Blood On My Hands

BY : ShinigamiMailJeevas
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AN: Just something small I started to keep myself from getting frustrated with the last few chapters of Choices. (I don't know about other authors, but I find that if I stick with something for too long without a break I burn out and cant finish it, that's happened almost twice with Choices as it is so long. Which is why I have so many oneshots out during the creation of the fic... heh)

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Chapter One: Mask?

Matt sighed softly as he waited for Mello's breathing to even out. The blonde always went to bed at a certain time, but when he actually fell asleep was always different. Matt stared out into the darkness and grinned.

But it wasn't a grin he would ever let Mello see. It was twisted and B had even called it creepy once, and from him that was a compliment.

Ah, B, or Beyond. It had been a long while since he had seen him. But he could remember his friend perfectly, as thought it had only been hours rather than years since their last meeting.

Matt had always lived with a mask covering the darker parts of his personality, his sickness. He'd hidden it from his parents after he'd gotten in trouble for the way he'd talked about wishing someone ill. He'd hidden it from his previous teachers and the staff at Whammys, as he doubted their reactions would have been any different from that of his long dead parents.

He'd always felt elated, happy and pleasured at other peoples pain, but he had never really understood why. At least not until he had come to Whammys, and B had 'taken him under his wing' as it were.

Matt had always wondered what B had seen in him to make him take notice, though the elder boy had stated that his true nature had shown in his eyes.

B had acted as though what Matt felt was perfectly normal, perfectly sane. Though B had cautioned him never to show that side of himself to anyone else at Whammys, not unless he was assured not to be ratted out or he was in a position to handle the consequences.

B had started him out with small animals, to learn techniques that would cause pain, as though he were grooming him to become a serial killer from the start. And things had progressed as far as setting up malicious pranks designed to cause harm, to those unfortunate souls who crossed paths with them at Whammys.

If they ever got caught, B always took the blame as he had a thing for the negative attention he received from it, especially if it led to a confrontation with L.

But that only lasted until B left, which was right around the time Mello had come to Whammys and become Matt's roommate.

Matt remembered that day well as B had looked above the blonde's head as Mello spoke to Matt, almost shyly, and had laughed in his strange way. Matt had asked what it had been about but B had never elaborated other than 'his numbers decreased by leaps and bounds the second he talked to you!' though Matt never could figure out what he'd meant by that.

That was the day B had told him goodbye, and said that he was leaving to follow L. To prove that B did not stand for Backup.

Matt had known that he couldn't continue with the pranks, at least not right away, as he had never been good with the set up. He had always been a little warped, even with his 'mask', but he knew that in order to fool his roommate, changes would have to be made.

So he took up a mask of apathy and indifference, and Mello was never the wiser to his act, and they even got along pretty well. All the main staff at Whammys had just assumed that it had been B's influence that had made him seem odd, an outcast, in the house of genii, that B had just been a bad influence on him.

Matt smirked, oh how wrong they were.

His smile slipped as he thought on Mello. Lately, his blonde friend had begun to wonder, begun to seek, what lay behind his mask. But Matt knew that Mello wouldn't understand, wouldn't like what he saw, once he pealed the layers away.

It was always like that, with everyone.

With everyone except his mentor, B.

-End Mask?-

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