Citrus Series (Tenipuri)

BY : CrunchySalad
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Tachibana hadn't seen him since the end of Kantou, when he had just shown up out of nowhere, and that was just fine with him. He didn't know why Chitose had bothered to show up; or maybe he did, and was just avoiding the issue. The fact remained that Chitose was not a person he wanted to deal with.

Of course, the fact that he didn't want to see him was probably the very reason he ended up bumping into him at some coffee shop, because fate was just funny like that. Real funny, Tachibana thought, glaring up at the sky as if fate personified was looking down at him.

"I'm just here to pick up some beans," he had said, but Chitose wouldn't have any of that.

"We're old friends, aren't we?" Chitose had asked back, that smile on his face. The one that had always infuriated Tachibana just a little bit, three parts cockiness and two parts Cheshire cat. "Doesn't our history mean anything to you?"

And that's how he found himself in this situation, sitting across from Chitose with a bag of coffee beans beside him on the floor and a double espresso in his hands. The table was too small, and their outstretched legs were brushing against each others, and Tachibana was pretty sure that Chitose's thigh rubbing up against his own was no accident.

"You know, I was pretty surprised to see you in the tournament." Chitose blew across the surface of his latte. "I had heard you were playing again, but I didn't believe it. Not with the whole tragic hero bit you pulled."

Tachibana only shrugged.

"Hmm..." Chitose's eyes beamed, playful. "Now why would you start playing again... it's not because of those second years, is it? I know... I bet you're screwing one of them."

Tachibana had forgotten how well Chitose knew him.

"Let's see... which one... is it the blue-haired one? He's really cute. I bet he'd look really good on his back with his legs spread. Or maybe the redhead? He seemed awfully enamored of you. Tell me if I guess it right."

"Who says it's not both of them?" Tachibana asked, completely deadpan.

Chitose broke out laughing. "No one has a sense of humor quite like yours." Chitose lowered his head as he brought his cup up, taking a nice, long sip of his drink as he contemplated the subject. "You fuck them, right, because I can't imagine either of those skinny little things fucking you."

"That would be a strange visual, wouldn't it?"

"Very." Chitose leaned forward, just a tiny bit. "Don't you get sick of topping all the time? Don't you miss being able to take turns?"

"Well," Tachibana replied, finishing off his espresso, "now that you're here, I'll be able to switch it up a little."

Chitose blinked a few times, and Tachibana smiled at the fact that he had managed to surprise the other boy. But then Chitose's lips spread out into a grin. "You were always good at seeing right through me."

"Twenty seconds," Chitose then said, getting out of his seat.

Tachibana watched as Chitose walked into the bathroom, wild hair bouncing after him, and wondered if twenty seconds was still a little too conspicuous. Still, he counted to twenty before getting up and following, reaching a hand into his pocket to adjust his hard-on along the way. When he got into the bathroom he was glad to see it was empty, and checked the bottom of the stalls until he caught sight of Chitose's standard geta sandals. He opened the door a little, not surprised when Chitose grabbed his shirt and dragged him in, locking the stall behind him.

Before he knew it his zipper was down and his cock was being pulled through the hole, and he realized that Chitose already had his cock out through his pants as well.

"You always could get hard at the drop of a dime," Chitose commented, and then he was close enough to stroke both of them together at the same time.

Tachibana moaned as Chitose jerked him off, feeling the other boy rub against him. Then Chitose's fingers were sliding inside of him, a bit dry and uncomfortable, but better every second he was stretched out. Then those fingers were rubbing at the spot inside of him, and he felt his cock grow even harder.

"Fuck..." Tachibana moaned, unable to help himself. "Hurry up and put it in me, or else I'm going to cum like this."

"Don't be such a slut," Chitose replied, "I'm getting to that part."

Tachibana felt himself being turned around and roughly pushed against the wall, then felt his pants being pulled down to his thighs and Chitose's cock rubbing against his hole, so hard and just a little wet with pre-cum. Pre-cum that was being smeared all over his little hole. He pushed his ass out, grunting as the tip of Chitose's cock pushed up and into him, and Chitose slowly pushed in the rest of the way.

"Fuck, yeah." Chitose moaned, balls deep into Tachibana's ass. "You're so fucking tight. No one's used your ass in awhile, huh?"

"Just move already," Tachibana growled, closing his eyes in sheer pleasure as Chitose did just that. The other boy pistoned in and out of him, hard and fast, slamming his own cock up against the stall wall every time. He could hear the wet, pounding noise of Chitose fucking into him, could hear the stall rattle, and though any one could walk into the bathroom at any moment Tachibana didn't care. All he cared about was the cock slamming deep into him, hot and hard and oh so good, and he wondered why he was so against seeing Chitose again. He missed being fucked this good.

Tachibana moaned as Chitose's cock pounded into his prostate, slamming into the wall one last time before coming all over it, spilling himself onto the stall and the tiled floor. He could feel Chitose pull out of him and turn him back around, and then he was on his knees with Chitose's fat cock in his mouth.

"Suck it," Chitose commanded, shoving it down Tachibana's throat.

Tachibana swirled his tongue around Chitose's meat, sucking on the juicy appendage. He pushed his tongue into the slit at the head, tasting the pre-cum there, then pushed his face forward until his nose was buried in Chitose's pubes. He bobbed his head back and forth on the thick pole a few times, sucking as hard as he could, before he felt Chitose's cock jerk and then fill his mouth with sweet, hot cum. Tachibana kept his mouth on Chitose's cock even as it softened, sucking out every drop of cum he could, and it wasn't until Chitose was half-hard that he released it with a wet plopping noise.

"Fuck," Chitose murmured, a little dazed, "that was good."

"Yeah," Tachibana agreed, wondering if he should clean the stall of his spunk. No, he decided, that's what the janitors were for. He got up and pulled up his pants, watching as Chitose tucked his now-spent cock back into his boxers before zipping up his jeans.

"You wanna meet tomorrow morning for coffee too?" Chitose chuckled.

"Sorry." Tachibana opened the stall door, stepping out into the bathroom. "Morning practice. Maybe some other time."

The next morning Tachibana got up out of his bed as soon his alarm went off and, groaning, promptly fell back into it. Now he remembered why he didn't want to see with Chitose... whenever they met up, there was always a fifty-fifty chance his ass would be sore as hell the day afterwards.


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