The Alpha

BY : Frazero-
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When school was done, Alex and Derek went to the park again. Derek was in a tight black shirt and skinny jeans. Alex spoke to him for a while and then Derek told Alex to follow him. Alex hesitantly followed and they stopped near a bench. Derek told him to sit down. Then he held Alex's hand and said, "I know that i'm not as attractive or muscular as Gray. But, now that me and you know the truth, I want to ask you a question- Will you be my boyfriend?" Alex smiled, held Derek's other hand and said yes. Then Derek pulled him closer and kissed Alex. They made out for about a minute and then agreed to meet at Alex's house.

His parents were out and would return only the next day. Alex met Derek at the door and welcomed him in. He spoke to him, kissed him on the cheek and they watched television. After about an hour, they had some food and then Alex asked Derek, "Hey Derek. Are you ready?" He nodded and Alex guided him to his bedroom. He had a double bed, which he didnt think would come in useful. But it finally does now.

Alex locked the door and sat with Derek on the bed. They immediately started kissing and making out. After a while, Alex took off Derek's shirt and was in awe. He felt his muscular body, while Derek flexed all his muscles. His dark skin really sweaty and shiny. His abs defined and rock hard. His arms huge and strong. His pecs wide and hard, with his nipples hard. His neck and shoulders perfect. Alex licked his abs which Derek gasped slightly in pleasure. Derek let him get all over his body. He could feel Alex's boner on his legs and was turned on when Alex took off his own shirt. Alex had a toned chest and arms. His abs defined but not too hard. His shoulders wide and his neck lean and sexy. Derek was slowly getting harder and had Alex take off his pants. Alex gasped to see a bright red pair of calvins, with quite a bulge. Derek took off his underwear to reveal a 10-inch dick that was veiny and girthy. Alex immediately took off his own pants and revealed his own 7-inch dick. Derek lifted him up with his strong arms and started inserting his dick in. Then he lifted Alex up and down. Alex gasped and Derek felt pleasure. Then Derek started to squeeze Alex's plump ass. Then Alex started to suck Derek's dick while Derek sat in pleasure. Alex tasted his precum and loved it. Then they both started groping each others dicks. Alex soon after started to cum and squirted all over Derek. A little while after Derek reached climax and it all on himself. Then Alex licked all the cum off of Derek's sexy body. He started with his abs and could feel the indentations of his abs. He licked his flexing 20-inch arms and wide pecs. After all this was done, Derek posed in front of Alex. Alex saw his amazing body and masturbated. Then Alex and Derek returned to the tv. They watched while completely naked, with Alex sitting on top of Derek, smiling.

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