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The movie rental store was an experience for Moomin. It was here that some of the greatest stories ever told were right at his fingertips. Even if renting movies was old hat. There was just something about seeing all the titles neatly placed on shelves. Then being able to wander aimlessly throughout the store. 


"They are doing slumber parties here," Said Snufkin.


"OOOHHHH!! Thats a good idea. We should get a horror movie,"


He could feel Snufkin's side glance even without looking at him. 


"Look here," Said Moomin as they walked down the center aisle, "We have romance movies there, Adventure over there, Low key porn over over there," 


Snufkin winced. The two of them had very different porn preferences. 


Moomin paused and Snufkin ran into him. 


"How about this?"


"MM?" Snufkin grunted. 


"Its about a serial killer who lives in a barn," 


"The book was better,"


"You have not read the book!"


"No! but I know of the book,"


"We could rent The Birds again,"


"No thank you,"


Snufkin wandered to the next shelf. He was looking for a pirate movie. The same pirate movie they always watched. 


"No," Said Moomin.


"I have not shown you anything,"


"You don't have too,"


"Hey what about this! It's about a monster who lives in the sea but now he is on land. Then he kills everyone in five block radius,"


"I like the one with the squid better," Said Moomin. 


"The squid?"


Moomin shrugged. 


"Do you know the one with the shark,"




"Not that shark the knock off one where he swims in the sewers."


"We should rent a foreign film," Said Snufkin. 


"You and your french films,"


"What? That movie about the restaurant in France was very..."


"Long and sexy but they could not show anything,"


They walked past the kids movies where an abundance of low budget live action films sat on shelves. Some of these had not been rented in ages. They had a full shelf dedicated to the live action cat movie movie for some reason. 


They kept walking. 


"We should get a zombie movie,"


"I prefer vampires flicks,"


Moomins face lit up. 


"Lets not get a vampire flick," Said Snufkin dryly. 


Moomin burst out laughing. 


"SShhhh Be quet," 




"Lets just get something quick and easy so I can fall asleep,"


"Ah... oh... Snuffkiin! You wanna just sleep when get home,"


Snufkin paused as he thought about what he said. 


"Your right... We should go buy a porno from the adult book store," He said jokingly. 


"Right... : Said Moomin placing his hands on Snufkin's arms. 


Snufkin thought Moomin was going to kiss him right there where everyone could see them but he was trying to reach past him. 


"Hitchcock the tv series it is!" 


Snufkin shrugged.


"Or Godzilla," 


Moomin was beginning to get annoyed. Snufkin could see it in Moomins large expressive eye. 


"We could get...."


"No cooking shows," Said Moomin. 


"That's not what I was gonna... Wait what?"


"Let's get that racing movie," 


Snufkin nodded. Anything to end this. 


They ended up with about nine movies. Snufkin paid and Moomin kept placing boxes of candy on the counter. 


Then one more movie was tossed up there.


"The Lorax?"


"I'm doing some fanart," 


"OK... But it better be PG 13," 


"Snufkin.. You know its..." 


Snufkin pushed Moomin gently to get him shut up as he handed the money over. 


They walked out of the store together. 


Once back at Snufkin's house they took all the pillows and blankets and made a pallet on the floor in the den. Snufkin barricade the door with a chair and they started watching a drama about rich doctors. This surprised Snufkin,


"I thought we were going watch a movie,"


"We will but I don't get to watch this at home,"


"Why not?" 


"Drama," Said Moomin. 


Snuffkin didn't know what Moomin meant by that. He had a feeling it had to do with Little My. 


Snufkin settled down placing his head in his boyfriend's lap. 


He purred as Moomins fingers began to caress his head. Snufkin loved this, This was his agreed upon alone time away from the rest of his family. It was just he and Moomintroll laying on the floor doing nothing. He drifted slightly and his head dipped backwards. He opened his eyes. Moomin was watching the screen. He had placed his hand on Snufkin's chest. 






Snufkin did not say anything else. He turned his head. The show was over and an ad for copper pans was playing. 


"I should get one of those," Said Moomin. 


He gently pushed Snufkin off his lap. Snufkin grabbed one of the large pillows and forced it under his back. He stretched and stared at the roof. He could hear the opening of some Disney movie playing. 


"Moolll?" Said Snufkin. 


Moomin did not answer. He was seated close to the tv now which bothered little Snufkin. 


"Get back here," 


Snufkin pulled gently on Moomintroll's tail. 

Moomin scooted back without turning his body away from tv. He patted his lap again. 


The opening song began to play and Moomin started to sing along in a mumbling sort of way. 


He started to rub Snufkins chest. Snufkin purred. Then Moomin slid his hand under Snufkin collar. He forced a few buttons open gently as not to ruin the shirt. His soft fingertips slid up and down. He lingered for a moment near his neck then plunged down with palm.


Snufkins body convulsed a bit out of pleasure. Snufkin used to hate this. He had been so embarrassed that a little massage could cause him this much satisfaction.


Moomin was not even paying attention to his actions. His eyes were glued to the screen. Touching Snufkin was an afterthought. 


Snufkin raised his hips to meet Moomins hand. Now Moomin was watching him. 


"Does that feel good?" He asked. 


Snufkin did not answer. He flipped over for back scratches. 


By the time the first movie was over Snufkin was already asleep. He had curled up into a little ball under the blankets, 


Moomin lay near him. He was still rubbing Snufkins body slightly. Just out of habit. 


Moomin changed the dvd and opened some of the candy. 


There was a knock on the door. 


Moomin got up to remove the chair. 


"Ah! Moomin my boy!" Said Snufkins dad. 


The joxter was still wearing his fishing overalls. His red hat tilted to the side exposing a pointed ear. 


"Just came to see how you were doing that's all," He said. 


Moomin moved a bit allowing Joxter a look into the room. His eyes dimmed a bit as looked down at his son. 


"He looks comfortable," Said the Joxter softly. 


He walked away. Moomin shut the door. He sat back down on the floor just as Snufkin was raised his head. Snufkins rolled his flexible body to side as his legs stayed curled in place. 


"Was that dad?"




"What did he want" Asked Snufkin. 




Snufkin pulled himself out of the bed. 


He stretched his body like a cat and started biting Moomins neck. 


Moomin laughed falling over to the pile of blankets. 


Snufkin rubbed his face down into Moomins furry pelt. 


I'm watching the movie," Said Moomin. 


Snufkin nipped at Moomins body. Leaving a trail of gentle love bites down his thick skin. Moomin could not feel kisses on top of his fur so Snufkin allways bit him.  He nipped on down Moomins side and slid his head down in between Moomins legs. 


Moomin cock was there covered by a bit of fur that grew thicker than the rest. 


He nipped at it causing Moomin to push him off. 


"Cat!" He said. 


Snufkin sprung up. His large eyes were dilated due to the darkness. 


"I'm watching the movie," Said Moomin. 


Snufkin curled back up near Moomins leg. 


They did not touch each other for the rest of the night. At some point Moomin cleaned up and carried Snufkin to bed. The two of them laid laid side by side. The darkness would soon dim and light would come through the window. 


It was a new day. 





During the day Snufkin would be off with his dad pulling up lobster traps. This would leave  Moomin in the house by himself. 

This would usually be boring but Moomin liked to sleep till noon so it was not so bad. 


At some point he found himself touching the small welts Snufkin had given him. They were hidden under the fur which made it so much more sensual. It was a secret only they knew about. 


Moomin pulled himself up out of bed when he heard the loud clinking of boots and The Joxter's voice calling to him. 


Joxter had some banana bread for him to eat. Moomin was grateful. 


"It was a good day to be on the water," Said Joxter. He was smiling so big Moomin could see his two little fangs. 


"We got about forty lobsters," Said Snufkin "We had to empty a few traps out,"


"Really?" Said Moomin He was being polite as he could care less about this conversion. 


The Joxter passed by Moomin pausing to pat the boy on his back. 


Snufkin sat down at the table. He was hot and sweaty. 


"Wanna play in the hose?" Snufkin asked. 


Moomin shook his head. 


"Your loss," Snufkin got up. 


Outside was a little covered porch. The Joxter had put up tarps all along the side to wall it up so the guy next door couldn't see what he was doing. He had built a little shower outside. Snufkin was fond of it. 


He would strip down to just his pants and stand under the spray. 


Moomin sat down at the kitchen table to watch. He nearly missed his chair.


"So what movies did you two get?" Joxter asked.




"What movies did you get?" He repeated. 


Joxter opened the fridge and took a large container of milk out. He drank straight from the nozzle. Little bits of milk slid down his chin and onto his chest. 


"Bunch of boring stuff." Moomin answered.


Joxter got more milk then closed the container and placed it back in the fridge. 


He began to scratch his ear as took a seat at the table. 


"Today was a good day," He repeated. 


Snufkin came back inside soaked to the bone. He passed them and winked at Moomin.


"Hey! Can you give my back a scratch?" Joxter asked. 


"Uh yeah,"


Moomin placed his nails on Joxter's back. He dug his down into his skin through his shirt. Joxter arched his back his face full of pleasure as Moomin found the right spot. 


"You going after my dad now?" Said Snufkin. "Homewrecker"


Moomin with drew his hand. 


"Why do you guys act like that?"


"Like what?" Said the Joxter and Snufkin. 


"Like cats?"  


Joxter shrugged. "You can really go far with a little rub on the ear. 


"Dont tell him that," Said Snufkin harshly. "We have three more movies to watch, tonight." 


"OR a nibble is better," Joxter whispered to Moomin. 


Snufkin was drinking milk now.


"Well the two you better get to it," Said Joxter. 


He winked and got up. 


"Don't worry about him. lets go lay down."


They filled the floor with blankets again and laid together. 


"Do you want me to touch you?" Moomin asked shyly. 


Snufkin shook his head. 

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