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The two of them had been filming for about an hour now. 


Moomin wanted to get thru the talking part as quickly as possible.


"When you look at the empty graves you'd think it would be peaceful," Said Snufkin pleasantly. 


He was waving his hand over the open flame. Not close enough to hurt himself but the camera did not know that.


"Its terrifying," He said sounding a bit more bold. 


"But where are all the bodys?" 


"Say that louder and to the camera,"




Snufkin leaned back allowing his legs to spread apart. He looked as though he was thinking about the answer or trying to remember his line,"


"They got washed away in the river. Thats why it does not exist any more,"


"Thats creepy.. Your geting way to into this Snufkin,"


Moomin got up. He was adjusting the camera to get a close up of his boyfriend.


"Say they washed away again,"


"They washed away again,"


"No! No that!" 


"Moomin this is the fourth time we went thru this part. Can we move on?"


"I don't have anything written for the next part,"




They sat in silence for a moment. The candles lighting the room. 


"Are we still rolling,"




Snufkin grabbed the poppet who had placed in the center of the star. He brushed the salt off and stared at it.


"Whats wrong?" Asked Moomin nervously. 


Snufkin did not answer. He just stared at the wooden doll in his hand. 


"We could burn it," Said Snufkin. 


"Thats not safe. We are not doing a gender reveal party,"


"I could say I was possessed and you could tie me up,"


"I like that idea! Ohhhh.... I love.... mmm..... ok!"


Moomin got up. He grabbed the poppet and forcefully slid it thru the salt. 


"What the hell?" Said Snufkin annoyed. 


"Listen to the voices in your head," Said Moomin. 


Snufkin side glanced him but said nothing. 


"What do they tell you do?"


"I want to mastervate with a crusifx,"


They laughed. 


"Thats terrible! What the hell is wrong with you?" said  Moomin as his laughter came to sudden stop. 


There was a crackling noise outside as if an animal had walked across something metal. 


"Thats... Fuck'n...." Said Snufkin as he turned. 


"Its fine... Keep going what do the voices tell you to do?"


"Get naked,"


"And then what?"


"Get the rope,"


"The... huh?"


"Snufkin! You're not taking this seriously! We are supposed to be making a horror film!"


Moomin brushed some dirt from his fur. It was hot in the cabin. It was hot outside. Moomin felt sticky and upset. 

He was annoyed by Snufkin but just for the Moment. These feelings came and passed every time they hung out.  Snufkin allways had this air of "Does not give a fuck" About him. 

He had a bad way of not seeing things thru to end which was really annoying. 


"OK LISTEN!" Said Moomin. He was reaching for the bag to get his water bottle out. 




"Im going to direct you! You are going to do what I ask and not question it,"


Moomin did not realize how he sounded as he said that. He took a good sip of water and handed to his partner. 

Snufkin did not take it so he just stood up. 


"Touch the candle and Im going to film you,"


"That a little morbid,"


"The wax, Snufkin,"


"Oh! Right,"


Snufkin blew the candle out and dipped his fingers into the wax. 




The wax felt warm but not warm enough to burn. He covered his left hand with the soft milk.


"Now lay in the star and place your wax hand above your head. NO! Place both hands over your head,"


Snufkin did as he was told. He lay down with a plop in the center of the star. His arms raised. 


Moomin touched Snufkins belly. It caused him to stur like a unhappy cat. Moomin put a bit of pressure there. 


Snufkin involuntarily hissed. Moomin smiled and pressed again. 


"Stop that! Im gonna get up!"


"Your not allowed. Now keep acting like your possessed,"


Snufkins anger went away in a sudden little wince. He looked worried.


"That does not feel good. Don't press on me again or I will bite you for real," Said Snufkin. 


Moomin understood. This was their pact. Even though Moomin was in charge of Snufkins body he had no real power over it. 

All it would take was simple no for Moomin to back off. 


Moomin was filming Snufkins worried little face as he slid his hand downward. 


He placed his open palm on the front of Snufkins pants. 


Snufkins eye blinked away a few tears.  


This was normal for him. Every time they did stuff Snufkin would tear up. Sex had a strange emotional grasp on him. 


Moomin was rubbing his pants now. Allowing his gentle force to get harder as he made his way up to Snufkins belly but soft as he slid downward. 


"Why are you doing that?"


"To make you weak,"


"Its working,"


Snufkin smiled. 


"Now take your wax hand and put it in your pants,"


"What the fuck?"


"Just do it,"


Snufkin did as he was told. Mooimn got off of him and started filming from the back. 


"Now touch yourself and make some possessed moans,"


Snufkin moaned slightly. It was forced and nervous. 


He could hear Moomin laughing behind him. 


Snufkin began stroking the tip. The wax had made his hand very soft. He stroked the tip between his forefinger. 

After a moment he tried to moan again. 


"Im sorry," He said softly. 


"Its fine. You did really well. Totally freaky from behind like your in silhouettes,"


Snufkin rubbed his penis harder. His eye dipped closed and his hand stroked his weak spot and the first real moan came out. 


He stopped right after it. His hand over his mouth. He could not believe such a sound had come from him. 

All the times he and Moomin had done things they had to be very quiet. Even if his dad did not mind them doing shit he had said he never wanted to hear it. 


"Now lay down again,"


"But then the cam will see my cock,"



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