Anne in Kanto

BY : JulieStevenson
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Route 1, Part 1:

Odds and Ivory and Ivory

I guess because of nerves I couldn't sleep too soundly. I woke up around midnight after sleeping for a few hours. You know when you're first waking up and you're somewhere new and you freak out for a bit? I heard crickets and felt how cold it was and for the few seconds before I opened my eyes I thought that I slept through an earthquake and my house split in half and my room was just sort of hanging there without a wall. That was weird.

I brought out my Oddish so I could cuddle with it and feel less alone. It took me a while after that to get back to sleep. It felt like five minutes later when I woke up and it was bright out. I realized what woke me up when I heard this repeated a few times by the high voice of some girl:

"Magikarp, go!"

"Magikarp, return!"

"Raticate, go!"

"Raticate, use hyper fang!"

"Good job. Raticate, return."

I got up and put my shorts back on, followed by my socks and sneakers, packed up all my crap, lifted Oddish off the ground and put her on my shoulder so she could stand there like a parrot, then walked towards the rinsing and repeating voice.

It was this girl. Well. Duh. Yeah. But… Yeah. She was battling with these two Pokémon like it was a boring job, only pausing to look for a Pidgey up in the trees to provoke and attack.

"Hey." I said, probably not loud enough. "Sorry to bother you, but… What are you doing?"

She turned toward me, her blonde hair whipping across her face before looking me up and down, making me blush, and turning back.

"You know what I'm doing. Raticate, go!"

It took me a bit to work up the courage to not just turn and walk away with my hair hung over my red face.

"Um… No?" I offered.

"Raticate, hyper fang! I'm a trainer. I'm training."

"Well, I'm a trainer too!" I said with a little smile.

"Raticate, return! Must be your first day."

"If you don't know what a Pokémon battle is, it has to be your first day."

"No. No, I know… I've battled before…" I stammered nervously. Just, I didn't know why you were…"

"Why I was what?" She turned and faced me. I swallowed with a dry throat.

"Like… Returning so much?"

She looked at me like she had no idea what I was talking about. And then her face softened and she looked like a totally different person. She looked like a real sweetheart and young. Younger than me.

"Oh! Duh, that makes sense. Sorry about that, sweetie. Kind of an airhead when I've been zoning out. I'm grinding."

"Oh yeah. Grinding." I said. Not terribly convincingly if memory serves me correctly.

She sat down and locked her hands over her head and stretched. I looked at my shoes.

"Magikarp is a really weak Pokémon. Like, super sad weak. I'm just letting it out into battle just to get him a little experience, and then I fight with my Raticate. Slowly but surely, if I keep at it, Magikarp will grow stronger."

There was a short moment of silence that definitely felt longer than it was, then I said:

"I'm Anne."

"Ivory." She said.

I almost exploded inside.

We really hit it off after that. We just walked and talked about all sorts of stuff. And I had been talking to her just like we were like, friends. I wasn't clamming up or acting like a complete social retard or anything… Until I started thinking about it and getting scared about how maybe I said something retarded or maybe she noticed me checking her out. Which of course I immediately started doing.

She had started walking in front of me and looking at her map while I was thinking.

She was wearing these white shorts, probably too small for her, her butt is pretty big. It jiggled with each sensual step she took, pressed tight against her shorts, leading up to a small, thin waist. I was just so hypnotized by these two, fleshy globes pushed out behind this small girl; I didn't even notice she had started talking. It was something about how we could choose two different ways into Viridian or something, but then she turned around and saw how red my face was and said:

"Anne? Are you okay? You look sunburnt or something."

That took me out of fantasy world. I said that it was just hot or something. Then I said… really anything that came to mind besides the fact that I wanted more than anything right now to bury my face into her rear and kiss her big, firm cheeks; just kiss them like a pair of smooth peaches… and I desperately just wanted her to latch on to one of the nothings I was saying, like about gyms or something, and respond so I could stop talking and acting like an idiot, or god forbid maybe show my hand.

She started talking about the Gym leader in Viridian and turned back around, but I wouldn't look anywhere but out in the distance in front of us. Oddish looked at me inquisitively from my shoulder and made that "Odd?" sound, like she was asking me what was up. I pet her leaves and hugged her against my head with my other arm, then whispered: "Everything's fine, Odds. Don't worry." –before I turned back to Ivory.

"But yeah. Nobody knows what happened to the old Viridian Gym leader, and I still haven't found out who's running the Viridian Gym now…"

"Specialty?" I asked.

"Hmm?" She said, slowing down to walk next to me as she put her map away and looked my in the eyes, which made me feel all afluttery in my chest.

I looked away and said: "Like, what's the gym leader's specialty?" Before biting my lower lip and turning back, hopefully not to feel my heart stop when those bright, green eyes looked into mine. It only did for just a bit, but I bit my lip harder and fought through it.

"Oh. Right." She said. "Ground type, I believe. But I don't know anybody who's got passed the trainers and gotten to the leader, so I can't tell you much else."

"Well. Grass-types are strong against Ground, right? We might have a fighting chance, Oddish!" I said, rubbing my forehead against her. Shit. What's that called? Where like you hug someone by rubbing their head with your head, kind of like a cat? Fuck it.

"Yes, but Earth is also strong against poison, so you shouldn't bet on using Oddish's strong poison moves."

"Well, we won't know unless we give it a try." I said, giving Ivory a smile.

"I guess you're right about that." She responded, looking down.

We just sort of walked in silence for a bit, with nothing but the sounds of Pidgeys flying around about us and the crunching of the red and yellow leaves beneath our sneakers.

I sort of zoned out for a bit and smiled to myself as I thought about how much I've improved with talking to Ivory since I first met her today. Maybe all this won't be that hard, and I can have a normal, non-pervy, communicative friendship with a pretty girl, and after that, it's really all downhill.

"You really are such a beautiful girl, you know that?" Ivory said, snaking her arm around mine.

My face started burning like there was rubbing alcohol under my skin.

"What?" I said, trying to say it loud and express my shock, but unable to muster up the power to do anything but say it with sort of a crack in my voice.

"Your Oddish!" she said, taking Oddish into her hands and lifting her up. "You're such a pretty girl, aren't you, Oddish?"

My heart sank deep into my intestines.

Oddish loved the attention, Ivory cooing over her, but she must've been tuned in to the fact that I looked like someone kicked my puppy off the roof, and she jumped back onto my shoulder and cuddled against my neck.

The sun started to set and we decided we were too tired to keep on going, so we set up camp for the night. Ivory started a fire and I set up my sleeping bag and fed Oddish and myself before slipping into my sleeping bag like a peanut butter sandwich in a Ziploc baggie with Oddish curling up between my legs and closing her eyes.

"Do you have anything to sleep in, Anne?" Ivory asked, rolling out her pink sleeping bag.

"Huh? Oh. No. I just sleep in my clothes and just change into a new outfit in the morning.

"I have an extra nightgown if you'd like one; I have a Wigglytuff one and this pink frilly one that I got last year on my birthday." She said, displaying both choices in front of herself.

"It's fine." I said, quietly. Wearing her clothes would be way too much for me today. Maybe another time…

"I don't want to wake Odds." I covered.

"Well, alright." She said, packing away the Wigglytuff one. "Suit yourself."

Then she started changing. Right in front of me. I wish I was strong enough to turn around or close my eyes all the way, as opposed to sneakily looking through the cracks in my eyes and pretending I wasn't watching very, very intently.

She took her tank top off first, then reached behind her back and slipped off her tiny, pink bra. Oh dear god up in heaven. Then I heard the button of her shorts pop and I swore I'd have a heart attack. Then a quick unzipping sound followed, and she was stepping out of her shorts, nothing obscuring her complete nudity from me other than a pair of a pair of thin, white cotton panties.

These are moments where I start to think my parents are wrong, and I am too. God exists, but he is intervening into the world not to test me, but to give me nothing but fuel for my many furious masturbation sessions. You'd be with me on that if you were there.

But then. Jesus fucking Christ. She bent forward and peeled that tiny pair of panties over that delicious, round bottom. And then she got on her hands and knees to grab her nightgown and gave me an image that will be branded in my memory forever.

I could see between those oversized cheeks put on this tight, preteen's body and see those two holy holes lit by nothing but our dying fire and the moonlight. Her little anus sat just above those two lips around that tiny, pink hole I wish didn't consume most of my thoughts. And I swear I saw them glisten. With sweat from walking all day? Something… else? Oh, baby.

My mind was on fire. And the minute I saw her slip on that nightgown and quickly stand up and turn, I shut my eyes like if I didn't, she'd jump on top of me and eat them.

I could hear her wrap herself up in her sleeping bag and rustle around to get comfortable.

"Anne?" She said, making my heart beat rapidly and almost making it impossible to hide my shaking.

"You asleep already?"


"Goodnight Anne." She whispered.

I wish I had words I could whisper back. And that I'd have the ability to even whisper them to her if I had them. But instead I waited to open my eyes when I heard her breathing slow to a regular, relaxed pace. I looked at the serenity on her beautiful, smooth face and almost died for the fifth time tonight.


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