Citrus Series (Tenipuri)

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Sakaki Tarou wasn't surprised, late one night, when he walked out to his car to find Atobe Keigo leaning against it. It was hot out despite the lateness in the hour, muggy and humid in a way that made your every pore scream for relief. Sakaki had his jacket draped over one arm, the sleeves of his white silk shirt rolled up to his elbows, a mild reprieve from the weather. Most all of the other cars were gone, and Keigo was the lone figure in the empty parking lot, his skin almost luminescent in the sparse light and against the bold red of Sakaki's Porsche.

He was still wearing the jersey and shorts of his tennis uniform, and shifted minutely as Sakaki walked up to him, but even that small movement was imbued with so much confidence and sexuality. He was all slim muscle and latent sex, eyes half-lidded with sultry promise, and it made Sakaki want to part those ivory thighs and fuck the small boy against the side of his car.

But that would be highly inappropriate.

"Kantoku," Keigo breathed, and his very voice made Sakaki's body stir, "I need a ride."

It was an order, Sakaki knew, but the last thing he needed, despite his desire, or perhaps because of it, was time spent alone with Keigo. "Call one of your chauffeurs."

Keigo didn't even frown or bat an eyelash, and as soon as Sakaki saw his composure he knew he had lost... after all, Atobe Keigo was a boy used to getting whatever it was that he wanted.

"But you're already here."

Sakaki stepped forward, intent on getting inside his car, but he made a miscalculation... a mistake, because Keigo was stepping forward as well, and as they passed one another those slim fingers were brushing against his groin. It was such a light touch, but such a sure one, and Sakaki knew he was already hard underneath the stiff fabric of his pants.

"Ne, Sensei, how badly do you want to fuck me?"

Sakaki shivered, because that word was almost obscene spilling from Keigo's red lips, and he could see Keigo's mouth turn up in a small smirk. Keigo was too aware of the power he held over others... but then he was stepping even closer, one of his fingers running up and down the length of Sakaki's cock, and his lips were too close, too inviting not to be kissed.

Sakaki leaned down, leaned forward, and Keigo's lips were so soft against his. Keigo's mouth was so sweet, so warm, Sakaki almost forgot to breath as they kissed... and now Keigo's hands were on the lower portion of his back, and they were rubbing together, his own hand moving up and down that smooth thigh. But then Keigo was pulling away, opening the car door, and as he slid back onto the leather seats Sakaki only watched. He looked so wanton, but so proud at the same time, and Sakaki questioned once again the intelligence in doing this. But then Keigo was spreading his legs apart and saying something.

"Really," Keigo said, leaning back on his elbows, "haven't you kept me waiting long enough?"

Sakaki looked around the parking lot to make sure no one had come in the time they had spent together so far. No one was there... perhaps some one might show up, but as it was he wasn't too far concerned. He slid into the back seat beside Keigo, leather sticky on his skin, and closed the door. The car light shut off, and there was only the moon, shining dimly through the tinted windows.

He captured Keigo's lips with his own again, wanted so much to taste as much of the boy as he could. His hands roamed Keigo's body, pushing his jersey up to ghost along his nipples and chest, moving downwards to feel his slim legs. Sakaki broke the kiss, moving his mouth downwards... he wanted to taste Keigo's skin, and he did, licking and sucking all along that slender neck.

"Nn... Kantoku..." Keigo thrust upwards, trying to rub against him, and he held those small hips down. He licked lower, past the rolled up jersey to Keigo's smooth, perfect chest, and the boy tasted of sweat and exercise. His skin was pristine, but Sakaki marked each inch with love bites, delighting in the short gasps and noises Keigo made as he sucked his nipples into his mouth.

Lower then, kissing a trail down his abdomen, past his stomach muscles, and he was undoing the boy's shorts. He pulled them off, Keigo lifting his hips to help, and then the boy was fully displayed in front of him, cock pink and slender, so hard that it was already leaking.

He had wanted to do this for so long, and now it was right it front of him... Sakaki leaned down, pressed a reverent kiss against the tip of Keigo's cock, and took the boy into his mouth. Keigo gasped, arched upwards, and then Sakaki was suckling on that tender flesh. Keigo tasted so good, felt so good inside his mouth, and it wasn't long before the young boy came, shooting sweet cum into Sakaki's mouth.

Sakaki let Keigo's small cock drop from his mouth, wet and glistening and only half-hard now, and pressed kisses along its length. He moved lower, nuzzling gently against Keigo's balls, pushing Keigo's slender legs upwards and out with his hands. He was holding them behind the knees now, pressing them almost to Keigo's chest, and there it was... that small, puckered hole he had so often dreamed of, cute and pink and so very tight.

He touched the tip of his tongue to it, amused as it twitched against him. He ran his tongue around it, circular patterns around the rim, pushing just a little more inwards with each pass. Keigo was moaning above him, and then his body finally relaxed, and Sakaki pushed his tongue inside his hole with minimal resistance. He pushed his tongue in as deep as he could and swept it around, wanting to taste as much of the young boy as he could. He withdrew a little, then pushed back in, fucking the boy with his tongue, before swirling it around again. He spent several minutes eating Keigo's delicious ass, before growing bored of the game.

Moving up, he was pleased to see that Keigo was hard again... it was nice to be young, Sakaki thought. He spread those lovely legs even farther out, positioned himself at Keigo's entrance... and with one hand to guide his cock, he started to push in.

"Kantoku," Atobe moaned, squirming a little... it was such a tight fit, but he wanted this so bad...

"Does it hurt, Keigo?" Sakaki gritted out, even as the head of his cock slid into Keigo's hole.

Atobe's eyes were cringed shut, but he answered with a no. Sakaki took one of his hands, le it down to his small cock.

"Play with yourself for me, Keigo," Sakaki whispered, and then he was shifting, holding Keigo's legs up in the air as he looked down. He watched his cock sink into that small ass, watched Keigo's hand tugging on his penis... it made him want to come just to see it, but then he was all the way in, and it felt so unbelievable.

He leaned forward, Keigo leaned forward, and then the young boy was kissing him almost desperately. Keigo's arms snaked around his neck, and he could feel the young boy's cock twitching from between their stomachs. Without even being aware of it his hips started moving, rolling back and forth, fucking Keigo with short, hard thrusts. Keigo's ass was wet now, and maybe it was blood, and Keigo's moans were interspersed with whimpers... pain and pleasure, and he never said to stop, and he was still hard in between them.

Harder, longer, and nothing had ever felt so good as this boy... then Sakaki felt something sticky hit his chest, and he realized Atobe had come again. He thrust a few more times, and then he was coming too, shooting spurt after spurt inside that little ass. And then Keigo's arms legs were wrapping around his waist, and he buried his face in the boy's ivory neck.

"Can we..." Keigo asked, his voice tired and sated and surprisingly small, "fall asleep like this? I want to sleep with you inside me."

Sakaki nodded, and felt himself being lulled into dream... he had come too hard, was too tired to stay awake any more. In the back of his mind his conscience was stirring, but right now he was content just to be with this lovely, beautiful boy.


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