The Alpha

BY : Frazero-
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When the bell rang, they all rushed out. All the students of Beryville High, running out, excited to finish their year.

In the last batch was Alexander. A shy, white, lean, cute and gay 19 year old. Who wanted one thing when he went home.

When Alex got home, his parents were out, probably on a date. He knew that it was the perfect opportunity to go for it. He quickly ate and bathed. Still completely naked, turned on his ipad and went on the web. He immediately went to one site- Pornhub. He checked out if there was anything new. After a while of looking, he found something actually intriguing. He read the title which was "Huge bodybuilder dominates twink." He knew that he would like it since he does have a muscle fetish. He turned on the video and nothing interesting happened for a minute. Then the bodybuilder entered. His name was Gray and Alex was very attracted to him sexually. Alex furiously masturbated as Gray slowly undressed himself and the twink. Alex had a stiff boner when he saw Gray's rock hard muscles. He saw a ripped 8-pack and veins popping out everywhere. His dick must have been at least 9 inches of veiny and thick cock. He goes anal on the twink. The twink screams and yelps, but Gray doesn't stop.Then Gray lets the twink feel his amazing body. By the time the video is done, Alex is completely overtaken by sexual attraction and has cum all over his body. He realizes just how much he loved Gray. His attitude was sexy, his body was perfection and his dick was something else. The next day, Alex is walking out near the park and is shocked to see.... Gray.

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