Blood On My Hands

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AN: Let me just tell you, I had fun writing this one. Not too much though. ^_^ Wow-e Matty....

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Chapter Three: Urge?

The water was warm down his back, but not as warm as the rest of him. He stifled a moan as he watched his blood covered fingers wrap themselves around his erection and slowly start to slide along the length.

He loved the way blood smeared across the pale skin, none of it his own. He leaned his head against the cool tile of the wall and thought back to only a few hours earlier.

He had snuck out again, after Mello had fallen asleep, though he had been surprised when he hadn't heard Mello following him. It was sometimes hard to tell when Mello had actually fallen asleep as the blonde had gotten good at faking it.

But he'd been happy as that meant he hadn't had to waste time dodging Mello's pathetic attempts at following him.

He liked to do things at his own pace, rather than be rushed.

Once a week, never on the same day two weeks in a row, he went to town to sate his ever growing desires. He always took a small backpack with him with a change of clothes, as what he wore normally wouldn't attract enough attention, or rather not the right kind.

He had to admit though, that Mello's clothes certainly did attract attention. Though he did prefer his own clothes...

He had to go to the shadier parts of town, where at that time of night no one paid someone his age much mind, unless it was to stare longingly at him as they passed by. And that was what Matt always counted on.

Though he was never in the same place each week, for obvious reasons...

He always knew by the looks just who was drunk enough to try something, or drunk enough not to care, or just plain sleazy in their sobriety. He knew by now, after having done this many times, just what buttons to push to get some guy to follow him back to one of the abandoned buildings further down the road.

Much further.

He supposed he looked innocent, as that was what some of them had said, which worked in his favor. They figured he didn't know what he had gotten himself into, as he led them inside the carefully prepared and completely abandoned spaces.

They always felt safer, bolder, when they were away from the prying eyes of the street goers, and would let their hands greedily roam across his body. And when they were too preoccupied with attempting to strip him of his clothes, he would strike.

Sometimes he would hit the pressure point just at the base of the skull, or press harshly at the gap between the collar bones. Or if he was pressed for time he would just take the knife from his boot and slit their throat.

The times that he immediately killed were usually the ones that Mello had followed him and caused him to loose some time, but he had still needed to get his fix.

The others... he let himself have fun. Let himself use that wondrous knowledge Beyond had left him with. He always shivered at the delicious moans of pain that were produced...

He knew that Beyond and himself were sick. That there was something wrong with them. But Beyond had taught him that it didn't matter, so long as he enjoyed it.

He always made sure to have a supply of bleach with him, to wash away anything that could lead back to him, as he had to dispose of the bodies. But it was all worth it.

Matt let out a strangled moan as he released into his hand and after a few moments of basking in the fading pleasure he continued on to wash himself clean in the shower; smiling widely as the blood swirled down the drain.

He would have to find a way for Mello to stay asleep on the nights he wanted to go out, as he hadn't felt that good in ages. He hated having to cut his experiences short because of the blonde.

With thoughts whirling around his mind he turned off the shower and stepped out, dripping water onto the floor. He quickly dried himself and put on a set of night clothes and quietly opened the door.

Though he couldn't help the small gasp at seeing Mello's worried face stare back at him.

Well, wasn't that a surprise.

-End Urge?-

AN: Ha, honestly, what did everyone think Matt went out there for? Hehehe. And the next chapter is the last chapter, it is also the longest. ^_^

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