Love & Death On The Pokemon World

BY : Wendell Urth
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Part 2: Crime & Punishment

Same disclaimer...

Misty couldn’t decide what was appropriate to wear to a hanging. She settled on a demure black dress she borrowed from one of her sisters. Truth is she would have worn her shorts, sneakers and tee shirt if she dared… or would have preferred going naked if the truth were known.

The truth is known, but rarely spoken.

She whispered to Brock as they took their seats on the top row of the bleachers, “I am so fucking horny I can’t stand it.” She giggled and surreptitiously ran her small firm hand across his thigh, momentarily squeezing him.

He whispered back, letting his tongue tickle her ear “I’d like to fuck you right there, the moment the trap drops,” motioning towards the gallows across from them. As witnesses for the prosecution and injured parties, they were special guests of the state. Great seats.

“Look, there’s James’ family. I wonder where Ash is.” Brock mused.

Misty chuckled, “Little puss-boy is probably giving his girlfriend one last good fuck. You know, to send her on her way with a smile.” Then, “That’s assuming he can actually get it up.”

Brock laughed, drawing a dirty look from the Prosecutor who had just arrived. This was supposed to a solemn occasion.

Quietly Brock continued. “Oh don’t worry about that, they pump both of them full of aphrodisiacs before the conjugal visit. It’s made from beedrill venom, I looked it up in the pokedex.”

Misty looked thoughtful. “Really, think you can get us some?” she asked excitedly. Then muttered “Ewww, beedrills? Yuck!”

"It also makes you sterile... temporarily. Or at least it’s supposed to be temporary. Don't want the condemned getting knocked up." Brock put his hand on her knee and began stroking her leg. "Remember your promise, babe."

"After they hang her," she said coyly, wetting her lips in anticipation. She had kept Brock waiting for a long time and other than the occasional blow job, had kept herself pure. Mostly pure. She was a virgin... technically... at least as far as Brock was concerned.

Misty noticed the Prosecutor looking at his watch. These things are supposed to keep to a tight schedule.

Actually, neither one of them was surprised that Ash didn’t show up for the execution, not after his antics at the trial. Of course, Misty knew something about the trial that Brock didn’t know. There really wasn’t much of a case. There was only a trial because James’ rich and influential parents had paid for a private prosecution. Jessie was arrested while still in the intensive care unit and the trial was only delayed long enough to get her well enough to sit in the courtroom.

Misty and Ash were to be the key witnesses. Misty was going to be a great witness… and she was. The fresh-faced young girl was on the stand nearly a day testifying to the many crimes and misdemeanors perpetrated on her by the villainous Jessie during their travels. Oh, these prior bad acts had little to do with the actual crime in question. The defense attorney tried to object half-heartedly early on but was obviously restrained by his client. He didn’t even try to object after the first hour.

Misty didn’t really have anything against Jessie or James, they were both colossal pains in the ass and idiots. She wasn’t exactly glad James was dead and watching him fall to his death and burn when their balloon exploded wasn’t … pleasant. But she was tired of their interference and was glad that whatever the outcome of the trial, they were out of her life. And wasn’t it funny how the Prosecutor was able to paint James as the helpless victim, lead astray by his partner? But he never referred to them as partners. Somehow the Prosecutor made it sound like he was an unwilling accomplice. He hinted at how Jessie controlled him, used him and then discarded him when she finally had enough of his resistance. He sounded like a hero. Personally, Misty thought they were equal villains, equal assholes. But the trial was the most entertaining thing she had seen in a long time.

Misty liked being the star witness, she loved the attention. Leave it to Ash to almost fuck everything up. When it was his turn to testify Ash was OK for the first hour or so, expanding on and supporting Misty’s testimony about Team Rocket’s crimes against them and then he started to fight with the Prosecutor.

“No, no, no! It wasn’t like that.”

“She wouldn’t try to kill him; she isn’t a monster”

“If she was trying to kill him why was she standing under the balloon when it exploded?!” he shouted at the jury. The courtroom erupted. The jury was sent out of the room and the judge admonished the boy.

Brock shook his head and muttered “Schmuck! No one cares.” Even Jessie looked bored.

The testimony was stricken and Ash was threatened with a contempt citation. The Prosecutor told Ash that he had to answer just the questions posed to him. If he wanted to be a character witness for the defense, he could be recalled later for that. The jury was brought back and told they had to ignore what Ash had said. Brock had snorted at this, but events proved that the jury was capable of doing exactly as they were told. 

Or exactly what they were paid to do.

Ash was disappointed in the few questions the defense attorney asked him. He was never recalled as a character witness.

Clearly the judge, the jury and especially the Prosecutor were pissed off at Ash. But they loved Misty.

During her preparation for the trial the Prosecutor showed her a video of the red and black gas canisters, clearly marked “Explosive H9” and asked her if she remembered seeing Jessie using them to fill the balloon on the day in question. Misty was surprised. She had seen canisters, but not these, she was sure that Jessie had used the white Helium4 Safety ones Team Rocket always used. She told the Prosecutor.

He stared at her.

“I’m sure,” she repeated, “Pretty sure” more quietly.

“Pretty sure?” He continued to look at her. “We also recovered this from the wreckage.” He pressed a button. It was a high definition video, although obviously taken at night it was clear what the participants were doing. Misty was shocked. She had no idea that there were videos of her and Brock. Her face buried in his crotch, his hand deep in her ass. There was no sound, but there didn’t need to be.  She didn’t know that a video taken at night could still be so detailed. You could even make out her staryu tattoo… when Brock stopped fingering her ass. There was a closeup of her face, eyes closed, and a look of intense satisfaction as she licked a trail of cum from her upper lip.

Brock had not been called to testify. He was barely mentioned in the records. That was OK with him. Although never convicted, there were prior charges of sexual abuse of minors on his record. The Prosecutor didn’t need his testimony anyway.

The Prosecutor continued to look at her, he ignored the video. “You know, we usually don’t prosecute statutory rape when it’s obviously consensual.”  The word “usually” seemed to hang in the air. “Your boyfriend, Brock is his name? It was consensual, right?”

“Shit, the bitch took this video, didn't she?” Misty said quietly

The Prosecutor placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. After a pause, “Though from another perspective, an underage girl seducing an older man might be something the juvenile authorities would be interested in. And you do know that you can’t get a gym leader's license with a juvenile record, don’t you?”

“Well…” Misty cleared her throat. “About the canisters… I’m not a hundred percent sure…” she trailed off. “But what if the defense attorney asks me?”

“Then you tell the truth. You don’t know what you saw. Or do you?”

“Has anyone else seen that video?”

“No reason for anyone to see it, it’s not part of the official record. I suppose you could have it… after the trial.” Actually, the video had be circulated among the Prosecutor's friends in the courthouse but there was no reason to tell her that. And there were more of them in his private collection... at home... where his wife couldn't find them.

Misty smiled and crossed her legs. “Well, the truth is they might have been the red & black ones. In fact, now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure they were the Hydrogen9 canisters.”

“Pretty sure?”

“Oh, I’m positive.”

"Why don't I order us some dinner? We still have some of your testimony to go over. Do you like French food?" She reminded him so much of his daughter's friend, not that he could remember her very well at the moment.

Misty smiled and crossed her legs. She never turned down an expensive meal... or a handsome older man offering one.

The defense attorney never challenged her testimony on the canisters. He had given up by that point. After all, the balloon exploded, the canisters were found afterwards. Jessie was the only one not on the balloon. What more evidence was needed?

“What’s taking so long?” Misty complained.

A nurse Joy and three officer Jennys approached the officials and there was a hushed conversation. A fat man in a cheap suit approached the spectators.

“Ladies and gentleman, by order of the governor…
      Anger in the audience

“… we find it necessary at this time to delay the execution…

 “… for reasons of medical necessity. It will be rescheduled at a later date. You will be notified.

James’ angry family was ushered out through a private exit.

“Let’s get out of here” Brock said pulling Misty to her feet. “I should have known the bitch would get off.”

“Medical necessity? What kind of bullshit medical necessity? She only has to be healthy enough to stand there for a few minutes? Or they could hold her up.” groused Misty. “Let’s see if we can find Ash, he’ll know what’s going on...”

Brock grabbed her by the arm. “No you don’t bitch, you and I have a date.”

She laughed. No one was paying attention to them so she reached between his legs, tracing the outline of his hard-on. “Shit baby, don’t cum in your pants. You promised me a good time.”  He squeezed her ass, she wasn’t wearing panties. They both figured they’d see Ash later. He always managed to catch up to them eventually.

But it would be over a year before anyone saw Ash Ketchum again.


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