Love & Death On The Pokemon World

BY : Wendell Urth
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Chapter 6: The Bargain

Same disclaimer, I dont own, I don't expect... scat kids

They rested together on the narrow cot. In spite of the injections which had kicked up their libidos, they both needed some rest. Hands still moving, touching gently, rubbing, exploring. Ash rested his head on her shoulder and studied her breasts. He was fascinated by the way they moved when she breathed, when she turned, when she kissed his sweaty forehead.

Sometimes they moved together in rhythm, sometimes they moved apart. Endless variety. The areolas were smooth and shiny now, they had been darker and pebbly before, that was amazing. Even the nipples seemed different now.  Flatter somehow. Her breasts had a million motions and a million moods and he could spend a lifetime studying them.

But he only had a week… less now.

The shower seemed a long time ago and they were both smelling ‘ripe’ again… and didn’t care. When Ash had to pee, she watched him from the cot. Somehow, it no longer bothered him. Later he watched her and waited for her to come back to bed.

The bell rang again and Jessie went outside to the flamingo. She brought in a couple of green bowls and their mostly laundered work shirts. It was too hot to dress and Ash doubted the dinners here were going to be formal. The food wasn’t much but the company was great.

Later, Ash sat on the only chair, Jessie straddled him. No sex, just cuddling. She was heavy but it felt good to the boy. He liked her weight on his thighs, pressing him into the chair. Smothering him. She teased him, rubbing her wonderful tits against his face every time he tried to speak.

But he needed to speak, she knew that. She didn’t want to hear what he had to say, but the one thing she knew was how stubborn he could be. It was what made him a great Pokémon trainer.

“OK Ash, get it off your chest.”

He began, “The Prosecutor said…”

“Wait, let me guess.” She stood up and put her work shirt on. Or was it his? It still fit her better than him. She sat back down on the cot. “He came up with a plan to spare my life, right? Right?”

She was angry now; he knew her temper well after all their battles. Sometimes she faked anger he knew, he couldn’t always tell, but this was genuine.”

“He said that they could commute, is that the right word? Yeah, commute your sent…”

“If I testify, if I become a state’s witness? Right Ash? Turn on him, everyone…” She glanced up at the loudspeaker.  “He offered the same thing before the trial, Ash. And after I was sentenced”

Ash saw her reluctance, no it was refusal to even speak Giovani’s name. Ash knew who he was, the Prosecutor knew who he was, but he sensed that in this place she didn’t want to say it. Or to hear him say it either.

“But he hasn’t done anything to help you. And it could save your life…”

“Save my life? My life?? What life?!?” her voice was low and had a rasp in it now.

Ash had never seen her so angry, so dangerous. “I.., I don’t understand, please?”

Her eyes blazed for a moment, then she looked back at him. Ash wasn’t sure she really saw him until she said, in a different tone, “Ash look at me. Look-At-Me, I’m 32 years old. You're what 12? 13? Do you think I can start my life over again? Don't you think I want to? I wish I could, but I can't.”

Ash stared, not understanding.

“I think today’s my birthday, or yesterday. Not sure anymore. Maybe I’m 33. Maybe I'm younger. Lost track. Doesn’t matter.” Her smile broke his heart, “And don’t wish me a fucking happy birthday. God, anything but that!”

He had no idea what to say. Usually when that happened, he would rush in and speak without thinking. Sometimes he might stumble on the right thing to say. Sometimes. He was struck silent now. There were no words…

“I was with James for over half my life. The places we went, the things we did… all the adventures… chasing you and your little friends. Meowth and the other Pokémon… all dead now. Do you understand?”

“But Jessie, you and I… we could… us…” he choked.

Her voice could cut leather, “There’s no ‘you and I’, Ash. No ‘we’, no ‘us’. They let you come here this one time to make the deal. They’ll never let you see me again, even if they don’t hang me. And they will. Don’t let them fool you. This will always end after this week.”

She continued, “He… that man… he did things for me you could never understand. Since I was a little girl…” She looked over his head, seeing something that Ash couldn’t see or imagine. “Maybe someday you will know… part of it.”

Finally Ash spoke, he had to make this work, he had to make things better. Somehow. The Prosecutor had made promises. “Jessie, we can save your life, it’s your life!”

“Yes, my life.” She was very quiet now, the anger had gone, cold now.                                                                            
“They’re not going to let me out of here Ash. You don’t know how horrible this place is. Not with James’ family backing the Prosecutor’s political career.”  Ash didn’t know anything about that, he shook his head. That didn’t matter.

“If I testify, what will people say? 'She did it to save her life', it would be worthless. And then they'd keep me here till I die? No, they’d take my deposition and use it after I was executed anyway. That might make it believable.”

“But he promised, he said…”

“So what?” She was beyond cold now, she was ice. “You believe him?! He rigged the trial; don’t you know that? He was paid by James’ parents to ensure the verdict. Now he’s going after the rest of the group to get himself elected governor or something. How naive are you? Those canisters your little girlfriend said she saw me use. How stupid do you think I am? There were no canisters, it was a bomb. They kept me high as a kite during the trial. I couldn’t think straight, let alone speak. The Team Rocket oath was about all I could manage. The last of Team Rocket blasted off… again.”

She wouldn’t cry now, she swore she wouldn’t let anyone see her cry, ever again. Not even this boy who for a few moments had touched her heart. She should have known better; he was her enemy too.

Ash was stunned. He was so sure he had all the answers. “But who? Why Jessie?”

“Ash, I don’t know. The boss? Another member of Team Rocket? More likely a rival organization, I don’t know. I don’t care, I’m tired Ash. I want it all to end.” He would leave now, he delivered his message and it was rejected, time for him to go back to his little whore girlfriend. “God, I really am stupid,” she thought.

Oh, Jessie had had one plan left, but she rejected that now. She could have lived for a little while, on her own terms, without making this bargain. A new start. She wanted it all to end, it would be better. Maybe the boy could deliver her message, move the execution up. She was ready.

“They’re all dead. James. Meowth, our Pokémon…”

Ash remember something, “No, that’s not right.”

“What? What’s not right?”

“Not all the Pokémon are dead, one of your pokeballs was intact.”

“Oh God, which one? Which one?” Then, “Wait, was this something else the Prosecutor told you say to break me down?”

“No, I found it after the fire and brought it to Professor Oak. It was kind of scorched and a little melted but he said the Pokémon inside would recover, we couldn’t open it yet, but it was definitely alive and healing.”

“Dear God,” she said and broke promise not to let him or anyone else to see her cry again.

Later in bed, after several sessions of what can best be described as fucking each other’s brains out, Jessie said in the darkness. “Team Rocket blasting off again.”

Ash chuckled, thinking he knew what she meant and got it completely wrong.


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