Citrus Series (Tenipuri)

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Kaido went through the motions of his stretches, calmed by the murmurings of the nearby ravine and the scribbling of pen on paper he had gotten so used to. He wasn't sure when it was that Inui became such a fixture in his training regiment, but now he almost felt at a loss whenever his sempai wasn't there to help him. It irked Kaido, and he told himself that he shouldn't become so reliant on some one else. But then, Inui didn't seem to mind at all... after all, Inui had taken it upon himself to help Kaido out.

"I think that's enough quad stretches," Inui mumbled to him, though his face was still immersed in one of the many color-coded notebooks he carried around with him. "You should move on to triceps now."

"Hai." Kaido reached an arm back and held it there, beginning his count to thirty. Inui was placing his notebook down carefully on the grass, the pen on top of it.

"Kaido, I've noticed some problems with your movements lately. They're not as fluid as they should be; have you been having any sort of problems with your body?"

"Aa." Inui-sempai was so perceptive, Kaido thought. He really was lucky to have Inui looking after him like this. "My lower back has felt sore recently, but I'm not sure why."

"Your lower back..." Inui rubbed at his chin, glasses shining heavily in the sun. "And not in any other areas of your body?"

"No." Kaido switched arms.

"Hmm." Inui looked up at the sky, contemplating, then his eyes seem to rest on Kaido again. "The problem could be... rectal."

Kaido froze, and lost count of his stretching. "Rectal."

"Yes. It's only a possibility, but if you'd like I could check it out right now."

"Inui-sempai, I'm not sure-"

Inui turned his head to the side, curious. "What's wrong, Kaido? Don't you want to be in the best shape for tennis? It's just a standard examination."

Kaido was sure he was blushing. "But some one might come by."

"No one ever comes here, you know that. Isn't that why you picked this area to train in?"

Kaido was very unsure about all this, but he had to admit that Inui was being completely rational. Inui was his sempai after all, and really smart about these kinds of things, so maybe it was for the best for Inui to examine him.

"All right," Kaido finally said, though he was still hesitant.

"I'll need you to take off your pants so I can examine the area."

Kaido's face felt hot, and he wondered if it were completely red by now. He knew Inui was a boy, so it was nothing his sempai had never seen before, and they were often naked together when the team took showers in the locker room, but... this was different, somehow. Kaido shook his head and told himself it wasn't any different. It was completely clinical.

Kaido started to take off his pants in slow and clumsy movements, very careful not to accidentally flash Inui or anything disrespectful like that. When they were off he laid down on his back, very aware of the grass brushing against his bare legs and the breeze on his penis. He pulled the bottom center of his shirt down, covering his genitalia, and felt lucky when Inui didn't say anything about his bashfulness.

Inui pulled something out of his back pack, and Kaido eyed the small bottle suspiciously.

"What's that?"

"It's just some lotion. It will make the experience less unpleasant for you."

Kaido watched as Inui smoothed the lotion over his fingers, and then Inui was pressing those fingers against the entrance at his ass. Kaido held his breath as Inui probed there, just running his fingertip around the rim. Finally, Inui started sliding a finger into the hole, and Kaido let out a gasp. First there was just one finger, and then two, moving in and out as they searched for something inside of him. It wasn't a horrible sensation, Kaido decided, but it was strange.

"Hmm..." Inui was rubbing inside him, his face impassive as ever, and Kaido wondered if he had found something. "Kaido, do you ever do this to yourself? Put your fingers in here?"

"Inui-sempai, no!" Kaido was shocked that Inui was even asking.

"Don't get upset, Kaido. I need to know more information if this examination's going to do you any good. What about your penis? Do you ever touch yourself there?"

Kaido wondered if it was possible to blush any more than he sure he was now. "Why do you need to know that?"

"The systems are closely connected."

"... Aa... I do, sometimes," Kaido murmured, in disbelief that he was actually talking about this.

"I see." Inui's fingers turned then, and hit some spot inside of him that made him see stars. He involuntarily let out a moan. "Kaido, if you don't let go of your shirt, you'll stain it."

Kaido looked down at his shirt and saw a tent where his penis, now erection, was. He could clearly see the head of his penis outlined in the fabric, and a spot of pre-come was already leaking through where the tip was. "But, sempai-"

"It's okay, it's nothing I've never seen before."

Kaido's fingers tightened for a moment, but then decided that Inui knew best, and he let go. He felt his shirt fall to his waist, and felt Inui's gaze on the erection now laying flush against his stomach. Then Inui's fingers were moving out of him, and Kaido wondered if it were finally over.

"Kaido, it seems your problem is more severe than I thought. You're going to need an enema. I can give you one right now, if you want."

"An enema? You... have one with you?" Things were sounding more unpleasant than ever. But at least Inui was here, to diagnose his problem and help him through it.

"Not a medical enema, but something that will work just as well. Do you trust me, Kaido?"

"Of course, sempai."

"Then lay down and spread your legs."

Kaido did as he was told, worried and nervous. Inui tugged on the waistband of his sweatpants, and Kaido saw a nest of black curls and Inui's own erection pop out, but then he looked away, embarrassed.

"It might hurt a little," Kaido heard Inui say, "and you'll be sore afterwards, but I think this will cure your problems."

"Hai, Inui-sempai."

Kaido felt something push against his hole, something big and slick with lotion, and he felt his whole body flush as he thought about what it was. Try not to think about it, Kaido told himself. It's just an enema, just a medical procedure that would help his back problems.

It hurt, just like Inui said it would, but Kaido gritted his teeth and bore it. It took a few seconds, but then Inui was completely inside of him, and he rested there a few moments for Kaido to adjust. Then he started moving back and forth, building up a gentle rhythm, and Kaido couldn't help but moan when Inui hit that spot inside of him with every thrust. He didn't realize that an enema could feel so good, and found himself wanting Inui to rock harder inside him. Kaido draped one arm over his eyes, mortified that he was getting such pleasure out of this, at the same time wishing that it never ended. Then he felt it building, the orgasm, and his whole body shook as he came. As he felt his penis twitch and spurt out cum, he became aware of something hot and wet shooting into him, and realized that Inui had come inside of him.

"There," Inui breathed, removing himself with a wet sound before tucking himself back in his pants. "That should help you."

Kaido saw that his cum was all over Inui's shirt, and couldn't believe what he had just done. But Inui just reached into his back pack to change into a new shirt, and opened up his notebook to write down new information.

"I think that's enough stretches for now, Kaido. You should get dressed and begin your training for today."

Kaido nodded and grabbed his pants, trying to ignore as best he could that something wet was leaking out of him.

"Inui-sempai..." Kaido begin, then stopped, thinking maybe it would be rude to ask.

"What is it, Kaido?" Inui asked, still writing in his notebook.

"If I still have back problems after this, can... can you give me another... enema?"

Inui looked up at him, studying him, and then smiled for the first time that day. "Of course, Kaido. I wouldn't be much of a sempai, if I didn't help you."


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