Citrus Series (Tenipuri)

BY : CrunchySalad
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The LED light read 5:21, so Sanada knew he should be getting home soon. There was homework to take care of before his family would sit down for their traditional dinner, and then he wanted to fit in some kendo training. He wondered if the buses were running on time today, and how long it would take him to get back to Kanagawa.

And then there was the matter of the boy sleeping on the bed. Echizen Ryoma... Sanada still couldn't believe this little one had managed to beat Akaya. He was so small and pale. Weak, thought Sanada, but then he wasn't, because even if it he had passed out afterwards from the exertion, he had still beaten their junior ace. And Sanada had been given the task of bringing him home, because Sanada was in charge of cleaning up all their messes, wasn't he? All it took was Yanagi reading off the address and everyone had assumed that he would take care of it.

And now he was in some strange home, and the monk who had let him in was nowhere to be seen. Every so often he would hear tiny, soft footsteps somewhere in the house, too nimble to be anything but a cat. Aside from that though they were totally, utterly alone, the first year splayed atop cotton sheets, and Sanada thought, shouldn't he deserve a little compensation for his actions? Some kind of return for his long-suffering time as Rikkai's fukubuchou?

Sanada ran his hand along one of those pale, slender legs, testing. The boy's skin was perfectly smooth, and his muscles contracted under Sanada's firm touch, though Echizen didn't stir from his sleep. Sanada's fingers lingered on those thighs, pushing Echizen's legs open minutely, before he placed them on the warmth between the boy's legs. Sanada rubbed there, through the fabric, and he could visibly see Echizen's breath hitch. Still, now Sanada was certain that the boy would not wake, not matter what he did to him. Sanada smiled, and climbed onto the bed.

Sanada wasn't a masochist, but he also wasn't going to let Echizen's lack of reactions bother him. Wasn't that, after all, part of the fun? He removed Echizen's shorts, and pushed his legs open as wide as he could. And there Echizen was, completely spread out and open for him, with just a light scattering of pubic hair to hide his most private of areas. What an embarrassing pose, Sanada thought, before he leaned forward. He pressed his nose into Echizen's groin, inhaling, smelling that young, musty scent, and then he shifted and took the boy's small, limp cock into his mouth. It easily fit inside his mouth, and he pressed against it with his tongue, swirling, before he started to suck on it. He could hear Echizen's breathing become suddenly become rapid and irregular, involuntarily louder, but when he looked up the boy's eyes were still closed.

Echizen tasted good, Sanada decided, young and sweet, and he wished he could drink the boy's cum and see what it tasted like. But when he let Echizen's cock fall from his mouth it was only half hard, and besides, there were other matters at hand that he wanted to get to. For a moment he contemplated sticking his own erection into the Echizen's mouth, to feel that tongue on him and see the boy's small lips wrapped around his dick, before deciding against it. There was still homework and kendo, after all.

Sanada pushed up on Echizens thighs, watching as his hole came into view. It really was cute, Sanada thought, all tight and puckered like that, and he wondered if any one had come inside of it before. Sanada leaned forward and opened his mouth, reaching out his tongue to trace the rim. It rippled as he traced it, and when he stabbed his tongue inside of it he could feel it spasm around him. He fucked the boy with his tongue for awhile, getting him nice and wet, before drawing out.

Sanada's cock was painfully hard by now, and he breathed a sigh of relief as he drew it out the confines of his uniform pants and into the air. He stroked it a few times as he eyed Echizen's wet hole, smirking. He wondered if Echizen could take all of him. He reached over to the desk first to grab the bottle of lotion he had seen there earlier, and rubbed a gratuitous amount on his cock.

Leaning over the prone boy, Sanada positioned himself at Echizen's entrance. He pushed his hips forward a little, getting just the tip of his cock into that little hole, and could feel Echizen instinctually try to move away. Sanada grabbed the smaller boy's hips and pulled him closer, even as he pushed more and more into the other's body. He squinted his eyes shut as he was swallowed inch by inch into that hot tightness; it felt so good he swore he could have come without ever really fucking the boy. Finally, he was all the way in, and he took a moment to enjoy being so deep before he pulled his cock out again, almost all the way, and slammed it back in. He pistoned in and out of the boy, as hard and as deep as he could, trying to fuck the boy into the mattress. Echizen was making noises now, little despairing 'uhn's each time he was slammed into, but still he hadn't woken up. Sanada sped up his speed, violent now as his cock stabbed the boy, until he felt that familiar crescendo and grunted as he started coming. His cum poured into Echizen's abused ass as he kept thrusting in and out of him, and then he pulled out and spurted the last of his load onto Echizen's cute hole and limp cock.

Sanada smiled, content, as he grabbed the bottom of Echizen's shirt to wipe his cock clean. Echizen's hole was oozing cum now, and it was loose and sloppy. Not that it was any of Sanada's business. Sanada picked up his back pack and threw a blanket over the still sleeping boy before leaving the house. The monk was back, ringing the bell, and Sanada nodded politely to him as he left. At least one good thing had come out of Akaya's fuck ups to date.

* * *

Even before Ryoma blinked open his eyes, he knew something was wrong, and his body narrowed in on the problem pretty fast. His ass was swollen, wet, and sore. He was also very sticky. He turned onto his stomach and moaned. It was that good kind of sore, he thought to himself, a sore that told him that he had just been very, very full. Ryoma smirked to himself. He wondered who had just taken advantage of him, and he wondered if next time, he'd be awake enough to enjoy it.


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