Anne in Kanto

BY : JulieStevenson
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“What in the hell do you kids think you’re doing?”


When that low, smoke-worn voice woke me up this morning I flipped out.  I thought it was my dad until I opened my eyes and looked at this old bald guy, shaking a walking stick at us.


“This is private property!  What, you want me and my friends setting up a slumber party in your damn backyard?”


I didn’t know what to say to him, so I sort of tumbled out of my sleeping bag, accidently knocking Oddish into the pile of soot where the fire died and crawled over to shake Ivory up.  She lightly shoved at my face and tried to roll away from me, not waking up at all in the process.


“Ivory!  Wake up!  We have to get out of here!”  I said in my froggy morning voice, shaking her shoulder from behind. 


She turned around and I couldn’t believe how stunning she looked all tired with her hair all mussed and hanging over her eyes full of fire and ready to bitch me out.


“Don’t make me call the police!”  The old man said.


“-I’m sorry mister.”  I tried, looking up at him.  “We didn’t know.”


“Hmph.  Big surprise.  Stupid kids saying they don’t know things.  I’ve had it with your excuses.  I’m calling the authorities.”


Ivory was mid yawn when she said that, and her eyes widened.  We both shot up and grabbed all our stuff and sprinted away with backpacks slung over our shoulders, our arms full of covers, pillows and a soot-covered Oddish.  After we stopped for a breath, we realized we must have set up camp just on the outskirts of Viridian, evidently in somebody’s property, and the town and a Pokémon center weren’t too far away.  We dunked Oddish in a nearby stream to clean her up before we started walking again.


“So.” Ivory said.  “How’d you sleep?”

This made me smile.  “I slept just fine thank you.  And you?”


“Yeah.  I slept kind of rough; not counting a certain asshole waking us up too early, I woke up a few times throughout the night.  Probably because I’m not used to sleeping outside.”


I tried to push down the thought biting at me about how maybe she woke up at the worst possible time and saw I was gone or worse…


Then there was sort of a turn in her behavior.  We didn’t talk much after that.  I tried starting up a conversation, but every time I did she was just sort of sour. 


“What was the last Viridian gym leader like?”

     “I don’t know.”



“Do you think I should give the new gym a try?  I’ve only been in one battle.”


“If you want.”



“So.  How soon until we’re at Viridian?”


“Right past this hill.”



It was.  We went over the hill and walked into the town.  It was a lot bigger than Pallet, and I took all that in for a bit.  Then Ivory turned to me and told me I should go feed Oddish, and that I shouldn’t wait up for her. 


“Sooo…” I said pensively.  “What are you doing?”


“I’ve gotta do some stuff.” She replied in a sigh.

     “What stuff?” I asked.


“Just.  Stuff.”  She said. 


Then she walked away.  I felt awful.  That sort of awful where your heart races and you can feel it in your head, like when you’ve done something terrible and your parents caught you and you’re just waiting for them to tear into you.


Or when maybe you did something you never wanted anyone to see, and the worst possible person you could imagine to have seen you sees you.  Maybe even when you were moaning their name.


Fuck everything.


I stopped by the Gym just to check things out.  Maybe see a battle so I could take notes for when I bit the bullet, but the door was locked.  I checked another door and saw a sign that said: “VIRIDIAN GYM CLOSED INDEFINITELY”


I went into the Pokémart.  I was looking for food for Oddish.  I learned from a very informative poster on the wall that they had specific Pokémon food at the Trainer Center, for like, specific Pokémon, and generic food for any Pokémon here.  I started to move my way through the crowd in the Mart when this guy pointed at me and bellowed:


“Hey!  Are you from Pallet?”


I looked up at him with nothing to say, not just because I was confused, but also because of the whole not good at talking to strangers thing.


“We’ve had a bunch of kids coming from Pallet the last couple days.  You one of them?”


“Uh.  Yeah.  Why?”


“I got a package for the Pallet Professor.  Would you mind giving it to him for me?  Thank you!”


He didn’t really wait for me to respond, and started ringing up some guy before I could.  I just sort of walked out.  When I was doing that I thought:


“Who in the fuck does this guy I am?” 


Why would I do this for someone I met only couple days ago?  Does he know how fucking far Pallet is? 




Not that far.  But still.  Dick.


I sat down next to the door of the Mart.  This had just been a shitty day.  My Pidgey alarm clock’s replaced with pissed off old guys calling the cops on me.  The only people who’re nice to me ditch me the minute they can.  Fuck.  Is this what the Great Pokémon Trainer’s life is? 


Viridian Gym’s locked up.  What was I supposed to do?  The little bit of tenacity I had, making me want to give everything a try, counts for a whole lot less when you’re alone and between your next goal and you is a forest full of bugs.  I hate bugs.  And Venomoth’s a bug.   And it’s psychic.


I know it sounds kind of stupid, but especially piled on top of going on a low of getting dumped after the high of being around such a pretty girl like Ivory.  I was just down.  Why go on?  Honestly.  Why not go back to Pallet?  Because you’re scared about your parents and peers finding out about what you really are?  Because they’ll try and fix you?  That’s all you’re scared of?  Being normal?


I swallowed spit around the lump in my throat and stood up.  The Pallet Prof will be wanting his stupid parcel. 


Then I bumped into a guy coming out of the mart.  I can’t believe I didn’t start sprinting the minute I picked myself up and saw his bald head.  It took a few seconds, but I got going and freaking fast.  I was about to start crying and this fucking prick is going to fucking yell at me again?  I heard him yelling: “Stop!  Little girl!”  And my legs started going faster than ever, like maybe catching up with my school’s track star, Rebecca O’Donnell.  Not that I could ever keep it up, I’d only want to see those soft, muscular legs in those shorts in a speedy sprint up close for just a few seconds.


     Shit, wait.  I was running.  Probably way more than necessary when running from an old man, but I did get away.  It took me a minute to realize I was going in the wrong direction from Pallet.  I had to pee, though.  I stopped into the trainer’s center next door to the Pokémon center to go to the bathroom.  I debated spending the night for a few minutes.  But then I thought if I didn’t turn back now, I might start considering going through Viridian Forest alone, which I do not want to do.  I don’t know.  The whole fear of psychic Pokémon thing is weird.  The Drowzee in Pallet, and the Venomoth in the forest; I just picked the one where I wouldn’t be alone. 


If my parents found out about me, I’d straighten up and fly straight waaaaay before there was a chance of the last resort taking place.  I’d take my chances with Pallet.  Viridian Forest is so unsure, and no one would be able to help me or talk to me or anything. 


So I got Oddish and myself fed.  I said thanks to all the cooks and staff I ran into on my way out, before the cool air of Viridian evening filled my nostrils.






Then unexpected stuff started happening.


This bubbly, blond, beautiful thing I thought I wouldn’t see ever again came running towards me after screaming: “Anne!”


I didn’t know what to think, but I was happy and probably had a stupid, lovesick smile as she stopped, panting in front of me. 


“I thought maybe you’d be here.  That’s cool.  That you are here.”  She said, all a-fluster.

Um.  Yeah.  I was just getting a bite to eat before heading out-“ I started, before her eyes got real wide and she blurted:

     “Can I come with you?”



“Um.  What?  I thought-“

     “-Yeah, I’m really sorry for being cold and bitchy.  I had to deal with my dad and I thought he was going to take my Pokémon and my license and everything and make me go back to school, and I was all bitter and tired and jealous that you’d be heading out without me.  But I found out he’s not coming back until next week, so I thought, ‘forget him!’ These are my Pokémon and I got my license fair and square.  So I’m getting the hell out of here and I want to go with you.”


“Um…  You’ll go through the forest with me?”  I said in a voice probably too small and shy to seem anything close to cool.

     “Oh.  Yeah, definitely.  It’s a little scary, but it’s not as bad as people say it is.  I’ve been through it a couple times before.”


I smiled big.


“Cool.  Um.  Yeah.  Just.  When do you want to go?”


“If you can just wait for me to run back to my house and grab all my stuff-“

     “Sure!  Just meet me at the Pokémon Center when you’re ready, I guess.”


“Okay.  I’ll be back in a sec!” She said excitedly, sprinting away, before stopping quickly and turning around and shouting out to me: “PokéCenter?”


     “Um.  Yeah!”  I yelled.


     “Sweet.  Back in a flash!” She said before turning and running.


     I giggled to myself before starting to trot towards the Pokémon Center.  Then stopped dead in my tracks when I heard a voice I wish I hadn’t grown familiar with this day.


“Hey.  Little girl.”


I turn around and I look up to see the tall, bald, old man.  My heart started pounding, but something about how he said what he said all calm like kept me from turning and sprinting again.

     “Uh.  Yes?”  I said.


“I’m sorry about the way I acted when I saw you and your friend this morning.  I had a splitting headache because, uh… I hadn’t had my morning coffee.  But that’s no excuse.  I saw you in town today and I felt like a real heel.


 “Uh.  I kind of wanted to make it up to you, you see.  I saw you had a Pokémon.  I was a trainer way back when, you know.  Didn’t work out for me, though.  Gave all my kids my Pokémon when they went on their journeys.  But, uh…  Weedles are always eating my garden and I end up catching a bunch of them just to release back in Viridian forest.  I only caught one this week… and I’d like you to have it.


“…I know a bug Pokémon is probably not the best gift for a young girl, but it’s a good Pokémon to start practicing training several Pokémon at once.  It, uh, evolves and levels pretty fast…  Anyway.  Here you go.”


“Thank you… Thank you very much.” I sputtered, awkwardly.


     “No problem.  And.  I’m sorry again.  Good luck, kid.”


     “Good luck to you too.  And thanks again.”


     It was a weird interaction.  I got my second Pokémon, but I still haven’t caught any.  I haven’t seen a Weedle, but it’s a bug, so I’m sure it’s gross…  but I’m going to a gross place, and maybe it’ll help to have it in my arsenal.


Hey.  Something I just realized.  I don’t think I looked at Ivory’s butt when she ran away.  It’s definitely not in the ‘gross’ category with bugs or anything inherent in the male anatomy, but maybe I’m making some progress here.   I should probably just try and stop thinking about it.

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