The Alpha

BY : Frazero-
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Alex couldn't believe it. The man he was most sexually attracted to, right in front of him. He saw that Gray was jogging and could feel the thirst he had for Gray. Gray was in a tight black tank top and some grey shorts. This helped really show off the treasury that is his body. His tank top so tight and compressing, that his abs were visible as little bumps. His pecs like two giant brick walls and his legs, muscular and massive. His arms probably 22- inches of pure muscle and his handsome, sculpted face. Alex knew that he needed to talk to him. He quickly made a plan and initiated.

He was pretending to jog as well. At one point, Gray almost runs directly into him. Gray apologises and then says, gesturing his hand, "Sorry for almost dashing in to you. Im Gray." Alex shook his hand and was astonished by the immense strength of just his hands. He knew that if Gray applied enough force, Alex would have some broken bones. Alex replied with, "Hi im Alex. I just wanted to talk to you for a second if you don't mind." Gray nodded and then Alex took him to an isolated location and said, "You're Gray Fullbuster right? The pornstar." Gray smiles, nods and says, "Yep that's me alright. What do you want?" Alex said, "Nothing. I just thought you were really hot." Gray turns around and says, "I'm glad you liked me. We should meet again. Come to the park again tomorrow." He walked away and Alex was thirsty for his muscular back and nice ass. Alex knew he had to return the next day and so he did. Little did he know what would happen over time..

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