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 Snufkin and Joxter had always had a strange relationship. The old house where they lived was always cold which left the kitten colder. Joxter would often buy little heaters and try his best to warm the room up but Joxter body was Snufkins main source of warmth. 


They would lay on the floor as the tv played infomercials or cartoons. Snufkin remembered it snowing a lot more as a child but perhaps it didn't. Normally a kitten would grow out of this need but Snufkin never did and on those rare nights when Moomin was at home he would still lay his head on his father sleeping belly. This was awkward for everyone else but not to the two of them. 


To them this kind of contact was normal and it felt nice. 


Joxter would sometimes lay his body crossways on Snufkin but only when Snuf was on his belly. 

Joxter would say something like. "I need to stretch my back," but Snufkin knew what he was doing. 


To tell you the truth Joxter enjoyed the warmth too. He would rub his face on Snufkins body. Trying to rub his scent on his son. that scent would keep others from taking him away. 

(Like as in they thought Snufkin already had a partner)

Snufkin did mind his father cuddles. He had found a partner who was not bothered by the smell of cats. In fact Snufkin felt like Moomin did not have a very good sense of smell at all. 

 Moomin was laying on his belly with a large pillow placed under his head. The shopping channel was on for some reason but he was not watching it. He was asleep. To his right was his boyfriend and to the left was a sliding glass door. Behind him was Joxters chair and a silver kerosene heater pushed against the wall going unused. .   


The sun had already come up about an hour ago. Moomins body shook a bit as he opened his eyes. 

He sat up with a loud groan. All of his body cryed out in pain as he stretched his poor bones out. 


"Why did we sleep on the floor?" Moomin asked his boyfriend. 


Snufkin did not answer. He was laying on back with his arms above his head. 


Moomin got up. He walked down the little hallways leaving the den behind. He paused in front of Joxters door. It was left ajar. He stuck his nose inside. Joxter was laying dangerously close to the edge of the bed. Moomin ran his fingers down Joxter's foot causing him to jump awake. 


 "What the hell are you do'n," Said a unhappy little cat man. 


"Why aren't you at work?" 


"I am hung over," 


Moomin closed the door. He went back to the den and pulled his phone out. It was time to order some food. 




At around noon the boys went out onto the rocky coast to check the lobster traps. Moomin marveled at how efficient Snufkin was. He pulled the long rope from the shore. checked the trap, rebated it, then tossed it back. 


After running all 12 traps Snufkin smiled at all the lobsters. They put the lid on the bucket.  Snufkin did not have a car but he did have his dads boat.

It was somewhere between being brand new and really old due to all his hard work. 


They boarded and Moomin sat near the bow as Snufkin turned the key. The old boat roared to life. Snufkin knew his way around the river. This old river had been used as a shipping rout for ages. 

They sped up to the little dock where the fish mongers waited. 


Snufkin did not even get out of the boat. He made the deal and sped off further down the river. 

once in town, which was not much. They tied the boat and got out. 


There weren't many restaurant here and if you wanted something you had to make it yourself. 


Snufkin wanted pizza. 


They went to the local grocer to gather what they need. Moomin got a big thing of tea which Snufkin tried to put back. 


"We are walking," 


"Its not heavy,"


Once back at home Snufkin got to work. He rolled the dogh and spun it on his hand. This stretched the dough evenly. He tossed down onto the hot slab to be placed in the oven. 


Half the pizza was extra meaty the other plain cheese. 


When he was checking the pizza  he felt soft hand slide around his waist. He thought it was Moomin but as he raised his head to greet him he realized it was his father. Joxter was trying to move his son out the way so he could reach the freezer. 


They had a box freezer that was separate from the frige. Joxter would often put his beer in there to cool it off. As well as a of assortment of freezer burned food, half eaten cakes and various forgotten items such as socks and clean sex toys. That was his stuff and Snufkin did not touch it. 


"Hows it going?" 


"The pizzas nice and..."


"No... Between the two of you. You two have not hauled up in the den like you used too,"


Snufkins face felt hot suddenly. 


"Am....Am I even allowed to tell you what happened?" Snufkin whispered. 


"Its ok, Son. I just wanna make sure your not being forced into anything. You had some rope burns on your arms when you came home,"


"I wanted to be tied up. I thought it would calm me down,"


"Did it?" Joxter asked as he opened the freezer. 


"I guess so. Moomin is to sweet to dominates me properly," 


Snufkin bumped into his dad backside causing Joxter to jump up and smack his head on the freezer lid. 


"It all right. You too just need to play more," He said rubbing his head, "There it is!" 


Joxter closed the freezer with a loud thunk then turned around to rub his face in Snufkins. 


"What are you doing?" said Moomins disembodied voice. 


"Huh? Whut? Just a cuddle. Would you like one," Joxters eye where dilated into big black orbs. His mouth twisted upward showing his sharp fangs. He was in wild mode. 


Joxter lunged for Moomin. Knocking him to the floor. He was straddled and held down. Joxter mouth open widely and he bit him good and clean on the neck. 


Moomin screamed and struggled. 


"Dont you bite this boy?" Joxter growled, "What kind of cat man are you if you don't nip you partner every now and then," 


"I do bite him," Snufkin said softly. 


"Well bite him correctly. You have to show him who is the boss of your body! Thats why I am so popular. I don't need you. I just your money!" He growled. 


"What did I do to upset him?" Moomin asked. "Get off! I don't want your body! This is harassment,"


"Then bite me! Show me im unwanted," 


Moomin looked Joxter right in the eyes. 


"Thats not how I do it," He said softly. 


Moomin grabbed Joxter's collar and pulled him down. He rubbed his nose on Joxter's face.


"Good boy," He said softly. 


Moomin rubbed Joxter ears tenderly. His fuzzy finger rapped around the point and then slid down to bottom. This sent Joxter over the edge. 


"What a good boy you are," Said Moomin. 


"I am a good boy!" Said Joxter.


He shook his head like a dog and went back for more. 


Moomin did not notice Snufkin's annoyance. 


"OK! He gets the point! Get off of him!" Shouted Snufkin. 


There was slight diffrence between playful biteing and what Snufkin did next. 


His father was left on the floor bleeding from his ear. 


"Guh... You bite me like for real," Said Joxter touching his face. 


Snufkin gathered Moomin from the floor. 


"He is hurt?" Said Moomin.


Snufkin shook his head. "Its a kink don't worry about him. He is fine."


Moomin wanted to linger but Snufkin would not let him. They left the house again. 


"You did not have to do that Snufkin. He was just trying to help me,"


"I don't care. He wanted to be put in his place so I did,"


"But.... Why do you have to hurt him?"


Snufkin kicked a dirt pile. 


"It doesn't matter. He will be fine,"


It was true after all. Joxter was still siting on the floor. 


"He made my gums bleed," Joxter said amused. 


He crawled over to the freezer and opened the lid. He had place some two percent beer inside. He would need something stronger but this was all he had. 


The door opened back up and he heard Moomin arguing with his boyfriend. 


Then Snufkin stood in front of him. 


Joxter flinched. 

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