Blood On My Hands

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AN: I had originally thought this chapter would be shorter than it actually is. Oh well. I'm not going to complain. I rather like it.

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Chapter Two: Blood?

Mello watched as Matt played on his current handheld, a newer model though not something Mello could ever remember the name of. He frowned at the blank expression on his best friends face.

There was something wrong... or more like out of place. Something that Mello had only recently begun to notice. Something that Mello suspected had always been there but he had just never really paid attention to before.

It was as though Matt wasn’t really... Matt.

He couldn't explain it any better.

But that wasn't the only thing that bothered him. Matt's bed was empty one night a week, but never on the same day, and never on the weekend. Mello supposed that is was normal, for someone who stayed up to all hours to play games, but the day following his disappearances, Matt was always... strange.

He always acted a little off, as though something had changed in him from the night before, and then after the day of awkwardness, Matt would be back to his usual apathetic attitude. Mello didn't understand it.

He had even taken to trying to follow Matt, on numerous occasions, but he was never able to keep on him. It was as though Matt knew he was being followed. Well, he had to, as he always shook Mello off his trail long before they had even arrived anywhere.

Mello withheld a sigh and tore his gaze away from the gamer.

In truth... he was sort of worried.

Matt had begun to get distant from him, and Mello hoped he wasn’t in any sort of trouble concerning whatever it was he did when he disappeared.

Matt had been the one constant in Mello's life so far, as Mello had met the redheaded child on his first day at Whammys, and had taken an instant liking to him despite the creepy older boy that had hung around him.

And over the years their friendship had grown strong, or at least on Mello's end. He wasn't sure what Matt thought anymore.

But Mello was determined to find out what was going on. He had stayed up late every night so far that week, and though he had fallen asleep one of those nights he knew Matt hadn't gone anywhere as he had been 'normal' the day after.

Mello was going to find out, one way or another, what Matt was up to.

Mello smirked slightly and turned his light out and rolled over, and attempted to make his breathing as normal and light as possible for that of someone falling asleep as Matt seemed to be able to tell for the most part when he was still awake.

The only problem, was that it had worked too well as Mello was startled awake by the sound of the shower going sometime later. He blinked blurrily in the darkness of the room and sat up quickly and tossed his covers back.

Matt had the light on in the bathroom so he doubted the redhead would be able to tell if the lights were on in their room. He turned Matt's lamp on just to be safe, as it was the furthest from the bathroom, and the room was instantly cast in an eerie half orange glow.

He saw a small pile of Matt’s clothes sitting on his bed, but Mello's attention went directly to the discarded jacket. There was something dark splattered across the front and Mello frowned. He gently picked up the jacket and thumbed the substance, and found it to be sticky.

And though it was dark, if held up to the light it had a red hue to it. Mello sniffed it and wrinkled his nose at the awful metallic smell it had. He dropped the jacket back to the bed with a sinking feeling.

The substance could only be blood.

Was Matt hurt? What had he been doing to get blood on his jacket?

Mello was more than a little worried now, though he didn't let it show outwardly other than the small downwards twitch of his lips. The shower turned off and he hurried over to the door and waited; jacket back in hand.

Matt would have no choice but answer his questions. It wasn't so late that they couldn't have a nice long chat... assuming Matt wasn't injured…

The small lock clicked and the door swung open to reveal Matt's surprised face.

-End blood?-

AN: Well, what does everyone think is going on? Thoughts???

(on a side note.... my muse is dead! Choices ate it... and now i'm stuck in limbo... shimatta! But I had this fic completed before that happened at least....)

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