Love & Death On The Pokemon World

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon or created any of the characters in this story. I have no financial interest, expect no money, etc. for this story. If you are not an adult, scat!

Part 1: The Prison

Ash paused to drink from the plastic bottle he had been carrying. Three nearby cameras whirred briefly and turned towards the boy. The day was becoming warm and he had been walking for hours across a seemingly endless plain of burnt gravel. Nothing grew here, not a single blade of grass, not a single weed.

He was alone, of course. The instructions he had received were quite clear. He missed his friends. He missed Pikachu. He felt naked without his collection of pokeballs and his pokedex. He had even been instructed to leave his hat behind. “What did they think, that I’d hide a charazard under it?” But he hadn’t complained. Besides, he could have hidden a charazrd under his hat, as long as it was in its pokeball.

He wiped the sweat from his brow. At least they had allowed him to bring a handkerchief along with the water bottle. He had no doubt that when he reached his destination, he would have to surrender these items.

“It’s not like I’m the prisoner!” he thought.

But then again, he was going to a prison.

Spindlermühle was the most feared, maximum security prison on the Pokémon world. Until a few weeks ago, Ash hadn’t even known of its existence. Now he knew more about it than he wanted to. Another few hours and he would be inside.

Along with his water bottle and handkerchief he had one other item. The Chief Prosecutor had delivered it to his room the day before. It was a card, a big green card. Dull green. Muddy green. Confused, Ash attempted to ask the Prosecutor what it meant, but the official was still angry at him and walked away.

Ash turned the card over and attempted to read the instructions. “Hey Brock,” he asked. “What does ‘Mandatory Conjugal Visit’ mean?” Like many of the kids on the Pokémon world, Ash’s formal education had ceased when he began his travels. He could read, but hadn’t come across the word “conjugal” before. Brock took the green card and smirked at the younger boy. Brock knew a lot of things. Sometimes he shared his knowledge. Sometimes he was a pain in the ass.

A few minutes later… “No, don’t be a wiseass! What does it really mean?”

No cars were allowed to approach Spindlermühle, no aircraft, no hot air balloons. Ash hadn’t seen a bird or an insect in hours. Even the sky appeared cloudless. There were guards and cameras and gun emplacements everywhere. Ash lost count of the number of times he was stopped by armed soldiers. Sometimes a glance at the big green card was enough to pass by. Sometimes he had to submit to an inspection. “How many times can they look at a green card, a bottle of water and a handkerchief?” he wondered.

It was an ugly building of brick and steel and stone. Everything about it grated on Ash’s senses. He was used to open country and modern open plan cities and towns. This was a place that warned you to stay away. He wanted to. It looked like a trap. It felt like a trap. Everything about it said that once you entered you would never come out again.

Ash stood outside a gate leading to the only entrance he could see.

He called to the guards who watched him.


They watched him.

“I’m Ash Ketchum, I’m here for the con... cogruel… the visit thing.”


He flapped the muddy green card at them


He shrugged, and figured he had done his duty and he was could leave this awful place. “Hey, I tried,” he thought and turned to leave. Armed guards stood behind him, all Officer Jennys.

The gate began to open. Slowly. He stepped backwards and found his arms being restrained by the Jennys. Reflexively he tried to pull away and realized that there were more Jennys standing in a semi-circle, weapons trained on him. He had never seen so many Jennys in one place before. And none of them were friendly.

Ash was escorted to an examination room. The Jennys followed, now there were two Nurse Joys. He waited. “Strip,” said one of the guards. Ash started to protest and then read the expressions on their faces. Boredom, anger, hostility and… violence? One of the Joys began putting on rubber gloves.  She gave the boy a small smile. “Regulations, Mr. Ketchum. It will go more quickly if you do as you are told.” Ash began to remove his clothing, embarrassed to be naked in front of these people. Though these women were all strangers, it was like being naked in front of people he knew. 

“Open your mouth,” said the second Joy, shining a flashlight on him. The gloved nurse began to probe his mouth, his gums, looking under his tongue. They examined his ears, his arm pits. He wanted to protest when they shaved his head. He didn’t. He did as he was told.

They shaved his pubic hair. He wanted to run away, he wanted to scream. But he submitted. They prodded and poked him. He obeyed quickly when instructed to get on all fours and spread his anus. For a moment he thought the flashlight was shoved up his ass, but it was just Nurse Joy’s cold gloved fingers. More probing. He cried a little.

They took blood.

They took saliva.

They took finger and toenail clippings.

They swabbed his ears, his nose and even his eyes (by this time it wasn’t difficult to get tear samples).

At least the smiling Joy seemed sympathetic. Ash tried to smile back. He wanted to please her.

Then she administered an enema and led him to a toilet.

And watched him.

And waited.

“I can’t… can’t... you watching…” It was the worst moment of his life.

“Shhhhh” the friendlier of the Joys said, “it’s almost over”. She reached a gloved hand between his legs and began to stroke him. He began to shiver.

“Going to visit your girlfriend in a few minutes, aren’t you?  she whispered as his cock began to stiffen.

“Ohhh God!” the boy moaned.

“Gonna fuck that killer, aren’t you? I didn’t realize she liked ‘em so young.” her hand suddenly tightening, squeezing.

Ash squeaked, there was no other word to describe the sound he made as a sudden, painful rush of water was expelled from his bowels. His face turned red as she suddenly kissed his lips. The pain to his dick and sudden cramps began to double him up. She bit his lower lip harder and drew blood.

“No, she’s not friendlier” Ash thought as she hiked up her skirt and straddled the suffering boy on the toilet.

“Need more samples” she crooned. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have enough left for that bitch. After we give you the shots, you’ll overflow.”

A few minutes later Ash lay doubled over on the cold gritty floor. Nurse Joy dropped a small damp towel on the boy and told him to clean himself up. It hadn’t taken much to break him, she thought. “I don’t know what the bitch see’s in you.” she said. “You’re not even a good fuck.” Then, “Not that that’s going to matter much to her.”

They gave him an old patched sleeveless shirt that was clearly made for a taller adult. It hung down to his knees and then tossed him a pair of flip flops. Then they handed him back the card, the big green card. Dull green. Muddy green. He still didn’t know what he was supposed to do with it. It barely registered on him that the shirt and flip flops were the identical color as the card.

The smiling Joy approached him carrying a small tray with two hypodermic needles. The other Joy swabbed his arm. The smiling rapist said “No, in his ass.”  The first Joy responded, “It’ll hurt more there,” then shrugged. That was the whole point, he realized.

Ash began to feel dizzy. He was flushed and at the same time hyper. Two guards cuffed his arms behind his back and escorted him out of the room along with the unsmiling Joy. He looked back over his shoulder at the smiling Joy. She was sitting on edge of the examination table smoking a cigarette and laughing to herself. She blew him a kiss. “Later lover, have fun!”

“She.. she… did something… to me,” he muttered. The guards and other Joy ignored him.

“She raped me”. A Jenny poked him in the ribs with her rifle. “Shut up.”

He shut up.

They approached an elevator. “I’ll escort him the rest of the way” Joy told the guards. The Jennys shrugged.

“Get in the elevator Mr. Ketchum”.

She used a key to unlock the floor control but didn’t press it. Another key unlocked his cuffs. She withdrew from a pocket a case containing another hypo. Ash moaned. “It’s OK… really. This one can go in your arm.” She patted him lightly on the shoulder. “The worst of it’s over now, I promise.”  Then, “Keep your mouth shut about this, don’t tell anyone.”

He had no idea what she meant, but he was sure he’d never want to tell anyone about what had happened so far. Any of it!

The elevator went up several floors, then down and seemingly sideways. 

The elevator door opened upon a courtyard. There were six separate areas fenced off from each other. The first was a blue space, a dreary flat hopeless blue. It contained a small trailer painted a dreary flat hopeless blue. It was surrounded by a small patch of gravel painted the identical dreary flat hopeless blue. Strangely there was a single decoration in the gravel, a plastic flamingo… a dreary flat hopeless blue flamingo.

Next to this was an identical setup, same trailer, same gravel, same flamingo… only everything was painted a vile scabrous purple. In the next fenced off area was another trailer, gravel, flamingo, all painted a sickly gangrenous yellow and so on. The last one was green, dull green, muddy green.

Ash approached the final space and now knew what the card was for. He held it up before the electric eye and the gate clanked open. He approached the trailer and paused, not sure what to do. A familiar voice called from inside, “It’s open,” then, “No doorbell and you don’t need to wipe your feet”

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