed to be sleeping.” Asato said as he picked Hisoka up and put him back into bed. He sat down on the floor next to the bed.

“I was just so happy to see you that I couldn’t help myself, Asato.” Hisoka became quiet as fear seeped into his jewel toned eyes, “I was so scared. I thought I was never going to see you again, Asato.” Asato stroked Hisoka’s hair and smiled. Hisoka had loosely wrapped his hand around the wrist of the hand that stroked his hair.

“I will never let anyone hurt you like that ever again. Sleep, Hisoka, you‘re safe now.” Asato whispered as he stroked Hisoka’s hair. Asato stayed there on the floor next to Hisoka’s bed until he too fell asleep.


Two weeks later . . .

Hisoka slowly but surely became his old self again and it became commonplace for the staff to see him and Asato together. They all loved Hisoka and were glad that Lady Nagare’s assassin was with him, protecting him at all times. Hisoka seemed to be happier with the assassin around. Before the kidnapping, the Kurosaki household was as quiet as a tomb but now it was filled with laughter and happy voices. Even Lady Nagare was seen laughing on occasion with her son or her assassin. Setsuna watched as Lady Nagare, the young master and the assassin were sitting out in the garden. They were all laughing at something silly the young master had done.

Ever since the assassin had arrived, Setsuna had noticed a marked change in Lady Nagare and the young master. He had also noticed that the assassin was no longer punished anymore for any reason. He still obeyed Lady Nagare and killed when she wished it, but he acted as if he was no longer haunted by it. He remembered what the bodyguards said about the rescue mission for the young master hours after the young master was home. They said that the assassin had killed nearly every person on the estate. They also said that he had been as cold as ice and had showed no emotion while he brutally killed all those people. The young master’s personal bodyguard said that there was more going on than what they were told.

Setsuna was shocked when Lady Nagare had told him that whenever her assassin was with her son there was no need of a bodyguard. He remembered one such night when he forgot to tell the young master’s bodyguard, Hiro, that he wasn’t needed. Hiro came back quickly, in less than ten minutes, and told Setsuna that he had went into the young master’s room. What he saw, once he was in the room, was not what he had signed up for. He told Setsuna that he had opened the young master’s door and had walked in on him having sex with Lady Nagare’s assassin. He made sure to let Setsuna know that the young master was the one on top, not like Setsuna wanted to know that in the first place. In the long run, Setsuna didn’t believe Hiro.

He had believed that the bodyguard made up an excuse and had wanted to get out of his duties. So, Setsuna went into the young master’s bedroom the next night and walked in on the same thing the bodyguard had seen. The bodyguard had been right and Setsuna had been wrong to misjudge him. The next day Setsuna went and told Lady Nagare that the young master was having a sexual relationship with her assassin. Lady Nagare told Setsuna that she already knew about it and that it had been going for quite a few months. Setsuna was shocked that she would just let that happen under her roof but it was not his place to judge, he was just a paid employee. As long as the young master was happy, Setsuna didn’t care. However, the moment the assassin hurt the young master, Setsuna was going to let him have it.

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