Drogons Rebirth

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Disclaimer: You must be 18+ to read this story. I do not own To Love Ru or any of its characters. I also do not make any money/profit while I make this story.

Note: Hello and welcome to a rewrite/reboot of the first story I've ever written here on, Drogons. Now you're probably wondering, why am I rewriting the story? While I was looking back at the early chapters of the story, I noticed that I made some questionable decisions while making that story. At the time, I thought those ideas were great, but now that four years have gone by since I wrote the story, I look back at those early chapters, and I ask myself, "What was I thinking?"

This story will serve as a rewrite/Reckoning of some of the ideas of Drogons. Some of the key story moments in the original incarnation will be explained more clearly than in the original.

While I was also going through the original story, I noticed that I rushed the hookups between the male protagonists and the girls, especially Brad and Scarlet. I aim to give more character development between Brad and Scarlet and other possible hookups between the girls. I realize that I rushed with the relationship, and hopefully, this rewrite aims to fix that.

You will also see moments in the story where it jumps from protagonist to protagonist. That's because it will be telling multiple stories at once, depending on what time each event of the story takes place. So, think of it as several stories into one. I'm excited to be working on this story again and rectifying all the plot mistakes I made while making the original incarnation.

Now I know what you're probably thinking, "What will happen to the original story?" Fear not. The original story will not go anywhere anytime soon; it will stay up there, and you can see which version of the story you prefer, the original or the rewrite.

There are going to be some familiar moments that were in the original incarnation, but some new. I also decided to give this story a new writing style, the "Professional Style." the reason I'm not going to write this story as I did with the original story is that I want to make this story look a little more professional.

Also, I would like to thank Alvin-D Rod for being my partner in this story once again. His ideas definitely put more charm into the story. So after you're done reading this chapter, profile, and check out his stories, you won't regret it.

Also, I would like to thank Axel Emiya for allowing me to have his OC in this story. Ironically enough, his OC, Mashiro Yuuma, was originally supposed to get his own story in the Drogon Universe. But, sadly, for the longest time, we couldn't finish it due to Axel's hours for his job being all over the place. When you're done reading this chapter, go check out his stories; you won't regret it.

And by the way, You must be 18+ to read this story. I do not own To Love Ru or any of its characters. I also do not make any money/profit while making this story.

This chapter is already ten thousand words long, so let's get this chapter off the road.

Warning: This story is NOT for readers under the age of eighteen. The story will have coarse language, violence, nudity (including the private parts), and sexual scenes. (Including sex scenes). The story will explain a character's surroundings in great detail, especially with a person's body. If you are not over eighteen or do not like these things in a story, please do not read this book/story. You have been warned!

Chapter One:
September 8th, 2017:
Our Story Begins:

Ah, Christale City is a well-respected city in Ontario, Canada. A great city to raise your kids and start a new business. However, one thing shuns this great city that makes it great: its college, Vincent College. Now, what is wrong with the college? May you be asking? Well, my dear readers, allow me, the narrator of this story, to explain. In 1999, Adam Vincent decided to make college in Christale City. In 2000, the three-story school was built and named Vincent College, Adam himself became the school's Chief Executive. The school was praised and well respected.

However, in 2005, Adam Vincent tragically died due to a car accident. Needing a Chief Executive right away, and after finding out that Adam Vincent had a younger brother named Tommy Vincent, the Government made Tommy Vincent the Chief Executive, even though he had no experience being one in the first place. Making Tommy Vincent Chief Executive of Vincent College was a huge mistake on the Government's part. Why? Because Tommy is a pervert, that's why. How bad of a pervert is that, you may be asking. Hmm, what's a good example? Sometimes he likes to sneak into the girl's changing room, steal the girls' panties while they aren't looking, and go back to his office to smell them. Because of this, girls have been reporting that their panties have been stolen daily.

Because of Tommy's influence, almost all the boys at the school have become perverts, and parents don't want their kids to go to that school because they fear that their son will become a pervert or that their daughters will become a target for perverts. So it's because of Tommy, that the school now has a bad reputation, and it's all thanks to the Government. And it's not like they can undo their mistake. Believe me; they've tried. They've tried to replace Tommy, but nobody wants to go near the school because of the college's lousy reputation, so yeah, they're stuck with him. Maybe if the Government weren't in a big fat hurry to find a new Chief Executive, they wouldn't be in this situation.

When Adam Vincent was the Chief Executive, he made the students wear uniforms. The boys would wear black vests over their light blue buttoned long sleeve shirts and black dress pants and shoes during the first semester. The girls had to wear black vests over their light blue buttoned long sleeve shirts that went down to their hips, long black skirts that went down to their knee caps, and black knee-length leggings and black shoes. However, during the second semester, the vest part of their uniform is left behind, and light blue t-shirts replace their light blue buttoned long sleeve shirts, and the color of the girls is light blue instead of black.

The girls were fully covered up, showing very little to no skin. However, when his younger brother, Tommy, took over, he changed the girls' uniforms. First, he made the shirts and vests shorter, turning them into t-shirts, regardless of the semester, and had them only go down to their bellies, making them only go down slightly below their bellybutton or only cover the upper half of their bellybuttons. Some of their bellies would be shown when wearing these new shirts. They also had seven buttons on each shirt, and each button was five centimeters away from the other. However, if the girls raised their arms or did any sudden movements, their shirts would rise above their bellybuttons, making their entire bellies and bellybuttons exposed for everyone to see.

Next, he changed their skirts from knee cap length to upper thigh length, turning them into mini skirts. The girls' skirts were so short that their entire butts/panties would be exposed for everyone to see if they were to bend over. Tommy designed the mini-skirt skirts to show their private areas no matter what. The front side of their skirts was designed to barely cover their private areas, meaning if they were to raise their arms, their mini skirts could and would rise above their panties. Tommy also designed the backside of the skirts to only cover the upper three-quarters of the girls' butts. Meaning the bottom corner of their butts would be exposed no matter what they did. They would have to wear panties to cover their butts, but not even that was enough sometimes.

Tommy had the girls' uniforms revealing and showing off a lot of skin, giving them no choice but to show off the bottom half of their bellies from their hips. The girls could raise their skirts to cover the part of their bellies that their shirts couldn't, but that would make their butts and crotches exposed. The girls then concluded that they would rather have their bellies exposed than have their butts and crotches. So since then, even though they were not able to cover up the part of their bellies that their shirts couldn't cover, they would have their mini skirts to be at their hips, barely able to cover their butt but have their bellies be exposed, and if their bellybuttons were to show, they would have to deal with it. As for their socks, Tomy had their black socks from knee cap high to ankle-high, showing off a lot more legs.

It has been twelve years since Tommy became Chief Executive. Tommy is still the Chief Executive, and his dress code remains the same. The date right now is September 8th, 2017.

Our story begins early in the morning, 8:00 am to be exact. We are at home. This was a medium house. The house is white-colored and has a violet-tiled roof. The door of the entrance is sky blue. The Ground Floor owns a dining room and a kitchen where it obtains access to the garden and a bathroom with laundry, and a living room, in which the television set is found.

Once you step into the house, you will notice a staircase to your left, about ten feet away from you. Underneath the staircase was a bathroom. Going up the stairs, then take a right, will leave your toys small hallway to your left. The hallway had four rooms, two on the left side of the hallway, one on the right side, and one in the center. The rooms contained a bathroom, two bedrooms, and a guest room. The guest room was located in the center room. The bathroom was located on the first door on the left side of the hallway, and the door put the side that one was a bedroom, while the only door on the right side led to another bedroom.

Let's take a look at the bedroom beside the bathroom. This room is wide, with a large window with dark blue curtains, where the owner of this room gains access to a small balcony painted light blue. This room has a television set, a desk where the owner learns, a bookcase, and a closet. A window with light blue curtains is found at the side of the bed. Also, it has wooden flooring.

Here we also see the owner of this room, a young man getting ready for school, and he just finished buttoning up his light blue-collar shirt. This young man's name is Brad Jackel. Brad Jackel is 5'8 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. He has spiky light brown hair that goes down to the bottom of his head and golden-brown eyes. Brad has a great physique, and his entire body is ripped. However, no one can see his great physique because of his clothes. Of course, Brad was never the type of man to show off his body. As a result, only a select few have seen his physique. And what I mean a selected few, I mean a few selected women. Seriously, if any woman were to see him topless, they would faint as soon as they saw how amazingly fit he was. His date of birth is October 25th, 1997, making him nineteen years old. His birthday is a month away when he will be twenty, and he is currently in his second year at Vincent College.

"Yo Ashley, are you almost done?" Asked Brad, his tone is firm and loud towards the dark wooden door with his expression is worried that they were going to be late for the clock and who had just finished buttoning up his white buttoned shirt and dark long blue pants down to his feet.

Across from Brad's room was Ashley's room, wearing nothing but her dark blue bra and panties, currently getting ready for school. Ashley Jackel is the younger sister of Brad Jackel. Ashley is a beautiful young woman who is 5'5 feet tall, weighs 145 pounds, and has black hair and golden-brown eyes. Her date of birth is September 10th, 1999, making her eighteen years old, which she turned eighteen yesterday, and she is currently in her first year at Vincent College.

Ashley has a great curvy figure, having 38C size breasts and an amazing round butt. However, she does have a bit of a belly, with a four-sided diamond-shaped bellybutton. Ashley always did have a bit of a belly, a little more showable due to her height, but no one seems to mind. Her bottoms would always be at her hip line, not even trying to hide her belly. Ashley doesn't mind her belly the way it was, and all the other girls she's been with in the past seem to like it; they like to feel it. She has no desire to lose weight. She isn't fat by any means; she just has a bit of a belly. Just because girls have a bit of a belly doesn't make them fat, and Ashley knows this.

"Yep, I'm almost done," Ashley responds to Brad. Her tone is the same firmness back to Brad, and her expression shows warmth as she puts on her green mini skirt, having it rest on her hips and making sure it isn't touching her belly. However, she had remembered how the school's rules would always get tough around the girl's feelings, but her mind brought about how everything changed since the new principal came into the picture to change everything.

Ashley then put on her light blue long sleeve shirt, which was a little small for her, as it was only able to cover the upper half of her four-sided diamond-shaped bellybutton; the bottom half was exposed for everyone to see. After putting on her shirt, she put on her ankle-high black socks. After she got dressed, he stepped out of the room, where Brad also stepped out of his room at the same time.

"So, what do you think? I finally got my uniform after it was delayed for so long," Ashley responds to her brother with a wondering voice about how she looks inside her uniform since her last uniform got torn up by mistake.

"It looks good, but I think it's a little small on you," said Brad, his smooth tone and seeing that the bottom half of Ashley's belly was exposed. However, he was not looking at his sister because he didn't want to make it feel like he was getting awkward feelings for Ashley since it was taboo to think about those kinds of things as brother and sister.

"Yeah, it is, but it's easy to move in," said Ashley, with a tender voice as she moved her arms around with ease thanks to the shirt, and her breasts bounced slightly as it revealed forty percent of her cleavage inside of her shirt.

Brad turns his head away from Ashley because she is his sister, yet Ashley did enjoy teasing him in the past. However, two years have passed since the incident made Ashley stop her teasing Brad Ashley shows a light smile because it seems that her brother is getting better after the incident.

"Maybe it's best to put on an undershirt. We don't want the guys to be checking you out," said Brad. His voice was smooth, and he was ready to go to school for the day with Ashley. His confidence in her sister is to protect herself against any boys who will try anything against her since she took training with their father.

"Oh, I'm fine. They can look all they want, but they're not allowed to touch me. Besides, if they try anything on me, I'll just beat the crap out of them," said Ashley. Her voice is confident in her ability to fight them off, yet she knows the basics of fighting style against anybody.

"Okay, but don't overdo it. You don't want to kill someone accidentally," said Brad.

"Don't worry. Dad has taught me how to hold back my strength. I'll only punch them hard enough to knock the wind out of them, not punch through their gut," said Ashley.

"Okay, good, let's hope so," said Brad.

At a rundown apartment building, a young man was sleeping. This young man's name is Mashiro Yuuma (But everyone called him Shiro for short), and he is sleeping in his bed. Shiro Yuuma is 5'7 and weighs 150 pounds; he has short white hair and blue eyes. Shiro was wearing a white t-shirt and dark blue boxers. His date of birth is October 10th, 1997, making him nineteen years old. His birthday is a month away when he will be twenty, and he is currently in his second year at Vincent College. He looked like he was having a nightmare, as his face was covered in sweat, and he was tossing and turning.

In his dream, he was in a burning village. People in armor were going around killing the villagers. But the people attacking the village looked like they were aliens from different races.

"Ho ho ho ho, you're still alive, I see?" Said a voice.

Shiro turned around to see who was behind him. The person behind him was 5'2 feet tall and weighed about 110 pounds and was wearing the same armor that the other aliens were wearing, but the center of the chest area was red, unlike the other armors. He has purple skin, two black horns on his head, and a long red tail with a black spike on the tip. He was also wearing black shorts. He was also wearing what seemed to be two white gloves and leg guards. He was also barefoot and only had three toes, unlike the usual five.

He then points his finger at Shiro, "Let's fix that."

The unknown creature shoots a pink beam at Shiro, but before it can reach him, his alarm clock starts going off, making Shiro gasp when he wakes up and catches his breath. After looking at his surroundings, he realized that it was just a dream.

Shiro wipes the sweat off his face, "Ugn! That dream again."

Shiro got up and stretched; he then looked at his alarm clock. It read at 8:30 am.

"What the... 8:30?!" He then picks it up, "Damn it. That's the fifth time in a row!" He quickly gets up and puts on his school uniform, "Shelley will have my head for this! I'll never hear the end of it!"

After getting changed, Shiro ran out of the door and ran to the school.

"That dream... and here I thought I'd forgotten about it. Guess I'll have to buy a louder alarm on the way home," said Shiro as he ran.

When Shiro got to school, he checked in all directions, ensuring that Shelley Livings wasn't around; when he checked that the coast was clear, he ran for it. But unfortunately, when he got to the front doors, the doors suddenly hit him in the face, making him fly backward.

"Ow! Hey, watch where you're..." He looks up and sees Shelley, "Eck... Shelley!

Bullies and slackers beware, Shelley Livings is the student president of Vincent College, and she does not take bullying very lightly. Shelley has taken the role as Chief Executive since the actual Chief Executive is always... "unavailable." Many bullies fear Shelley because she knows martial arts, and her skills have defeated many bullies. Heck, even Tommy Vincent fears her; why? Because at one point, Shelley blackmailed him by showing him pictures of his dirty deeds and told him that if he didn't do what she told him, or if he expelled her, she would show the pictures to her father because her father is the chief of the police force... well... I'm sure to can figure out what would happen. So ever since that day, Shelley has had Tommy in her pocket, much to his dismay.

Shelley Livings is a third-year student at Vincent College; she was 5'6 feet tall and weighed 147 pounds. She has long black hair that goes down to her hips and brown eyes. She has an incredible curvy figure, has an amazing bubble-shaped butt, and looks to have A-size breasts. Her date of birth is May 10th, 1996, making her twenty-one years old, and she turned twenty-one this past May.

Shelley was wearing her school uniform; her shirt was slightly below her three-sided diamond-shaped bellybutton, and she had her mini skirt at her hips. Looking up at her skirt, we see that she was wearing light purple panties. Shelley also has a bit of a belly like Ashley. Although she does work out, her belly doesn't have any muscle, so she has a bit of a belly. But she doesn't mind. She also had nice curves in all the right areas.

Shelley had an angry look on her face, like usual. When Shiro looked up from where he was, he could get a good look at her skirt and noticed that she was wearing yellow panties under her school uniform skirt, but he quickly looked away.

"I-Er...Yo... hello, Shelley," He smiled meekly.

"Don't say hello to me. You're late... again!" Shouted Shelley.

Shiro gets back up, "I'm sorry, but I got my reason this time!"

"Like what? Your alarm clock didn't go off?"

"Wow... you're good at this! Okay... I have a different reason," He whistled while looking away.

"That's not even possible, Shiro!"

"Well... somehow, it's possible for me."

"Listen to me, Shiro, this is the fifth time in a row that you have been late; if you are late one more time, you will be suspended!"

"Don't worry, I promise... the first thing I'll do after school, I'll go and buy a new alarm clock," he says as he tries to get passed Shelley, "Anyways, Shelley, I need to get going. I'll talk to you later," he said as he runs off.

Shelley stood there, watching Shiro running off, "That boy, he's nothing but trouble, not as bad as Brad," she looked around, "Now, where is Kyle?"

Upcoming Lime Scene:

Meanwhile, Ashley was getting ready for her first class in the locker room. She was at her locker putting some stuff away. She raised her arms to put some books on the upper shelves; this made her shirt rise ten centimeters above her four-sided diamond-shaped belly button. While Ashley was putting her books away on the top shelf of her locker, a hand sneaks up behind her and rubs her bellybutton. Ashley jolted when she felt her bellybutton rub, making her suck in her belly; she looked behind her and saw her friend Lily Pinpork.

"Lily?" Asked Ashley, surprised to see her.

Lily Pinpork is a first-year student at Vincent College. She is 5'2 feet tall and weighs 115 pounds. She has long black hair that goes down to her shoulders but in pigtails. Her breasts are 34B, and she has an amazing round butt. Her date of birth is July 20th, 1999, making her eighteen years old, which she turned this past July. She was wearing her school uniform, wore her shirt, went down slightly below her oval-shaped bellybutton, and had her mini skirt at her hips. Looking up at her skirt, she was wearing pink panties.

"Hey, look who finally got her uniform," said Lily.

When Ashley saw it was Lily, she rested her belly, allowing her to rub her bellybutton. Lily then rubbed Ashley's bellybutton again, making her giggle, and pulled her belly back a bit, resting it again. Ashley's bellybutton is extremely ticklish. Whenever she feels someone rubbing her bellybutton, it makes her giggle in her belly to flinch, making heard like sucking her belly a bit but immediately relaxing it, letting the person rub it again, rinse and repeat.

"Lily, please, That tickles," giggled Ashley when she felt rubbing her bellybutton.

"Why? You like it when I do that, and you get your uniform made things a lot better," said Lily, still rubbing Ashley's bellybutton.

Ashley giggles. "Yeah, I was wearing street clothes for a while since the first day of school, not sure what was going on in the clothing department," said Ashley.

"Well, you got your uniform now. Better late than never," said Lily.

Just then, someone sneaked up on Ashley.

"Look who got their uniform finally?" Asked the girl.

That same girl lifts Ashley's shirt and takes it off, revealing her blue bra; she then undid her bra, making it fall to her feet and making her 36C size breasts bounce out and make her topless. Then, that same girl grabbed Ashley's bare naked breasts and moved them around.

"AH! Katherine!" Moaned Ashley; she knew who was grabbing her breasts since Katherine had grabbed her breast so often that she could tell who she was without looking at them.

Katherine Risamorg is a family friend to the Jackel Family and is a second-year student at Vincent College. She is 5'6 feet tall and weighs 139 pounds. Katherine is an attractive girl with dirty blond colored hair and brown eyes. Like Ashley, she has a curvy figure, but not as curvaceous as Shelley's body. She has a medium-sized butt, half-round, and half bubble, and her breast size is 38C. Her date of birth is July 10th, 1997, making her twenty years old, which she turned this past July. She was wearing her school uniform, wore her shirt, went down slightly below her oval-shaped bellybutton, and had her mini skirt at her hips. Looking up at her skirt, she was wearing black panties. Katherine also has a bit of a belly like Ashley since her weight is hers. But Although Katherine has the same weight as Ashley, her belly is less noticeable since she is slightly taller.

Katherine then began to rub Ashley's pink nipples, making them hard and making her moan since her nipples were sensitive.

"Oh, you got bigger than before, Ashley." Katherine rubs her breasts and nipples together using her hands, yet her lips touch her neck comfortably. At the same time, Katherine was feeling Ashley up.

Lily then got down on her knees, took off Ashley's skirt, and saw she was wearing blue panties, barely covering her tight pussy.

"Now that you finally have your uniform, we can finally have some fun with you," said Katherine moving Ashley's breasts.

Ashley moans, "What prevented you from having fun with me before?" Asked Ashley.

"Well, we didn't want to get into trouble," said Katherine.

Lily then pulls Ashley's panties down to see her pussy. Here, we see that Ashley doesn't shave her pussy. Even after discovering that she was growing pubic hair during puberty, she never tried to stop it or shave it off. Because Ashley never bothered to shave her pussy, she has a black bush of pubic hair over her tight pink pussy, which is two inches long, while the pubic hair surrounding her pussy is only one-tenth of an inch long. So now, Ashley was completely naked and being felt up by Katherine and Lily.

Lily licked her lips when she saw Ashley's hairy pussy. Then, he began to rub Ashley's clit using her right index finger, making her moan loudly. When she felt Ashley's pussy was getting wet, she placed her nose on her bush of pubic hair and began to lick her pussy. Again, Ashley moans loudly as she enjoys the pleasure and begins to move her head towards Katherine, and the two kiss. Lily then shoved her tongue inside Ashley's pussy and licked all over her insides.

Ashley moans loudly as she begins to feel Katherine's breasts with her hands, which Katherine moans lightly. Ashley began unbuttoning Katherine's shirt, slowly but surely revealing her black bra and moaning loudly as she felt Lily licking her pussy. As Lily was eating Ashley's pussy, she took her hands, spread Ashley's amazing round butt, exposed her anus, and rubbed it, making her moan loudly. Around this time, Katherine's shirt was undone and fell to her feet.

"Wow, you have them so big." Ashley moans loudly as she takes out Katherine's right breast from her bra and sucks on her right nipple deep into her mouth, making Katherine moan lightly.

On the other hand, Ashley couldn't concentrate due to Lily eating her pussy and rubbing her anus. Her thighs began to tighten up, and her toes were scrunching up.


Lily simply smiles behind Ashley's bush of pubic hair and continues to eat her pussy. Soon, Ashley let out a loud moan which came all over Lily's face.

After Ashley came, she fell to her knees; she looked over and took off Katherine's skirt, revealing her black panties. Ashley began to rub Katherine's pussy outside her panties, making her moan using her left hand. Ashley wanted to see Katherine's pussy, so she had both hands on her panties and pulled them down, revealing her hairy pussy. Here, we see that Katherine is completely naked, and we see that she has never shaved her pussy. Because she has never shaved her pussy, she has a bush of blond pubic hair that is one and a half inches long, while the pubic hair surrounding her tight pink pussy is half an inch long. Ashley giggled when she saw Katherine's hairy pussy, placed her nose on her blond pubic hair, and gave her pussy a kiss, making her moan.

"Girls?!" Asked Brad.

The girls quickly turn their heads and see Brad standing about five feet away from them.

End Of Lime Scene:

When the girls saw Brad standing there, they blushed hard and quickly put their clothes back on.

"Brad, how long have you been standing there?!" Asked Ashley as she was putting her clothes back on

"I just got here. I followed the traces of your moaning to see what was going on. Now I know," said Brad; he turned to see Katherine fixing her bra and putting her shirt back on, "Up to your usual tricks Katherine?" Asked Brad with a teasing smile.

"Oh, you know it. How are you doing, Brad?" Katherine told him with a soft tone.

"Oh, you know, I'm doing good. You girls are lucky it was me who found Shelley and me. She would have a field day with you three," said Brad.

Brad shows a light smile toward the girls, and Lily shows a warm smile. Then she pushes Ashley to have Brad catch her but in an awkward position, and Brad accidentally catches Ashley by her breasts.

Ashley shows a displeasing expression because she looks at him for grabbing her like that.

"Oh, crap! Sorry Ashley," said Brad as he released her.

"Lily, what the hell?!" Asked Ashley as she fixed up her shirt.

"I'm very sorry, but I love seeing you two together because you can never tell if you two are siblings or together as a couple." Lily teases Ashely and Brad with a teasing voice, blushing deeply.

"WE'RE SIBLINGS! OKAY!" Shouted Brad and Ashley.

Although, Lily was disappointed that they didn't get into a more awkward position. Back when they were teenagers, Brad would always get into more compromising positions with girls. His position with Ashley just now was a lot tamer than it was back then.

Katherine then sees Lily with a disappointed look, "Hey Lily, something wrong?" Asked Katherine Lily.

"I was hoping Brad would undress Ashely or maybe accidentally kiss or lick something of hers," Lily told them, making Brad and Ashely into a deeper red.

"WILL YOU KNOCK IT OFF!" Shouted Brad and Ashley.

"Sorry, Lily, as much as I hate to admit it, those days are long gone," said Katherine.

"That's right, three years ago, I had enough of falling into girls in compromising positions, so I went to see doctor Mirakas for help," said Brad.

"No fair," Lily spoke back to Brad, yet she was happy to see Brad smiling again because she hates to see him depressed or blaming himself.

"Sorry, Lily, those days are long behind us now," said Ashley.

"Anyways, we need to get going to class. Class is going to start in ten minutes," said Brad.

"You are right about that, Brad," Katherine responds to him as she hopes to see him again.

Sadly, Brad and Katherine don't get to see each other as often as they want to since they both have different classes, far away from each other. They would be lucky if they got to see each other in the morning, but even that wasn't guaranteed.

But they did do something to make up for that. Brad, Katherine, Lily, and Ashley would hang out at lunch break.

"By the Brad, are you available for lunch?" Asked Katherine.

"Of course, I am," smiled Brad.

Katherine shows a delightful smile to hear that Brad was free for lunch. Brad and the girls parted ways to start the school day with a simple nod.

Meanwhile, Shiro came to the principal's office, where Tommy Vincent himself was at his desk reading the manga To Love Ru Darkness. Tommy Vincent was 6'0 feet tall, weighed 350 pounds, and had a rounded body. He's always wearing small round sunglasses, a pink business suit with four golden buttons, a white shirt, and a pink bow tie. Tommy Vincent appeared to be a middle-aged man, as he had two shades of hair on each of his heads.

"Oh, Shiro, you came. Look what I got! To Love Ru's new edition, To Love Ru Darkness, is more mature than its predecessor. I'm already in the fourth volume!" Said Tommy.

Shiro raises an eyebrow, "More mature?"

"Oh, yes, it's almost like hentai. Also, when the girls are naked, they show their nipples! No more do I have to draw in the nipples whenever a girl is naked because they already did that for me. Now, if only they could just show Rito's dick."

"Why would anyone want to see Rito's dick? I'm pretty sure even Shueisha would never allow that in their magazine."

"Because I'm curious about how big he is. Why? There are times when the girls see his dick, and I'm left in the dark trying to figure out how big he is."

"Gross. Why don't you just search Rule 34?"

"Huh, what that?"

"If it exists, there's porn of it somewhere."


Shiro sighs, "I'm ashamed to be related to the same gender as you," He sighs and facepalms, "Why do I even work for you?"

"Because I pay you, that's why."

"Paperwork is your problem! At least do your job, damn it!" He shouted, but his rant went completely ignored.

"HOLY CRAP! THEY HIDE THE GIRLS' PUSSIES IN THE PAGES! I NEVER SAW THAT UNTIL NOW!" So shouted Tommy as he read the manga, which Shiro sighed and facepalms.

"Anyways, I need to get to class, so I'll talk to you later."

"Okay," said Tommy.

Meanwhile, a young man was about 5'6 feet tall and weighed 150 pounds. He was hanging around near the girls' bathroom. He seems to be waiting for someone. The young man has short brown hair smoothly combed and brown eyes, wearing glasses; he also had a childish voice. But don't let that fool you; he's older than you think. This is Kyle Leaths, a second-year student at Vincent College. His date of birth is August 10th, 1997, making him twenty years old when he turned twenty this past August.

"Geeze, why do girls take a long time in the bathroom?" Asked Kyle.

Kyle began to doze off; once he closed in eyes, he noticed that he was in a wasteland; it was dark and raining. There were dead bodies all over the area, and in the center of all of it was a woman with long gold hair, right down to her hips, red eyes, wearing a long black leather dress down to her hips, and black leather boots. She had no emotion and seemed to be staring right at the boy's soul. Shortly after, Kyle opens his eyes with a gasp and cold sweat.

'Damn it, why does she keep sneaking up in my mind?' Asked Kyle in his thoughts.

"Hey, Kyle," said a voice.

"Huh?" He looks up to see Brad, "Oh, hi, Brad," said Kyle.

"Why are you standing near the girls' bathroom?"

Before Kyle could answer, someone else came to the scene, Josh Bradston. Josh Bradston is also a second-year student at Vincent College. He has black hair and dark blue eyes are about 5'8 feet tall, and weighs about 160 pounds. Unfortunately, he doesn't work out as Brad does. His date of birth is August 25th, 1997, making him twenty years old when he turned twenty this past August.

"It's probably because he's trying to take a peek at the ladies," said Josh

"WHAT?! No, that's not it!" Shouted Kyle.

"Oh, really, then why are you hanging around the girls' washroom? Only girls and perverts hang around in the girls' washroom," said Josh.

"Now, Josh, I'm sure Kyle has a good reason for hanging around in the girls' washroom," he looks at Kyle," You have a good reason, right Kyle?" Asked Brad, hoping that Kyle had a good reason and was not being a pervert.

Shelley stepped out of the bathroom, "Yeah, he's been waiting for me!"

'Goddammit, it's Shelley! It's not even half past noon, and already I have to deal with her!' Said Brad in his thoughts.

"I can't believe that you people would think Kyle would be trying to take a peek in the girls' bathroom. Unlike you two, he's not that kind of man," said Shelley.

"No, no, no, you got the wrong idea. That was Josh," said Brad.

As Brad tried to explain things to Shelley, Josh sneaked up on Brad and pushed him towards Shelley, making him fall on her and having face-first into her breast. Once Brad realized what had just happened, his face turned bright red, and he quickly got back up.

"No, no, no, it's not what it looks like!" Said Brad in a panic.

Shelley retaliated by punching Brad in the face, sending him flying three feet away from her, "YOU SICK PERVERTED BASTARD! HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO ME! I SHOULD EXPEL YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID!"

Josh quickly came to Brad's aid, "Okay, message revived, we're out of here!" Said Josh as he picked up Brad and made a run for it in the hallway.

"Oh jeez, I can't believe those pigs; promise me that you won't become like them, will you, Kyle?" Asked Shelley.

"Um... yeah... sure," said Kyle confusedly.

Because Kyle was Shelley's assistant, she would always have to protect him from bullies.

Later, Shiro walks in the hallways, heading to his first class.

"The things that I do for that perverted man. Of course, the money is good, so I can't complain," said Shiro as he made his way to class.

As Shiro made his way to his first class, he heard talking from around the corner; he saw Brad and Josh making their way to their first class.

Brad was seen holding his face as he made his way to his first class, "Uh man, I can't believe that she punched me; I always thought girls slapped men, not punch them.

"Of course she did. You were rubbing your face all over her tits. We could've gotten out of there unharmed if your perverted desires didn't start kicking in," said Josh.

'Still, I had to hold back considerably and send myself flying when she punched me. If I had just stood there and taken it, Shelley would have broken her hand in several places. Her hand would never be the same again,' said Brad in his thoughts. He then looks at Josh, "Okay, one, you were the one that pushed me, making me collide with Shelley, and making me... fall on her... and two, I wasn't rubbing my face all over her breast. The whole thing was an accident, and why did you push me?"

"Because you told Shelley that I said Kyle was trying to take a peek in the girls' washroom," said Josh.

"Well, it's true," said Brad.

"It doesn't mean that you can tell her that, like seriously, whatever happened to take one for the team?" Asked Josh.

"Look, Josh, I'll always help you out whenever you're in a jam, but anything perverted, count me out," said Brad.

"Oh come, man, you need to grow a backbone. You need to enjoy the fruits of women. How do you think you can have a girlfriend or a wife someday if you can't even look at a woman's chest, let alone touch them?" Asked Josh.

"I don't know what you're going on about, but I've seen my share of naked women, and I've had my share of grabbing their breasts. I'm good. Besides, unlike you, I don't go out of my way to see a naked woman or see up her skirt. I'm a hearing now type of man," said Brad.

"What the hell does that supposed to mean?" Asked Josh.

"Meaning, if it happens right in front of me, I'm good," said Josh.

"Wait, are you saying that you get to see naked girls and see up their skirts without trying?" Asked Josh.

"Exactly," said Brad with a smug look.

Josh then laughed, "Oh man, that's a good one. You almost had me there," laughed Josh.

'If only you knew,' said Brad in his thoughts.

Shiro didn't know what was going on, and he'd rather stay out of it. But he did think Josh and Brad were perverts for talking about naked women so openly. 'God, this school has gone downhill since Tommy took over,' said Shiro in his thoughts.

But little did the three know was that someone was watching them, someone tall with red-colored eyes.

Later, during lunch, Lily and Ashley arrived at the cafeteria for the launch. They lined up with their trays, waiting to be served. But unfortunately, Katherine and Brad hadn't shown up yet.

"Hey Ashley, can I ask you a question?" Asked Lily.

"Sure, what is it?" Ashley asks her.

"How's Brad been doing since... You know," said Lily, sounding depressed; she felt that she was digging up old wounds.

"Oh, he's doing a lot better than he was two years ago. Honestly, if it weren't for Katherine, I don't think Brad would've ever recovered," said Ashley with a sad tone. Clearly, she remembers that dark time in their lives as if it was yesterday, "Hell, the many times that Katherine came over and supported Brad made it seem like they were dating." Ashley told her

"Yeah, I wonder why they never got together, though," said Lily.

"Simple, he's hesitant to start a new relationship," said Ashley.

"Well, I say he's ready to move on. Besides, Katherine is an amazing friend and a great girl too," Lily tells about her best friend.

"Yeah, she is, but I'm not sure if Brad is ready to move on," said Ashley.

"Move on from what?" Asked Brad, besides Lily, this catches the girls off guard, and they scream in shock.

"Brad! How long have you been there?!" Asked Ashley.

"Just now, I heard you girl say something about me moving on. Move on from what?" Asked Brad.

"Um, move on from losing the soccer finals back at high school," said Lily, trying not to make him think what they were talking about.

"Oh? Seriously, you don't still think I'm upset about that? You know it has been five years since that happened, right?" Asked Brad.

"Um, yeah," said Ashley, now sweating bullets.

"I guess we just haven't realized that you have moved on since that big game," said Lily, laughing nervously.

"Why are you girls laughing nervously?" And why are you girls sweating?" Asked Brad.

"Uhhhhhhhhh..." Said Ashley and Lily, now starting to get nervous.

Just then, Josh came to the scene, "Hey Ashley, I just want to know if you're free-"

Before Josh could finish that, Ashley punches Josh in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. He then falls to his knees, holding his gut.

"Why?" Asked Josh as he groaned in pain.

"Oh, would you look at that? Josh seems to be hurt. Can you fix that? We'll continue this conversation never," said Ashley and ran off with her food.

"Yes, he seems to like that?" As she traveled with Ashley, Lily says that Brad was confused.

"What the Hell was that about?" Asked Brad, confused at what just happened.

Brad looked down at Josh, wondering if he would be alright for the day.

"Come on, you, stop crying on the floor," said Brad picking Josh up and lifting his arm over his shoulder.

"Brad, did I say anything to piss off your sister?" Asked Josh, crying due to the pain.

"I don't think so," said Brad.

"Then why did she punch me?!" Cried Josh.

"For once, I have no answer for that," said Brad.

Brad sits down next to Josh. He shows a slight smile. However, Josh could tell Brad was hiding it.

"Oh god, I think she broke something," said Josh.

"You should go to the nurse's office then," Brad told him with a firm tone, and he looked at Katherine, wondering if she wondered about going out with him, yet he was scared to start a new relationship.

"Hey Brad, why are you sitting with Josh?" Asked Katherine.

"Oh, Ashley punched Josh in the gut earlier. You just missed it," said Brad.

"Damn, was it because Josh peeks underneath her skirt again?" Katherine tries to guess why Ashley punched him again.

"NO! At least, not this time," said Josh.

"That's just it. I don't know why she punched him. She just punched him out of the blue," said Brad.

Brad was looking at Katherine, a beautiful girl, and she was willing to help him move on with what happened two years ago. He begins to wonder whether he took advantage of her or not since he was at the lowest point of his life.

"Brad, I don't make it through this. Tell your sister I love her," said Josh.

"You need serious therapy, and Ashley doesn't like you like that," Brad told him.

"Yeah, when will it get through your head that you're not hooking up with her?" Asked Katherine Josh.

"Get your mind out of the gutter!" Brad tells Josh as he goes back to sit down, but he does not realize he was close to Katherine, and they were nearly arm's length from one another.

"Oh, sorry, I did not realize I was this close to you," blushed Brad.

"It's fine. Besides, I don't mind." Katherine was telling him that her cheeks were deep red.

"So, are you two going to kiss?" Asked Josh, climbing out of the trash can.

Brad and Katherine look away because they are not ready to go to that point. They have kissed before, but it was during a moment they had for one another.

"Can I?" Asked Katherine.

"Be my guest," said Brad, giving Katherine the okay to hit him.

Before Katherine gets up, Brad leans in and kisses her right cheek softly as he pulls away from blushing red. But, of course, Katherine was blushing red since she wasn't expecting that from him.

"Go and kick his ass," Brad tells her.

"Wait, what do you mean by that? Brad?" Asked Josh, starting to get scared and slowly backing away from Katherine.

Brad was trying their cheesecake, tasting amazing, and seeing smoke clouds of someone screaming for help, but he ignored it.


Katherine walks back to Brad as he fixed her shirt because her bra's strap showed for everyone. He shows a warm smile to her, and Katherine smiles back at him.

"You good now?" Asked Brad.

"Yes, I am," Katherine says as she hugs him. Brad hugs her back as her breasts push against his chest.

Brad blushed hard when he felt Katherine's breasts pushing on his chest.

'Huh? Did her breasts get bigger since I last saw them?' Asked Brad in his thoughts.

Katherine has noticed that her breasts have grown slightly more than before. Brad was enjoying the sight and feeling of them.

"Oh my, are you enjoying the feeling of my boobs being pushed on you?" Asked Katherine.

"It's not that I don't enjoy them being on me, but let's wait because we have an audience," Brad told her with deep red cheeks.

"Get a room, you two," said a female student.

Brad and Katherine went to sit back down which. They were smiling at one another.

"Anyways, that should keep Josh quiet for a while," said Brad.

"Yes, and can try your cheesecake, please," Katherine speaks back to Brad, and he could tell her breasts bounced slightly for him.

"Sure," said Brad and gave Katherine a piece.

Katherine eats it as she enjoys the sweetness inside her mouth then. Brad could not believe that they shared an indirect kiss. This realization made Brad's face go red. Was it possible that they were more than just friends? Of course, they were. They did do it a year ago. But that was just the heat of the moment.

"Katherine, can I ask you a question?" Brad speaks back to Katherine

"Sure, what is it?" Asked Katherine.

"About our moment alone together last year… Was it just for the heat of the moment, or did you have feelings for me?" Brad asks her because he feels connected with her as he did with her previous girlfriend. First, however, he just wanted to hear her answer.

Katherine was shocked to hear this question; she was not expecting a question like this before.

"You want my honest answer?" Asked Katherine as her face turned light red.

Brad nods at Katherine with a soft expression as he is ready for her answer.

"If I'm honest, I was hoping we could be together after our moment. Of course, that was just wishful thinking on my end," said Katherine, looking slightly sad.

Brad places Katherine's hand with his own, which he does not mind if they try their best to become together as a couple.

"I'm sorry, Katherine, at the time, I was..."

"It's okay, I understand. However, I wouldn't want you to feel forced to date me, knowing what you were going through," said Katherine.

"That's not it… I was broken, and you slowly repaired what was left inside me. Thank you for that, and I would love to hang out with you, or maybe we can do it more as lovers do." Brad told Katherine with a gentle tone.

"Woah, Brad, I never thought I'd hear that from you," said Katherine blushing, "But would you be okay with that? Are you ready to move on?" Asked Katherine.

"It will take me some time to move on, but I know you and everyone else can help me," Brad told her confidently.

"I'm willing to help you every step of the way," said Katherine.

Brad and Katherine hold hands, and they don't want to let each other go, but they have to go to a class soon.

"Anyways, we better hurry and eat our launch. Class is going to start," said Brad.

"Yes, let's us finish this," Katherine says, and she goes back to her lunch.

After eating the launch, they parted ways and went to their respective classes.

To Be Continued...

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