Anne in Kanto

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Pallet Town, Pt. 2:

Pokémon, I Choose You…?

Alrighty. I showered and got all clean and sparkly. Wrapped my fluffy towel around me and spilled out everything in my backpack and checked and made sure nothin' was missing. Had all my clothes. Sleeping bag. A bunch of money for food and stuff. Big bottle of water and iodine, sos I can turn nasty river water into yummy non-gross water. Misc. other survival stuff like snacks and the like so I don't starve my skinny little butt to death in the middle of nowhere on my way into town. Two big empty pockets on the side for misc. items and Pokéballs.

Once I knew everything was there (still) I zipped her up and put on a clean pair of underwear and jean shorts and my favorite pink Pokéball shirt and my watch and my sneakers. I looked in the mirror while I brushed my long, brown hair with my Jigglypuff brush (I know. I have Pokémon everything) and sort of stopped and smiled at myself. I looked really damn cute. I mean. Shit. I know that has to be bad when you're looking at yourself in the mirror and you're getting nervous and like. Want to kiss yourself. But I looked real good. I'm not smoking hot or anything like Lorelei with all her curves, I still have a lot of growing up to do, sure, but I looked really good. It was starting to get me worried.

I thought about cutting my hair really short so I wouldn't have to worry about checking myself out in the mirror and getting butterflies. You know, so I looked more like a boy. Then I squeed and realized I would look so adorable with a really short bob-cut. Two steps forward, three steps back.

After that I remembered that that's a thing that lesbians do, cutting their hair short, and just decided to suffer with long, wavy tresses. They really framed my face real good. Made my big blue eyes really pop out. And my lips. So deliciously plump and I love biting them while I look at them in the mirror. Yeah. I pinched myself and went downstairs to get myself a bowl of Cap'n Crunch. This is all gonna be harder than I thought.

My mom was up and making coffee, and she started crying and talking about how proud she was of me and how much I've grown, yadda, yadda. My dad just sat and ate his plain, white toast and read the paper like it was just any other day. It made me kind of sad, but I guess it was for the best; I couldn't handle another goo-goo love fest.

So they dropped me off at the lab a little after it had opened. Evidently not many kids pass the test required to get this far towards getting your license, there was only about 5 of us there, so that was cool. The aide that was in charge of everything at the lab for the day told us that only children significantly more mature and intelligent than most kids their age pass the test, and that made me pretty proud of myself, no one's really told me that I was like, really good at anything. I don't really do too good in school… and that test was cake! Maybe this is like, my thing.

After the Aide handed us Pokedex's, and 10 Pokéballs apiece, we went one by one into the Professor's lab. He was this big fat weirdo with a big, white mustache. One of those grown ups who thinks that they're sooooo much funnier than they really are, and kids wouldn't dare not laugh at his dumb Pokémon puns, so he's never learned when to stop.

When it was my turn, there were plenty of Pokémon to pick from, but they assigned one specifically to me because of my test results or something. I asked the professor why he wouldn't let me pick one, just because there was so many. He smiled and put his arm around me and said"We can't let every kid come in here and pick whatever they want, my dear! Why, that would be like letting a Tauros loose in a China shop and then there wouldn't be any left! HA HA HA HA!"

I seriously had no idea what he was talking about. It didn't make any sense at all. I awkwardly laughed along though, and slowly tried to back away from him.

"But I digress." He said. "This world of Pokémon is a fruitful one indeed. You're going to need to pack plenty of changes of clothes!"

"…Uh. Yeah. I made sure of that, Professor." I said. Seriously. This guy was a weirdo with a capital weirdo.

I didn't have to endure too much of his craziness, though. He handed me a Pokéball and told me to remember to always wear comfortable shoes, and started something like: "And when you're in the shower-", which sent my already brisk pace out of the lab into a healthy sprint.

That's when I met him. Ugh. This short, wimpy twerp with weasel eyes and a yellow shirt that said"Gotta Catch 'Em All" bumped into me and said:

"Well, well, well! If it isn't Anne!"


"Uh. Do I know you?" I asked.

"You dare pretend that you don't know that I, Blond, will be the future greatest Pokémon master of all time!"

"Well." I said, looking down at him. "No. I didn't say anything about that. I mean. Really. Nothing I said should have prompted that."

"Heh. Laugh all you want, Anne! Everyone knows you'll just come crying back to your mommy before you even reach Viridian!" He smugly stated with his arms folded and his eyes closed.

"What? Man. Do you do this to everyone? Like. Ignore the basic structure of a conversation and just have these little asides?"

"I might let you be my girlfriend and tag along on my journey with me. If you ask nice, I'll even train your Pokémon for you!"

"Seriously. Where is it cool to have a conversation like this?"

"My Pokémon do the talking for me now!" He said, tossing a Pokéball over his shoulder and letting out the Pokémon he got, this foot tall, purple, spikey rabbit thing that reminded me of it's name with a scratchy declaration of: "Nidoran!"

I guess it didn't know how to pronounce the male symbol.

"Let's see what you've got, Anne!"

I hadn't even been out of the lab for a minute. Ugh. He needed to be taught a lesson.

"Alright, Blond. Pokéball, go!" I threw the Pokéball and just prayed that the Professor didn't give me something useless.

Out from the red glow of the Pokéball came this little blue thing, just a little shorter than the Nidoran, with two little legs and long, green blades of glass growing on the top of its head.

Not really caring about seeming dumb and not knowing what it was, I whipped out my Pokedex to check what I got.

It said "Oddish: The grass and poison Pokémon. During the day, it keeps its face buried in the ground. At night, it wanders around sowing its seeds."

Not sure how that's supposed to help me with anything. Oh well. I got its name.

"Oddish! It said, in this cute little voice. Whoa. It had red eyes. That's kinda cool.

"NIDORAN!" Blond yelled. "USE SCRATCH!"

His purple rabbit ran up to my Oddish and scratched it in the face. My Oddish fell on its butt and looked like it was going to start crying.

"What the fuck, asshole?" I yelled at him. "Oddish! Get back up and kick Blond in the fucking face!"

My Oddish got back up and looked at me, then turned to look at Blond, then back at me and nodded. It hopped on top of Blond's Nidoran and jumped up and then kicked Blond in the nose. It landed on it's back, and started wiggling, but I didn't really notice at first because Blond was clutching his bloody nose and crying.

After savoring in the sight of my first beaten opponent, I ran over to my Oddish to check on it. It looked dizzy, but was smiling when it saw I was happy. I told it 'good job' and returned it.

"Alright!" I heard behind me. It was Blond, sticking two tissues up his nostrils.

"I declare myself the victor! The first victory of perhaps millions!"

"What are you talking about, dweebus? I said, picking myself off of my knees.

"Don't be a sore loser, Anne!" He said dramatically pointing at me. "You returned your Pokémon in the middle of battle and broke official Pokémon league code by using unregistered moves and attacking the trainer!"

"Whatever." I said. "Me and my Oddish kicked your butt."

"Nuh-uh!" He returned. "My Nidoran was the only one who did a fair move!"

"Yeah. Scratching my poor Oddish in the face. Real fair."

"Look it up!" He yelled, getting red in the face. "It's a fair and square legal move. And wait. You cussed!" He said that with a childish disbelief. "You told your Pokémon to kick me in my eff-ing face!"

"Look it up!" I said, putting my Pokéball in my backpack and walking away. "It's a fair and square move. It's Oddish's special attack."

"Wait! Where are you going? You owe me 175 Pokedollars!"

"Never in your life, Blond!" I said, flipping him the middle finger.

I just kept walking. He said something else, something about how some day he'll get back at me, and that he'll get those 175 Pokedollars if it's the last thing he'll do, blah, blah, blah, I'm a stupid faggot, blah, blah, blah. Kids like him really put me in a foul mood.

I said goodbye to my parents. Got a kiss on the cheek from my dad, and just a hug from my mom. Weird, huh? I really would expect the opposite, especially after this morning…

But anyway. On a more important note. On my way out of town, this tall girl talked to me. She was at the lab with all us new trainers today. She said that she was heading out of town in a week, and that she heard about my 'battle' with Blond and said she thought it was cool. She went to school with him and said he was always a pain in the ass. She had this smart haircut with bangs hangin' over her dark brown peepers. I honestly stopped listening after she said I was cool. I was just smiling like an idiot.

I think I was supposed to say something at some point. I did and it was stupid. It was like "Thanks" or something. I bit my lip and just kept staring. That was pretty much the end of it. She was obviously way weirded out. So she just sort of smiled and said goodbye and left.

For some reason this really bummed me out. It was complete validation for me leaving Pallet. If I had to grow up and continue going to school like this, I would just die. I know I can be paranoid, and sometimes I think that people are talking about me when they're not, but I'm not stupid. I've heard what they call me, I know how they act during swimming class around me, and I've heard my name whispered a few too many times for me to be comfortable with myself anymore.

And I'd soon be starting school again if I didn't become a trainer. Me not being able to keep myself from acting like I did around the tall girl with the bangs whenever a pretty girl talked to me would set off some pretty nasty alarms. I don't know how long I'd be able to keep my parents in the dark. Sooner or later they'd have me sent back.

I masturbated thinking about tall girl with the bangs' breasts. Just a bit before I started writing out my whole day here. The sun started to come down and it was just me in an open field on my way to Viridian, unrolling my sleeping bag and leaning against a big boulder. I could hear crickets and I could see the stars and the reality of how far away home was just sank in. I thought about how I embarrassed myself in front of that girl, but it didn't hurt as much as it did before. Then I just closed my eyes and sent my hand sliding down my flat tummy.

One of the better parts about being this way (Set aside the guilt and shame for now) is having the parts you want to touch right on you. If only it would satiate me and be enough and keep me from wanting more. My clitoris was throbbing with each beat of my heart, and I was really, really wet. I pictured Bangs and sent my mind back to the sneaky looks I stole at her chest. She was much bustier than most girls I knew our age. And she must've been getting all buxomy recently, because the shirt she wore was much better suited for a flat chested girl. I wasn't complaining… or saying anything for that matter. After that, all I had to do was slowly slide the tip of my fingers over my clitoris and then I just popped. I didn't feel guilty or anything but really, just totally fucking tranquil. No snooping mom to worry about, no need to quickly arrange my covers back and turn toward the wall so no one would open the door and see my face all red and sweaty. Nobody but me and Route 1.

I'm sure all the guilt will come back in the morning and I'll be freaking out. All of the growing up I have to do. It's almost debilitating just thinking about it. For now everything's good, though. If every night I only have to worry about me and the Route separating me and my next goal, things'll be okay. Especially if I have a pair of beautiful, budding breasts attached to a tall, foxy minx burned in my memory to cuddle me to sleep. I'll just worry about the implications of thoughts like that in the morning.


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