Love & Death On The Pokemon World

BY : Wendell Urth
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Part 5: The Trailer, continued

Disclaimer, yadda-yadda-yadda

She laughed, “I think we might be a little more comfortable on the cot.” They had a little trouble untangling their limbs in the tiny shower space. Ash caught an elbow in the eye at the same time Jessie got a kick to her left breast. They were even on the bruises, Jessie kissed his eye, Ash kissed her breast and he considered himself to have gotten the best of the ‘fight’.

There was a single towel they used to dry themselves off, it was green. They opened the one small window, glass painted over (you can guess the color), hoping to get some air in the room. Ash bent down to get his shirt; Jessie stopped him. His shirt was filthy and it would be 24 hours before they could shower again. She opened the trailer door and left the clothes next to the flamingo. “At least the laundry service here is pretty good and you don’t have to tip them.”

Ash asked her if there were nosy neighbors and did they complain when she “hung up the laundry in the nude.” She laughed, said she “hadn’t heard anything from the tenant’s association. But she’d be on the lookout for a note.”

Ash laughed

With the door and window open they were getting a little breeze now. If felt good.

Naked, lying next to each other, moderately clean they were suddenly shy. He laughed nervously. She laughed.

She brought a hand to his cheek, caressed it for a moment then brought it down to his thigh.

He was hard again and it ached.

She kissed his cheek, his jaw, then his lips. He closed his eyes, she opened hers. The smile on her lips was genuine. She had kissed men and boys and girls before, many times and had smiled at all of them because it was expected, because they wanted something from her. She smiled to get something from them. Power, money, sometimes just food.

She smiled for James too, not that they shared kisses very often… but sometimes… She realized now that it was also a way to get something from James, though she couldn’t say what.

But now with Ash, this smile didn’t cost her anything, wasn’t meant to get her anything. She surprised herself.

Ash felt her warm breath over his mouth. He waited. He wanted to taste her lips again. Her tongue caressed his lips, that surprised him. He opened his eyes, hers were now closed.

Oh, how her tongue danced when she pressed it to his mouth. Aggressive, his tongue attacked, she fought back and both battled and surrendered. The kiss was long, wet and not gentle.

Her breath was sweet, he inhaled her.

Quick kisses down his throat, across his chest and down to his belly. “Shhhh,” she whispered. His cock was smooth. She had seen it many times, even though he hadn’t known it. She had wanted it but knowing that James had claimed it first she had never seduced the boy. But it was hers now, James’ last legacy to her.

Ash looked down at Jessie, eagerly poised over his cock. She kissed the tip. Ash wanted to thrust deeply into her mouth but refrained, knowing that she was in charge, she knew what to do. But it was aching him so much!

Another kiss, longer now, a lick. The boy was moaning. Gently cradling his balls in her hand, she licked her way down his shaft. Slowly, oh so slowly. She longed to take him in her mouth now, wanted to taste him, wanted to smell him, to inhale him. But she held back. To make it good for him. To make it good for her.

She gently sucked on his left testicle, sensing the pleasure it gave him. His body tensed; she sensed the pleasure cranking up his body.  She backed off momentarily, blowing gently on the saliva-soaked sac then took his other ball in her mouth. If there was one thing Jessie knew, it was how to tease.

She felt his hard-hot cock twitching against her cheek as she continued to suckle his balls. It would not be long now. She took him into her mouth, his rigid six inches felt good on her tongue, sliding in and out slowly. His breathing came in ragged gasps now. To her surprise, so did hers.

He withdrew so she could continue to plant tickle kisses on his shaft. “Almost there,” she thought. And she wanted it as much as he did.

Back in her mouth, no teasing now. His hips took over, deep he thrust once, twice, three times. He grabbed her head, held her helpless. So good, so fucking good now. Another thrust, another and so deep, sooo deep he came in a rush. Hot in her throat he sprayed his love and she took it, she sucked up every drop and wanted more. Her face pressed against his crotch, she felt safe and secure, her tongue teasing the last salty drops of cum.

After forever and much too soon he let go of her.

They tried to gain control of their ragged breathing and both hiccupped at the same time. Laughing together now, shyness gone, he drew her face to his and kissed her, tasting himself on her lips and tongue. It tasted good.

His kissed her chin, her throat. She turned onto her back to make it easier for the shorter boy. It took him longer to work his way down to her belly than it had taken her, given how fascinated he was with her breasts. He spent time worshiping the twisted scars down the left side of her body. She stroked his hair, in peace at last.

He paused when he reached her public mound. Not in fear or because he wasn’t sure what to do, but there was something he needed to do first.

Oh, her legs, her wonderful legs. He studied them, he explored them with his senses. He felt them, fingers tracing the interplay of her muscles. He smelled them, inhaled their scent. He tasted them, savoring the texture of skin and her sweat with his tongue. All the time watching her, watching her with love and lust. He knew her legs better than his own. He knew her better than he knew himself. Love and lust were the same to him now.

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