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Moomin walked through town on his own today. Snufkin had said he did not feel very good so he stayed in bed. Moomin did not mind. It felt good to walk around in the city by yourself sometimes. He stopped in at the video rental and dropped the movies off then headed on down the street.


He stopped by Redds and got a lobster roll. That's all they sold at that food truck. 


He walked down past the skate store and saw something new in the window. They were selling little action cameras This gave Moomin a great idea. 


"We can make our own movie!" Said Moomin. 


"We what?" Said a sleepy little Snufkin. 


"We can go film at the abandoned cabin in the woods. Do some sort of ritual like on Ghost Adventures!"




"We can put it on Youtube and claim its real and then we can become filmmakers!"




Then I will win a award! You know that red button,"






Snufkin rolled onto his back and pushed the blanket off. He was hard. 


"Oh yes... we could do that too," Said Moomin delighted. 


Moomin worked heavily on a script and left it up to the other two to gather props. 


The Joxter had a lot of weird things in his shed like fluffy ropes and large box of candles that burned at a low temperature. 

There were also a few sets of hand cuffs.


"I have the keys to those on my boat keyring,"


"Why are they on...." Snufkin stopped himself. 


"I'm the life of party," Said Joxter. 


"Stop it!," Said Snufkin laughing. "I want all of this,"


They began to practise on wednesday. Snufkin had looked up a bunch of stuff about voodoo online and created a little poppet out of wood. They could not decide who to curse though. This part of the script was a tough one. The two of them were far too kind to hurt anyone. 


"What if we did nice things with it?"  Said Moomin. He was rubbing Snufkins back again.


"We should just buy a ouija board,"


"Nah.. I've seen that movie,"


"Oh? How did it end,"


"Not badly enough," 


"Lets just do a blair witch and go with it," 


"I don't like that idea.,"




A few nights before the big day Moomin had rented a bunch of horror movies to give them ideas. 

Snufkin learned a few things about Moomin like that he was scared of the exorcist despite how cheezy it looked to a modern audience. 


"The part when she is jabbing her privates with a knife is not scary to you?" 


"It was a crucifix," 


He was also scared of paranormal activity. 


"The first hour is boring but then shit hits the fan in the 2nd part," Said Moomin. 


Snufkin enjoyed this a lot because when the scary parts came on screen Moomin would jump which was funny. At the end of night Moomin grabbed the last video. 


"This is scariest of all of them!"


"A documentary about bog bodys,"






On saturday morning the two them started their journey to the little cabin. Moomin had several memory cards and two battery packs so they would not have to go back home. He had brought Snufkins travlers bag with him. It seemed a bit heavy but Snufkin said it was fine. They walked down thru woods and up into the darker place 


Moomin started filming. 


"Hey! Tell us about the cabin we are going to," Said Moomin. 


"An old woman used to live there. She was a hunter,"


"OOHHH Did she hunt muriks?"


"No.. mushrooms and stuff. She was veegan,"


Moomin dropped the cam. 


"Don't tell the real story! Tell a ghost story," 


"Sorry.. she was really cool. She fucked my dad once,"


Moomin stared at Snufkin. 


"Your bad at this," 


They walked down to the little creak and passed over a fallen log. 


Moomin filmed the water then without realizing it started filming Snufkins ass for about three minutes. 


The forest out here was really pretty. The trees were very tall and they shaded the ground gently. It was very hot though. 


"Get your cam out,"


"Huh? Yeaah!"


Snufkin led Moomin down to a clearing in the forest. It was almost a perfect circle. 


"This is where they light the fires," Said Snufkin. 


"Now thats fucking scary," Said Moomin. 


Snufkin pawed the ashs and pulled a few beads from the fire. 


"What is that?" Said Moomin. A real curiosity in voice. 




They kept walking. The farther they got into the woods the more light was drowned out by the trees. 


Snufkin tled Moomin to a little stone bridge that had no water under it. 


"A very long time ago there was a river here,"


"This forest is weird,"


"You wanted to come up here,"


Snufkin led Moomin to yet another weird sight. This was common knowledge among the youth but Moomin had never seen it in real life. 


There were three cabins in the woods and one of them was acupided. The strange man hated people had hung an old scarecrow by noose in the tree. 


It was swinging stiff as the board back and forth. 


"Someone gave him a gas mask," Said Snufkin. 


"DO you believe.. Thats theres a person inside of it," 


"Who knows. Just film it and lets get outta here,"


Suddenly there were shouts from the house and several gunshots and they took off. Snufkin was holding Moomins hand as they ran. 


Then Moomin triped. He dropped the camera.


"There no time. we will come back for it,"


There were more gunshots and they ran off to hide in the brush. 


Moomins heart was beating fast and his body was shaking but Snufkin seemed elated. 


"He shot at us!" Said Moomin. 


"This forest is not safe. Wanna go home?" 




When things had settled down Snufkin pointed Moomin on the path and went back for the camera. He knew the way but Moomin did not. 


"This would be a lot safer on a movie set," Said Moomin to himself. 


The other cabin was really far away. Moomin was scared as he walked alone. He was sure he would see another hanging man in the trees. 


Then there was a call and Moomin turned around. It was just a bird. 


He kept going. 


The little cabin was in sight now. The thing was built in an odd circle shape with a domed roof. The old woman had painted it purple. She had said once, that the house was always meant to be this color. 


Moomin pushed on the door finding locked so he went around and pushed a window upwords. He struggled to get his fat ass inside. The house was empty all except for a musty bed that Moomin knew he would not be laying on. 


The door rambled and Moomin unlocked it. 


"You made it," Said a very sweaty Snufkin. They closed the door and Snufkin started taking his clothes off. He was bleeding on his back of his neck but he did not seem to be in any pain. 


"Did you fall?"




Moomin touched the spot to find out it was not Snufkins blood. 


"Oh sorry... Dad came by. He gave us some red berries. Said we could use them as blood for our poppet,"


"Did you find the cam?" Moomin asked. 


Snufkin nodded. He removed it from his pants then he took them off. 


Moomin began to charge it and switched the memory card. 


"It rolled and was in the spring. It's gonna be a cool shot if it stayed on the whole time," 


Snufkin removed his boxers and sighed. He took his new clothes out of the bag. 


Snufkin had brought a pair of black jeans and sleeveless black shirt that had a red x painted on it. It looked like it had been a homemade job. 


He took a black collar with studs and snapped it around his neck. 


"Do I look like.. uuhh... Look like your poppet?" 


Moomin had never seen Snufkin dress like this before. 


Snufkin took salt from the  bag and removed the candles. 


"Dad said you can burn me with those. It doesn't hurt,"


Moomin shook his head. 


"I have seen them do that in porn. It looks nasty.


"But it might feel good,"


As the sun set Moomin set up the cam. 


Snufkin was going to draw a star on the ground and was studying a drawing he had printed out. 


When he was ready he began to carefully draw with the salt. 


Snufkin looked up at the cam once and smiled but it was not a cute Snufkin smile, It was different. 


When the star was down he added circles around the sides and then got some herbs out of his bag and placed them in the circles. 


"What do you wanna summon?"


"Let's do something not so scary!" Said Moomin. "Like a haunted racoon. 


His voice trembled when he said scary. 


Snufkin laughed and took one of the candles. He lit it just as the sun went down. 


It was very cinematic. 




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