The Alpha

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As Alex kept going to meet Gray, they became friends. Gray told Alex about his pornstar career and how he got to where he is. Alex pretended to be a friend, but in the back of his mind he only thought about Gray's body and package. He knew that if he had to kill someone to fuck Gray, he probably would. 

Soon after, Alex had to go back to school. On the first day, he met a few new students. One of them being Derek. He was extremely shy and sweet, but was really strong and athletic. He had dark and extremely warm- toned skin that shone with sweat in the sunlight. He was muscular and bulky, with definition. He had short black hair and had a handsome face, with asian eyes and a sharp jawline.

Alex spoke to him and really enjoyed his company. He thought he was cute, but was nothing compared to Gray. And Alex knew that if he tried hard enough, Gray would eventually fall for him.

(From Derek's perspective)

When I came in, I was nervous and shy. I was stressed and just wanted to go back. But one person changed all that. When Alex came up to me, I knew I was lovestruck. His fair supple skin, his toned and lean body, his cute face and the most important- his charming personalities! I wanted him to fall for me, so I showed my athleticism. I showed my football and wrestling skills, which seem to impress Alex, but don't make him at all flirty. The next day, Alex took me to the park to meet his apparent boyfriend. I didn't understand why he couldn't call him to his house, but didnt say anything. When I saw Alex's boyfriend, I understood why he wouldn't fall for me. His name was Gray and was astonishingly handsome and huge. I saw his muscles through his shirt and was kinda jealous. I knew I was attractive but can't compete with Gray. 

I spoke with him alone, since Alex had to go get some stuff. We spoke for a while and then I asked him how Alex became his boyfriend. Gray has a very confused face after hearing this. He says that they are both just friends. I realized that Alex just had a crush. I told this to Gray and he said that he was straight, but didn't want to ruin his and Alex's friendship. I said goodbye and when I was home, I immediately called Alex. I told him this and I heard him gasp. Then he screamed saying that I was just jealous of Gray and was lying. He cut the call before I could say anything. I felt bad but told Gray to tell Alex straight to his face, to get it out of the way. 

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