Anne in Kanto

BY : JulieStevenson
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Route 1, Part 2:

The Ember Between My Legs

I really tried to get to sleep. My heart was still pounding and I was soaked. My juice was dripping down my thighs as I clenched them tightly together, desperately trying to ignore how cold and wet I was down there and how deliciously good it felt when I relaxed my thigh muscles for a bit and then clenched them together.

I couldn't take it anymore. I just didn't have enough strength to attempt to force myself to go to sleep when I'm going to be wide awake until the sun rises and Ivory wakes up and I smell like orgasm and she thinks I creamed my shorts. The less she thinks about that, the better. It'd definitely be a step in the wrong direction for us.

I slipped my legs out from under my covers, carefully trying not to wake up Oddish. Then I put my sneakers on over my bare feet and made my way into the forest and behind a tree. Far enough to hopefully not be seen or heard but close enough to still see the orange fire dying down back at camp.

I leaned against the rough bark of the tree behind me. I could feel my heart beating hard between my small breasts, cold under my tight t-shirt, my nipples poking out like two little pinkies. I started lightly pinching them and moaning as quiet as I could, relishing the electric shocks shooting through my body.

Fuck me. That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen. I still can't stop thinking about it. Oh, Ivory. If only you knew what you did to me. All I could think about was crawling over to her when she was bent over and kissing her from behind, or pushing my fingers inside of her.

I pulled my jean shorts down to my ankles. Fuck. I'm so wrong… But I was thinking about her tiny little butthole… and sticking my finger in there too. I wondered how it would feel. I started rubbing my vagina through my panties for a bit. It was so refreshing and wonderful. During I wondered why I would always try to delay this feeling for days if I could, most of the time I couldn't.

Then an idea struck me and I stopped. I brought my index finger to my mouth and sucked on it, tasting the arousal that came through my underwear. My eyes rolled deep back in my head. Then I reached through the leg of my panties and stuck it inside of my burning, hot hole. I did this all slow, apprehensive. I slid it in and out of myself and savored the sensation before I took it out and brought it up to my face and examined it. It was dripping with my saliva and arousal. I swallowed. Then I turned around and bent down facing the tree, bracing myself with my other hand. I reached into the backside of my panties, and put my finger between my buttcheeks, and pressed the tip of the slippery finger against my rear entrance. I relaxed and took a deep breath, then began sliding my finger in.

It was so tight. So tight. At first it hurt, and I could only get a little bit of it in, then I relaxed some more and unclenched and slid it deeper and deeper until I didn't have any more finger to put in. It felt so good. Different. But good. I started to move it in and out slightly and it just drove me crazy.

I shifted the weight from my other hand to my head, which wasn't too comfortable with the bark poking the top of my head, but I didn't care. I needed to fuck myself right then.

I used my middle finger to finger myself, and pressed the butt of my palm against my clitoris. It didn't take long, but I ate up every second of being so filled, and moving my fingers in and out of my ass and vagina. When I orgasmed, both holes clamped down on my fingers so tight they felt like they were in tiny, Chinese finger traps. My middle finger slid out of my vagina with just a little resistance, but my index finger took some strength to get out of my other hole.

I was so satisfied, but I felt empty. It's strange how full my little fingers could make me feel. I pulled my shorts back on. I thought about taking my panties off because they were so wet, but it felt like too much work. I was relaxed now, and yawning as I walked back to the dying fire.

It seemed like Oddish had woken up and looked worried. I told her I just had to go to the bathroom and I was sorry for worrying her.

When I started cuddling back in, she said: "Dish?" and looked at Ivory, sort of… scared I think?

I didn't really know what to say, or what exactly she was saying or wanting to know, so I just said: "Ivory's good. We don't have to be worried about her. She won't do anything bad to us."

She seemed to accept that, and cuddled in against my side as I closed my eyes and drifted. I didn't even really care that I was going to sleep with wet thighs and a sore butt.


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